tagRomanceA Bear & His Honey

A Bear & His Honey


** As always, thanks for inspiring me.. this story's for you, as are they all **

I walk into the lounge, scanning the room and the faces for you. As my eyes adjust to the dim lighting, the music and voices of the dense crowd fill my head. I make my way through the lounge towards the large back room. This has become our place, and I know you'll be there waiting for me...

I make my way to the small bar in this room and see you from behind, your golden hair cascading down your back. I weave through the crowd, hugging and saying hi to our friends as I walk towards you. Time seems to move in slow motion as person after person stops to greet and talk to me, stopping me from getting to the one person who I'm really there to see.

I finally make my way through the sea of people and slide up onto the barstool next to you. Without us acknowledging each other, I put my arm around you and slide my hand inside the back left pocket of your jeans. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a smile come across your face as you raise your margarita to your lips. I finally turn my head to you to lean in and softly kiss your cheek before whispering in your ear that it's time for a dance. Keith Urban's "Your Everything" has just come on, and you look at me and nod, with the all too familiar sparkle in your eye reaching my very soul.

As I lead you by the hand towards the dance floor, the crowd parts for us, knowing where we're headed. I take you to the middle of the floor and turn to you as you reach up to wrap your arms around my neck. As we begin to rock to the music, you look up into my eyes, and we look right into each other's hearts. As the chorus of the song begins, I place your head on my chest as I sing to you softly:

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails
And be the hand that lifts your veil
And be the moon that moves your tide
The sun coming up in your eyes...

You pull your head from my chest and look up at me. You smile at me again, but it's a very different smile then the one I saw moments ago at the bar. There's so much more meaning behind this one. As the song finishes, the music immediately moves into a more up tempo number - David Lee Murphy's "Loco", but we're still looking at each other, holding each other... lost in our own world. We're both completely unaware of our surroundings as we savor this moment together. Finally coming back down to Earth, you lead me back to the bar by the hand.

Just as we approach our barstools, the barmaid spins abruptly in front of you with a full tray of drinks in her hand. Her tray tips and the full order of drinks ends up all over the front of your blouse, the crashing of glasses as they crash onto the floor drawing attention from throughout the room. Thinking quickly, I grab you by the arm and head over towards the restroom, watching the guys we pass ogle my baby in her dripping white blouse. As we reach the entrance to the restrooms, I turn to you and take a moment to enjoy the view that every guy in the room had just been treated to. Your blouse and bra underneath have both completely soaked through, and the cold liquid has made your perky little nipples stand out so prominently on your soft bountiful breasts. I pull my faded blue football shirt up over my head and hand it to you, telling you to go change into something dry before we go home. You reach to me and rake your nails through the hair on my chest before standing up on your tiptoes and whispering in my ear "Thanks, Kenny". After a quick peck on the lips, you take the shirt from me and slip to the restroom. I head back to the bar to pay your tab while you're changing.

As I'm standing at the bar making small talk with our friends, I feel a familiar small hand brush the small of my bare back as a piece of cold damp material is draped over my shoulder. I look over and realize that you have just given me your white lacy bra as a trophy for helping you. After a few hoots and hollers from the crowd, you lead me to the group of friends you had come here with and inform them quite happily that you're going home with your Bear... they all nod. It was somehow a given that this would be the case anyway.

You lead me out the door and a shiver comes over me as the crisp air hits. You reach over and giggle as you touch my hard nipple. Raising an eyebrow at you, I grab your hand and bring you to my car, letting you in before walking around the car and slipping into the driver's seat. It's a somewhat quiet ride home conversation wise, as we both sing along with the radio. Your hand slides over the console and rests on my thigh, and you hear a soft moan of approval from me as I stomp on the gas, wanting to get home so that I can focus on you instead of the road.

Finally pulling into the driveway, I jump out of the car and let you out. You head for the door and fumble with your keys until you finally find the right one to let us in. Turning to see me close and lock the door behind me, you drop your keys on the foyer table and excuse yourself to finish getting out of your wet clothes. I head to living room and turn on your stereo, somehow knowing that there will be some good belly rubbing music waiting in the CD player. Retreating to your couch, I put my feet up, closing my eyes and losing myself in the music, just waiting for you to come back to me.

Suddenly, I sense you in the room. I open my eyes and take a real good look at you for the first time since we left the bar... you look so incredibly sexy in nothing but that big football shirt I gave to you. Just as I knew it would, the light blue of the shirt is making your eyes sparkle. The white 8 stitched on the front swells over your breast. The gold trim on the sleeves is so beautifully complimented by your tanned legs. My eyes can't help but gaze up and down you... amazed that I am with such a beautiful angel....

I lead you to your room and pull you to me. You can see in my eyes just how much I love you and how much I want to share the coming passion with you. I bend down to you and touch my lips to yours... briefly and softly at first, but kissing you over and over again, a little firmer each time, until we are locked in an amazing kiss that you can feel spread throughout your whole body. Your hands slide down to my jeans, pulling at the button until it comes undone and peeling them down my legs so that I can kick them off to the side. As we continue to kiss, I press towards you... forcing you to step backwards until you bump into the side of your bed and fall onto it, taking me with you... you giggle softly into my mouth as we tumble onto the bed, still partaking in our kiss....

I break the kiss and look at you, getting lost in your eyes. Softly I whisper to you... "Your bear is looking for some honey tonight" I trace your lips with my finger and get up from the bed, walking out of your room without saying a word. I turn my head to see the slightly puzzled look on your face, and I give you a quick wink as I slip out the door.

You hear me fumbling around and lie there still feeling the warmth of the kiss that we just shared, wanting me back there with you... as if on cue, I slip back into the room, holding a little plastic bear... it's a honey bear.. the type with the red nozzle at the top... I've put it in the microwave, letting the sweet syrup inside get nice and warm. I lie down on the bed next to you and hold the bear against your leg, letting you feel the gentle heat of it against your soft skin. I roll the bear up your leg, against your soft skin, and up under your shirt, guiding it to your mound and resting it on your hair, your soft sighs already stirring my cock.

I pull you up to a sitting position and pull your shirt up, exposing your stomach at first and then then your round and beautiful breast. You raise your arms up as I pull the shirt up and over your head... watching your hair flow back down over body as it tumbles out of the collar. My hand finds your right breast as I kiss you. You're kissing me back with a greater sense of urgency and hunger now and I know that you're starting to get wet... but this tease isn't over by a long shot. I pull my lips from yours, taking the honey bear and twisting the nozzle open. Never taking my eyes off you, I slowly poke my tongue out and squeeze a dollop of honey onto it, curling my tongue to hold it all. I slide my tongue back between my lips and lean towards you.. kissing you. My tongue slides into your mouth and you discover the all of the honey is still there. I feel your tongue lap against mine as you take the honey from me, moaning into my mouth as the honey entices your taste buds.

I pull myself away from our kiss and melt at the dreamy grin on your face. Winking at you, I move down to your neck, taking the bottle of honey and drizzling a line of sweetness from the center of your collarbone up to the side of your neck. Watching the sweetness begin to flow down you, I place my tongue flat on your skin and begin to lap up the line of honey I've just drawn on you, ending on the side of your neck. I place my lips on you and begin to suck... softly at first, but gradually sucking stronger and stronger almost to the point of giving you a hickey. I take my lips off of you and move to your ear. A shiver runs up your spine as you feel my warm breath invading the inner nooks and crannies of your ear, and your arms wrap around me and hold me to you as I whisper "so sweet, my baby" into your ear.

I place my hungry mouth back onto your neck and kiss, lick, and suck back down the path I had just followed, tasting the residue of honey that I left behind. Raising the bottle over your body, I squeeze and draw a line down you starting at the hollow just below your throat and moving down between your breasts... down your ribcage and onto your tummy, ending just above your navel. Staring into your eyes, I slide down your body, down the warm sweet line I've just placed on you. Giving you one final smile before I continue with my tease, I stick out my tongue and slowly lick my lips, feeling the stickiness of the honey on them. I lower my head back down to your body, dragging my tongue against you as I move back up you, sucking the honey into my mouth as I go. Your breasts are rising and falling as your breathing increases, and I swear I can feel your heart race as I begin to suck the honey from between your breasts.

I sit back up and hold the honey over your right breast, watching it drizzle from the nozzle as it drops down onto you. I move the bottle slowly in a small circle, layering a ring of honey around your nipple almost as high as the nipple itself. "Yummy" I mouth to you as I part my lips and taste your skin again. You close your eyes for a moment as your nipple is bathed in the warm sucking of my mouth, and the combination of the slight saltiness of your skin and the overbearing sweet tang of the honey is making my head swim. I suck on you in a slow pulsing rhythm, pausing from time to time to drag the tip of my tongue over the tip of your hard nipple.

Once I feel that I've sufficiently cleaned up the mess I've made on your right breast, I take the honey bear again and tip it upside down, pressing the tip of the nozzle on your left breast. I press the nozzle against your nipple, letting you feel the hard plastic almost scrape against your sensitive button. You gasp as you feel the warm honey begin to leak from the bottle and coat your nipple. I place the bottle at your side as I lean over you and attack your left nipple, placing my teeth on you and biting the delicate flesh. You reach down and hold my head to you as I continue to bite on you, rolling your nipple between my teeth as I draw the honey into my mouth. Every sigh and moan is making me harder, and this tease is beginning to get as difficult for me as it is for you.

Taking one last lick at your left nipple, I kneel next to you and take the honey bear back into my hand, holding it over your tummy and squeezing. You see the look of concentration on my face as I use the honey to write on you.. K... E... N... N...Y. I place the bottle back on the bed and look at my handiwork.... it's as if I just branded you - marked my territory. To finish my marking of you, I place my tongue back to your succulent skin and trace over the letters I just wrote down your body. You're alternating between giggles and moans as the tickling of what I'm doing to you mixes with the pure sensuality of the moment.

With your eyes closed, you mouth to me "I love you... and you're driving me crazy"

"I love you too" I answer. "And you ain't seen nothing yet."

I move down to your navel and drag the nozzle on your skin around your belly bo in a circle, letting the slow leak of the honey cover you. I love watching you squirm as I dip the nozzle into your navel, just holding it there for a moment. Finally, I answer your anticipation by squeezing, filling your tiny hole with a pool of honey. I remove the bottle from you and marvel at the golden liquid on your tanned skin.

I lunge for you again, opening my mouth wide and placing it over your navel, the ring of honey smearing against my lips. I slowly start bringing my lips together, at an almost agonizing pace, sucking in the honey as I go. I know what you're waiting for, but I'm not ready to give it to you quite yet. You feel the warmth filling your little dimple of a belly bo and can feel your juices begin to run out of you and onto your inner thighs knowing what I'm about to do to you. Finally, I slide my tongue into your navel, curling it back into my mouth over and over again as I lap the honey out of you. You let out a long hard moan as my tongue starts to fuck in and out of your belly bo, the warmth of the honey quickly being overshadowed by the heat of my tongue and mouth. You feel every jab of my tongue all the way down to your pussy as your nerve endings explode.

Finishing this course of my feast, I take a break from the honey for a moment. I start placing small yet firm kisses back up your body. I taste you with every kiss, loving the feel of your skin against my lips and the taste of you on my tongue. You are so wet and aroused that you can't stay still under me... I've turned your entire body into an erogenous zone and my slightest touches are setting off sparks all over you. My lips finally reach back up to your mouth and you lunge up to press your mouth on mine. As I feel your tongue invade my mouth to taste the sweetness that I have been enjoying, you jump as you feel something unfamiliar pressing against your pussy lips... it's the honey bear again. The small nozzle works its way in between your lips and gingerly slides up and down your slit until it finds your tight opening. Your eyes open so wide as you wait for my next move, and I break our kiss to lean down in your ear. "My baby's tight little pussy is gonna make our little honey bear cum for you" I whisper as I press the nozzle into your opening just a bit, and your back arches off of the bed, wild with desire. I lightly squeeze the bear, and a flood of thick warmth flows into you. You cry out in pleasure and grab my arm, holding the bear in you as it finishes filling you. Slowly, I slide the bear back out of you, still squeezing it as I bring it up and cover your throbbing little clit with honey.

Without saying a word, I slide back down your body. You close your eyes knowing what I'm about to do to you, and your moan fills the room as you suddenly feel my tongue lapping the sweetness off of your clit. Your arms flail out to your sides, grabbing handfuls of sheet as you ride the incredible waves of sensations, and just when you think you can't take anymore, you feel your clit surrounded by the hot wet warmth of my mouth. Grabbing a handful of my hair, you hold me to you as I slide my index finger into your tight wetness and scoop out a generous taste of the mixture of sweetness. Holding my finger up towards your face, I suck on your clit even harder as you reach for my finger and eagerly suck it into your mouth. The new sweet taste in your mouth combined with the warm suction on your clit sends you completely over the edge, and as I feel your entire body tense with a powerful orgasm, I quickly release your clit and plunge my tongue into the depths of your pussy. The delicious cocktail I have mixed in there coats my face as the contractions of your pussy push the syrup out of you, and the feeling of my tongue lapping against your pussy walls brings orgasm after orgasm upon you. Like a crashing surf, you can't tell where one wave ends and the next begins. I can't tell the difference anymore between your own sweetness and the sweetness I put into you, and I feel a dull ache in my jaw as it begins to fatigue from the tongue fucking I'm giving you, but I'm not ready to let you back down from your cloud yet.

Determined to finish your chain of pleasure with a bang, I plunge my tongue into you as far as I can get it to go. My nose rubs back and forth against your clit and you feel my lips plant themselves on your wet and swollen labia as I start to suck as much of the juices out of you as I can. You scream out my name as your entire body begins to spasm violently,and your pussy gushes for me, giving me the sweetest treat I've tasted tonight. I drink of you as much as I can, but I can feel the wetness flowing over my cheeks and down my chin onto the sheets beneath us.

Not able to take anymore, You grab me by a handful of hair and pull me away from your pussy. I move back up alongside you and lie next to you, loving the look of ecstasy mixed with exhaustion on your face. You are so out of breath that you find yourself incapable of speech, and I gently kiss your forehead as the final aftershocks of your cumming run through you.

Without saying a word to me, you push me over onto my back and grab the bear from my grasp in one fluid motion. Working your way up onto your knees, you stare at me with no expression on your face. Holding the bear in one hand, your gaze moves to my hardness as you squeeze a pool of honey into your free hand. As if mesmerized by my erection, you continue to stare at it, watching every twitch. I'm so hard that my cock is standing straight up in the air and you know it's waiting for you. You reach for me with your honey filled hand, and begin to smear the warm nectar up and down my shaft as you hear a loud gasp escape me. Your fingers surround me as you look back into my eyes, letting the copious amount of honey lubricate me as you stroke me up and down slowly. Watching my eyes roll back into my head slightly, you know that you're starting to pay me back for the teasing I just gave you.

You move yourself so that you're laying on your tummy between my legs now and begin to touch the tip of your tongue to the little V on the underside of my cock with each stroke. Taking my swollen head into your mouth, you moan as you taste the mixture of honey and my precum, knowing that the additional vibrations from your moaning are bringing me closer still to my release. You take your hand off of my shaft and cup my balls, squeezing slightly as you begin to take more of me into your mouth. You marvel at the fullness and tightness of my balls as you hold me, and I find myself using every muscle in my body to try and hold back from erupting.

Feeling my fingers comb through your hair, you begin to bob your mouth up and down on my cock, replacing the coating of honey that you put there with a generous coating of your saliva. My throbbing erection slowly goes from sticky to slick as your sucking and tongue caressing clean me so completely, and we both begin to wonder how much longer I can hold back. You begin to pick up the pace as you feel my cock begin to swell even more - you know that's a telltale sign that I'm close, and you're determined to get your payoff, but just as I feel myself approaching the point of no return, I pull you off of me.

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