tagBDSMA Bath at Jay's

A Bath at Jay's


I hear the tumbling of water as I walk down the hallway. I can hear by the density of it falling that the tub is almost full.

My feet ache, my back is tense and my neck so sore. My eyes are nearly closed as I move with weary feet towards the door. I can feel the steam on my face and smell the faint fragrance of Roses caressing the air. My mind grows lax and I shut my eyes and inhale deeply, drawing the scent into my body then releasing it on a sigh.

My senses awaken again as I feel your hand stroke the side of my face. My head tilts slightly into your palm - you linger there briefly before drawing me near in an embrace so delightfully tight, i sigh in pleasure at being there.

Hands that never seem to be rested travel up my back with controlled pressure. You run them down my shoulder blades, on either side of my spine to the small of my back, causing me to arch my breasts into you. You continue on as if you hadn’t noticed, over my waist, my hips, holding me there and squeezing once before moving to the zipper at the back of my skirt.

In lazy motions you slide the zipper down as you hook your thumbs beneath the waistband, taking the skirt and my underwear with it, you push them to the floor.

Crouched down in front of me you let your skilful hands wander back up my legs and stomach, you follow your hands as you rise up before me again. Under my shirt, your aching touch travels to cup my breasts, while indulgently you flick a nipple, I really try not to moan.

Rounding my ribs to my back and down, your hands firmly push into my now naked ass. You squeeze those curvaceous mounds almost angrily, negligently releasing them to flutter your fingers calmly again over my stomach, undoing each tiny pearl button from the base of my shirt up.

Your work hardened hands push into my breasts as my head falls back, curving my spine away from you. I feel once again the barely controlled need behind your touch. I want to wrap my leg around your waist and draw you in, but I don’t.

Eyes shut and lost in enjoying your hands cool touch holding me, it’s a shock when you release them with one last firm squeeze. Denied of your touch, my eyes and mind are bought back instantly to the present.

My head giddy and swirling, my orientation slightly off balance, you un-clasp my bra, running your hands over my shoulders, almost in a perceived kind of boredom, you remove the last of my clothing. They hit the floor unnoticed as your hands hold my arms firmly in place. I’m locked still, before you lazily draw your large hands downward over the length of my arms, taking my hand to guide me gracefully into the water.

I sit gingerly at first into the heat and steam of the bath, then wrap my arms around my upraised knees. Chill bumps surface along my flesh when I make contact with the water sending shivers over my scalp and causing my hair to feel as though its standing on end.

You squeeze hot water from a sponge rhythmically over my back, hypnotizing me with its silent warmth and tranquil pattern. My chin rests on my knees as my hands drop to my sides. I move my head around in slight circles as the tension begins to ease. Your hand on my shoulder forces me back to submerge fully into the water.

Keeping my eyes shut, I feel your stare as it roams my body. I ignore the lust emanating from you as you watch me, with water so still and you so silent.

I can feel you moving around now, the steam in the room stirring, as you move on silent feet. The click of a switch distracts me until the soothing strains of music gently caresses my ears and brings a smile to my face

The water ripples as you reach down disturbing its still state, you raise my knee to the side. With eyes still shut I raise a brow in silent enquiry, you answer by reaching across and moving my other knee.

I lay in the draining heat, resting back, eyes shut, drifting in the peace I’m feeling, with legs wide open to the waters soothing embrace and your eyes, an unblinking stare fixed upon me.

I’m nearly asleep when the first cold rush hits my now warm skin, the sound of water pumping through jets, drones on in my head.

I shiver at first, until the jubilant bubbles dance over me and hot water rushes through, warming once again.

Lost in my own calm and languid absorption, a tingling sensation surprises me reaching my very core, awakening my desire.

The warm tingles begin to quicken my pulse and I start to get restless. My hand glides over my stomach trailing the backs of my nails over my skin to my breasts, my neck, my throat, where splayed tense fingers touch, feel and explore. Around my jaw and down my throat, my hand moves and my head starts to roll from side to side.

The pulse at the base of my throat picks up an erratic beat as tense fingers move to the tops of my breasts. My pulse is racing faster as my other hand comes up to help push my breasts up and together.

They move, these hands of mine, with a single mindedness of their own to the undersides of my breasts pushing them up with forceful palms to roughen nipples that are now hard. My fingers play and pluck and pucker them more. I can’t resist a pinch and twist as my head falls back on the edge of the tub, a small moan of pleasure escapes from my throat as I leave my pleasured breasts.

With my uncontrolled hands moving and trailing each other to the insides of my thighs, my nails rake the soft flesh there and proceed to twine themselves in the closely trimmed matt of hair that covers my aching flesh.

With lips pulled back, and a steady flow of water hitting me, my mind spins out of control once again, my finger slides over my clit and a gasp of surprise is wrenched from my mouth as I feel, unbelievably, the thick silky dew clinging to me.

In my pleased state I begin to twirl, flick, twist, push and squeeze that little bud. Fingers dip in and out of me, hard, fast and deep.

My legs tense up as I feel my face reddening and warm alarmingly, I know my climax draws near. My temperature rises with the speed at which my fingers move. Water splashes around me, my legs close, locking my hands in place, then release again as I acknowledge the enhanced pleasure it creates.

I cum in a blinding flash that has my back arched and hands firmly locked between thighs that now shake. My eyes remain closed as my muscles begin to relax and calm as the now stilling water does.

My hands, not game to move away from the twitching shock of what my clit and cunt has gone through, remain trapped between my legs as they fall to one side.

So lost in my satisfaction I forgot about you, until a firm grip is attached to my chin, jerking my head around sharply. I look up into harsh lust crazed black eyes, eyes that promise a thousand promises of retribution and your alarmingly gruff whispered “Get Out Now” has me jumping from the tub quivering again in need.

You grab my hair and propel me from the room dripping wet. I try to gain my footing as I slip and slide down the hallway with you pushing me roughly in the back, past your room, past the kitchen and into the dining room. A harsh push from you on my shoulder forces me to my knees.

I know I’ve fucked up and I’m ready to pay the price. You yell at me to stay put and I quiver deeply inside. You leave the room and I can hear you stomping around, realizing how stupid I’ve been. I know your mad, so very mad at me and as my body shivers I know the time has come to give you more of myself.

You come back into the room and my head is lowered, showing you that I’m yours for whatever you need. I think I’m prepared to give whatever it takes to remove that cold hard look in your eye, but I need you to give me that look of pride that shines from you when I make you proud.

I’m scared but the underlining need in me to please you is a heady turn on. I keep this knowledge to myself; it’s your right and tonight its time for me to give to you.

You wrap your hand in my hair and pull my head firmly towards you and whisper in my ear. “You like to cum do you my love?”

“Yes.” I unthinkingly reply.

“Yes what?”, you bellow in my ear like a wounded bear, as my head is yanked back and a squeal is dragged from my throat. I close my eyes and think to myself, God why does this man make me forget who he is.

“Yes Sir”, I reply while forcing myself to open my eyes to look directly into yours, eyes that are normally so beautiful, are so cold and mocking in your rage for me, that I feel your displeasure swirling around me.

Almost desperately I’m filled with the need to please you. And it’s that need that makes me lower my eyes and forget about any challenge I would normally of protested.

You start to pull me up from my bowed position, slowly, so very slowly, the muscles in my legs strain from the slow climb and my neck aches from the grip you have on me. When I’m standing in front of you, I bow my head as you’ve taught me to, my still wet body shivering as I stand there waiting for your next instruction.

“Spread your legs” I do so and quickly.

“Is that cunt of yours still wet?”, you ask with sarcasm dripping from every word.

“Yes sir.” You reach down and feel the slickness between my thighs - whipping a coiled towel off your shoulder you thrust it between my legs. One end is behind my back and the other at my stomach. You lean over my shoulder and twine the end of the towel around your large hand, the friction this creates against my wet pussy is more arousing then punishing.

I begin to humour you and your brand of punishment. You must have detected that I’m feeling this way as a sigh of pleasure barely audible but still heard, escapes my mouth. You pull the coil up roughly and the abrasive towel spreads my lower lips, I gasp loudly as a slight sting to my cunt is created with your movement. “Mm feel good my girl”

“Yes sir.” I reply as I lean into your hard chest.

“Is this for my pleasure or yours?”, you ask flatly.

“Yours sir.”

“That’s right girl, mine not yours.”, you state as you draw the towel up higher on my stomach, scratching it over my clit roughly sending shooting spasms of pleasured pain through me.

I start to writhe against it, subtly, hoping you don’t notice as you pull it back and forth in between my lips and butt again and again.

Not being able to help myself even as I feel my moisture being dried and wiped away from me, I moan out loud and you pull back on my hair forcing my head backwards and stretching my neck taut. You push me forward the few remaining steps to the table and hold me down by the neck.

As my breasts press into the cold surface, my chin rests just beyond the table’s edge. I feel a resounding slap followed by a sharp pain on my behind. In automated protest I reach my hand around to protect and rub my aching cheek, only to have you grab a hold of my arm, twisting it up and behind my back, pinning me down to the hard surface like a butterfly to a board.

I try and squirm out of your grasp as another slap rings in my ears and on my ass. I scream out as another is placed directly over the first and as tears start to run unchecked from my eyes you slap me again.

I’m weeping now in genuine pain as my ass smarts with each slap, but still, I hold back the oaths of names that I’d like to call you as they run through my mind.

You release my arm and tell me not to move just in the nick of time, because my runaway tongue was about to lash you. I can’t move anyway but agree with a snuffling, “Yes sir.”

When you enter the room next I’m not game to move a muscle, you run your hands leisurely over my ass cheeks and thighs, and my legs quiver and strain as I await the next slap. It doesn’t come and instead I feel your finger run the length of my crack all the way down to my clit where you circle it once and feel the moisture I’m not able to hide.

Your firm hands cruise down the backs of my thighs and I feel you crouching behind me, my breath is locked in suspended animation as I feel you tap the inside of one ankle. I move my leg as you silently request and I feel you tie it to the table leg, with twin actions you do the same to the other.

Once again your warm strong hands travel the length of me and over my ass, commenting on how my white globes have turned pink, as a single finger traces lovingly your hand print there.

You continue up running your hands over my back, my shoulders and down my arms into the palms of each hand, swirling a finger around in there, sending goose bumps down my spine, calming me, petting me. You lean in and gently tell me to put my hands behind my back, I hesitated for one second too long and another slap to my rear has my arms moving quick enough.

You bind them there tightly and walk around me. Your dark blue robe is tied loosely at your waist as you stand in front of me, your erection prominent in it stance. You pull back your robe with the belt still tied and grab my hair once again, this time the tension is not nearly so great as you enjoy seeing me tied down and bending to a will greater then my own.

You rub your cock over my lips, moisturizing them with your seed as it lubricates you. You start to taunt me with it and my temperature builds once again. You ask what I want, with your cock and I tell you, “Sir I want your cock in my mouth.”

You pull my head up higher and ram it straight into my throat. I gag at first, at your unexpected full thrust. Thankfully you hold still until I can breath again and you ask me on your withdrawal if I want to be fucked in the mouth. “Yes sir, please sir, fuck my mouth.”, again you push in all the way but this time I’m ready for you.

You fuck my mouth using it brutally as you pound into me while I hold my jaw locked so I don’t unintentionally scrape you with my teeth. I can’t catch a breath even as I breathe through my nose; your thrusts are so great.

I can feel your seed rising from your balls and taste its almost arrival. You pull out of my mouth and clamp your hand around your balls and the base of your cock, walking around behind me and rub your cock up and down over my slick cunt and lips, I’m so wet, you can feel it and smell it all around me.

You stick the head into me and leave it there. I try to wriggle back onto you and you slap my ass again making me stop. You grunt as my ass reddens more and I feel your cock thrust in between my ass cheeks, your hot cum lands on my butt, my back and the tips of my tied fingers.

I feel the warmth of your cum briefly before you dip your fingers into it and play around, swirling and rubbing it into me. Your slick fingers trail over the base of my spine and follow the hollow path to my ass hole. I feel the spent jism there a second before you plunge your finger into my hole, making my chest come off the table as I adjust to you being there.

You reach up with your other hand and push my cheek back down on the table, holding me still with one hand on my head as you fuck my ass with your finger. Lubricated as I am in my own juice you run you thumb over my clit as I feel another finger inserted into my ass. Then pulling your fingers out, you shove them into my aching pussy, my uncontrolled reaction of course, is to drench you in my heat.

You plunge with three fingers straight in and up as high as you can go, in and out as I start to drip and grip at your hand. “Do you want to cum my little slut?” You ask me ravenously.

“Yes sir please let me cum”

“NO” is your immediate reply, “you will not”.

My teeth clench down hard, gnashing them together to try and control my own body as your fingers plunge deeply yet again in my moist cunt just once before you pull out and fuck my ass with your fingers again.

You swap ass, cunt, ass, cunt again and again over and over. Giving one long hard thrust to each and back out again.

I can feel all my muscles clenching with my approaching release and just as I’m about to let go you stop all movement and slap me again. I scream from the pleasure the pain. From the loss, the denial and the frustration of being driven so close to the edge. You laugh and stick your rock hard cock into my cunt and grind it into me. I can feel your cock pushing at my womb, I feel your fingers in my ass.

I can’t move as every muscle in my body shakes in reaction to my forced denial. Straining, sweat breaks out all over me as you pull out of my cunt. Then I feel you press at my anus with the head of your dick and I start to beg you over and over and over, “Sir, please.” You push a fraction further, “Yes please sir.” Further still, “I beg you please sir.” You start to pull out of me, “No sir; please don’t I beg of you.”

“What do you want slut?”, you demand to know.

With out hesitation I say, “Please sir, do it now. Fuck my ass sir, please.” You push back into me and pause yet again, I scream out in demand and frustration and immense arousal. You slap me hard on the ass and plunge in, making me scream over and over, “Sir... sir...”

With my hands still tied behind my back and my legs attached to the table, I’m open and cant move. My breasts ache from being pushed and rubbed against the table with each of your pounding thrusts into my ass. My cunt drips with need and I’m about to explode when you ask. “Does my little fuck want to cum?”

“Yes sir please yes I do.”

“Do you want to cum for me little slut?”

“God yes sir, yes I do.”

“NO”, you bellow again at me as you continue to fuck me. My mind is numb and my body electric, I’m weeping in pain from the need to gain release, I dare not ask you again.

Reaching down between my legs you can feel me dripping, and I’m sure that if you looked you’d see a small puddle on the floor.

You touch my clit and I can’t hold back my scream and when you pull your cock out of my ass I grieve its loss until you bury it deeply into my cunt. You slide back and forth a few times before you pull out again and in one easy motion stick it up my back hole much the same as you did your fingers. You fuck my cunt then my ass with your cock over and over again, I can feel blackness descending and closing in around me, my screams are silent and my will is yours as you fuck into me.

“Will you cum on your own again girl?” You ask me.

“No sir” is my whispered reply.

“Who owns this ripe cunt girl?” You ask as you push your cock into it.

“You do sir. You do”

You push your cock into my butt and fuck it a few times before pausing half way

“I’m going to cum in your ass my little slut.”

“Yes sir, please.”

“Yes sir I don’t think so, you should know what to call me by now”

I take a deep breath as I say the words I never thought I would say. “Yes Master cum in my ass”

You build up the pressure in me as you fuck me over and over harder and deeper and wilder - I know that I’m going to cum and I don’t have the strength to fight it this time. Just as I know my will and my body struggle with each other and give one last fight you demand of me. “Cum slut, cum.”

“Master!” I scream into the night over and over again.

As my screams die off and you slump against me, I feel you untie my arms and they fall to my sides limply as your cock does the same from my ass. Minutes or hours I know not which I feel you carrying me to your room where you tuck me under your arm safely for the night while you gently stroke my hair, I can feel your smile as I drift into a deep, deep sleep.

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