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4x Bitten


His mind reeled with the events of the evening. Never had he been so reckless and uncontrolled. He had taken that woman at the diner with no thought what so ever. She stunk of stale cigarettes and grease and yet he had fucked her to orgasm eagerly. What was going on??

He wandered aimlessly through the park unaware that I was following close behind. Humans are such egotistical creatures. He actually thought he had some chance of controlling himself when I was the one in control. He would do my bidding until I was ready to end it. He had performed for me twice already and I wanted to see more. I wanted to see just what he was capable of. How many times could I get him to fuck and still be functional? Could he go 4, 5, 6 times in one night?? After two in the last hour he seemed to be tiring. I wanted to use him like he used his woman before taking his sweet blood.

As we wandered through the park I looked about for someone to help me in my “entertainment”. I used my Vampire mind to “feel” through the park. I found a woman on the far side that was very lonely. She worked long hours and didn’t have time to pursue a relationship. It had been ages since she had been with anyone other than her trusty vibrator and even that wasn’t very often. The air in the park tonight was really getting to her and she was in need of some attention. The woman was nice looking, very professionally dressed. She was some sort of financial wizard. She had a very fit body thanks to the gym in her office. Her long hair was done up in a tight bun as one might expect.

I steered my prey in her direction. With her need and his Vampire inflicted magnetism, it was going to be interesting in deed. She was walking through the park on her way home from work. He stopped her and asked for directions. One moment of eye contact and they all but fell into each other’s arms. I could smell her musky feminine aroma and feel the heat from his already rising erection. God I loved my unnatural abilities.

His fingers went straight to her buttons while her hand dropped to his crotch to release his growing manhood. Their tongues were entwined in a deep, passionate kiss. Even I could taste their growing attraction. As her blouse fell to the ground he reached behind to unzip her skirt, letting it fall as well. She stood before him in only her skimpy lace bra and sheer lace thong. The chill in the night, along with her wanton desire, had her nipples standing out like beacons. If they had been sharp they would have torn right through the fabric of her bra.

His penis, erect for the third time tonight, was jutting out from the fly of his jeans painfully. She wrapped her fingers around his swollen shaft causing him to hiss as her cool fingers enveloped his burning rod. She slowly began to stroke the length of his shaft. Despite cumming twice already his hips thrust against her strokes, fucking her hand.

He turned her head, nibbling her ear and down her neck. Taking a breast out of her confining bra, he bent down to suck a nipple into his starving mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her. She let go of his cock and brought her hand to the back of his head pushing him downwards. She needed to feel his tongue in her pussy. He dropped to his knees willingly burying his face in her sweet crevice. With his tongue he slid aside the flimsy material of her thong and drank of her juice, sliding his tongue between her folds. She spread her knees on wobbly legs and thrust her hips towards his face. She wrapped his hair around her fingers and pulled him tighter. Her scream took us both by surprise, not realizing how close to cumming she was. She flooded his face causing her juice to flow down his chin. I had been wrapped up in the show and had not bothered to “fix” her with my mental abilities.

When he stood she looked at him blankly. He stepped closer to consummate their newfound passion but she stepped back, pushing him away. She grabbed her clothes and ran from him. He stood dazed with his still hard cock throbbing in front of him. His balls ached for release. He had never been rejected before. When the realization of it hit him he stuffed his cock back inside his jeans and went looking for someone to relieve the tension. I could have brought her back to him but I was reveling in his rejection. I wanted to see what this new experience would do for him.

On the edge of the park stood two “working girls”. He walked up to them and negotiated a price for their services. They took him, one on each arm, to their hotel room just down the street. They were both tall girls with surgically enhanced features that stood out in front of them like sundials. One had long red hair while the other one had short, spiked blonde hair. He didn’t care what they looked like or how much it cost him. He needed release and they promised to give it to him.

Once they had stepped inside the room all three started to peel off their clothes. I took a position right outside the window where I could get a good view of what was to take place. My prey lay on his back on the bed with his hard cock pointing to the ceiling. The blonde straddled him, facing his feet, and lowered her smooth shaved pussy over his waiting tongue. The bitch from the park had left him hungry for more pussy juice. The redhead, observing his obvious need, sat across his midsection and rubbed her wet twat along his hard shaft, teasing him. When she was sure he was ready she rose up and impaled herself on his aching cock. He inhaled sharply getting his nostrils full of cunt.

The two girls leaned over their trick and kissed, fondling each other’s perfect tits. Little did they know the show was for me and not the John that employed them. When they broke from their kiss the blonde brought a firm tit to her lips and sucked the nipple between her teeth. The redhead was jumping up and down on the cock imbedded in her cunt causing the nipple to be pulled and twisted in the blonde’s sucking mouth. The room was full of moans and the smell of hot, nasty sex.

My victim was thrusting and eating as if his very life depended on it. (If he only knew how close to the truth that was.) Lost in his pussy haze he thrust up and shot his load deep in the redhead cunt. Feeling him spasm inside her she milked him dry then let him slide out of her. The blonde slid off his face and knelt beside his deflating cock, licking it clean of pussy juice and sperm while the redhead took her place over his mouth. He didn’t hesitate burying his face in her dripping snatch. He could taste his cum mixed with her juice and swallowed eagerly. He brought his hand up and slid two fingers deep in her ass as he ravaged her cunt with his mouth. He fucked her ass hard and fast as his tongue delved deep into her wet tunnel.

The redhead leaned forward to allow him better access to her tight nether hole. Her face came down level with the bald cunt of the blonde. Instinctively, she let her tongue snake out and dive into her hole. The blonde shook her ass in the redhead’s face as the two hookers enjoyed getting eaten.

I was thoroughly enjoying the show. My fingers dropped to my own aching cunt and I let my fingers tease my clit as I watched the show inside the hotel room. The blonde was really doing a number on the cock she was licking clean. It was already starting to swell again. Having cum 3 times already fro me tonight I was anxious to see if he could do it again so soon. I needed have worried.

When she saw that her clean-up job was netting the desired results, the blonde hooker pulled herself from the redhead’s tongue and climbed above the reawakened cock. This time the girls rode him in unison. Each rocking back and forth, grinding themselves onto his respective tools. He grabbed the hips of the redhead, sucking the last of his cum from her gaping cunt just before she clamped down and flooded his face with her orgasm. Hearing her co-worker cry out in pleasure sent the other hooker over the edge and she too flooded his cock with her goo. Practically drowning in pussy juice, my nearly fucked out quarry shot yet another load deep into the blonde’s clenching twat.

Sliding off their John the girls notice he had passed out after shooting off. Thinking it was only his second, rather than his fourth, they thought him to be rather lacking in stamina. They helped themselves to his wallet, got dressed and left. I knew he would be out for a while so I followed the whores back to their corner. They hadn’t even bothered to clean themselves. I could smell his spunk running down the blonde’s leg.

The performance they had put on for me had taken its toll and I was in serious need of nourishment. I took the blonde into the park and sat her on a bench with her legs spread wide open for me. I was worked up to the point of frenzy so I eagerly ripped a side her panties and dove into her seeping cunt. I hungrily lapped up his juice from her abused twat, becoming more myself with every drop. When I had gotten my fill and my own cunt was about to explode I sat up and kissed her mouth, letting her taste the combined juice on my lips. My fangs were extended and in the passion of the kiss, tore through her lip. The blood ran down her throat causing her to choke. She tired to get free of my grasp but I jerked her head around and bite into he throbbing neck. I flooded my own panties as her blood flowed through my veins.

I left her lifeless body draped over the park bench with her cunt exposed to the world. Let the cops figure out what happened to this one. I had bigger fish to fry, so to speak. When I returned to the hotel he was just coming around. Four times in one night, I thought to myself as he stumbled to find his clothes. I decided it was time to let him rest and “told” him to go home. In a couple of days I would see for myself if he was up to the task of satisfying a Vampire’s sexual appetite.

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