9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs


I say; "You have your finger up my shit-hole"

I look her in the eyes and say; "Fuck my ass with your finger. Lick my clit and make me come."

She fucks my ass with her finger. She tongues my clit. Ever so light, ever so fast.

This is how I come. When I come I sound like a woman having a baby. I grit my teeth and make a long dirty groaning sound. If you lived next door you would hear it.

As I come I push down hard on to 11 Stone's finger. Her finger is as deep as it can go in my ass. I ooze pussy juice over her face. My nipples go rock hard.

11 Stone Whore Wife pulls away and I slump back on the sofa. I am still fully clothed. My knickers are around my ankles.

This is the first time I have come in my Literotica stories.

The phone rings. 11 Stone answers it. She is standing there in red heels, stockings and suspender. No panties, no bra, but her skirt is still hitched up around her waist.

"Hello Dave"

11 Stone's Husband is called Dave or something. Who cares.

"I have just fucked 9 Stone Cum Queen up the ass with my little finger. She came on my face. I absolutely reek of her cunt. She is sitting on her sofa in black high heels and fishnet hold ups. She has a sexy red dress on. Her knickers are down round her ankles."

She listens to the phone for a moment.

"No, Dave you can't do that. You can't fuck her and you can't fuck me either, here is what will happen. You will walk through the door and get your cock out. Your cock will be hard and ready to explode because you have to think about your wife being fucked by this beauty all the way home.

She will take your cock in her hand and beat you off till you explode your cum into your whore wife's face.

We don't need you to make us come. We just need your jizz. 9 Stone will make me come three times before you get home."

She puts the phone down. She is right; I make her come three times.

I make her come once by eating out her ass. She gets on all fours and I bury my face in her arse crack and eat and eat. I gorge myself on her sweet anus. I stroke and massage her giant cheeks. She fucks herself with three fingers. When she comes she screams out; "Jesus fucking Christ you fucking whore!"

My knickers are still hanging around my ankles. When they fall off. I slip them back on.

I make her come a second time by getting into a sixty-nine position. I sit on her face and grind my pussy down onto her mouth. I ram her pussy with four fingers of one hand. I fuck her ass with two fingers of my other hand. I come a little bit too. When she comes she cries; "gggggggrrrrrnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

I am still fully clothed. Only my knickers are down my legs. Every time I get up I correct myself. I make sure my hold ups are straight and smooth. My nipples are so rock hard. They need attention but I deny them.

I make her come a third time by fucking her cunt with the end of a wine bottle. I fuck her furiously whilst she is standing up. Her knees buckle and she nearly falls over. As she starts to come I bite down on one of her large brown nipples hard, really hard. When she comes she cries, "You fucking dirty, dirty bitch. You dirty fucking beautiful cock whore!"

I pull my knickers up so they are round my knees.

We fall on to the sofa. The door opens and Dave/thingy walks. He has a 9 inch erection in his hand.

He can see his exhausted wife in stockings and heels. Her hands and face stink of my ass and cunt.

He can see the most beautiful girl he knows dressed in fishnet hold ups and a fabulous tight red dress. She has a single string of white pearls around her neck. Her knickers are around her knees. He can see up her dress. He can see my cunt.

He wants to fuck me up the ass. He always has done.

11 Stone Whore Wife gets on her knees in front of her husband. I get on my knees and take his cock in my hand.

I'm good at this. I know what to do. I can squeeze the cock slightly as well as pulling up and down on the shaft. I pay special attention to the ridge around the helmet.

I look up into his eyes.

I say; "I can make my tits feel like a cunt. I can squeeze them hard around your cock and make them feel like a nice tight cunt."

He is trying to hold back. He wants to savour this magnificent moment.

I use my other hand to cup his balls.

I say; "My cunt is tighter than your whore wife's. My legs are longer. My skin is smoother. Empty yourself on your filthy slut of a wife."

11 Stone says; "Bitch."

Dave says; "Ugh."

His face grimaces. His eyes are screwed up.

I touch his helmet once, gently, with my tongue and say, "Its OK honey, just let go."

I aim his cock in 11 Stone's face. He lets go. He shoots an arch of cum that streaks across he face diagonally. Its crosses over her eyelid so she has to keep it half closed.

He says, "You dirty fucking sluts."

A second shot lands across her forehead and gets into her hair.

A third shot gets in her hair again. She has lots of cum in her hair.

I direct his cock at her tits. He sprays two more loads of cum over her beautiful big tits. Her tits drip with cum.

Some last drops of cum oozes from his helmet over my knuckles.

Here I am.

My knickers are round my knees.

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