tagBDSM5000 Words Ch. 02

5000 Words Ch. 02


All right, gentle readers, after ten years of reading the stories on this lovely site I have decided to pop my cherry and submit something. Please be gentle *head back, back of my wrist to my forehead*.

I welcome, crave, desire, want and need feedback BUT please be constructive at least. Constructive: did you know you changed that character's name from *** to ####. Not Constructive: I hated that character's name. Pick your box wisely.


Recently told a Dom, i had been having fantasies about him, when he asked what they were, i wrote it up and sent it to him in a serialized form over the course of a week

With his permission and encouragement, i am reprinting them here...



"I just want to you relax and feel today," you whisper into my ear, your hand returning to my yoni. It doesn't take long before the blindfold and gag are forgotten, as I once again approach orgasm. Again, you step away right as I am about to cum. I give a low growl before moving my legs back together, I am so close, and now I really need to climax.

I hear you moving around behind me but it is just background noise as I slide my thighs together trying to cum. I can feel your eyes on me but for once all feelings of self-consciousness are gone in my search for my orgasm. It stays teasingly out of reach, my gyrations enough to keep the pot at a simmer but not make it boil.

I feel you behind me again and wonder what you are up to as you crouch down. The ankle cuffs are attracted and you attach them to a spreader bar. My legs spread and my source of pleasure gone, the cool air tickles my moist inner thighs. Suddenly all the self-consciousness is back and I wonder what I must look like. The words 'sacrificial virgin' come to mind.

You stay there for a moment running your smooth hands over my legs, from time to time your fingers raising high enough to brush against my sensitive yoni. Each time they do, I jerk and moan. I am so close.

Finally, you stand up running your hands up my legs and sides. You run one hand around my rib cage pulling me to you and you whisper in my ear 'I thought you heard me say not yet.'

Your other hand grips my hair pulling my head back and you give me another kiss, the ball gag a strange barrier to our usual kisses. I moan helplessly around it, my open yoni aching for the one last touch that will send me over the edge.

After the kiss, you step back again and I am left in the darkness with my thoughts, which are fragmented. Sentences beginning with 'I want' and 'I need' float incomplete across my mental landscape. I listen trying to figure out what you are doing.

I hear you retrieve the toy bag. I hear the zipper open and the rustle as you unpack it. I hear small indistinct mutters from you as you set the things out. I marvel at how acute my hearing seems to be in the darkened landscape in which you have placed me.

I hear you go to the kitchen and the tinkle of metal as you make your way back to me. By this time, my head is moving from side to side, keeping an ear pointed in your direction, trying to track your movements. I feel very exposed, hanging naked from your hook, part of me sure you are looking at me, and part of me wondering if I am being ignored like another piece of your wall art.

I feel the air move as you return to your position behind me. I relax, glad to have you close again even if you are not touching me yet. I hear the ring of metal behind me and wonder what you have.

"I think its time to get started, kitten, but first, I want to make sure I have your full attention," you say, your voice still distantly mocking. I can't figure out what you are talking about. You always have my full attention.

"First we must make sure these are awake," you murmur, moving close and grabbing one nipple in your fingers. You roll the erect nub in your fingers gradually tightening until I am squirming. I breathe slowly through my nose, trying to acclimate to the increasing pain. When it seems like I will no longer be able to bear it, you release that one and move to the other.

I am confused as to why you are not doing them both at the same time but then I hear the jingle of metal and have a completely new set of qualms.

By the time you finish they are both throbbing, they feel like twin heartbeats. My breath is no longer measured, all methods of dealing with pain forgotten.

It still surprises me that you can get such pressure out of just your fingers. I try to relax knowing something else is coming. I hear the clink of chain again and then a icy clip as something fastens onto my abused nipple. Before I can process the sudden ache and weight, the twin catches my other nipple.

I stand there frozen for a second trying to absorb the myriad sensations. The nipple clamps are cold on my tender nubs, I feel a brush of cold as the chain between them brushes the area between and below my breasts. My head tilts to the side as I try to discern what this is.

Finally it sinks in, the clover clamps! Wait, I think, we discussed this, and you said no.

Suddenly the trip to the kitchen makes sense, you had stored them in the freezer. The pain of the clamps slowly works through the cold and my nipples start to burn. I begin to shake and whimper.

"Shhhh," you murmur wrapping your arms around my waist. "I know it hurts but you can take this for me, right?" you ask, knowing the answer before I can even nod my head. I reach deeper for an additional pool of endurance. These types of nipple clamps have been my personal black bear ever since the time they were used on me, the first time I played after my hiatus.

I try to relax into you, ignore the pain, and enjoy your warmth. The sensations flow back and forth and I distantly wonder which will gain ascendency. Will this be the time when it is finally too much? With a final sigh, I feel it happen. My body softens, my mind releases and I'm there.

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