84 Yr Old Therapist Saves Marriage


I said to her, "Remember, I love you very much, and if this makes you experience the real pleasures of sex, please go along with it."

"I pressed the play button and the couple on the TV together explained the importance of foreplay and the power of massage before sex, and demonstrated. The man on the video said the woman should lie on her stomach and I should copy what he was doing to his partner".

"We had purchased the KY Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant and it was in the night stand next to the bed. I was instructed to put two drops in the palm of my hand and to rub my hands together to evenly distribute the KY. Then start with her feet and gently massage. He said the feet and toes of most women were very sensual. Some women even experience orgasms when their toes are sucked. I started on Susan's left foot and as I massaged I could see her raise her body slightly, I had never seen her react to anything I did. Of course this turned me on and I got half an erection. I massaged her other foot, following the tape, and Susan showed a little more reaction. Arching her hips and I heard a slight moan. I was almost at full erection. Seeing her enjoying what I was doing was a real turn on."

"The man on the video said now would be a good time to see what effect licking her feet and sucking her toes would have. I placed her big toe in my mouth and sucked and tongued it, then the same to the other four. Susan gasped, and said, "OHHHH Bill, that feels wonderful, don't stop, do the other foot."

After a short time the voice on the TV said to stop the toes bit and we would move on. I thought AT LAST something to turn her on."

"The next instruction was to apply another drop ,or two of KY to my palm, and to rub my palms together and start massaging her legs from the knees to her feet. Raise her legs one at a time and cup your hands around the leg and move your hands together, up and down the leg, like you are masturbating her leg." I could see that Susan was reacting to this, and was relaxing more and starting to enjoy herself. She was moaning softly, and arching her back."

"After a few minutes of this I was instructed to stop the massage, just when I could see that Susan was getting more and more relaxed and getting excited. She was actually enjoying what was being done."

The video instructed, "More KY if needed, a single drop goes a long way, place both hands in the middle of her back just below her neck, and start gently messaging her back from her waist to her neck. Let your hands slip around and lightly touch her breasts, just skimming them every once in a while, then put you hand on her left breast, circle her nipple with your forefinger, lightly. Now the other breast."

"I heard another unexpected moan from Susan"

"If you have enough oil on her and your hands move your hands down and massage her ass cheeks, and gently do the same down to her knees. As you massage her ass let your fingers go over her anus and slip down to her pussy.

At least 10 times slowly up and down. "

"Have your partner roll over. With both hands, one on each breast, massage them lightly, circle her nipples with one finger. Now gently place a nipple in your mouth and run your tongue over and around it Suck it gently, until it is erect, then very slowly move to the other breast licking her cleavage and you move across.

Dr., I knew at this time that this lesson was going to be successful. Susan was really responding with gyrations, soft moaning when I hit a particularly erotic spot."

"The man on the video continued, "kiss her gently, lightly on her lips, nose, neck and back to the lips, now back to the breasts, circling and sucking and licking all the time. Kiss her again on the lips and see if she is ready to receive your tongue. Susan was tight lipped, and the lady must have been in the room, because she said softly and sexually, don't resist, give in and experience a new sexual feeling."

"Susan hesitated, then opened her mouth slightly, and I tried to slowly insert my tongue. She was resisting at first, finally she opened her mouth a little and let my tongue touch hers, I entered my tongue a half inch at first, over and over, then an inch, she was relaxing and I continued in and out like I was in her pussy, short strokes, and finally I could feel her sucking to take it all in and she was moaning with pleasure."

"The demonstrator said "Get the KY and apply a drop on your finger next to your thumb. We are going to work on her love box, pussy, cunt or any other name you give it. You should devote a lot of time to this part of your foreplay. Some women experience terrific orgasms during this part of foreplay. Most women will be so aroused they will beg you to either fuck them now or make her climax with your finger on her clit.

"The KY is a warming oil and it will feel warm to her pussy. It is water soluble, easily washed off and can you can perform oral sex with it in or on her pussy. No oral sex this lesson, Oral sex is very important in love making and we need more time than we have left in this session.

Watch the video and I will show you how this is done. Position yourself so that you can watch the video, Keep moving your tongue gently into her mouth and hers into yours. He very gently opened her pussy with his left hand, thumb on one side and finger next to thumb, gently spreading the lips. He showed that with the KY you could lubricate the inside very lightly and then rub your fingers gently over the opening."

"I could tell that Susan was really getting worked up, I ran my finger into her opening a slight amount and I could see she was wet from the foreplay, not from the KY. She was always dry when we had sex."

"By now she should be ready for you to insert your middle finger into her pussy. If she is not completely lubricated, remove the finger and put another small dab of KY on your middle finger and insert it into her and start fingering her clitoris very gently."

"I don't have to tell you Dr, she didn't need any more KY".

"By now, I could see that Susan was so highly aroused, I had never seen her like this and I did not want to stop." "

My peter was so hard I thought it would burst. Susan was quietly saying yes, yes, yes over and over, and more , more, more, as I lightly massaged her erect clit. She was whispering, I love you Bill, over and over, this is wonderful, please don't stop on my clit, press harder, it is heavenly. I had never seen her at this height of excitement. My penis was throbbing, hard as a rock. Her vagina was wet and ready for my hard cock, she had never been juicy before. I always used baby oil before I would screw her. I was ready to mount her and I am sure she was ready for me."

The instructor on the tape said, " If you are both aroused and feel that you are ready to continue without me turn the tape off and continue. Remember slow, no hurry, make it last. If not let the tape continue and let's go on to the next lesson."

I asked Susan if she was ready and her voice was trembling, begging me to. "Please now, please don't wait, I am having feelings that I have never experienced in my life. "

"I put my knees, one on each side of her hips, rubbed her pussy with my hand, back and forth, up and down. She was moaning, please put in. She was well lubricated, but I asked her to hold on just a second and I would give her the best and most enjoyable intercourse she had ever experienced in our married life."

"Even though I probably didn't need it, I placed a drop of KY on my rock hard penis and rubbed it around the complete shaft. I wanted Susan to have a smooth non-painful penetration, because I don't think my peter was ever as erect as it was then. I very gently held my shaft and rubbed it up and down and side to side, and Susan was begging for me to put it in. I inserted it very slowly and withdrew it slightly and again she said, no, no, no, Bill, Bill, please keep pushing it in. I finally put the shaft all the way in. and keeping my weight off of her, let it remain deep in her without moving. Susan just couldn't stand it and her hips were thrusting trying to get some movement up and down from my stiff hard peter. I heard Bill, I love you over and over, please don't divorce me, this is heaven. I started very slowly because I was so excited seeing her finally wanting me to give her a good screwing and enjoying it. I was afraid I would cum too fast and we would not experience a first cum together orgasm. I kept whispering in her ear, "I love you, I love you," and she wrapped her arms around my body and said screw me please screw me,"

I have never had the feelings I have now. Please fuck me, Bill.. She finally said the word fuck. That is the first time I heard her say it. . If you cum before me, you can use your finger like before, and make me climax, because I was almost there when we stopped the tape. and then we will wait a while and start over. I started slowly pulling it out, pushing it in, out in, out in, rocking back and forth

"I took my Susan's hand and instructed her to massage her clit while I was thrusting. She started to rub her enlarged clit as I continued my in and out, speeding the motion, and Susan started saying YES, YES, YES. Ohhhhhhhhh Bill I am going to cum please kiss me hard. While she was humping she was sucking on my tongue, rubbing her clit and moaning Bill, Bill, good, good, She was really at the height of her excitement, moaning, thrusting her hips and digging her hands in my back and getting louder, YES< YES, OH GOD I'm coming, I'm coming, It is wonderful, don't stop, go faster, sink it deep into me and and and MY GOD I'm going to faint, no I can't it feels too wonderful, At that moment I said I'm coming, I'm coming and she hollered ME TOO. We both had the most wonderful orgasm together. We kissed passionately moving our tongues in and out of each other's mouths.

We had really worked up a sweat and we just lay there with my softening peter still inside her.

I said, "Susan you can remove the mask, and actually look at me in the raw. She removed the mask and looked me in the eyes and said, " Bill I love you so much and the sex that we just had was so special. The mask really helped me through it. I am so happy that we had a judge that made us go to Dr. Snyder and also Dr Snyder's really caring enough in his retirement to council us. We might have gotten our divorce and missed all this fantastic fucking experience... there I said fuck again."

"She wrapped her arms around me and said, "Bill, that was the most exciting experience that I have ever had. To think that we have wasted 16 years. Do you think we could do it again, I won't need the mask now." We fondled each other and talked for a half hour. She had wrapped her fingers around my shaft and was squeezing lightly, moving his hand up and down, and it came to attention again. I had to make her stop, I did not want to cum this way, I wanted her again. After some more foreplay, kissing, sucking of tongues, rubbing of her clit, licking her nipples, she reached the point that she was begging me to "screw me again." Now!, I'm hot enough, we don't need any more foreplay. I am as ready for you as on the first time. My penis was erect and ready for her. We started slowly and I was able to find her clit with my peter and was rubbing it with my hard tool. As I was thrusting. Susan was more vocal than the first time, saying more loudly yes, yes, more, more, harder, harder, fuck me, please don't stop, I'm getting there.... rub the clit it is heaven, faster Bill, I love you BiLLLLLLLL I think I am going to cum, sink it deep shake your peter, oh yes yes, I am ready to explode, faster Bill, oh God I'm coming and as she was thrusting her hips up and down I also came with her. Dr. it was more wonderful than the first time,. And I made her come with my peter, no assistance from a finger on her clit. We both showered and talked, fondled each other and finally went to sheep. At 3 in the morning I went to the bathroom, washed my peter in anticipation of what may happen and went back to bed. Susan stirred and turned over facing me, sound asleep. I carefully raised her gown and lightly touched her nipple, she left out a slight moan. I moved my finger around the nipple lightly. I kissed her lightly on her lips and she awoke, "Susan said quietly, "What do you think you are going to do, you wonderful man. Meanwhile I started to rub the outside of pussy up and down. I said hold on a minute, I want a drop of KY. One drop, because she was wet with her own juices, The KY has a warm feeling and she loved it on my peter, the warm feeling. Anyway Dr, we had another fantastic coming together orgasm. 16 years of marriage and zero orgasms for Susan, one session and three orgasms in one night. Unbelievable.

Now it was Susan's turn to describe what had happened.

"Well Dr Snyder, I was sure that I would never ever be able talk about what I had experienced. And this is just the beginning. If it had not been for your judge friend insisting that we both see you before he would grant a divorce, I probably would not be here, probably divorced from the only man I have ever loved.

When I saw the introduction to the video, with a female Dr and a male Dr, I thought maybe this won't be too bad.

I had no idea that I could experience such pleasures. I think the sleep mask is a terrific idea, I know it really helped me continue. I don't think I could have even started without the mask. I just couldn't look at a nude body. Not any more, I can't get enough of Bill.

I asked," What did you enjoy most?"

"Well, how can one pleasure be more enjoyable than another. The massage. The sucking of the toes. The masturbation of my leg. The tongue on my nipples. Bill sucking my tongue, and me sucking his. The insertion of his finger in my pussy. See, I couldn't even say pussy, cock, or fuck before. Here I am in front of two men saying those words. Bill, I love you. I can say that in front of another man. I couldn't before, because that was only for saying when you were alone. Oh, I digressed, what did I like? The rubbing of my clit. Another word I would never say. Dr. if only part of video one has brought all this out of me what will the others two do? I did it again. What did I like? The insertion of Bill's finger in my cunt. Oops, another word I would never use. The warmness and slipperiness of the KY, the intense pleasure of having his prick, another word, sliding in and out and the sensation of his hard prick on my clit and our 3 mountainous coming together orgasm. Whew, I would never in a million years have ever imagined that I would ever be using this language in front of two men, especially one a Dr. What I want to know again Dr, if volume one brought me this far out of my shell what can I expect from volume two and three?

"Susan, I want you and Bill to complete volume one, remember, you stopped the tape and had your private session. Now you must complete volume one. When do you want your next appointment?

Bill replied, "Dr., Susan and I are leaving for a week end in the mountains for some more getting acquainted and to

retrieve some of the lost 16 years.

"How about next Mon evening?".

When we got home Susan called her mother. She asked me to pick up the extension and be quiet. I could hear her almost purring in the phone,

"Mother, it was absolutely wonderful. Can I talk freely to you mom?"

"Of course Susan, you are a grown lady and I know all about sex and I will be happy that you want to share your experience with me. I am glad that you can talk to me about it."

Susan told her mother about our visit to the divorce judge and his saying before he would grant a divorce Bill and I would have to visit a friend of his for three sessions. I didn't want to go, but he insisted, don't go and no divorce. The Dr. was a Dr Snyder, a retired Dr., whose specialty was Sex therapy. She told her mother that she was so happy that she wanted to kiss both the judge and the Dr. Susan started giving her mother a play by play account, her achieving a climax three times. Her mother shouted, SUSAN, you didn't. She knew that Susan had never experienced a climax. Susan I am so happy for you..

She told her mother all about the tape and how wonderful the video was. How she finally reached 3 fantastic orgasms during the night. Her mother interrupted from time to time with, Susan, I am so happy with this news. Wonderful, Oh My, really, did you really, etc. How does Bill feel, her mother asked. Mom, he has been listening on the extension because I wanted him to hear me finally able to talk about sex. Let him answer.

"Mother, your daughter has turned into a monster. I wonder what I now have to live with. She is wonderful, happy, and I am happier. Thank you for your beautiful wonderful daughter. See you shortly.

"I am so deeply in love with Bill and our new found sex life I never want to hear the word divorce." Her mother was so happy that they were not going to leave each other and her beautiful grandchildren would have both their parents, happy and full of life. Susan asked if we could bring the kids over shortly to spend the week end. Bill and I plan to go to the mountains early in the morning and catch up on the last 16 years.

"Mom, how could I have been so dumb". I love you mom, see you in a little while".

After Bill and Susan left I called Steve and told him that I didn't think that Bill and Susan would be continuing with their divorce. He wanted to know what miracle I had concocted and I said, only number one video of three. I can't wait to hear their reports after numbers two and three. Steve wanted to know what in the hell was I talking about, videos?.

I told him that if he really was interested I would loan him the series.

But that is another story for later.

This is my first and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Not too bad for an 84 year old with blood still running through his veins. Don't be too critical, this is my first attempt. I have a lot more to write.

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