A Bargain Ch. 06


Dianne, however, attracted a pack of wolves the first time she joined us. She finally had to put her top back on in order to get them to leave her alone. That only helped a little. "The problem is they know I'm unattached," she observed. "Lying around half-naked in the sun only encourages them! At least they know you're out-of- reach, Jenn!"

The following week Dianne again joined us at the pool. Jenn removed her top, and I rubbed lotion onto her breasts. Dianne kept her top on. She muttered that she didn't want the attention of the wolf pack, and maybe now they'd leave her alone.

"This isn't fair!" Jenn observed. "You've got bigger boobs than I have. Why should you have to get strap lines?"

"It's okay, Jenn! I'll live with it. I don't have a guy to take care of me the way Don takes care of you."

"Well, you're my Maid of Honor, and I don't know why Don can't do you, too."

Dianne and I looked at each other in surprise. Both of us had the same thought. Had Jenn heard about our brief affair? Jenn misinterpreted our shocked silence. She stepped behind Dianne, undid her top, and tossed it aside. Dianne managed to cover her breasts with her hands. "Okay, my husband-to-be! Grease 'em up! I've seen you ogling them! This is your chance! I promise I won't get jealous!"

"Jenn, I really don't think I should let Don . . . "

"Jenn, this is nuts! I can't . . . "

"Look you two! You're my two best friends! Is there any reason I can't trust you? Unless there's something going on between you two, why not?"

My guilt about sleeping with Dianne overwhelmed my ability to think rationally, and I couldn't think of any reply to Jenn's challenge. Dianne must have been similarly afflicted. She lowered her hands and gave me a thin smile. I picked up the suntan lotion and stepped behind Dianne.

I was having trouble breathing as I dumped thick gobs of lotion onto my palms. I reached around Dianne's back, and I quickly smeared lotion all over her breasts as Jenn watched. I could vividly remember how it felt to touch her this way, and I couldn't control my reaction. Nor could she. Her nipples and my penis immediately burst into full erection.

Jenn laughed at my bulging trunks, and Dianne blushed when she looked. "See? You both enjoyed it! And now you're safe, Dianne! Well you will be as soon as my horny finance calms down!"

My action did scare off the guys, however. Several of them gave me openly hostile stares, presumably because I'd "claimed" two of the best female bodies around the pool. We stayed at the pool for over an hour, and twice more I greased both women's breasts. My erection was going up and down, and I was really uncomfortable.

Later when Jenn and I were alone, I complained about it. "Damn it, Jenn! That wasn't fair to Dianne - or to me! I'm going to marry you, so it's completely inappropriate for me to be touching another woman that way!"

"And you're the one always telling me I have to learn to relax. To let go. Well I disagree. Since I was there and asked you to do it, it was okay. So loosen up already! It didn't hurt either of you, and if you want to think about rubbing Dianne's breasts and get hard again, I'll take care of it. Just don't do that stuff when I'm not around. End of discussion."

For the first time in my evolving sexual relationship with Jenn I felt like the novice. I had never imagined she would ask me to touch Dianne's breasts. And there was absolutely no hint, either in her words or in her tone, to suggest that she suspected there had ever been anything between Dianne and me. I saw amusement on her face, not anything more sinister

I called Dianne two days later when Jenn was in class. "Dammit Dianne! I was caught completely off-guard! I didn't mean to embarrass you!"

"I know, Don. But I couldn't help remembering . . . and then . . . "

"Yeah. Me too." I didn't mention that I thought I was going to rip the front out of my suit because she got me so excited. I'd felt an incredible desire to slide my hand down between her legs and . . .

"Does Jenn suspect that . . . you and I . . .?"

"No. I don't think so. I think it was just, you know, like a joke. She'd hit the wine pretty hard at lunch, and I guess her inhibitions were pretty well gone."

"So what do we do the next time?"

"If she brings it up, I'll do it. Otherwise you'd better do yourself."

Dianne laughed. "I've been doing that a lot lately! Well, my little friend helps!" I assumed she meant her new dildo. "So how're you going to keep from ripping a hole in your suit?" I realized once again how well Dianne understood my sexual reaction to her.

"My mother has boobs about your size. I'll pretend I'm rubbing hers."

Dianne laughed until she started to cough. "So if . . . Hauch! . . . you get . . . Uch! . . . hard rubbing . . . my tits, then . . . Huh! . . . I know you're a real . . . Koof! . . . pervert?" She coughed and laughed for another minute.

"Dianne, I really don't want to have to explain what we did while Jenn was visiting her folks. She knows I had sex with somebody, but . . . "

"Yeah, I know. It would be pretty crappy if she found our that her Maid of Honor had been fucked out of her mind by the groom."

I couldn't help smiling into the phone. "Not to mention what you did to the groom! No wonder I couldn't control myself when I rubbed your nipples!" Dianne laughed, a wonderful deep laugh from deep in her chest. After a few more ribald comments we ended the call.

From then on whenever Dianne sunbathed with us, I applied the lotion to her breasts. Thinking about my mother helped enough that I could partially control my erection. But the desire to caress the rest of her shapely body didn't disappear. Judging from the glances that Dianne gave me when Jenn wasn't looking, Dianne knew exactly what I was thinking.

I wondered if she was thinking the same thing. Did she think about my penis when she used the dildo? Was I part of her fantasy sex life? I knew these thoughts were wrong, but they were difficult to suppress, particularly as I lay between two topless women, both of whose vaginas had milked my cock. And Dianne's breasts were truly a work of art.

By the third week of summer school I was truly surprised by Jenn's growing exhibitionism. Late one morning I came back early from my research and found her masturbating on our bed. She had pulled the drapes back, and anyone in a half-dozen apartments could have easily seen her. She watched me as she climaxed, but before I could comment on her behavior, she dragged me onto the bed and made love with more enthusiasm than I had previously known her to demonstrate. It was so exciting that I didn't even care that we were fucking in full view of anyone who happened to look.

By the following week, Jenn's wanton carnality and exhibitionism became impossible to control - not that I really wanted to do so! One afternoon I had just applied lotion to her breasts in our usual sexually-explicit manner when she noticed another topless woman who was wearing a skimpy bikini bottom similar to hers. This woman was lying on her stomach, and her large breasts bulged out from her body. And she was pulling at the strings holding the bottom of her suit together.

As we watched, the other woman untied the side straps of her bikini, then pressed the back portion into the crack of her ass until it disappeared. The only portion of the backside of her body which was not exposed to the sun - and to everyone's eyes - was her crotch from her anus forward. Every male was staring at this naked woman's body.

Jenn's self-proclaimed status as the woman wearing the least clothing while sunbathing was in jeopardy. Jenn didn't waste a moment. She lay down on her stomach, untied her bottoms, and flipped the back part between her legs. "Lover, would you please grease up my bottom and cover up no more than you have to?"

Jenn had positioned herself so that her open legs faced the wolf pack, and they were all staring. I heard several groans when I blocked their view as I knelt between her legs to do as she had asked. The reason was obvious. Her puffy, pink labia, neatly framed by matching strips of blonde pubic hair, were clearly visible. Her pussy was completely exposed in a public place!

In spite of my throbbing erection I managed to smear lotion over the white skin on Jenn's behind. I had to slide my hands between her cheeks as I did so, and I could see her labia getting darker. Under cover of applying lotion, I quickly slipped a finger in and out of her. She was dripping wet. I carefully folded the tiny piece of material into a narrow strip. Blonde curls could be seen along both sides after I pressed it against her crotch.

I lay on my side facing her, unable to lie on my stomach because of my tumescence. "You were showing them your cunt lips!" I whispered. "And they can still see your pubes!"

"I know! I'm getting excited just thinking about it! I can't believe how this feels!"

Perhaps fifteen minutes later Jenn whispered, "I'm turning over. I'll want you to do the same with my front. Watch their faces!"

When Jenn rolled over onto her back, the front of her suit hung over her right thigh, completely exposing her crotch. Acting as if she were unaware of her exposure, she spread her legs apart. I sat up and glanced down to see what the wolves could see.

Jenn's suit covered nothing. Her furry mons pubis and crotch were in full view. Her labia were wet and completely swollen, and I could smell how excited she was. Her vaginal opening was visible in the bright sunlight. My desire to mate with her was so intense I could barely keep from doing so.

I applied suntan lotion to Jenn's white abdomen, and then I folded the swatch of material so that it formed a triangle at the top, following the shape and size of the pubic hair above her crotch. Then I pressed everything gently into place. She moaned, and once again I heard groans from the other side of the pool. Because of the thickness of her pubic thatch, blonde pubic curls were visible along both sides of the strip covering her pussy as well as completely around the triangle of material on her pubic bone.

"They could see that you're ready, Jenn! You were beginning to open! And the juice is flowing out of you!"

"I can smell it, too! How much did you cover me?"

I described what I had done. "What would happen if I wiggled a little bit? Would they be able to see me again?"

I concealed my surprise at what she was proposing. "It won't take much movement to uncover you. And then those guys will be staring at your hot, furry, ready- to-fuck pussy!"

"God! I think I'm going nuts! Rub more lotion on my nipples! And watch me!"

I sat up and used both hands to rub Jenn's nipples. They were already pointing straight up, and she grunted when I touched them. I rubbed her breasts in a slow, circular motion with my greasy palms. She slid her hips slightly to the left, and her pussy was again fully exposed.

Jenn lay on her back with her mouth open. She licked her lips. "I need you to finish me off! I'm so turned on I don't think I can even get up! You've got to do something!"

"Jenn, there are half a dozen guys over there staring at your pussy. It's open like it's waiting for a rock-hard penis to fill it with cum. They can even see your clit sticking out, red and wet. Just imagine how their eyes are caressing your pussy as they try to see inside you as you open up even more! They know how aroused you are, how much you want to get off! Feel them touching you with their eyes!"

I rubbed more lotion on her nipples. I could see and feel Jenn's orgasm begin and build. Her shiny abdomen began to tremble, and then she stopped breathing. Her entire body began to wiggle. She bit down on her right hand to stop her scream as her orgasm peaked, and I could see muscles in her legs twitching. Her vagina made a series of sharp, wet smacking sounds as it popped open, then closed again. It was trying to squeeze the penis that wasn't there.

I stopped rubbing her breasts, and she slowly calmed down. She was still completely exposed to the wolves, and I heard several of them clapping and whistling. She took several long, deep breaths.

"You just lay naked in full view of a bunch of guys who watched you have an orgasm!"

"I didn't know I could do it like that! It was almost as good as the real thing!" But I'm still right at the edge! I need to feel that stretching, that pulling, that pressure that only comes when Merlin spreads Rapunzel wide open!"

"If we don't go back to the apartment right now, I'm going to fuck you right here!"

Jenn giggled and sat up. "If you do, I won't stop you!" She quickly tied her suit back together, but she skipped the top. She threw on her robe and jumped to her feet. We quickly picked up all of our stuff. We were both in a hurry, but she saw where I was looking and she glanced down, than laughed out loud. She had left a puddle under her pussy. "Hurry!" she said, and we almost ran to the apartment.

I slammed the door shut and we stripped off our suits. I picked Jenn up and held her against the door as I slipped my swollen shaft into her. I turned, holding her impaled on me, and walked as rapidly as I could to the bedroom. She was already having an orgasm when I fell on top of her on the bed and began to fuck her. We screamed together as I immediately ejaculated into her again and again.

When my half-erect penis came out of Jenn, I moved up her body and we kissed with almost unbelievably sensitive tenderness. We took turns scooping the commingled juices of our carnal passion from between her legs and licking it from our fingers. We didn't need words to express what we felt for each other.

After several minutes Jenn moved around so that she could sit on my face, and then she lay atop me. I continued to lick and suck the milk of our passion from her pussy, and she kissed and sucked on my sticky genitals. With our passions quenched, we slowly fell asleep.

It was dark when I awoke. Jenn's sticky pussy was against my nose, and I could feel that my flaccid penis was between her lips. The aroma of our lovemaking was starting to go stale, but it was still erotic. I inhaled deeply several times to cement the moment into my memories.

My movements woke Jenn, and we climbed off the bed and shared a long, loving shower together before we fixed a late dinner. That night we made love with the lights on and the drapes wide open. Jenn was so turned on by being on public view that she was almost insatiable!


Except when the renters' association had pool parties, the lights around the pool were turned off every evening at 8:30. By 9:30 the only illumination came from dim lights from nearby apartments. The surrounding buildings created sufficient moon- shade so that nearly all of the pool was in complete darkness. It was universally understood that the largely unenforced dress code was meaningless between 10:00 and the first light of dawn, and during those hours skinny-dipping was the norm.

On weekends Jenn and I often joined about a dozen other couples who swam nude during those hours, and who then made love in and around the pool. There was a lot of free-and-easy swapping around, but we remained monogamous. However we did participate in a variety of the erotic pre-coital activities.

One of our favorite nighttime games at the pool was the Group-Grope, which usually involved seven or eight couples, occasionally as many as a dozen. The men formed a circle in chest-deep water around the women, and the women moved from man to man, sharing passionate kisses and intimately touching with each man in the total darkness. Kissing and fondling naked strangers is incredibly exciting, particularly when darkness assures complete anonymity.

The obvious idea was to make the person you were kissing so excited that he or she began to fuck you. The women moved to new men every few minutes, so the naked body one held was constantly changing. Once two people started fucking, they left the circle for the evening. The final two people remaining in the circle were expected to fuck last.

After the final two people finished, the original couples rejoined, and everyone rinsed off in the pool. Most couples, including Jenn and me, then made love in the dark on the pool deck. Listening to the sounds of other people mating really turned us on, and we usually made love again when we returned to the apartment.

Because of the darkness, Nobody realized that Jenn and I only made love to each other during these games. This didn't prevent our becoming incredibly aroused by the intimate foreplay we experienced with different people. Avoiding intercourse was often a difficult task! We found that our passions were enhanced by the sounds of so many strangers fucking, many for the first time with each other. Touching and being touched by several unseen strangers certainly didn't turn us off, either!

One night when Jenn and I got back to her apartment, she was giggling. "Near the end of the game, one of the guys kept trying to force his penis into me. I gave him a fast handjob, and when I stuck my finger in his behind and tickled his prostate, he squirted a gallon of cum into the pool! I'll bet the next woman was disappointed with his limp dick!"

I never told Jenn that many of the women had wrapped themselves around me and dropped down until I entered them, but it happened at least one each time we played the game. I managed to decouple myself from each one within a few strokes, and nobody ever said anything. After all, who wants to admit that somebody turned them down in the middle of a group sex game, particularly after they'd already started to fuck the other person?

I also never told Jenn that I often managed to finger several women to orgasms during our turns. As responsive as she was, I wouldn't have been surprised if she had received the same satisfaction from some of the men. Particularly as the game progressed and all of the men had been "sampled" by the women, they became so aroused that I knew I could have fucked nearly any of them had I so chosen.


Summer school ended in the middle of August, and there were two weeks before fall classes started. I wanted to visit my parents and work out some of the wedding details with them. They were expecting Jenn and me to visit them at Christmas, and we agreed that I would visit my folks alone on this trip. "They've never met me, Don. I'd rather they got used to the idea of their little boy getting married before I drop in on them! Besides, do you think I'd let you sleep alone? Even in your parents' home? Could they handle that?"

Jenn was right. I kissed her goodbye and drove away on Sunday for a week with my folks. We decided I'd call when I arrived, and again on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I'd be back on Sunday, and Jenn promised the most romantic, sexy homecoming any guy ever received. "Don't beat off while you're away from me, Don! I have plans for your cum! And I want all you can give me!" I got hard just trying to imagine what she had planned.

My call to Jenn when I arrived at my folks' home was a little strange. I'd been delayed by traffic, and I didn't call her until after 2:00 in the morning. She sounded tired, and even when she said she missed me, her tone was odd. She said she'd had a difficult time adjusting to her apartment without me there. "Hurry back, lover! I really miss you!" she said just before we ended the call.

I made Tuesday's call at about 10:00 in the evening, and Jenn sounded much better. "I love you and I miss you so much! I hope your parents appreciate how much I'm suffering!"

Thursday's call. "I'll see you in two-and-a-half days!" "I hope you've been saving your cum like I told you! I'll give you a homecoming so exciting you'll never leave home again! I love you!"

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