tagIllustrated’66 Fury Ch. 02

’66 Fury Ch. 02

byJoseki Ko©

As I finished eating dinner I could see my Fury shimmering. The girl I had in the trunk was struggling and the car was quivering just a little. I paid for dinner and headed back out to my car. I could hear muffled thumps as I got up to it. I hit the trunk twice and she quieted down.

I started the car and turned back onto the highway. I was headed home now but I was taking my time about it. About ten minutes into the drive I could feel her start to struggle again. She must have been banging pretty hard on the trunk for me to feel it so I decided to stop and persuade her to lie still.

I pulled over on a dark stretch of road and walked around to the back of the trunk. I popped the lock standing as far away from the trunk as I could and my caution was rewarded. A tire iron came swinging out of the trunk and barely missed catching me. I grabbed her hand on the backswing forestalling any damage to myself.

As the trunk finished opening I saw she'd gotten up as far as her knees. I saw her left hand start to reach for something and I knew enough was enough. If she wanted it by force I'd give her force. I twisted her arm turning her towards the back of the trunk and onto the floor. The tire iron fell from her hand as I twisted her arm around behind her. I reached in and grabbed the shirt she slipped out of. I'd left it a little loose last time but she seemed to want more. Well she was going to get it!

I tied the shirt as tight as I could. I heard her whine in pain but this time I was not going to be effected. I grabbed her other arm and tied that as well. Now with her hands secured behind her I decided to get even. I slipped off my belt and doubled it up. I pulled her tied wrists away from her back as far as I could. She was fairly flexible so I was able to raise them quite high. I applied that belt to her already sore bottom. I had the very firm idea that she was not going to be able to sit for a week. She squirmed and wiggled but I held onto her wrists, not allowing her to get her knees under her.

I had counted over 50 strokes with my belt before she started to cry. At that point I knew I was getting to her. Her brown little bottom was fiery red and it looked like her right cheek was going to bear marks from this strapping for a week.

"I'll be a good girl I promise I'll be good. Owe!"

When she started that I knew I'd gotten through to her. I kept applying the leather to her until I reached one hundred strokes. By that time she was just blubbering, I knew she'd remember this and I wouldn't have to do it again.

I slammed the trunk lid and left her there to cry. I got back in the car and headed home. It took me about half an hour to reach my house and when I pulled in and opened the trunk I new that the punishment had had its desired effect. No matter what her mouth said I could smell the juices dripping from her.

I reached into the trunk and pulled her roughly to her knees. I leaned down and getting a firm grip on her, hoisted her out of the car and over my shoulder. I walked to the front door and fumbled with the keys. She didn't start to squirm until after I had opened the door. I laughed and slapped her bottom. She jerked in pain and became pliant long enough for me to get her inside and close the door.

I got her inside and through her on the bed. I watched her jump as her very sore bottom landed on the bed. She looked incredible as she lay back and wriggled trying to get her bottom away from the scratchy blanket. I had other ideas. I turned and reached into the drawer where I keep my toys, I saw her eyes widen as I pulled out two lengths of soft cotton rope. I grabbed on flailing ankle and tied it to a bedpost, and then the other. She was now well displayed well before me and I could see her little cunt opening and closing with desire.

I stripped and crawled up on her. I could feel her body shiver as I licked her from head to toe. I kind of enjoyed feeling her wiggle and squirm. I felt her cum at least twice as my tongue did its work. As I finished I sat back to enjoy my handiwork and I felt her look up at me. I caressed her never letting my eyes leave her face and I saw her come to grips with the humiliating fact of being used like this.

I felt her start to juice up again as I rubbed her and I decided it was time. I moved between her legs and positioning myself I entered her. I felt her entire body arch as I drove my dick all the way inside her. I'm a little big for such a small girl and I felt myself bottom out on her cervix. She leaped in pain and I truly began to work myself back and forth. I increased the rhythm and felt body start to match me. I leaned down and taking a tiny nipple in my teeth I bit down on it and felt her cum again. As her body began to shake I could hold it no longer I cam in a rush my cum blossoming into her. She screamed and even through the gag it was loud. I grinned knowing it was exactly what she wanted. I came until I could no more and then collapsed across her. I enjoyed that for a few seconds until I realized she wasn't breathing well because of my weight on her. I rolled of her and removed the gag so she could breath.

She huffed for a while and then went to sleep a well fucked smile upon her face. I figured tomorrow would be soon enough to untie her. I fell asleep beside her thinking that I hoped she'd had as much fun as I did.

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