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Color Climax

Sex Orgy 808 - Cock Clean Up

These videos are, relatively speaking, ancient. They all date from the late 70’s early 80’s and feature horny amateurs from Europe. Color Climax have produced the hottest porn for decades and it’s a pity to see that it’s so hard to find these classics. This is the first time I watched this movie and I paused the tape as I typed on the Laptop. Please enjoy it for what it is.

This tape contains 7 different scenarios of about 10 minutes each. The language is German and the pussies hairy.

1.Cock Clean Up.

This starts with a buxom blonde sitting in the bath rubbing her tits as she gives a mustachioed gent a blowjob. She gets him to spray the showerhead onto her pussy and after she gets out he towel dries her and gives her bush a very fine licking. They are in a 69’er position for a while and then move to a quick doggy. The scene changes and she rides him in a reverse cowboy. Her hairy pussy looks great as he pumps his cock into her. Then we have a traditional missionary where she rubs her tits nicely before the clip ends…. what no cumshot? What’s going on here?

The verdict. What crap. 2/10

2.A Randy Evening.

Now this looks better. A slim, cute longhaired brunette (Slim) and her short curly haired friend (Curly) wander into the lounge room and have a chat before the Curly goes for a lie down and Slim calls up David. Curly starts to dream about David and a fuck session they have at his office. The scene is very short and includes a blowjob, cunt growl, a quick fuck and hooray…. a small cumshot. The scene ends and she gets undressed into her suspenders and bra. David shows up and Slim and him walk into the bedroom. David grabs her norks and away we go. Slim gets undressed showing us a lovely pert set of tits with glorious small nipples. Slim lies back on the bed in a white suspender belt and black stockings as a now naked David goes the growl. Curly tucks his dick and bends it down and sucks on it. Slim hops onto him in the reverse cowboy position and rides him. The two girls start kissing and Curly licks Slims cunt. They swap positions as David takes Curly in the doggy style as she licks Slim’s pussy. Then it’s the missionary position before he shoots his load all over Slim’s belly. Curly rubs it in and licks her stomach and David’s cock.

The verdict. Fairly lame performance from all involved. The girls are cute but the sex was stilted. 5/10

3.Discotheque Sex

The scene starts with a group of about 10 people in a bar all having a chat and a drink before the bad dancing starts and one of the girls has her arse revealed to all by her partner. Then BANG fuck any further plot development let’s just cut to the shagging. One babe is on her back on a table with one cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. She really does do a good job of sucking and pulling the cock whilst rubbing her clit with her other hand. Then we have a blonde sucking a cock before we pan to a view of the room where table girl is now giving a cock head. On the lounge a squirming girl is having her pussy licked as a bloke sucks her tits. Table girl is sucking the dick of an extremely hairy man and we pan around the room to everyone else sucking and fucking. Table girl gets reamed from behind and a blonde is madly riding a cock on the bar. One girl cops a load on her face and tits whilst another girl is shagged on the bar stools. Table girl cops a spray down her back and stool girl has her hairy pussy splashed with cum.

The Verdict. Apart from the sharp cut to the fucking the girls are hot for it and there is enough variety to keep up interest. 7/10

4.Dream Lovers

Polaroids. It’s what we had before digitals. This starts with a brunette taking pictures of herself sucking a cock. The image appears on the Polaroid before the image comes to life and here she is sucking a cock whilst another fellow is ripping her knickers off so that she can have her cunt licked. We cut to her on her bed rubbing her cunt with a vibrator before we cut to her with someone else. Ok now I get it she is reminiscing. She rides this gent with much enthusiasm and we then cut to the 3some. Then back again to her single toy boy. She enjoys the doggy position with her 2 friends and even the reverse cowboy with cock in mouth. She cums all over the vibe as some of her suitors cum over her. A nice touch is how the cum lands on her hand as she rubs her pussy.

The verdict. She likes what she is doing and it shows. Lack of decent cumshots takes away a few points. 6/10

5.Use our Bodies.

It starts with two couples in a lounge room where a cute blonde (Cutey) is stripping off to try on some new clothes. A buxom wench (Boobs) rips her top off and the boys go the grope. The girls relieve the dicks from the jeans and start sucking away. I love the way these girls really enjoy it. A tit fuck for Boobs as a shaven Cutey rides a lad in reverse cowboy. What a great view. Boobs hops on her boy and then we cut to her riding a chap whilst the other whacks his cock into her mouth. Cutey is rubbing the balls of the lad being sucked as she rubs her pussy. We then move to a bed and Cutey is having a 69 whilst Boobs rides hard. Luckily Cutey gets to have two cocks to play with and is copping it from behind whilst sucking a cock. Boobs sits on a blokes face and they form a nice group of sucking and fucking. Cutey starts sucking a cock whilst Boobs gets spooned. Boobs looks very uncomfortable until we cut to the cumshots, which again are short lived.

The verdict. The couples enjoy it and it shows. A good variety of positions maintain interest but the five-second cumshot is a fucking joke. 6/10

6.Big Orgy

Another two couples are getting sloshed when they begin disrobing and the two girls begin attacking a lame limp dick. A longhaired brunette (Longy) gets her large tits sucked and a shorthaired brunette (Shorty) gets her cunt licked. Limp dicks prevail here until Shorty receives a nice fucking on the lounge. Longy has her pussy licked before Shorty gets it from behind. Her arse looks like it takes a cock but the boys go limp again. Longy gets a piss weak load on her chest and then it ends. FUCK OFF.

The verdict. This is lame, lame, lame. The blokes are soft cocks and the potential for great anal sex didn’t occur.


7.Housewife Pranks.

Please be good. A blonde in short dress and suspenders brings a fellow into her room and has a chat before leaving to get undressed in another room. She weighs herself and he comes down for a peep. He tries it on and she lamely tries to knock him back. He gets her bra off and she lies back on the bed and masturbates for him. He strips off and goes the growl before they slip into the missionary position. Her tits jiggle nicely until she flips over for some doggy and then she rides shortly before sucking the cum from his little cock.

The verdict. Big disappointment. Just lame. 2/10

This video has great novelty value and should be part of a International Porn Trust collection. Most other Color Climax videos are excellent, this volume however is lame and unless you like hairy pussies, incomprehensible plots and really bad editing give it a miss. Mine is going straight in the bin.

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