tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Bargain Ch. 06

A Bargain Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Satisfaction


"Well, it's plain what you two have been doing. You might as well be wearing a sign that says you just had great sex! You act like you're going to mate again right here!" Dianne's observation set the tone for conversation during the remainder of the meal. For the most part I just sat and listened as the women traded sexually-charged comments. It was really awkward sitting so close to two women with whom I had been intimate so recently, and the sexual banter made me feel uneasy. In retrospect I should have paid more attention to my feelings.

The look in Dianne's eyes when she glanced at me varied from amused, to excited, to analytical, to cold. After we finished eating I was glad to leave the girls alone while I got some things from my room. I'd had to borrow Jenn's extra toothbrush, I'd shaved with her razor, and I really wanted my own things. I threw my toiletries into a small bag, added some clean clothes, then rejoined the women in the dining hall.

They stood up as I approached. Dianne gave Jenn a hug and I heard her say, "Hurry! I think he's ready to do you right here!" Jenn ran up and kissed me, and I looked over her shoulder and watched Dianne's behind flex and wiggle as she walked back to get more coffee. I could remember exactly how it felt to slide my hand between her cheeks, and for a moment I forgot I was kissing Jenn.

"Hey! What are you thinking about?" Jenn asked.

I covered up reasonably well. "Do you think people would mind if we did it here? Like Dianne said? Or should we wait until we're back in the apartment?"

"Silly! Let's get out of here! I can't wait! Maybe we could do it in the car! Is there room in a VW?"

"I've got a better idea. My roommate's away for the summer. How about up there?" We barely made it to the bed before we were enthusiastically copulating. I'd carried my bag downstairs and back up again, but who cared?

Jenn woke me several hours later. When I realized where I was, I almost called her Dianne! "Hey! Let's go back to the apartment! I need to pee, and I want to wake up with you in MY bed!"

It was the middle of the night, and almost nobody was around. I put Jenn's clothes in my bag, and I talked her into wearing nothing but one of my long T-shirts. It reached almost to the bottom of her crotch. When we saw people - which we did in the elevator, even at that hour - Jenn had to pull down on the bottom of the shirt to cover her pussy fur, and that made her braless breasts wiggle and her nipples stand up.

Jenn removed the shirt and rode naked as we drove back to her apartment. She was getting more and more aroused by exposing herself in public, and by the time I parked, I could smell her musky scent. She walked up the stairs and down the hall to her apartment wearing nothing but a smile.

As soon as we closed the door, she was in my arms. We made slow and gentle love, and about an hour later fell asleep still joined at the groin.

SATURDAY: JENN'S NEW GAMES I awoke to the wonderful sensation of Jenn caressing my scrotum. I opened my eyes and she was looking at me with a look of unadulterated joy. "This is fun!" she said. "I wish I didn't have to start summer school on Monday! I'd rather spend every day doing this!"

We did the bathroom bit again, although this time I had my own toothbrush and razor. We managed to avoid intercourse long enough to fix and eat breakfast, but we were both completely out of control by the time we'd each had a cup of coffee. I picked my eager wench up, carried her back to the bedroom with my hands in completely inappropriate places, and introduced Jenn to doggy-style sex as Dianne had suggested to us the Sunday we returned from the cabin.

It took a few minutes for Jenn to catch the rhythm, but the king-sized bed gave us lots of room, and she soon climaxed. Once we were thrusting together, I was able to really rub my meat against her G-spot, and with one of my hands rubbing her nipples and with the other rubbing her clitoris, she quickly reached that wonderful plateau where orgasms don't really end.

I moved in and out of Jenn at varying speeds, going fastest when her orgasms were most intense. When her arms grew tired and she put her head against the bed, I brought her to a screaming finish and pressed firmly against her as I came. She grunted and cried out with each burst of cum. When she was almost calmed down, I rolled her over on her side and spooned against her behind with my softening penis still gripped firmly by her vagina.

Jenn fell asleep first, and I joined her. We woke up just after 1:00. After we showered off, Jenn fixed us a quick lunch.

After lunch, Jenn wanted to go to the pool again. She got an impish look on her face as I started putting her bathing suit on her. "Don, let me go down first. Give me fifteen minutes, then you come down. I want to see how the guys react!"

Jenn's exhibitionism was finding new ways to be expressed. I agreed, and amid lots of intimate caresses, we dressed each other in our suits. She picked up most of the pool supplies, leaving me a towel and our cooler full of drinks. She kissed me at the door. "Take my top off, lover! I won't be wearing it at the pool anyway, so why bother with it?"

As we kissed, I slipped the tiny top from her breasts. Her nipples were dark red and jutting out when she was ready to leave the apartment. She left her pool robe open, allowing full view from her neck to her bikini bottoms. Her nipples were visible from the side. I was rock-hard and impatient as I timed fifteen minutes on my watch.

We'd agreed about where Jenn would be sitting and in which direction she would be facing. I walked around the apartment complex so that I could approach her from her front. At first she wasn't visible as I entered the pool area, but as I approached the place where she was supposed to be, I finally saw her. There were three guys talking to her and blocking my view. I approached them slowly.

Jenn was sitting upright, shoulders back, with her bare breasts proudly on display. Her areolae and nipples were purple-red and puffed out. Her breasts bounced as she laughed at whatever they were saying. Her ankles were crossed, and she had her hands on her knees. Even from twenty feet away I could see blonde public hair poking out from both sides of the crotch of her bikini. The crease in the fabric delineated her slit, and a dark blotch was forming directly over her vaginal opening. She looked naked, and she was obviously extremely aroused.

Not surprisingly all three guys were noticeably tumescent. The sexual atmosphere around Jenn was a tangible entity, emanating from her in waves like ripples on a pond. The three guys were completely overwhelmed by raw carnality and lust, and they were patently competing for intimate sensual access to her body. Had she been in a more isolated place, they would already be mating with her, whether she wished to do so or not.

As I watched, the guy in the middle, the most muscular one, began to intimidate the other two. He was sitting on his heels directly in front of Jenn, and every few seconds I could see her glancing at his crotch. The other two guys moved a few inches away from both Jenn and him. In a ritual that predated our species, the dominant male had asserted his ownership of the female, and the inferior males yielded. Testosterone was heavy in the air, and I sensed that my arrival might easily trigger a violent response.

I knew that the longer the situation continued, the more likely it would turn ugly. I had no choice except to deflect this attempt by a rival to steal my mate. I counted on the thin veneer of civilization to maintain order as I interjected myself into the group.

I heard the guy in the middle say, " . . . cunt . . . you wanna . . . touch it, don't you . . . fuck . . . hot and . . . " I couldn't hear the rest of what he said, but he had clearly decided to get right to the point. I headed directly for the four of them.

I approached Jenn from the side, stepping past one of the lesser challengers. "Sorry to keep you waiting, honey. Thanks for keeping her company, guys, but I'll take it from here."

My sudden appearance and verbal announcement that I was claiming Jenn momentarily shocked all three buys into inaction. I leaned down to kiss her. As I did so I put my hand against her chest, under her arms so that I was touching the side of her left breast. She reached up and touched the inside of my right thigh, almost touching the erection that was threatening to push out of my suit.

"Ah, fuckit!" the middle guy said, and all three drifted away, presumably seeking other, more available prey. Jenn and I continued to kiss, and I rolled her nipple with my thumb until she moaned.

I looked into Jenn's eyes and they were dilated with excitement. "I can't believe what I'm feeling!" she whispered. "I can't believe what I just did!"

"Did you like it? Did it turn you on?" I whispered in reply, even though I knew the answer.

Jenn nodded. "I feel so alive! So sexual! So completely female!"

I spread my blanket next to hers and we both lay down on our sides, facing each other. Our lips were almost touching, and I could feel her rapid breaths against my face. "Tell me about it. Everything," I whispered.

"It was so HOT! I sat down and I could feel my nipples tingling! They were so hard! The first two guys came over about five minutes after I got here," Jenn said, and she pointed left and right. "Then the other guy sort of pushed in between them. They were all staring at my nipples and crotch, and I could feel myself getting wet. The guy in the middle said he could see I was getting wet and would be an easy fuck."

"He actually said that?"

Jenn nodded. "Yes! Then the other two said I was really hot. And the one on the left said he thought I had the best nipples he'd ever seen. And the one on the right said he liked the blonde pubic hair that showed around my suit."

"Well, I can't fault them for that! So do I!"

"Shush! Pay attention! Just before I saw you come out from way over there, the big guy in the middle lifted the crotch of his suit and let his penis poke out! The other two guys backed up a little, and the big guy told me how much he would like to put it me, and he sort of waved it at me."

"I couldn't see that from behind him. I just saw the other guys move."

"His was longer than yours, but not as thick. And it was bent! I couldn't believe he was showing it to me! Right here!"

"You were showing your breasts and your pussy was almost exposed, too."

"I know, but it was still hard to believe! And I couldn't believe how excited it made me! I could see all three guys were hard, and they kept staring at my body!" Jenn kissed me, and I could feel her excitement. "Just before you got here, he was daring me to touch it. He said he could see me getting wet, and he said he knew I wanted his pole in my cunt. I saw that pre-stuff dripping out of his penis! Then you got here, and I almost lost it when you kissed me like that!"

"Were you going to touch it?"

"I . . . I don't think so, but I was . . . I was getting really turned on, and I wanted to touch it! But that would be, like, cheating, you know? Even if I didn't have sex with him."

"Want to get in the pool? I'll bet I can get you off! Besides, your suit has a huge wet spot in the middle, and it won't show so much if you get wet." I didn't mention how clingy her suit became when it was wet. I knew that once her suit was wet, her labia would look as if they were painted black, rather than covered with cloth.

Jenn scrambled to her feet, ran to the edge with her breasts bouncing, and jumped in. I was right behind her. I stood in neck-deep water against the side of the pool, and I pulled her against me. "Hold on to me. I'll need both hands for this!"

I slipped one hand between Jenn's legs and rubbed her through her suit. With the other hand I covertly rubbed and pulled on her right nipple. She immediately began to twist and jerk her body, but it wasn't obvious since she was underwater below her neck. She humped my hand as I held it against my leg, and I kissed her to keep her from screaming. I waited about a minute after she calmed down, then we did it again.

"I don't care if people know what we're doing!" Jenn muttered against my mouth. She reached down and pulled her bikini bottom off. I pushed my suit low enough to free my cock. She twisted her hips against me, and Merlin found his way inside her. I felt Rapunzel squeeze him, and she began to bounce up and down, forcing him in and out of her. The viscosity of the water slowed her motion, but being weightless gave her the energy to move rapidly.

We were kissing as Jenn began to grunt. Her up-and-down motion sent waves splashing across the pool. Even in the cool water our joined genitals were hot, and I felt my climax building. She jerked and thrust herself against me as I ejaculated, and I could feel her body trembling as I held her against the side of the pool.

Jenn slipped off of my limp penis and her naked body slid down mine until her toes touched the bottom of the pool. I could hear people laughing, whistling, and clapping their hands. "I don't think we fooled anybody!" Jenn giggled. "Look!" I turned my head to the side, and I saw that she had held her bikini bottoms in her hand against my neck. She had wanted people to know she was fucking me!

Jenn waved the skimpy piece of clothing, and I heard more laughter. She put one hand on my shoulder and reached down to put her bottoms back on. Since we were no longer making waves, I could see her long, blonde pubic hair waving in the crystal clear water. I pulled up my suit to cover myself.

We cuddled for a few minutes, then left the pool and returned to her apartment. For the moment we were sexually sated, and we got dressed and headed back to my dorm room.

As I was packing some of my things, Jenn noticed my roommate's key on top of his dresser. He'd apparently forgotten to take it with him when he left for the summer. I told her to take it since she might want to visit my room when I wasn't there. She had already given me a key to her apartment, so this provided a special, romantic symmetry.


Summer school started on Monday, and Jenn had a morning class. On weekdays for the next six weeks, Jenn attended her class and studied in the library, and I worked on my research. As soon as she had prepared for her next class, we made love. Most mornings she'd wake me by fondling my penis and balls. She would giggle and squeal as she made me erect. "I had no idea how much fun one of these could be!" she told me several times with a devilish look in her eye. I knew that later in the day she would find a way to make Merlin get soft again. Our new schedule prevented us from making love into the wee small hours of the nights before her classes, but we made up for it on Friday and Saturday nights.

Most afternoons we sunbathed at the pool. Jenn's breasts had a beautiful, even tan. They would probably have been darker except that there were so many new guys around the pool that I was constantly declaring her to be my woman by rubbing lotion on her breasts. She paid an equal amount of attention to the skin around my skimpy suit, and both of us were in a constant state of sexual arousal whenever we were at the pool. Post-sunbathing sex was never routine, even though it happened every day!

During the second week of summer school, I noticed that Jenn was exposing herself more and more. Except when we had guests in the apartment, she was always nude. When we had guests, she wore as little as possible. She stopped closing the drapes, and several times I saw her standing naked at the patio door, exposing herself to the guys in the apartments in the next building.

At the end of the second week of summer school, I presented Jenn with a small diamond ring, and we became officially engaged to be married. Jenn invited Dianne to dinner so that she would be the first to know. When Dianne arrived, Jenn met her at the door and held up her hand to show the ring. There was a lot of hugging and crying, so I left the two of them alone for several minutes while I prepared drinks in the kitchen. When I brought the drinks out, both women's faces were streaked with tears, and their eyes were red. But they were also grinning broadly. Whatever they'd talked about made them cry - but it also made them both happy.

At first I was nervous being around two women with whom I'd recently been intimate, but Dianne put me at ease. While Jenn was out of the room getting something from the kitchen, Dianne grinned at me. "I've never seen either of you so happy. Good going, stud!" she whispered. I was relieved. What would have happened if Dianne had displayed even a hint of jealousy?

After dinner we sat around and talked. Jenn kept putting away brandy Alexanders, and before I could stop her, she began describing our secret getaway into the mountains. She didn't leave much of anything out, including the deal she'd made with me so that I would help her on the exam. Dianne glanced at me and frowned slightly when she explained how I'd helped Jenn cheat.

"You rode all the way up there naked, holding his cock? I'm surprised at both of you!" Jenn blushed and Dianne laughed. They both looked at me and giggled.

A little later. "You hid her clothes and made her sleep naked in a single bed with you?" I nodded as my face got hot. "I can't believe you didn't have to fight her off after all of that penis-holding and naked kissing! Jenn, it sounds like you were acting like a frightened virgin!"

Later still. "He got you hot and bothered and you begged him to fuck you and he did it with a DILDO? Is he gay or something?" Dianne looked at me and winked. She certainly knew better!

Even later. "You rode all the way back with that dildo vibrating inside you? I'd like to try that sometime!" Dianne didn't wink this time, but her glance in my direction was full of mischief as she remembered our little road trip with her dildo. "And that's why you looked like you been fucked out of your mind? And why the car smelled like it did?" The three of us laughed as we talked about the night that Jenn and I had gotten back.

Jenn and I gave Dianne a joint kiss when it was time for her to leave. She got in her parting shot as she stepped through the door. "I'd better hurry. I can tell from the looks on your faces that you'll be copulating in front of me If I'm still her two minutes from now! I don't think I could watch without joining in!" Two minutes later Jenn and I were making love on the floor in front of the door to the apartment. We didn't need anyone else, and Jenn hadn't understood Dianne's hidden meaning about "joining in."

Wedding planning took a lot of time. We set the date for the following June, giving us almost a year to prepare. Dianne accepted Jenn's request to be Maid of Honor. Dianne helped Jenn make wedding plans, and several times I came back from the library and found them huddled together, giggling

I came in one day just in time to hear, " . . . so big I can't imagine how it would feel . . . Oh! Hi, Honey!" Jenn blushed and Dianne averted her eyes when I looked at them. Naturally I assumed they were talking about me. The night before Jenn had begged me to put my "big monster" inside her. Obviously Dianne was embarrassed to have Jenn talking about having sex with me.

We had more free time on weekends, and Jenn often invited Dianne to come over to swim. To the delight of every male around the pool, Dianne had no problem sunbathing topless. I was embarrassed to rub lotion on Jenn's breasts in front of Dianne, but I did so anyway because I wanted to continue making clear to the other guys that Jenn belonged to me. She was afraid she might lose her engagement ring, so she didn't wear it to the pool.

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