tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Beautiful Flower

A Beautiful Flower


The moon cast an eerie shadow on the village. The village was well hidden from aggressors, such as it needed to be. They were a peaceful tribe without a arsenal of weapons. This Inca tribe had survived a multitude of astrocytes, yet none would be as vile and seething as the one to be soon put upon them.

The sound of hooves in the distance getting closer was almost deafening in its foreboding. Mother's cuddled their children unsure of what would happen. Then the yelling started. The hooves were among them now, rapidly surging and controlling the inhabitants. Brave men attempted to stand up to the aggressors, but fell and toppled over, defeated over and over again by warriors with swords on horses. There was too many of them and they had many different weapons. The yells of the men and women being raped were accompanied by the cries of anguish of the defeated men.

Under a multitude of furs in teepee far in the back of the village Sindra was shivering with fear. She put her hands over her ears and tried not to cry to attract attention. She was all alone and terrified. Despite her fear she mentally tracked the location of her family. Her brother had gone on a hunt. Her mother was doing laundry, and her father had been tanning hides with other men.

Sindra's long black hair was wet with perspiration. She needed to get from under the furs but was afraid to surface for fear of being discovered.

As the villagers lay in torment cradling their loved ones or attending to their injuries the warriors ransacked the teepees scouring them for gold and other worthwhile possessions.

This is how Seth happened to discover the best treasure of them all. Seth threw back the flap of the teepee. This teepee was well hidden so he thought it therefore should have the best treasures. Seth drew in a deep breath expanding his wide chest. He inhaled deeply and picked up her scent. It was rich, soft, sweet and subtle; similar to a beautiful flower. He walked around the small teepee and began moving some of the items that were stored on the sides of it when his foot touched an object. The object moved.

He drew his weapon and kicked the object again. "Owwww" was the female response. Sindra tried not to respond but couldn't stop herself.

"Hello, why don't you come out, I won't hurt you," Seth said in a coaxing voice, no longer concerned, more intrigued. He had never been afraid of a woman.

There was no response. He sat down beside the woman and ran his hands up and down the length of her physique feeling her perfect body underneath the last layer of furs. He was relieved that like her fellow villagers, she too didn't have any weapons. He was also aroused.

Seth found her sweet sexy bottom and cupped it with his hands. He gave her a swift slap. He heard a soft whimper. His cock started to grow hard. Seth was pleased with his find already and there was still so much more to discover.

"Tell me your name. I know you're there and I won't leave," Seth said.

He slowly removed the furs the covered her petite body. Her head was hung down, her dress was scanty and didn't hide her voluptuous features. Her breasts were a good size and her legs were nice and long and lean.

Seth grew harder at the sight of her nipples standing straight up pointing to the sky. Her tits were amazing. She was the most tantalizing morsel that Seth had encountered in years of conquests. Seth brushed her hair from her eyes to gaze into her beautiful eyes.

"What is your name?" he asked softly.

"Sindra." she replied quietly.

"Sindra, I'm going to fuck you now. Don't resist. I won't hurt you. I see that you're special, a treasure, a flower to be admired," he said while removing his clothes. He knew she didn't understand his words. He also knew his actions would speak for themselves.

Sindra's tanned skin flushed. She nodded obediently. Sindra didn't understand the words he was speaking but she did know she wanted to live. She could also see in his eyes what he wanted and knew she had to do what he commanded of her or face a certain death.

Seth removed her dress lifting it over her head. He whistled at the sheer perfection of her body. Her breasts were round, full and her stomach was long and lean. Her curvy hips resulted in nice outward protruding round cheeks that made his cock stand at attention. Seth positioned his strong body on top of her and kissed Sindra sweetly. His lips traveled to her perfect breasts.

Sindra couldn't help but be turned on by the way Seth kissed and adored her breasts so passionately. He enjoyed her sweet fragrance then slid his tongue down the crevice between her amazing tits.

His cock told him to fuck her now. Seth positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy and started to push into her tight little cavern. He met resistance and realized he was fucking a virgin. It made Seth harder. He couldn't remember the last time he had been so turned on.

Seth pushed his cock deep into her ripe pussy and fucked her hard and fast. His intensity was savage. She moaned underneath him turning him on even more. He orgasmic release was wild and strong. He yelled his release attracting the attention of fellow warriors.

Soon three of them entered the tent and saw him fucking his prize. He pulled out and sat beside her, quietly awaiting what was to come. His knew his fellow warriors were just as aggressive as he was and he wanted to keep his prize. But would he fight them for her? Sharing had never been a strong point for him. Seth clenched his fists.

"She's one hell of a fine piece of ass," Mandrek his half brother said, undoing his pants.

"I'm gonna pound this big piece of meat into her hot little ass," another man said.

"She's gonna suck my cock so good, then I'm gonna spew in her face," the third one added while leering at her.

They grabbed Sindra roughly. She looked at Seth pleadingly. He looked at her and made a choice to defend her. He knew he didn't want to stop fucking her and he couldn't risk the three men hurting her. Seth found himself attracted to her pure innocence.

"She's mine," Seth announced purposefully in a booming voice.

"Fuck that," the second warrior interjected. He made a move for her that was intercepted by Seth's strong fist.

"C'mon Seth don't be such an idiot and share the wench with us," Mandrek demanded with a sneer.

"Wait you two. No woman is worth fighting for. Come on. Let's go. There are plenty of bitches out there that will take our meat. Leave them be." said the third warrior.

Mandrek took a long last lingering look at the beautiful flower before him, then exited the tent grumbling, with the other two warriors following behind him.

Night fell on the village among the scattered ruins of destruction. Megan shivered in the arms of the one that claimed her beauty as the smell of lost souls filled the air. She was terrified. What would become of her when this man tired of her. Mandrek lay in his newly acquired teepee. He sought it out knowing the leader of the tribe's teepee would be richly fashioned to feed his own image of his greatness. As he lay there he thought of the most beautiful wench he had ever laid his eyes on. The fact that he couldn't have her fueled his desire. As his obsession grew so did his cock. He knew he was well endowed and could make any woman swoon to his strong pulsing desires. If given the chance.

Mandrek slid his hand up the length of his strong shaft growing harder by the moment as he thought of filling Sindra's sexy holes with his hardness. He stroked, then circled his cock around, then stroked again. His rhythm increased steadily as he mouthed the words, "Take my cock Sindra, take it hard."

It didn't take long before his wet white liquid spilled over the top of his crown head. It glistened in the moonlight. He looked around at a way to clean up, thinking of how tomorrow night he would push her pretty head down onto his cock and watch her slurp and clean him throughly.

As the morning sun rose so did the smell of rotting bodies. The men who raided and claimed this beautiful, peaceful village by the river as their temporary home knew they had jobs to do to make it livable.

The crops danced in the sunlight assuring a heathy supply of nutrients. It didn't take long before Seth and his half brother Mandrek were working side by side. The silence between the two of them was deafening. Mandrek broke the ice.

"Listen brother, I'm sorry, I have done you wrong. A finer wench has yet to found. I was overwhelmed by my animalistic desires. She just looked so fuckable," he said while gyrating. "I didn't intend to drive a wedge into our friendship."

Seth laughed at his brother's animated gyrations and joined his half brotherin a smile.

"It's okay my brother, I understand how desires can overtake us."

The rest of the afternoon was filled with disposing of waste and refurbishing supplies.

"That was a productive day. There was much gold to be had. Join us for a feast. My wench is cooking for us. Don't worry my brother if her heart is not true I will make sure she first tastes everything we eat and drink." Seth said.

Mandrek heartily agreed. His cock was pulsing in his pants. He wanted her so bad he could feel an ache and groaned. Decidedly he would have her no matter what.

The men parted ways. Mandrek went home to soothe his aching body. He felt his cock growing hard as he bathed. He imagined Sindra's beautiful mouth around his throbbing hardness and started stroking.

An hour later he opened the tent flap to receive the delightful aromas of fresh cooking. He smiled and greeted Seth and Sindra politely.

Sindra wore a leather loin cloth covering her ripe round tits. Her ass cheeks were in clear view as she bent over and lit the fire in the center of the teepee. It took all of Mandrek's restraint to not grab her sexy ass and pull it towards his growing hardness.

After a pleasurable meal and many fine spirits, all three were settled in and very relaxed. Seth was surprised Mandrek had been so cordial and kind to him all afternoon. It wasn't his style to be so kind. When he heard what came out of his mouth next Seth understood the intent.

"Thank you Sindra for such a delicious meal. I would love to share with you even more than a meal if your owner agrees."

Seth accessed the look in Mandrek's eyes and saw a look of pleading desire and submission. Seth knew if he allowed Mandrek this one desire that he would have Seth's back in the future and a favour owed was worth more than a wench in the sack.

Seth nodded his approval leaving the wench wondering why the two men in front of her were smiling.

Seth approached her from the front gently kissing her sweet sexy lips. Mandrek came up behind her. Together they disrobed her. She stood there silently taking their lips, mouths, caresses, on her shoulders, breasts, thighs. These two strong men did thrill her. Despite what they had done she couldn't help but respond to their strong physical domination. While one man licked between her cheeks the other dipped his tongue in her pussy.

Sindra felt the betrayal of her body as the sounds of her orgasmic release echoed wild and strong through the teepee. Her sounds reached the ears of her brother in the woods. Her brother Gavin, had returned from the hunt and was devastated to see the destruction before him. He had evaded the men and was left wandering in the woods unsure of where to go or what to do, until now.

Gavin had heard the familiar cries of disguised ecstasy that had come from her side of the tent in the middle of the night while growing up. With a dagger in each in sleeve he wandered in the direction of the sounds.

When approaching the tent Gavin was instantly elated that the tent flap had been left up. He shook his head. Idiots, he thought. The last person in the teepee's job to secure it. This would prove to be a costly mistake.

Gavin was not prepared to greet the vision that was before his eyes. He saw the miserable scene for an instant before he slipped undeneath the large mound of furs on the teepee floor and crawled his way towards his targets. Deeply into lusting and craving Sindra, the men didn't notice Gavin enter the teepee.

The threesome lay together amongst all the furs. As Mandrek spread the cheeks of her delicate fine ass, Seth parted the lips of her sweet pink pussy. Both men plunged in together at once, making Megan scream into the night. Before long they developed a rapid rhythm, a nice seesawing action. As Mandrek pushed his cock into her sexy round ass, Seth pulled out of hot wet pussy, back and forth, over and over again, every stroke increasing in intensity and force.

"Ahhhh," Seth called out foreshadowing his impending burst of hot wet jizz.

At that precise moment an angry Gavin appeared and loomed over the copulating threesome. He looked like a python called up by a snake charmer. The shadow he cast was even more menacing. Gavin held a jeweled dagger in each hand. These were the only weapons in the village and had been previously used only for the hunt.

As the men cried their orgasms into the night two daggers were plunged simultaneously into the hearts of the men that raped and plundered Gavin's village. Gavin's cries of victory overrode all other cries. Gavin and Sindra looked at each other in shock. They knew what they had to do and they knew they had to do it in lightening speed before people came.

Sindra covered herself. They both retrieved a few belongings. Then Sindra and Gavin disappeared into the night. They were headed for a well hidden village that their cousin lived in. They would find refuge there and start anew.

Beautiful flowers deserve to survive and thrive.

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