A Bastard's Thankgiving


Stu said, "That sounds spot on."

Sadie cried and said, "He refuses to give up drinking. I can't ask him to stop taking his medicine and I can't tell Mom. She adores him. If she knew, it would destroy her. I do the best I can and avoid him when he drinks heavily. I think the problem tonight was the hot tub. I think the heat enhanced the effect of the alcohol and triggered this episode."

She stopped crying and drank some wine. She'd never told anyone about this. It felt good to unburden herself. She continued,

"The first time it happened was the worst. It was so unexpected, so out of character for my dad. I couldn't believe it was happening. He didn't hurt me physically. I was a grown woman and he made sure I was ready, you know, lubricated.

"You know what was worse than the physical act?"

Stu shook his head.

"It was the next day and seeing my dad acting as if nothing had happened. He treated me just as before. I probed. He answered my questions about the previous night truthfully and unhesitatingly. Then there came a point where he laughed and said, "Sorry pumpkin, I don't remember any more.' He looked at me so open and innocent, I believed him.

"Later that day, I had a talk with my mother. Not about the incident, God no! My father had come inside me. I was fearful I'd get pregnant. I lied to her and told her I had let my passion overwhelm my judgment and that I'd had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. We were both on edge for a week until my period came. Mom took me to the doctor and got me on the pill so we would have to worry like that again."

Sadie fell silent. She drank and slouched down into the sofa. She closed her eyes. She was tired, so tired.

Stu sensed that she was done, that she had said everything she needed to say. He announced, "I'm going to bed."

"Take me to my room for the night, will ya? It's on your way," a sleepy Sadie requested.

"Okay," Stuart replied.

Sadie reached her arms out. Stu helped her stand. He put an arm around her narrow waist and together they walked up the stairs. He took her to the storage room. She stood unsteadily as Stu reached down and pulled the covers aside on the cot. She was too drunk to stand and she fell.

"Sadie!" Stu cried out as he reached for her. One hand managed to grasp her robe. The poor girl hit the bed, bounced and then landed hard on the floor with a thud.

"Oh God! Sadie, are you okay?" Stu asked. He had failed to catch her or even slow her fall. All he managed to do was pull open her robe exposing her shaved vagina. Sadie lay on the floor on her back.

There was no response. Stu was scared and concerned. He asked her again, "Sadie, are you all right?"

He saw her chest rise and fall. He lifted her head and was relieved to see no blood. He went through a checklist.

"She's breathing. She's not bleeding. She didn't cry out in pain. Those are good sign. She seems okay, just unconscious. Maybe they're right when people say God looks after drunks. She landed pretty hard, but I don't see any damage."

He continued to monitor her and scan her body for injuries. The hairless split lips of her pussy kept garnering more and more of his attention. Stu had seen shaved pussies on the internet, but never in real life. Her bare sex fascinated him. It had been a long, long time since he had seen the cunt of someone other than his wife. He was mesmerized. Stuart stared at her bald snatch.

Sadie snorted. Stuart was suddenly nervous. "Oh God! She's caught me," he thought.

Stuart braced for an angry outburst. He waited. Stu held his breath. He watched her. Her eyes remained closed. Her breathing was steady. She snorted again.

"She's snoring. She's sound asleep. A drunken stupor," the relieved man said. He wiped the perspiration from his brow.

"Let's get you in bed." He scooped up the slender woman and placed her on the cot. He reached down with the intention of adjusting the robe to cover his exposed niece. However, as if it had a mind of its own, his extended hand opened the robe. More of Sadie's naked body was available for his scrutiny. However, he wasn't satisfied. Stu took the robe off her.

Tentatively, he caressed her tiny breasts. Emboldened by the lack of any objections, Stu gently tweaked the outrageous nipples and coaxed them to full extension. He began to play with the rubbery structures enjoying the feel of them in his hands.

Stu was now fully hard. He repositioned the erection in his pants for comfort's sake. Then he turned his full attention to Sadie's vagina. He caressed the silky smooth, hair-free skin and traced the outline of her labia. His thumb rubbed her clitty. Stuart jerked his hand away when she moved. He stood and prepared to flee, but when Sadie remained quiet, Stuart sat on the edge of the bed and continued his exploration of his niece.

Stuart brought his mouth to Sadie's boobs. Her breasts were small, soft mounds dominated by large erect nipples. He licked and sucked the jutting edifices, eliciting approving sounds from his niece. His hand caressed her flat stomach and touched her bald pussy.

Stuart's fingers explored her fully. He dipped a finger into her warm, wet hole. Then he smeared that juice all over her sex. He brought the natural lubricant to her hard nub and his slick finger more easily circled her clit. Stuart told himself, "Oh my God! I can't believe this. Sadie is so young. Her body is so firm, so beautiful. I wonder . . .".

Hungrily, his mouth sought out her sex. He devoured it. He licked her from asshole to clit and back again. Her bouquet was earthy and powerful. The taste was acidic and addictive. And best of all, her nectar was plentiful. After years of being with a dry, flavorless, post-menopausal woman, Stuart felt like he had returned to the promised land.

"Wow, what a wonderful, wet cunt. As tasty as I remember," Stuart said. He spoke out loud. He no longer was afraid his victim was going to wake.

He continued his unjust exploration. Sadie creamed copious amounts of the pungent, tangy fluid that Stuart craved and lapped up. It was awesome. His tongue invaded her every opening. Stuart's tongue fucked her cunt and her anus. He nibbled on her wrinkled inner lips and sucked her knobby clit.

Stuart's cock was rock hard and throbbing. He decided it needed some attention. He stood, removed Charlie's robe and tossed it across the room. Then, he positioned himself between her legs. He put her knees on his shoulders. Then, he placed the head of his dick against her fuckhole. She felt so wet and warm. He slid the head of his cock into her oh so tight pussy.

"Oh my!" Stuart sighed. He enjoyed her narrow passage. He entered her at a safe pace, mindful of her youthful, tight pussy. As he penetrated her, he savored the heat. It was wonderful.

Stuart drove steadily into her until he could go no further. He spoke to his unconscious sex partner,

"It's okay Sadie. I've had a vasectomy."

Stuart placed one hand on her chest. He ignored her tiny breasts and toyed with her elastic nipples. He tugged and pinched her pink nips, not caring how roughly he treated them. Sadie's pussy had now expanded to accommodate his prick. Stuart rocked in and out of her with greater speed and force. Soon he was banging into her with gusto.

Did his playmate respond? Who knows? Stuart certainly didn't know or care. He pounded her delicious pussy until he exploded inside her and fired off jet after jet of cum.

Happy, sweaty and out of breath, Stuart collapsed on top of his niece. They slept on the small foldout cot.


The shoppers returned around 1:45 in the morning. The sound of the garage door moving woke Stuart.

"Shit," Stuart said as he disengaged himself from a sleeping Sadie. "Shit, shit, shit. My ass is cooked."

He fled into the office.

The wives chatted a bit in the kitchen and then made their way to their bedrooms. Stuart's wife was happy to find the guest bedroom empty. She didn't look for her husband. She wanted to be alone and to have a good night's sleep. She changed and climbed into bed.

Stuart was lying on the sofa bed: eyes closed, mind racing, definitely not sleeping. He was sweating bullets. He was surprised and amazed by his bad behavior. He had never done anything like that before. His biggest surprise was that he wasn't sorry for what he had done. He was exhilarated by the experience and of course, praying to God that he wouldn't get caught.

He waited a half hour after his wife went to bed before he snuck downstairs and covered his tracks.


Sadie awoke when the early morning sunbeams struck her eyes. She was not feeling well. She sat up in bed, wrapped her arms around her knees and let her aching head fall to her knees.

Stuart's wife, Vera, was up and dressed. She was gathering people for breakfast. She did a quick knock and then stuck her head into the storage room. "Good morning Sadie," she said brightly. "I hope Uncle Stu's snoring didn't keep you up last night."

Vera saw Sadie in profile sitting up on the bed with her head bowed. The bed sheet had slid down, revealing the naked upper body of a slim, young woman. Vera was a nurse by training and a caring Aunt by inclination. She asked with concern,

"Dear, are you all right?"

"Ahh," Sadie groaned in response.

Vera sat on the edge of the bed and put a palm against the younger woman's forehead. Vera gave her a quick once over. Sadie appeared to be hungover. Her eyes were bloodshot. Her breath stunk. Vera couldn't help but see her long, thick pink nipples and her slender, undeveloped chest.

Sadie said weakly, "Ohhh, my head hurts. My belly hurts. "

"You don't seem to have a fever. Lay back." Vera guided Sadie as she reclined. She pulled the sheet aside, exposing Sadie's belly button. Then Vera placed a warm hand on Sadie's tummy.

"Does it hurt here? Or here?" Vera moved her hand about her patient's stomach pressing lightly.

"I feel nauseous and the pain is not my stomach. It's lower."

Vera slid her hand under the sheet pressing on Sadie's abdomen here and there thinking, "I'm guessing she's hungover. I hope it is not appendicitis".

Vera's concerns distracted her and Sadie's lack of pubic hair didn't alert Vera that her hand was getting near her pussy until her hand actually touched the college girl's shaved sex. They both jumped at the contact.

Vera apologized, "Sorry."

They both blushed. As Vera pulled her hand off Sadie's bare pussy, they both noticed some crusty debris. Vera said,

"Honey, there's something down there."

Vera pulled more of the sheet aside and exposed Sadie's shaved genitalia. They both gazed at the dried remains. Vera blushed as she viewed Sadie's bald cunt. Sadie blushed because she was embarrassed that each of them now knew that Sadie had been fucked last night.

"Honey, could it be that you were a little too enthusiastic last night when you and your boyfriend had sex or that you drank too much?"

Sadie snapped her legs together and quickly covered her body with the sheet. She said, "Aunt Vera, I am so embarrassed."

"There's no need to be embarrassed." Vera winked at her niece and said, "We've all had a little too much to drink, been ridden hard and put to bed wet." Vera chuckled.

Vera stood and stroked the young woman's long hair and said, "Clean yourself up and join us for breakfast. I think it's nothing more than a hangover. I'll have some orange juice and aspirin downstairs waiting for you."

Vera turned to leave, then paused and added teasing Sadie, "So as someone that has never been bare down there, is the sex better without fur? Less friction?"

Vera laughed at her own joke. Sadie pulled the sheet over her head. She was completely embarrassed and cried out in frustration, "Aahh."

After a few moments alone hiding in her bed, Sadie calmed down. She attempted to recall the events of last night. She remembered the hot tub, the blow job she gave her dad and the drinking, but she did not remember having intercourse.

Sadie climbed out of bed planning to go have a shower. She looked around and found her robe. She put it on. She was surprised to see other things: her dad's robe, slippers and his favorite wine glass, the one bearing the words "World's Best Dad".

Sadie sat down hard on the bed. "My dad was here. Oh my God! I had sex with my father!" She buried her head in her hands and cried.

Stuart was heading down to breakfast and heard Sadie sobbing. He hesitated. Then he knocked on the door gently. "Sadie? Are you all right?"

Stuart was a nervous wreck. "Did Sadie remember the rape?" he worried. He opened the door. He had an awful feeling in his gut. He was guilty. The bigger question was, was he caught?

Sadie looked up at him with tears in her big blue eyes.

"I'm okay, Uncle Stu. I'm allowing myself a pity party." Sadie's lips trembled as she continued, "Dad must have followed me up here last night. His robe and wine glass are here and there's dried cum . . . I mean, there are signs that I had sex last night. I don't remember anything, but I was drinking heavily last night. "

Stuart had to be sure. He sat beside her on the bed and said, "You don't remember anything?"

"No. Nothing. Thank goodness I'm on the pill." She added, "Your wife thinks I had sex with my boyfriend last night. I'm going with that story."

Sadie buried her head on Stuart's shoulder seeking solace. He wrapped his arms around the distressed young woman and comforted her.

"I agree with you, Sadie. No one needs to know what happened here last night," Stuart said with a secret smile. His penis lurched in his pants.

In his brain, he said, "It was smart to bring some of Charlie's things up here. It looks like my scheme worked. I'd hoped that she wouldn't remember that I fucked her, but if she remembered something or found signs of our time together, Charlie, not me, would be blamed. It looks like my plan worked".

"What a bastard I am."

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