80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 02


My husband also had no idea I was dressed like Doreen and Tracy the day we met Mr. Stephens or the countless line of girls that came to his house every day. He would have been shocked to see me dressed like I was and even more stunned that I was wearing a pair of nude thigh high stockings to accent my long legs and a pair of black high heel pumps, and a bright shade of red lipstick. If he only knew what I was wearing to turn on Mr. Stephens he would have been knocked-out in shock, and would have absolutely been disgusted. It was a look far different than the wholesome girl he married a few weeks ago.

I even remember that my husband said Doreen and Tracy dressed very inappropriately for girls there age when we met Mr. Stephens. He even told me that he was glad I would never dress like that and he even used the word distasteful. If he only knew how excited I was to be dressed like this for our wealthy and powerful huge cocked 80 year old neighbor.

"Yes Brad, I certainly am a man of style, and I have to say that your wife exudes a sexy quality that I find very rare," he said, then put a finger to my lips which caused me to instantly begin to kiss and even lick it. I was going crazy.

Here I was dressed in a micro mini dress with a shade of nude thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps, sitting beside the most electrifying man, a man who was 60 years older than me, and that I knew had a monstrous cock, talking to my husband on the phone about how sexy I was. It was both insane and so erotic at the same time.

"Yes she is pretty," Brad said and was immediately cut-off by Mr. Stephens.

"No Brad, he interrupted in an almost cross voice that was meant to scold, cutting my husband short and in mid-sentence. "Sara is the exact opposite of pretty. Sara is absolutely sexy Brad. Sexy beyond words. She has an incredible body, and exudes an absolute sexy quality that is the antithesis of cute or pretty," he said in an almost agitated voice as his hands roamed up my legs and his finger went back into my open mouth.

I was squirming from the way Mr. Stephens talked down at my husband, in a voice that was almost reprimanding. I was turned on beyond belief. I was also somewhat surprised that Brad did not speak out about the way he was referring to my body being so sexy, but I realized that Brad was oblivious. This happened to me once before and Brad was totally oblivious to what was going on behind his back.

"I'm glad she looks nice tonight for you Mr. Stephens. I've seen some of your female friends and they do dress.....he paused then said, "very fashionably."

"Yes Brad, and I'm proud to say your incredible, young wife has outdone every one of them combined," he said as he kissed my neck and made me continue to suck his finger, that he was now pushing it in and out of my mouth as if I was performing oral sex to him.

I was so ready to cum, but I held back as best I could, as not to make sounds that my husband would hear.

"Oh yes Brad my boy, Sara is an absolute stunner, especially the way she is dressed tonight," he said then met my open mouth with his tongue this time.

Almost brazenly he said, "It's a good thing I had my chauffeur drive us in the limo, because I would have easily driven off the road a hundred times already taking in the thrilling sight of your sexy wife Brad."

Surprising me and turning me on at the same time, by his boldness to talk to my husband this way he began kissing my neck again, as he whispered near my ear about how sexy I was and that my body was driving him crazy. He even whispered, "I can't wait to fuck you Sara," which almost made me cum right there.

"Wow Mr. Stephens I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you be so complimentary to Sara, especially since I know how full your social calendar is," he said referring to all the teenage girls he's seen coming and going from his house.

"Brad, I'm just happy to be alone in my limo right now sitting beside your incredibly sexy wife. I'm just happy to be here in the privacy of my limo, so that I can focus entirely on her amazing body," he said without any regard for my husband, who surprisingly did not say a word about objecting to how he was speaking about me.

Instead, Brad thanked him again saying that he was happy I looked nice for him, Mr. Stephens broke his sentence.

"Ok Brad, time to go. I don't want to keep this sexy young vision waiting another second," he said then kissed my lips, which made a soft popping sound that I was sure my husband could hear, but did not comment on.

" A girl as sexy as your wife deserves my rapt attention Brad," he said then added, I will be in contact with you sometime next week to discuss a new business I am acquiring in the Middle East that I will be putting you in charge of," he said as he sent his tongue out to meet mine.

"Say goodbye to your sexy wife Brad," he said in a boss-like way.

"By honey, I'm so glad that you are out with Mr. Stephens tonight, and have a great time, and thank you again Mr. Stephens for looking in on my wife and taking care of her while I'm away. Thank you so much," he said as Mr. Stephens clicked off the cell before I could say anything.

"Oh yes I'll definitely take excellent care of your sexy wife Brad," Mr. Stephens said , seeing me grin slyly, as he put his phone in his jacket pocket and went back to kissing me.

I was moaning like crazy as Mr. Stephens went from kissing me to kissing my neck making me moan like crazy. He suddenly had me a little nervous saying,

"I should call him back and tell that I plan on fucking you all night. Would you like that Sara?" he asked which had me turned on at the thought of him telling my husband he was going to fuck me, but very nervous too.

"Oh god, can we just keep this between you and I," I asked sheepishly, suddenly feeling a pang of guilt, and telling him I didn't want to humiliate my husband.

I paused then said in a sexy voice I didn't recognize, "The important thing is that you know I want to fuck you," I said, surprised that I used the word fuck, then paused and emphasized, "Fuck you so bad."

"Ummmm, I absolutely love the sound of that Sara," he said as he continued kissing my exposed neck.

"Now where were we Sara," he said looking at me with an absolute hunger.

"Right here Mr. Stephens," I said grinning slyly as I took his finger and sucked it for a few seconds before I met his tongue for a hot tongue twisting kiss.

"Yes Sara, now you know how fucking sexy you are don't you," he said, hearing such a distinguished man use the word fuck turned me on, and made me feel so hot.

"Oh god, I do know it, but I'm just so glad that you find me sexy," I said as we kissed.

"I don't think me talking to your husband about how sexy you are bothered you now, did it Sara?" he said knowing my answer.

"Oh god, that turned me on so much," I said then kissed him hard.

Looking in my eyes while he ran his hand up and down my stocking covered leg I said in a hot voice I didn't recognize, "You're so handsome. No wonder you get so many teenage girls Mr. Stephens." I then added slyly, "I'm so glad to be your newest one."

As I said it my eyes drifted to the huge, unmistakable bulge along the inseam of his pants. "Oh God, its so huge," I thought to myself," feeling my skin tingle at the thought of fucking it.

"Please. It's Jack Sara. You and I are both know we are about to move to a place where we should be on a first name basis, wouldn't you say," he said with that sly confident grin I had seen a number of times.

As soon as he said it we both leaned in and our tongues came out of our mouths and began lightly flicking across each other's. I have never kissed my husband this way, but it was so sexy, as the tip of his tongue sent sparks deep into my pussy each time the tips of our tongues met.

Groaning as we kissed I felt his hand roam up my stocking covered leg to the top of the lace trim. His fingers going from the top of the lace trim to the nude flesh of my thigh was driving me crazy, and I began to moan softly letting him know he was turning me on.

"Very sexy legs Sara. And such an amazing body," he added as his hand went up my narrow waist and began tracing across my ultra-flat chest and across my aching, little nipples.

"Oh god, you've got me so turned on," I moaned, loving his touch.

"Sexy, tits Sara. Wonderful tiny tits, and such a sexy, flat chest," he said in a deep voice that had my pussy wetter than I've ever been in my life.

Hearing him talk so matter-of-factly about my body and saying that I was sexy had me so turned on. He was a man that had thousands of young teens in his bed, and telling me I was sexy made me feel so alive. Leaning in and kissing my nipples through my dress caused me to throw my head back.

"Do you like having your nipples sucked Sara. Your sexy little nipples," he said which caused me to groan even louder.

"Oh god yes," I moaned. They're so sensitive," I groaned.

"That's good, because I'm going to suck these tiny nipples until you cum really hard Sara," he said in a confident voice that had me squirming in my seat as he pulled the top of my mini dress down to my waist and began kissing each of my tiny, rock hard nipples.

"Beautiful tits Sara. Perfect little tits," he said in a deep voice, as he ran his hand across my nipples that were aching from being so turned on.

For the next two minutes he kept running his hand across my tiny nipples while he glared at my tiny tits and into my eyes with a sly grin. I was groaning so hard from being so exposed to him. He was driving me insane.

"Time to see how sensitive these sexy nipples are Sara," he said in a deep voice then began flicking his tongue across each one, which drove me wild.

"Oh god," I moaned excitedly as his mouth went from nipple to nipple, kissing each one a few times before he pulled the dress back up.

"Very sexy nipples Sara," he said in a deep, throaty voice as our tongues met in a hot kiss.

Breaking off from our heated kiss he said in a deep penetrating voice as his hands ran under the bottom of my upper thigh.

"Turn to the side Sara. I want to see that sexy ass of yours."

With my legs crossed I did what he wanted and turned to the side, giving him access to my ass. I really liked that he knew what he wanted, and told me what to do.

"Beautiful body and such a sexy ass too Sara," he said as his hand ran under the bottom of my left ass cheek and just caressed it.

"Oh god I'm glad you like it....Oh god that feels so sexy," I moaned as I felt his hand caress my ass.

As he played with my ass we leaned into each other and flicked our tongues across each other's. His touch was driving me crazy. He knew exactly where to touch me to drive me wild

"And I'm quite sure a very delicious tasting ass too Sara," he said as his hands left the bottom of my ass and traced along my thigh high stockings.

"You dressed to fuck tonight Sara. Very sexy baby. I like that quality in a girl Sara," he said in a voice that had me dripping.

"I wanted to look sexy for you. Seeing all those girls dressed sexy every day when they came to your house, I wanted to sexy for you too," I groaned feeling his hands run up my stomach again and go to my tits.

As his hand ran across my hard, little nipples we went back to kissing. I couldn't resist, and began to run my hand down his tight chest then to what I knew was a monstrous cock. When my hand ran across the massive bulge I groaned out loud as

my pussy was going wild with lust. I have never felt anything like this. Just rolling my palm over the wide cylinder made me have a mini orgasm.

"God, so huge," I moaned as my hand ran along the endless length of his giant shaft.

"It's big for you Sara...Real big for you," he said in that deep confident voice that suggested how proud he was to have such a massive cock.

"Oh god after seeing you outside with those two girls, it's all I could think about Jack," I groaned trying to fully comprehend the size of his cock.

"Yes I did see you that day Sara. In fact, you and I had eye contact. I do hope I didn't startle you," he said in a sly, almost joking manner.

"Oh god you know I couldn't stop watching. I was hypnotized by your huge cock and what those two girls were doing to you," I said lustfully. "It was so sexy, and I've never seen or heard of a cock so big," I groaned hotly as our tongues met again in a hot frenzy. "So many girls Mr. Stephens. So many, and all very sexy," I added in my hot voice, referring to the constant flow of young teens that he had coming to his house almost every day.

"Yes Sara, as you saw, many young girls, and each very sexy. But, trust me when I tell you I am very selective about who I fuck. Each one of the young girls knows two important things about me Sara, other than me being extremely wealthy of course. One, which I have a very big cock, and two that I fuck real hard. You saw how big I am the other week, but unfortunately you did not get to see how hard I fuck Sara. I am hoping that you didn't leave that day because of how startled you were over my size and the way I fuck?"

"Oh god I was so turned on, especially when I saw how huge you were, and seeing you look right at me. I had to go because Brad had come back," I said hotly as my hands massaged his massive bulge.

"God, all I kept thinking about while I was watching you, was what it would have been like if it was you and I on the deck instead of those two teens."

"That's good Sara because I just don't have the time or the patience when it comes to teenage girls to adapt to their ever-changing moods, let's say. As you would imagine a young girl seeing someone of my size could get extremely intimated or even frightened. The young girls that I fuck all are from a different type of young teen. These girls are very independent thinkers and are very confident in their sexual abilities and desires."

"Oh god, I can imagine," I said hungrily as my palm rolled over his huge cock.

"Sara, believe me when I tell you, from the second I saw you I knew I had to fuck you, and when I knew you were watching me with the two young girls I saw a similar hunger in your eyes as you played with yourself. I saw that same look of wanting to fuck a real big cock that I see in all the special girls that I fuck," he said as I groaned saying he was right.

"You stand out Sara. There is a sexy quality about you that is haunting," he said as his tongue flew out to meet mine. "I think you know that I arranged business with your husband just to get rid of him, and send him out of the country for a month," he said admittedly, which turned me on like crazy. "You knew I wanted to fuck you, didn't you Sara."

"Oh god, the way you were looking at me, stripping me with your eyes even though my husband was right in front of you was driving me crazy. I was really hoping you did," I confessed as my tongue met his.

"And now we have the entire month to fuck Sara," he said pinching my tiny nipples and kissing my neck.

"Oh god ...Ummm, the whole month," I groaned.

"I'm going to fuck you every day Sara. Every day and every night," he said hotly in a voice that caused me to have another mini orgasm.

His hand then parted my legs and went right to my thong, skillfully pushing it to the side then running two fingers between my soaking, wet fucklips.

"Umm. A nice long pussy Sara. Very nice....very nice," he said in a deep voice that let me know he was thinking about his enormous cock.

"Does Brad have a big cock Sara," he said in a tone that told me he already knew the answer.

"Oh god no, not hardly," I groaned as my hand traced over his giant bulge.

"Well someone you fucked has a very big cock, don't they Sara," he said in a voice that had my squirming.

"Oh god," I whimpered feeling absolutely embarrassed and cheap."

I can tell when a pussy's been spread by a big dick Sara," he said as he ran his fingers past the inside of my fuck lips.

"Whose big cock had the incredible fortune to spread this sexy pussy Sara?" he questioned, in a voice that told me he already knew the answer.

"Oh god," I groaned as he pressed me for an answer that he seemed to already know.

"Only a big cock can shape a pussy like this Sara, maybe someone close to you?" he said in a sly voice.

He then got very inquisitive, and made me a little uncomfortable. "So please tell me why you married that idiot husband of yours Sara," "And please tell the truth Sara," he added in a voice that told me he already knew the answer.

"Oh god, Brad is very caring," and as I said it he immediately cut me off.

"No Sara, I said the REAL reason you married that moron husband of yours Sara," he said with a hard emphasis on the word real.

Oh god, Mr. Stephens could see right through me I thought to myself, just like Doreen the Asian teen who knew I was going to fuck him.

"Oh god yes I did have another reason I said as he kissed my neck and ran his hand across my tiny, aching nipples. I married Brad because I knew he came from a wealthy family and could get me out of the small town I lived in. I wanted to experience something more in life. I wanted to be around wealthy people and their lifestyle. I was tired of being around farmers and people with blue collar jobs.

"Yes Sara for that alone I would understand but, this is much bigger." "No pun," he added with a little sly grin.

"Oh god, you know the reason I married Brad Mr. Stephens...I mean Jack. It was because of his grandfather. From the moment I met Brads grandfather I knew that I had to marry him, because it would allow me the opportunity to be with his grandfather, "I said as a groan escaped my lips as I felt his fingers brush against the front of my thong.

"Very nice Sara, because of Brads grandfather, William, and I am the beneficiaries of your sexy body now," he said as I moaned, "Yes," and we kissed hard.

Kissing my neck and playing with my pussy, he asked me about Brad's grandfather, and how I ended up fucking him. I felt a little ashamed, but told him the story.

"When I met Brad, he told me about his grandfathers business, and one day he flew us to New York in his private jet. He was so dashing, and like you always dated younger girls, girls 50 to 60 years younger than him. During the weekend I was so impressed by his confidence and the way he lived his life. I also couldn't help but notice how he looked at me, as if he was stripping me with his eyes, and how turned on it made me feel.

"A few days after we flew back to Alabama he called me and said he wanted to fly me back to New York that weekend but by myself. He was celebrating his 78th birthday and said he wanted to celebrate it alone with me. He arranged to send Brad on business to Miami and told him he was flying me to New York to come to his birthday celebration. Brad was more than happy to have me spend time with his grandfather to get to know him, although he had no idea I was going there to fuck him."

"Did you enjoy fucking his big cock Sara?"

"Oh God yes. It took a long time for me to adjust to it, because I have never had sex with anything so huge. All the other guys I've ever been with including Brad were average sized I guess, so it took the first night just to get half of him inside of me," I confessed.

"Did you like being fucked by an older man Sara?" he said, kissing my neck as he ran his probing fingers up and down the length of my pussy.

"Oh god, I was so turned on," I added hotly. "He's in amazing shape like you and has incredible stamina. He wore me out, fucking me non-stop all weekend. I never fucked like that in my life. He would fuck me for hours at a time without taking a break. I was amazed at his stamina and ability to cum and then start all over again.

"He also fucked so hard. I've never fucked that hard in my life," I added lustfully, although there was one other person that fucked hard like that, but I just couldn't revel that to him then.

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