tagNon-Erotic PoetryA Beautiful Night in Baghdad, quest

A Beautiful Night in Baghdad, quest


Why is it there are certain people God calls to be his servants or speakers?  Why does he choose certain people or should I say the ones that seem like they are the most carefree and happy ones?  Why is it that I feel like I am at peace in a country where there is blood being shed?  How can one person feel at ease but another person is praying on the seconds that rounds are flying past his head?  How can people that follow different religions, but follow one true being feel it is okay to kill one another and think the true being told them to do it?  Do they feel guilt, or did the dictatorship confuse their train of thought?  How can countries be at war for centuries, and not want to stop the chaos and instead create peace, love, and happiness between each other?  Why does there have to be so much blood being shed before the people in charge realize they need a new tactic or a new approach to stabilizing country? How can one person be so in control of their life, but when they fall in love, they give up everything they stand for?  Why does love change a person so much were they feel they can change the world or concure any who dare to push them down?  How does love give us the strength to live each day? Why is loving someone so hard, but holding a grudge seems so easy?  Why is pride more important than making amends?  

   So many questions, yet everyone has different answers or different ways of looking at things.  Questions are something that inspires us to feed off of the answers we get from others, our own experience, or the unanswered ones.  Why am I who I am? Only I know and the one above.  Why certain experiences mold me one way, and to someone else it takes them down a different track?  Why am I am confused at times if I am going down the right road? Or should I take the path that diverges?  I like going down roads that are not certain or have pot holes, or bumps.  I say this because it makes me ask the questions, and search for the answers.  I like challenge, I like to work for what I believe in.  I take no as a challenge that I will turn into a yes.  I am the little choo choo train that says "I think I can".  I do not give up, if I do it is on my environment that gave up on me.  

   I like to feel the love of people caring, loving, believing, and coming together.  I like to hear peoples stories of reuniting with a long lost friend, or parent, accidents or close calls that make them turn to God, or even the simplest story of how they helped a stranger with a bag of groceries.  My fire is fueled by the stories of others.  Some people do not like opening up, they might be afraid that they are showing their true beauty, and people will not like it.  Me, I open up and share what I have inside and out.  If people judge me w/o getting to know my intellectual capability or personality, it is their loss.  I have so much love inside to share with people that want to open up and meet me in the middle.  If they do not meet me, that is there decision to not diverge off their path and maybe catch a glimpse of what life is like through my eyes.  
      What a beautiful night in Baghdad when questions and answers are rolling around in my head when people are shedding blood, tears, and a country is at war.  I can sit back and enjoy this night even when there is a lot of negative energy rolling around.  A beautiful night in Baghdad were questions and answers are rolling around and I can find peace on earth at this given moment, and give thanks to God.  A beautiful night indeed.

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