tagNovels and Novellas412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 01

412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 01


412 Serum Sexual Response
Chapter One

October 10th, 2003
Dr. Sidney Kenniston

Dr. Kenniston,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my current research efforts as it relates to your 412 Serum. In an effort to more fully realize the benefits of the hypnotic qualities of the drug, I began to test its functionality when accompanied with computer generated electro-stimulation and graphics. My initial findings show that low dosages (>2 cc) of 412 Serum, used with low levels of electro-stimulation induced into the fingertips and at the base of the neck, allowed the subject to actually “feel” artificial stimuli suggested by computer enhanced images.

The responses were profound. One subject, whom we had purposely agitated with numerous delays, began the test with a moderately high blood pressure. We ran an image of someone gently petting a kitten. The subject’s blood pressure immediately reduced to normal. Afterwards, she commented on how soft the kitten was and asked if she could see it again. When we explained that the image was only computer generated, she had difficulty believing us. Other test subjects responded similarly.

As you can see, we may be on the verge of some significant research into human physio/psycho-response. Based upon these initial results we have applied for several grants and have received approval to increase the scope of our investigation. To that end, please find the attached paperwork for the purchase for another case of 412 Serum. I attach all legal forms and releases.

I will update you on our findings as we proceed.


Jason Enderlie
Professor Advanced Psychology
Alta State University.

October 23rd, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AltaS.net


Yesterday we received the shipment of 412 from Kenniston so we can begin the expanded research. While we continued with our tests on a limited basis, with this additional shipment we can expand our research. We both know what that means.

After our last conversation, I was interested in the possibilities you suggested and developed several electro-leads that, while remaining basically waterproof, it could still induce low levels of impulse. After a few test runs, with some uncomfortable results, the condom based leads are fully functional. While I am still working on some internal leads the testing is slow, primarily because I haven’t gotten any female subjects to try it on. Yes, I know there are lots of “official” female subjects, but none of whom I can trust on this “unofficial” portion of the research.

I plan to test out the new leads with the 412 today. I’ll fill you in on the results.


Jasonend@ AltaSs.net

October 24th, 2003
Timothy Alkins
Timal@ AtlaS.net


Okay, okay, I’ll cut the scientific jargon here. I get so used to writing that way for grants, and submissions that I can’t seem to break the habit. Anyway, it works… it works better than we could ever imagine. Too bad you are traveling, or I’d hook you up tomorrow.

I’ve only tried it once mind you, but the experience was surreal. After I hooked myself up (those condom based leads are difficult, I’ll have to work on these some), I readied the program and took a minimum amount of 412. I’ll have to find a better way than sticking myself with a needle.

Anyway, after a few minutes I began to feel slightly dizzy, so I started the program and fired up a DVD. I began with a fairly benign visual, an attractive and young blond woman performing oral sex on an equally attractive and young man. I would describe a bit more of the visual input, but that was all I saw of that, because I suddenly found myself looking into the blond woman’s incredibly green eyes.

She didn’t speak; she simply leaned forward and began circling my nipple with her tongue. She paused and smiled as I initially pulled away, shocked at the contact. I her felt her wet tongue tease my, now erect nipple. Damn, Tim, I could feel her breath.

Adjusting to the oddity of the situation, I simply let myself give in to the sensation. She continued on my nipples, teasing one, then the other. As I watched her, I could see the glistening trail of her saliva on my chest. My penis was erect, hell, I had never seen it so erect. I pushed my hips upwards so I could feel her breasts rub against my erection.

Her breasts were large, seemingly too large for her overall figure. As my hands reached to caress them, they felt a little odd, too firm, and yet suddenly, as I began to think, “I wish these weren’t fake,” the texture of them altered. Suddenly, they were no longer too big; they seemed nicely proportioned, and softer.

Tim, the sensation and the visual altered based upon my thoughts. Anyway, before I could really register the possibilities there, her head had descended to my penis. I felt the tongue dart on the tip and as she drew her head back and smiled, I could see a trace of the pre-come on the tip of my penis. The rest presumably was on her tongue.

I quickly pulled her face to me and kissed her deeply, my tongue toying with hers. I languished in the kiss, feeling the texture of her teeth, the softness of her lips and I could taste her, mixed with the metallic hint of my pre-come. As we kissed, she stroked me, her hands, so soft, sliding over the head and back again. As I felt the intensity increasing inside me, she stopped, sensing the oncoming flood.

We continued kissing as I recovered a bit from my near-premature ejaculation. The sensation was incredible, so liquid. I could hear the desperate slurping sounds as I probed her mouth. Finally, she pulled away and we both gasped for air. Dammit Tim, the breathless intensity was overwhelming. I leaned back panting as she slowly trailed her wet tongue down my chest, over my stomach and onto my thighs. Her fingers toyed with my pubic hair as she watched my penis throb.

I then felt her tongue on my balls, as she tickled and teased them. Her incredible blond hair cascaded over me, my penis combing through the strands. I began to feel a tingling in my fingers and toes as she took a firm hold of me and drew me into her mouth. The tongue circled me as her head moved up and down. Her hand, holding me tight moved up and down on the base of my penis in unison with her mouth.

A moment, or two, and the wet, warm sensation swept over me. I pushed my hips upward, deeper into her mouth as my penis involuntarily pulsed, pulsed, pulsed, shooting into her mouth. It seemed endless, as I felt her swallow and yet continue sucking. I pulsed and pulsed, longer than I remember ever before.

When it finally subsided, I fell back into the chair with an audible moan. She suddenly kissed me, letting me taste the salty, tang of my semen. I closed my eyes and then slowly opened them to find a computer screen with the DVD playing. The actress was smiling at the camera; her face covered in the actor’s semen. I felt a mild shocking sensation in my softening penis. My semen was shorting out one of the leads. I quickly shut down the program and relaxed.

Tim, with a few modifications, this system might have some incredible possibilities. We need a modification of the condom based leads, perhaps just a sheath in lieu of the condom. I can just place a towel there to take care of the semen. And then, the internal leads for a woman, a soft silicone receptor for the clitoris and imagine what we can do.

Look man, hurry back, I need some help with our “official” research so I can have more time to develop this. Damn Tim, this could be big.


Jasonend@ AltaS,net

October 25th, 2003
Dr. Sidney Kenniston

Dr. Kenniston,

Please find the attached paperwork for an additional two cases of your 412 Serum. Our research is progressing well, with significant visual and tactile response over a wide range of subjects. We have received notification of an initial grant, so I will be contacting you about a continuing purchase order.

I was wondering if you considered testing an alternative method of administering the drug. With our continued work with a relatively small sample group, the repeated discomfort to our subjects as we inject the drug is a concern. Do you anticipate completing any work towards a serum that can be taken orally? If so, we would be very interested in your advances in this area.

I will continue to update you on our progress.


Jason Enderlie
Professor Advanced Psychology
Alta State University.

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