tagBDSMA Beautiful Morning and Night

A Beautiful Morning and Night


I woke up very horny this morning. Stretching I reach for my trusty vibrator. I began to masturbate and fantasize, oh how good it feels. I am on the grounds of an estate sitting beside a large lake. My lover walks up behind me and kisses me on the neck. He takes me by my hand and leads me over to a tree, tells me to lay down with my hands above my head and he blindfolds me. I follow the directions and he ties my wrists to the tree. I could hear him walking away then all was silent. All but the bird and a dog barking in the distance. After a bit, I felt something stroking my body. It feels as though he is using a feather. The gentle touch sends goose bumps through my body. I feel the arousal building inside me.

"MMMMM you liked that don't you my dear?" He whispered

"Yes, please don't stop."

He parted my legs and began to stroke my pussy with the feather. My moans begin to get louder. Then I feel him insert his fingers in side of me and stroking me, his tongue licking me avoiding my growing clit. He does not want me to climax to soon so he slows his movements. He so enjoys making me beg. My moans are getting louder, my hands trying to get free so I good touch myself. It was useless and I knew that. Thinking to myself "Oh God, I wish he would let me cum."

Then, I feel his tongue slide into me, he knows that drives me crazy. At the same time he is pinching my tender nipples. My groans are louder, my breathing faster and I begin to fidget, pushing down on his tongue.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, please, I can't wait, oh I got to cum babe. Please, I promise I will do anything you want tonight."

With that plea, he pulls his tongue out and whispers "with a promise like that how can I turn you down my sweet."

Once again he buries his head in my pussy and starts to nibble, tug and suck on my clit. Before long I was at full arousal cumming over and over. He loves to push me to the point where I have multiple orgasms. After what seemed to be hours, but in reality was only several minutes, I collapsed in exhaustion. I laid there in the fetal position waiting for my heart to slow. He lays down and pulls me into his arms, gently kissing and stoking me. Once I relaxed and snuggled against him for a bit, he whispered " We need to get back to the house, my dear, or we will be late for work." I groaned and he laughed. He picked me up and carried me up to our bedroom.

As Ii stood in the shower, letting the water hit my body. As I wash myself I begin to wonder what you had in store for me tonight. You have been so unpredictable lately.


I am sitting at my desk. I look at my watch, "damn, it is only 4:30." I have been thinking about what you had in mind for tonight. I got up and went into the ladies room. I was alone. I slipped into one of the stalls. I pulled out a mini vibe and started to rub my clit. "MMMMM, that's good" I thought. Someone just came in, I flushed and left the stall, washed my hands and went back to my desk. There was a message on my voicemail telling me that you would be home at about 8ish. That you left instructions for me at the house.

I get home and find this note on the entry table:


Do the following and I will be home at around 8 be ready for me.

- Go shower and put on the red silk and lace bra and panty set, I like.

- Put your dog collar on

- In the basket put the following items: 5 vibrators of various sizes, the paddles,

The blindfold that goes over your head (so, you can't peek), bottle of lube and

A butt plug.

- Go to the back veranda, place the basket in front of you, put the butt plug in your ass,

Put the blindfold on and stand with your hand at your side. NOW JUST WAIT!!!

I followed all the instructions and am in place by 7:50. All I have to do now is wait. I am standing

Perfectly still. I know there is a chance that you are hiding somewhere watching me. My legs are starting to ache and it is chilly. My mind keep wondering back to our encounter this morning. I know I am getting wet. I wish you would get here already.

All of a sudden I felt his hot breathe on my neck. His hand slowly stroking my arms, sending chills through me. You remove my bra slowly. I feel the cold of metal being attached to my nipples. His hand moving down my body. I keep my eyes down. I see him stand in front of me. "Get on your knees!!!" His pants fall to his ankles. "Open your mouth wide." As Instructed I open wide and he shoves his massive dick into my mouth. " Suck, take it deep." He grabs my head and shoves my head into him. After some time He gets hard. He pulls out and walks behind me. "Bend over and stick your ass up." As I do it, he pulls the plug out of my ass. I wince in pain. He places his hand on the small of my back and thrusts his dick in and out of my ass. He thrusted over and over again until he shots his load. My moans and groan are load and steady. My arousal is at about pike. I whimper begging him to allow me to cum. He picks me up and carries me over to the oversized chair. He sits me down, with my legs spread over the arms of the chair. He kneels down and then removes my blindfold. He buries his head in my pussy and starts licking me and sucking on my swollen clit. Within minutes my body is shaking as my arousal climaxes over and over again. When I finally collapse and he finishes eating me he picks me up and places me on to his lap. We snuggle for hours sipping wine and loving each other.

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