tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Bastard's Thankgiving

A Bastard's Thankgiving


All characters are over 18 years of age. Inspired by the recent holiday. The names have been changed...


It was the Monday after the holiday. Stuart was back at work. His boss asked,

"How was your Thanksgiving?"

His question was just a throwaway line substituted for the usual "Hey, how're you?" The expected response was, "Good and you?" A wry smile broke out on Stuart's face as he recalled the eventful week-end. He answered truthfully,

"I was a real bastard."


"Goodnight all. I'm off to bed," Stuart announced. It was 10 pm. The football game he was watching was a blow out and no longer held his interest.

"You sure you don't want to join us in the hot tub?" his good-natured brother-in-law Charlie asked before taking another healthy slug of red wine.

"No thanks," Stu declined. "The tryptophan is kicking in. I'm sleepy."

Stewart yawned and rubbed his stomach. It was still full from the mid-day turkey feast. As he headed up the stairs, his niece was coming down. She walked gingerly. Stuart asked,

"Sadie, are you feeling ok?"

"My tummy hurts a little. The warm water in the hot tub will do me good. You should join us. It's great fun being in 100 degree water when the outside temperature is only 30."

"Thanks, but I hear my bed calling," Stuart responded.

"Night," Sadie said with a smile. Her long blonde hair tickled Stuart's neck when she leaned in and gave him a quick goodnight kiss on the cheek.

"What a sweet girl," Stuart told himself.

Earlier that evening before his wife had gone out to take advantage of the special Thanksgiving night sales she had asked,

"Stuart, can you give me a break tonight?"


"Your snoring has ruined my sleep the last couple of nights. Please sleep in the office tonight so I can get some rest."

Stuart had responded, "Yes dear."

That was the reason Stuart was walking down the hall leading to the office. Along the way he passed a pile of stuff in the hall. Sadie's grandparents were spending the night and they were ensconced in her bedroom because it had its own bathroom. Sadie had been relegated to the spare bedroom. She had taken a few essentials out of her room. The pile contained clothes, a college knapsack and toiletries. On top of all the items was a box of Tampons.

Stuart chuckled to himself, "Did I say a sweet girl. I stand corrected. She is a grown woman. Let's see Sadie must be... 21 years old. Good God! Since I am 30 years her senior that means that I must be an old man."

Stu glanced into the bedroom. He saw the pretty pink outfit Sadie had worn that day neatly folded and placed on the bed. On the floor he spied her underwear casually laying on top of her boots where they had been discarded when she had changed into her swimsuit.

Stuart paused, captivated by the zebra patterned underwear he saw. They looked so small and so much more fun than the utilitarian white granny panties his wife of 32 years wore.

"You dirty old man," Stuart castigated himself. But still he stepped into the room and picked up Sadie's panties. He continued his conversation, "How about that, a thong. I have heard about these things, but I've never seen one in person."

He examined it judiciously. He touched the small stripe of material that had until a few minutes ago had been in between his niece's firm ass cheeks. That realization caused his loins to stir. Upon further examination, he noticed a reddish brown stain on the panties cotton liner.

"Ah yes, that explains the box of Tampons," Stuart mused.

Then like a wine connoisseur, he sniffed Sadie's soiled panties. Her musky perfume filled his nose and made his penis lurch. However, his joy was short lived. Stuart heard footsteps on the stairs. He attempted to toss the panties back down on the boots; however, a finger got caught on the elastic waist band and the panties were catapulted across the room. Stuart didn't have time to retrieve the panties. To prevent himself from being discovered in a place where he had no business to be, Stuart had to quickly retreat into the hall.

Sadie appeared and explained," I forgot my music."

Stuart mumbled, "I...I am sleeping in the office tonight." His hand and penis pointed down the hall to the room mentioned.

Sadie reached into the stash on the floor and pulled out her iPad. "Shit," she said after her hand bumped the Tampons causing them to stream out of the box and onto the floor.

"God, this is so embarrassing," She said. She knelt on the floor to pick them up.

Automatic Stuart's eyes attempted to look down her top. "Behave, you rotten bastard," he told himself. Stu bent down to help. Sadie exclaimed as if in pain,

"Please... Let me put them away." Her face was crimson red.

"Ah. Yes...Ok," Stuart said. He stood. He gave her head an understanding pat. "Sadie, there is no need to be embarrassed. You have grown up to be a beautiful woman. "

Sadie smiled feeling a little less embarrassed. She refilled the Tampons box and went back outside. Stuart entered the office. He stripped down to his underwear and got into the make-shift bed on the sofa. Instead of counting sheep, Stu recalled all his transgressions and impure thoughts involving his young niece until he fell asleep.


"Uncle Stu....Uncle Stu."

Stuart awoke to find Sadie kneeling beside him and shaking him gently.


"Sorry to wake you. " Cool water dripped off her long blonde hair and landed on his face. He sat up slowly and wiped the liquid away.

"Can you help me with Dad? He's...well, he's too drunk to walk. Mom's told him a hundred times that the heat of the spa doubles the impact of alcohol and he needs to be careful, but..."

"I see....okay. Let's get him to bed," Stuart said still groggy with sleep.

Stu pulled the blanket aside and stood. His dick flopped out of the opening in the front of his boxers. In his sleepy state, that event did not immediately register with Stu. As his mind whirled towards full consciousness, this fact came to his attention and he quickly stuffed his flaccid three inch cock back in his shorts. However, not before he had wagged the shriveled appendage in front of Sadie. She giggled and said, "I'll wait for you to dress in the hall."


Sadie and Stu waded into the hot tub. He said, "Come on Charlie, up we go."

It took both of them to help the big man walk to in the house and to his first floor bedroom.

"Sadie, I got him. You turn down the bed." Stuart said. He struggled a little, but managed to prop Charlie up. The water running off Charlie's wet bathing suit puddled on the floor.

Sadie pulled the bedcovers aside. "Wait, wait a minute," she cried out. "Mom will be mad if the bed gets all wet." She went into the bathroom and returned with a towel. She dried off her dad's head, chest and arms as Charlie lurched about.

"Sadie, I cannot hold him much longer," Stuart warned. Charlie was 4 inches taller and 70 pounds heavier than Stuart.

"Ok...ok." Sadie knelt and rubbed the towel on his bathing suits. Charlie tilted precariously and almost fell on her.

"Sadie!" Stu cried out in alarm as he strained to hold the 260 pound man upright.

Under her breath Sadie said, "Well, the third time is supposed to be the charm."

She grabbed her Dad's trunks and pulled them down. His prick flopped out hitting her nose. It continued to bat her about the face as she helped her father step out of the wet garment. Charlie started to laugh. Then he pulled her head into his crotch. He shoved his dangling manhood against her lips. In heavily slurred words he said, "Suck...suck it Evelyn. You know you want to."

"Eew! I'm your daughter, not your wife!" Sadie exclaimed.

She brushed his hardening dick aside and quickly ran the towel across his groin and then down his legs. He bent down, put his arms around Sadie and pulled her up. She struggled to free herself from his grasp. Sadie's frantic movements caused the three of them to topple onto the bed. Stu was pinned under Charlie's bulk. Sadie found herself on top of the pile in her father's amorous embrace.

"Evie, oh my darling Evie," Charlie murmured as he kissed the cheek and neck of the woman in his arms. His wandering hands unsnapped her bikini top. Sadie attempted to free herself by sliding out of his grasp. She almost made it. Charlie stopped her by grabbing her long blonde hair.

Charlie sat up on the edge of the bed. This movement allowed Stuart to get free. Stuart rolled off the bed. Charlie did not notice Stuart. His mind was fully occupied by thoughts of sex. He laughed loudly as he intertwined his fingers securely in Sadie's hair. Charlie shoved his now fully hard cock against Sadie's lips and said,

"Oh Evie, we are going to have some fun. Suck me a bit and then I am going fuck you doggy style, rough like you like it."

Sadie took her Dad's free hand and brought it to her non-existent breasts and said,

"Charles, listen to me. It's Evelyn, your fiancée. You've had a lot to drink tonight, but even so you can tell I am a young girl. "

"Evie, we're married and have children."

"Charles, is this the teat that suckled a child?" Sadie rubbed his hand across her flat chest then continued. "I am still your virgin bride- to- be. Our wedding day is two months off."

Charles was drunk. Now he was confused too. He could have sworn he and his beloved Evelyn had been married for years. His alcohol infused mind tried to make sense of all the data. He knew for certain that he was drunk. His memory was that Evelyn had had a very modest bosom when they married, but over time and after the birth of their children, she developed a decent set of tits...much bigger than what he was groping now.

Sadie was relieved. It seems her words had some effect on her dad. She hoped to avoid intercourse. From past experience, Sadie knew that she would not escape this situation scot free. Sadie continued her story.

"Soon Charles you will take my maidenhead." Sadie grasped his penis and continued, "I see you are enflamed with passion. I will give you relief, but my father would cut these off (Sadie lifted up Charlie's hairy balls and squeeze them to emphasize her point) if I can't wear white at my wedding."

Sadie then took her father's prick into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around the head licking the bulbous crown and the sensitive spot on the underside of his dick. Charles groaned with pleasure and said,

"Oh my beautiful girl, perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me. I definitely am drunk and these little boobs are not those of a mother. So our marriage is not far off?"

Sadie took a break from cock sucking and said, "Soon Charles. Soon." Then she continued her sexual efforts. She sucked, stoked and licked his cock. Dumbfounded, Stuart watched this charade play out. His dick was fully energized by what he saw.

Sadie worked her father's penis conscientiously until he blew his load. She swallowed what she could and the rest dribbled down her chin. The sated big man slurred, "Evelyn, you're the best." He rolled on his side and released his hold on Sadie's hair. Charles began to snore. Stu and Sadie crept out of the room.

Immediately after leaving the bedroom, Sadie declared, "I need a drink." She gargled with vodka and spat it out in the sink. Stuart stared at her bewildered by the scene he had just witnessed. Sadie was still topless and Stu's eye's absorbed every detail of her tiny tits. Her boob s were just a slight, almost imperceptible rise of flesh on her chest. While her breasts were small, she did have large pink nipples. The nips were erect, long and thick.

"Well?" Sadie demanded. "Got a good enough look? Can I have a glass of wine now?"

Stuart was embarrassed at having been caught staring. He stammered, "Ah...ah...sure. Red or white?"

"The Chardonnay."

Stu poured them both a large portion of wine and they sat facing each other on opposite sides of the sofa. Sadie picked up a pillow and hugged it to her chest hiding her nakedness. She then took a long sip and let out a long sighed. Both were quiet for many minutes.

Finally Stuart broke the silence by asking "Are you ok?"

"Oh, let me see. Sure. Only three different men have stuck their penises in my face today. "

"Three?" Stuart chirped.

Sadie explained, "Yes. You flashed me. You know about Dad and then there was my boyfriend Jimmy. He came over this afternoon. He was hoping for a booty call on his way from Thanksgiving with his mother to Thanksgiving with his divorced father."

Stuart nodded remembering the young man had stopped by. Sadie continued. "Jimmy got mad because I wouldn't let him screw me. I told him I was on my period. He sulked until I gave him a blow job."

Sadie was quiet for a minute and then announced, "I have to pee."

Before she marched out of the room, she took another long draw on her drink. Sadie was drinking more than usual because she was dealing with the day's traumatic event. Stuart found himself drinking less because he was so shocked by what he had witnessed.

When Sadie returned she was wearing a fluffy white robe and bunny slippers. She brought her glass over to Stu for a re-fill. After plunking down on the sofa she said,

"Maybe things are looking up for me. My period is over." She downed a large portion of her drink and ruminated more on her life.

A bit later out of the blue Sadie blurted out, "My father's not a monster and I am not a slut."

Stuart didn't know how to response to her outburst so he remained silent.

After taking another sip Sadie explained, "My dad is not a horrible guy. Sometimes when he drinks he gets confused and thinks I'm Mom. We have the same color hair, same height. People are always telling me I look like her when she was my age. The first time it happened with my dad, I didn't understand what was going on. I kept saying "Hey! It's your daughter Sadie, but..."

Her voice went silent. Tears filled her eyes. Sadie paused remembering the horrible incident. Then she continued the tale,

"I found myself bent over the sofa, my panties around my ankles. He shoved his tongue in ... me. He licked my sex until fluid was running down my thighs. All the while I protested. My objections seemed to amused him. Then he stood behind me. Suddenly, he was inside me. With one hard, fast stab, he burst through my hymen. I shrieked in pain. He laughed and said, "That's my girl. You like my big dick, don't you? Oh Evie, you have one fine tight pussy." Slowly, in a determined manner he drove all the way into me. I thought he was going to split me in two! Then the slow stuff was over. By then I was in a daze. I still remember the sound and the feel of his balls slapping my ass as he fucked the shit out of me. "

Again Sadie's voice trailed off to nothingness. She sobbed a bit, wiped her nose with a tissue. After a moment, she put on a brave face and said,

"That happened the day after my 18 birthday. Not exactly how I thought I would lose my virginity. Since then I have learned it is useless to try to reason with him when he's drunk. If I am lucky, I can limit him to a blow job by telling him the story I did today."

Stuart nodded sympathetically and muttered, "Mmm, sad. I'm sorry." Then he found himself picturing her bare-assed draped over the sofa. He said "Mmmm..." again. This time for a different reason.

"Hey!" Sadie shouted angrily. "I don't need your pity. I'm tough. Women have to be. You know, it isn't easy being a woman. You have to be pretty, to be nice. Then there's the upkeep: All the shaving and every month your vag bleeds...for days!" Sadie took another draw on her drink.

"And...and then you have to deal with men. Now there you've got to pick your battles. Sometimes you smile, sometimes you slap the hell out of them and sometimes you just ignore their bad behavior."

Sadie gave Stuart a hard look before continuing, "Do you know how often women are hit on? All the time! If men aren't copping a feel, they are trying to look up your skirt or down your blouse. "

Stuart was startled by her outburst. He said defensively, "Not every man..."

Sadie interrupted him, "Are you going to try and tell me you weren't fooling around with my underwear earlier today? Someone moved them."

"Ah...emmm," Stuart stammered guiltily. His face was now bright red.

Sadie said in an accusing manner. "You couldn't keep your hands off my panties. Even though they were stained with my menstrual blood. I bet you sniffed my panties." Sadie looked at him for confirmation. She saw the guilt ridden look in his eyes and exclaimed,

"Gross! So don't act like what I did was disgusting. You're the one that is disgusting."

"Umm...You're right, " Stuart confessed. "I found your thong on the floor and I did...pick it up. I'm sorry."

Sadie began defending her actions. "I am just trying to keep my family together. My mother and father love each other. They make love all the time. It would kill my mom if she knew. And this did not happen because my Dad is some pervert. It happened because he loves his wife so much....He just gets confused sometimes when he is really, really drunk." Tears fell from Sadie's eyes.

Sadie felt she had made her point and she was satisfied with Stuart's confession. They drank in silence. Sadie slouched down into the sofa. She closed her eyes. She was tired, so tired and she was feeling the effect of all the alcohol she had consumed.

A while later Stuart announced, "I'm going to bed."

"Mmm...Drop me off in the spare bedroom will ya? It's on your way," a sleepy Sadie requested.

"Ok," Stuart replied.

Sadie reached her arms out. Stu helped her stand. He put an arm round her narrow waist and together they made it up the stairs. He walked her to the guest bedroom. Stu reached down to pull the covers aside and he lost his grip on Sadie. Sadie flopped down on the bed. She landed on her back. The white robe she was wearing flung open exposing her prize.

The hairless split lips of her sex instantly drew Stuart's attention. Stu had seen shaved pussies on the internet, but never in real life. Also it had been a long, long time since he had seen the cunt of someone other than his wife. He was mesmerized. Stuart stood and stared in awe at her bald snatch.

Sadie snorted. Stuart was suddenly nervous. "Oh God! Caught in the act," he thought. Stuart braced for an outburst. He waited. Stu held his breath and studied Sadie. Her eyes stayed closed, her breathing was steady. He determined that this drunken girl was sound asleep, definitely unconscious. Stuart wiped the perspiration from his brow.

Stuart reached up with the intention of adjusting the robe to cover his exposed niece. However, as if it had a mind of its own, his extended hand untied the robe's sash opening up more of Sadie's naked body for his scrutiny. Tentatively he caressed her tiny breasts. Emboldened by the lack of objections, Stu tweaked the outrageous nipples coaxing them to full extension. He began to play with the rubbery structures enjoying the feel of them in his hands.

Stu was hard. He repositioned the erection in his pants for comfort's sake. Then he turned his full attention to the thick white lips of Sadie's vagina. He caressed the silky smooth hair-free skin and traced the outline of her labia. His thumb rubbed her clitty. Stuart jerked his hand away with Sadie squirmed. He prepared to flee, but when Sadie remained quiet Stuart returned to his work.

Stuart brought his mouth to Sadie's boobs. Her breasts were small soft mounds dominated by large erect nipples. He licked and sucked the jutting edifices eliciting approving groans from his niece. His hand caressed her flat stomach and touched her bald pussy. Stuart's fingers explored her fully. He dipped a finger into her warm wet hole. Then he smeared that juice all over her sex. He brought the natural lubricant to her hard nub and his slick finger more easily circled her clit.

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