tagLoving WivesA Bazaar Experience

A Bazaar Experience

byEnglish Bob©

Daniel and Alice Frost had been happily married for five years. Both in their mid thirties, they worked for the same company as auditors. They had led sheltered lives, and all their friends and colleagues thought that they were a friendly couple, but a little naive. It came as much of a surprise then, when the couple booked a holiday experience to North Africa. Danny felt that two weeks under the African, sun combined with the colour, hustle and bustle of the Tunisian markets would be an experience that would live with them for a long time.

Once at their holiday destination, the couple were first content to just laze around in the sun, drink cocktails and sample the exotic foods of a new country. During the first week they rarely left their resort, preferring to sample the benefits of the expensive hotel and enjoy the entertainment that was provided. It was not until the second week that Alice found she needed a further distraction.

"I'd like to go shopping in the Bazaar, Danny." she said whilst lazing around the glittering hotel pool. "Don't you think it's about time we got out of the resort for a day?"

Danny sighed but reluctantly agreed. He knew that it was inevitable that his wife would want to shop at some stage in their vacation. They decided that the following day would be a good time to go, but Danny insisted on taking along a local guide with them. He had heard stories of tourists getting lost in the "Souks", the local word for the country's bazaar markets.

The following morning, Abdul, their guide, was waiting for them in the hotel reception. Alice had decided to wear a colourful wrap-around dress that was light enough for her to be able to stand the high temperature of the market. Her dark suntan accentuated by her long blonde hair. Danny wore a simple tee-shirt with light, summer trousers. Both were now looking forward to their expedition. Abdul drove them in his battered old car through the narrow, crowded streets. It was his responsibility to look after the tourists and to haggle on their behalf with the local traders. However, in reality, he had already planned which shops and stalls to take them to and knew that he would receive a handsome commission from the traders on top of his standard fee for the guided tour. As the car continued to rattle through the cobbled and mud streets, Alice was becoming more and more excited. The heady aromas of exotic foods and spices filled the car through the open windows as they drove. She watched the locals dressed in colourful Kaftans as they went about their daily business and heard the chanting from the many Mosques. She marvelled at the differences between here and her home town.

"What you like to buy first, please?" shouted Abdul in broken English, trying to make himself heard over the rattle of the decrepit engine.

"Um, I need some shoes and a bag really," replied Alice.

"And we want to buy some wood carvings, too." yelled Danny.

"Okay. It is no problem. We go to good shop for you to buy!"

Abdul finally pulled his car over into a side street and the couple, with some relief, clambered out.

"We go here," said Abdul, pointing down a long, crowded thoroughfare. "Is good shops here!"

Alice and Danny held hands tightly as they were led through a labyrinth of alley ways and covered stalls. They realised, with a certain trepidation, that after several minutes, they would now be totally unable to find their way out. Every direction they looked they could see only more of the same covered stalls. Eventually, Abdul led them to the front of a shop. Danny thought it looked more like a tarpaulin thrown over a couple of wooden poles than a shop, but Alice was obviously impressed by the array of shoes and other leather goods that the trader had to offer, so they stopped to look.

"Can you ask him how much these are?" Alice asked Abdul, indicating an elegant pair of leather shoes she had chosen.

Abdul sprang into immediate action. He and the trader began to exchange words that became seemingly more heated as the haggling continued. Both men used graphic body language and arm movements in an attempt to get their point across. Alice noticed that the trader kept looking at her, almost inspecting her. A little uneasy, she just put it down to the fact that he probably didn't get to see too many blondes. The argument between the two men seemed to be intensifying and no closer to a conclusion. Danny noticed that a small crowd of men, all in Kaftan dress, were now congregating around them. All of a sudden the argument seemed to finish and Abdul turned to Alice.

"He say he want no money for shoes," he said. "Rather, he will let you take in return for kiss!"

Alice was shocked. She looked at Abdul for help, but he just smiled. "Sometimes this is how we do business here," he continued. "It would be best not to make offence."

Alice looked around her. The group of men had closed in and, understanding what the conversation had been about, were obviously interested to see if she would allow the trader a kiss. Her eyes searched the dark faces but could find no sign of her husband. Oh well, she thought, I guess its only a kiss! She nodded towards the trader who immediately took her in his strong arms and placed his lips over hers. Alice felt his tongue snake out and enter her mouth. He tasted of spices and herbs. Not unpleasant at all, she thought as, unwittingly, she returned the kiss. Just as Alice was beginning to enjoy the attention, without warning, the trader picked her up in his arms and, followed by the crowd of men, carried her to the back of the shop.

Danny had lost sight of his wife several minutes before, and now found himself surrounded by several large men. His fear was rising in his throat as he was marched between them towards the rear of the shop. As they approached another circle of dark faces, he could see the top of Alice's blonde hair in the centre of the group. He was ushered to the front and placed sitting in a wooden chair flanked on both sides by two large men who held him firmly in place. He knew there was little that he could do to help his pretty wife and, being slightly less naive than she, feared the worst.

The kiss now broken, Alice wondered what was to happen next. Strangely, she felt very little fear. She could see Danny sitting in the chair, seemingly watching her, and guessed that everything would be okay. The kiss had been very nice and, naughtily, she recalled how she could feel the traders hard erection beneath his Kaftan as he held her close. She knew it was wrong, but it had felt very large and she secretly wondered what it would look like in the flesh. Alice didn't have to wonder for long. Standing before her and with a smile playing over his lips, the trader slowly began to raise his Kaftan upwards. Alice was transfixed as she watched the garment creep slowly up his dark legs, further and further until the hem was above his knees. He stopped for a moment with the hem just below his groin, and then with a flourish pulled it up to his waist. Alice heard a loud cheer from the group as, without the restriction of underwear, she was looking straight at the largest cock she had ever seen. As she gasped her surprise, the crowd and the trader laughed. The trader held the garment up with one hand whilst pushing firmly on Alice's shoulder with the other and encouraging her to her knees in front of him. Alice knelt willingly. Any fear that she previously felt was now replaced by curiosity. She wanted to see this huge cock close up. She wanted to kiss it, to taste it's favour.

Danny had long since stopped struggling against the hands that kept him secured. He also no longer feared this situation. It was obvious to him that his wife was a willing participant in this game, and, he had to admit, the traders endowment was indeed very impressive. If Alice was okay with this, then he was as well. In fact he was getting a little excited himself watching her and wondered how far she would go.

Alice looked straight at the huge appendage hanging, semi erect in front of her face. She licked her lips and looked up into the traders eyes. He smiled back at her as if giving his consent and moved his hips a little closer to her face. Slowly and gingerly she extended her tongue and flicked the end of his circumcised cock. She heard a groan, not only from the trader, but from Danny and from the crowd that were still watching. As her tongue rolled around the smooth glans she could see and feel it swell. On an impulse, she took the whole head into her mouth and sucked hard. Again the traders cock grew and bulged her mouth with its shape. Her fingers gently massaged the massive hanging balls and she knew that he was now fully erect inside her mouth, his whole shaft twitching and jerking as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her orifice. Alice was feeling hot and horny herself now, and it came as no disappointment when she felt two pairs of hands undoing her dress as she continued with the blow job. The hands were quick and skilful, and in a matter of seconds the dress lay open, exposing her braless white breasts. Fingers pinched her already hard nipples as she felt further hands wander down her body towards her bikini panties. In the position that she was situated, the hands could not easily remove her panties, but with some relief, Alice felt the side of them being pulled open and two long fingers inserted unceremoniously into her damp pussy. The experience of having her nipples squeezed and her pussy fingered by two different men while she sucked off a third, was more than Alice could cope with and, with a shudder, she orgasmed right there on her knees, her fluid running out of her pussy and soaking into her panties. The trader had been continuously thrusting his meat in and out of her mouth, his strokes becoming more frantic as he neared his own climax. Alice could sense his impending release and tightened her lips around his shaft, using her hands to pump his weapon into her mouth. With a loud, guttural groan, the trader climaxed. Alice tried to swallow as much of his seed as she could, but it just kept coming and coming in great streams of white semen. After the third convulsion of his cock, her mouth was full and, letting his cock slide from between her lips, every jet after that splashed across her face. When he had eventually finished his climax, Alice's face was streaked with cum. Her eyes were coated and her lips and nose were covered with the sticky remains.

Danny had watched the whole thing, transfixed. His own cock was now straining in his underwear and he wanted some release as soon as possible. As he watched the trader release his excitement over Alice's face, Danny had expected the next man to take his place and do likewise, using his wife's mouth and possibly the rest of her body for the enjoyment of the crowd. But, strangely, as soon as the trader had cum, the crowd seemed to dissipate and vanish. Within a few seconds the only evidence of what had just taken place was Alice still kneeling on the ground and wiping her face with a handkerchief. Danny even realised that the two goons that had held him in the chair had also disappeared.

As Danny moved towards his wife and helped her rearrange her clothes, Abdul suddenly reappeared, a smile flashing across his face. As he approached the couple he held out a large sack.

"This for you, lady." he said as he handed the sack to Alice.

Back in the car once more and heading for the hotel, Alice tipped the contents of the sack onto the back seat. She and Danny both gasped as six pairs of finest leather shoes, a leather jacket and several expensive wood carvings tumbled out.

The noise of the engine was deafening, and the couple could hardly hear Abdul as he shouted over his shoulder in his usual broken English.

"The trader say, Thank you for your custom, please come again!"

The End

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