A Bargain Ch. 01


Somehow I didn't spend so much time staring at Jenn's body that I put the Bug into a ditch, and just before we left the main highway, I had her help me get my pants and shirt back on.

As soon as I was decent (except for the huge tent in my pants), I told Jenn to get dressed. "Just put on your shirt and shorts - but no bra or panties," I ordered.

"But my nipples will show!" Jenn complained.

"That's the idea, Jenn! Flaunt 'em! With any luck at all there'll be a guy in the store and you can watch as his eyes drill holes in your shirt and his crotch starts to swell! Women like causing that effect on men! Heck, you'll never see anyone here again, so what does it matter?"

A few minutes later we arrived at the little store where we could buy our final supplies. I arranged my stiff dork in my shorts, and we got out of the car and entered the store. Jenn was excited, and her face clearly showed it. I made her keep her shoulders back and her arms down at her sides, and the kid behind the counter couldn't take his eyes off of her bouncing boobs. He tried to lean against the counter to hide his erection, but his pants were sticking straight out when he moved to the cash register. Her face got all red again and her nipples stood at attention, which only made things worse! Or better! We bought our supplies, put some of them into the cooler, and headed toward the cabin.

I didn't speak. I let Jenn digest the experience of turning on a complete stranger. She was chewing on her lower lip, but her nipples were still hard under her shirt. Her eyes were bright. She glanced at me, and blushed when she realized I knew she had enjoyed what she had done! She reached over and held my penis through my shorts. I reached over and gently rubbed her nipples through her shirt. She grinned at me. She had really enjoyed her little exhibition.


About a quarter mile past the store we headed into the deep woods, following some old logging trails which we located only because of the excellent directions I had received. Fortunately the Bug was up to the task, although we really bounced around. At last we came out of the woods into a clearing, and there was the cabin, overlooking a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

I unlocked the cabin's door, and turned on the electricity. Yes, there was a single power line leading to the cabin, and we had followed it for the last half mile. I located the correct tools (where the directions said they would be), and primed the electric pump with water I had brought along, and we soon had running water. It ran rusty at first, then clear and cold after a couple of minutes, so I filled the propane- heated hot-water tank, and turned on and lit the gas. While I was taking care of all this, Jenn swept the dust and accumulated dirt out of the cabin and checked the place out. We unloaded our stuff from the Bug and put the cold food into a refrigerator.

It was still pretty warm, probably near 80 degrees. We decided we had time to take a hike before making dinner. We followed a trail, jumped over a stream, and located a deep pool full of really cold water. I considered skinny-dipping, but decided the water was much too cold. We did share several wonderful kisses, and I could feel Jenn's nipples getting hard under her shirt as she pressed herself against me.

We kept exploring until the shadows began to darken the woods, and then we hurried back to the cabin, barely arriving before dark. We had walked and climbed for a couple of miles, and we were both really tired and sweaty. But as the sun went down, the air got chilly, a breeze began to blow, and we were glad to get back into the shelter of the cabin.

The cabin was basically one big room, with four bunk beds along the walls, each with a plastic-covered mattress and pillow (but no sheets or blankets). There were also four really huge refrigerators (obviously for whatever they hunted), one of which we had plugged in when we arrived, a propane stove, and a single sink. Dishes and glasses were in cabinets over the sink, and pots and pans were below.

There was a washing machine at the end of the short kitchen counter. The bathroom was cut out of the kitchen end of the cabin, and contained an old porcelain tub/shower squeezed in next to a toilet. We both needed showers, and Jenn told me to go first and she would wash some dishes and pans so that we could eat. I told her that I would get out the sheets and blankets and make things ready for sleeping while she took her shower.

I unpacked some towels and soap and took them into the bathroom. As I had remembered, there was no lock on the door. I scrubbed out the tub and then undressed and showered. I dried myself off and walked naked into the main room carrying my towel in one hand and my dirty clothes in the other. "Shower's yours, Jenn!" I announced. Jenn's eyes opened wide, but she otherwise ignored my nudity.

It was obvious that Jenn intended to stay dressed as much as possible. Rather than confront her and demand she live up to our bargain, I decided to have some fun with her.

Jenn carried some clean clothes into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard her messing with the doorknob, obviously trying to lock the door. I yelled that there was no lock, and I heard her mutter something. After a few seconds of silence, I could hear her undressing and I heard the toilet flush. Then the shower came on.

Still naked I entered the bathroom, and told Jenn I had to take a piss. The shower curtain was almost transparent, and I could clearly see her naked body. .I stood over the toilet and took a leak while she watched me. She was staring as I flicked the last few drops into the bowl. As I opened the door, she turned away from me, so without her noticing I kicked all of her dirty clothes and a plastic bag containing her fresh clothing out into the main cabin.

As soon as I closed the bathroom door, I picked up all of Jenn's clothes, picked up all of her bags that contained additional clothes, slipped into my sandals, and took everything out to the trunk of the Bug. I locked everything up, draped my wet towel over the porch railing, and then went back into the cabin and hid the VW key on top of the cabinets where she couldn't reach it. Then I pulled one of the twin-sized, plastic- covered mattresses onto the floor, dusted it, put on my K-Mart sheets, added a blanket, and fixed up a pillow. Then, still naked, I began heating up a pot of canned beef stew.

Jenn showered until the water began to run cold, and a few seconds later I heard her curse as she realized I had stolen her clothes. A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, with still-damp hair and clutching the wet, undersized towel I had provided. She managed to cover herself from breasts to crotch, but her back and sides were completely bare. She looked wonderful and I grinned at her.

"This isn't funny! Give me back my clothes!"

"I probably will. Maybe in the morning," I said.

"I've been naked most of the day. Why can't I cover up now?"

"I LIKE seeing you naked, Jenn!"

"But it's CRUDE to sit around naked while you eat!"

I ignored Jenn's complaint and went back to the stove. I filled two bowls, buttered some French bread, and sat down and began to eat. Jenn was hungry, and she finally stopped demanding her clothes and sat down across from me. She ate the meal with one hand holding up the towel. I remained naked. I poured some red wine, and she quickly drank several glasses. I hoped the alcohol would relax her.

"How come you're so shy about showing your body now?" I asked. "You were naked for three hours on the way up here."

"This is different!" Jenn declared. "We're completely isolated here, and the way you're looking at me makes me nervous! There's no way I could get help if you started to take advantage of me!"

"You're not going to need help," I declared, "But you do look silly holding that tiny towel in front of you."

Jenn glared at me, and then she yawned. We were both tired from the drive, the long walk and the wine.

"Let's go to bed so we're rested for tomorrow," I said. "There's lots of neat trails we can explore."

I used the toilet, then cleaned my teeth in the kitchen sink. Jenn sat in the chair, clutching her towel, and watched me. I kissed her as she desperately held the towel between us. When I began to run my hands up and down her naked back, she quickly got up, backed away from me into the bathroom, and closed the door. I could hear her urinating. I turned out all the lights except a small one in the corner, and crawled into my bed.

By this time the cabin had cooled, probably to below 60 degrees. Jenn flushed the toilet and came out, still clutching her damp towel, and she cleaned her teeth in the sink. Even in the weak light I could see her blond pubic hair when she bent over the sink to spit out the toothpaste. How soon would I be able to slide my penis through those curls and into her pussy? Well, the night was young!

When she was done, Jenn turned, looked around, and asked, "Where am I supposed to sleep?"

"Well, you can either sleep in this bed with me or you can curl up on one of the bunk beds."

"But there aren't any sheets or blankets! How can I sleep with nothing but a wet towel?" Jenn cried.

"The choice is yours, Jenn!" I said. "Cuddle up with horny - and warm - me or sleep on one of the bunk beds with your cold, wet towel!"

Jenn muttered something and defiantly tried to sleep on one of the bunk beds. After about ten minutes she began to curse, and suddenly she was standing over me, shivering in the cold air, no towel to be seen, poking me with her foot.

"Move over, damn it!" She said. "The way you're lying on the bed there isn't room for me! And I'm getting cold out here!"

I made room, but with the small mattress it was obvious that the only way we could share the bed was to hold each other. I lay on my back and wrapped my arms around her and held her until she stopped shivering. I kissed her good night, but I also took advantage of every opportunity to run my hands gently all over her body.

After experimenting with several positions, we finally ended up with me on my right side, with Jenn spooning against me. Her cold-stiffened nipples were hard against my back, and I had a raging hard-on! She kept her hands away from it, unfortunately.

Jenn's breathing gradually changed, and I knew the combination of the wine and the long hike had caught up with her. I carefully turned so I was facing her, and when my erection bumped into her thighs, she made a funny sound in her sleep and rolled onto her left side. Now I was spooning her. My penis was against the backs of her thighs, and my right hand was on her breasts. I began to slowly caress her.

I carefully moved my hand down to her crotch, and I gently rubbed the fronts of her thighs, her soft and fuzzy pubic hair, and then up to her breasts and nipples. Her nipples remained stiff and hard, but she still seemed to be asleep.

As Jenn shifted positions her legs parted, and my penis gradually slipped between her legs. I was able to reach around her, pull up on the head of my penis, and position my penis along her furry slit. Given Jenn's sexual history, I was now certain she was asleep because she didn't scream or yell.

By pressing with my hand against my penis, I could put pressure on her clitoris. After a few minutes of this stimulation, Jenn's breathing changed again, and I could tell she was becoming aroused. I began to rock my hips forward and back, with my penis rubbing her entire slit, sliding the tip of my penis back and forth over her clitoris. I could feel her wetness on my shaft.

Abruptly Jenn woke up, gave out a loud snort and jumped out of the bed. "You bastard! You sick pervert! You said you weren't going to fuck me! You said I'd be safe! So what were you just doing, you damned asshole?"

Jenn's breathing was irregular, deep, and raspy. As she stood near me, I could see wetness sparkling on the insides of her thighs. "You were trying to fuck me, weren't you! I should never have trusted you!"

"Jenn, I could have fucked you, but I didn't! You were so ready that all I had to do was slide my penis into you! But we have a deal, right? I didn't break it!"

Jenn was obviously extremely aroused, and I knew from our purity test that she had almost never masturbated (and then without much of an orgasm), so I knew she was really uncomfortable and didn't know how to take care of it. The expression "babe in the woods" flew into my head and I grinned.

"Get back into bed and I'll bring you to a climax without intercourse."

"I don't need an orgasm from you! You just want another chance to take advantage of me!" she retorted.

She was absolutely correct, but I didn't say so! "Jenn, look at yourself! You're so aroused that you're rubbing your own breasts and nipples!" She glanced down and realized I was right. "You're also starting to shiver from the cold. Get back into this bed and I'll send you over the top! And I won't have to fuck you to do it!"

Probably it was the temperature, not her arousal, that finally got to her, but Jenn climbed warily back into the narrow bed with me. "Lie on your back and hold onto my penis for your protection. Let me try make love to you - but not with intercourse!" After a few more protests she grabbed my penis and complied. Her breathing still reflected her arousal, and her pussy scent was thick, particularly so under the blanket.

I began by kissing her on her lips and neck, gradually working down to her breasts and nipples. I caressed one nipple while sucking on the other, then started again at her lips. Each time I kissed her a little lower, then went back to her mouth, working my way down her body again. As I worked further down, she released my penis, put her arms around me and rubbed my back. She began to make soft moaning sounds, synchronized with her ragged breathing.

The first time I sucked on Jenn's navel, she yelled and said it tickled. But it didn't tickle each time after that. As I moved lower, Jenn complained about my depravity, but I reminded her that she had agreed to do anything I wanted except intercourse. It was also obvious that she was so turned on that her resistance was nearly all noise and not really sincere. When I began to kiss the tops of Jenn's thighs, she involuntarily separated her legs. I moved a hand from a breast to her wet and slippery pussy, and I began to slide a single finger slowly in and out of her.

Jenn put one of her hands on top of mine, stopping my motion. "I don't know . . . I'm not sure . . . This just isn't . . ."

I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her. Then I gently wiggled the finger I had inside her. "Just my finger, Jenn! I'm not going to put my penis inside you! But doesn't my finger feel wonderful inside you?"

After a few seconds, Jenn released my hand and nodded her head. She squeezed me hard and kissed me. I continued to stimulate her.

I occasionally brushed my thumb against her clitoris, and Jenn cried out and gave a little jump each time. Finally I pressed my face into her snatch and tongued into her vagina. God she tasted wonderful! Jenn tried to pull my face away, but she was struggling between her own sense of dignity and her arousal. "You said just a finger! This is really disgusting! OH! OOH! OO-OOH!" As I kept licking, she stopped trying to get me to move.

I flicked my tongue over her clitoris, and Jenn began to build to orgasm. I kept slowing down as her passion climbed, and each time she got more excited before I stopped. Jenn was still fighting her building passion, probably because I was doing something so "depraved" to her. But it was a battle I didn't intend to lose.

After what must have been most of an hour of cunnilingus, I used my finger in Jenn's vagina to find and rub her G-spot, and I sucked and liked on her clitoris with an ever-increasing tempo. She wrapped her legs around my head, arched her back, and let out an incredible scream as she climaxed. I let her calm down for a few minutes, and as soon as her breathing was better, I began again. This time it only took about ten minutes to bring her to a screaming, body-shaking orgasm.

I kept up oral and digital sex for another couple of hours, bringing Jenn to orgasm several times. She hadn't spoken a coherent word for a long time. Her eyes were half-closed, and her mouth was hanging open. Her legs were wide apart, her labia were puffy, red, and protruding, and she made no effort to protect herself. Unlike some women I'd known, she was loud and active when she climaxed.

But I was so aroused that I had to release the throbbing ache in my balls. Jenn was exhausted, well past the point of resisting anything I did. I knew I could fuck her, but I didn't want to break my promise. So I straddled a sweat-covered Jenn, with my prick pointing at her breasts, and began to jerk off. She watched me through eyes that were just barely open. It only took a couple of minutes, and then I sprayed wad after wad of my cum onto her breasts and stomach.

My climax had left my legs trembling, and I collapsed half on top of her. I fell asleep as I gently rubbed the cum into her breasts and nipples. The aroma of her pussy and my cum was so thick that I was soon hard again, and she reached down and pressed my erection firmly against her thigh as we drifted off together. She even kissed my pussy-juice covered lips without protest. It was obvious that she had just experienced - and enjoyed - the first real sexual passions of her life.

This story continues in "A Bargain Ch.2: Seduction - Sexual arousal overwhelms reluctance."

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