tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Beautiful Statue Ch. 01

A Beautiful Statue Ch. 01


Tiffany's very light short blond hair rubbed and softly thudded against the stall door in the men's room of the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. While very nicely decorated and spacious they're not built for two.

Tiffany's a very fit girl, loving hiking and swimming and a little addicted to the gym. She has, pale blue eyes and a shorter Germanic build with squared features and the golden solarium tan of a pampered princess. She's head strong and opinionated and usually pushes her way through situations and constantly tries to lead.

Getting into the hotel with her two girlfriends quite late that night she was tired from nonstop travel, but sitting for such a long bus ride on the shuddering old coach... her mind wandered. The vibrations of the roads and the engine through the bus seats... weary from travel, defenses beaten down, the low frequency rumble and the excitement at nearing the groups holiday destination frustrating to the point of almost maddeningly pleasurable.

She had tried to ignore the feeling building in her after such a long trip by studying the Malaysian Art and Culture guide book. The pictures of Goddess Kali devotees, half naked, pierced and hung from frames...

The attraction to attend this Hindu festival, once subconscious was now starting to push to the front of her and her friends minds.

Looking through the pictures of the rich blue Goddess Kali, topless and in various poses with what looked a lot like a variety of dildos and vibrators... Tiffany had turned the page many times... the carvings and statues on the temples... anonymous chiseled men naked and erect in only animal head masks... ...hour glass waisted women with perfectly round breasts... ...each scene seemed impossibly more explicit with each passing minute on the way to the hotel.

Tiffany told the others they should all get a good night's sleep and go to their rooms now for an early morning start off to the flea markets in the old quarter.

What she didn't say is that she planned to watch some porn and pleasure herself to sleep ...and couldn't wait much longer.

Her traveling companions; Cynthia and Rebecca also a little turned on from the teeth rattling diesel bus ride quickly agreed for similar unspoken reasons.

Tiffany rode Rhugrayt like a mechanical bull in the tiny stall. The two hisses and hummed trying hard not to make too much noise in the public restroom. She studied his Cherub like face and shiny nametag and wanted to call his name.

"Hmmm Rug rat..." Tiffany said softly.

Rhugrayt put his finger to her shiny pink lips with a "Shhhh, not aloud."

Up in her room Tiffany had attempted to get the pay per view working, but after five horny, painfully frustrating minutes. she called down to the desk for help. The afterhours picked up with slow automated voice recognition recording and Tiffany couldn't think which category porn-not-working-on-my-TV was decided to go down to the desk.

Rhugrayt, on the early morning cleaning crew was walking behind the check in desk on his way to punch on when Tiffany came down still holding her TV remote.

Rhugrayt's English was not the best and Tiffany had resorted to charades to try to explain the lack of pornography problem. Rhugrayt got the idea and pulled Tiffany into the ground floor men's room.

Before she could explain she want to "...see sex, not have sex..." the two were kissing and she decided, ...no actually she did want to have sex and not see sex after all.

Rebecca and Cynthia walked out into the hall at the same time and knocked on Tiffany's door after not being unable to figure out their TV remotes.

When she didn't answer decided to go to the pool for a night time dip.

They raced back into their rooms and a few minutes later and raced back out into the hallway in their bikini's and mini skirt wraps, towels over shoulders.

The first time in a foreign country and first time in an expensive hotel on their own, they were unaware of pool dress codes and etiquette.

Riding up to the pool level with two bus boys the University girls blushed a little. The view from the glass elevator was spectacular, the whole of the city lit up and sprawling off into the distance. Feeling a little exposed in front of the whole city... the rush of inappropriate exposure deepening as the glass elevator climbed this impossibly high building ...thrilling and a more than a little embarrassing for these two.

Tiffany lunged forward on Rhugrayt, sliding him along the top of the toilet seat back against the wall.

"Yes, ummmm, yes, ummm" Tiffany falling deeper into the moment and beginning to climax.

Rhugrayt looking nervous shook his head and waved his finger.

The frightened little man underneath her giving Tiffany a little rush of power and she continued.

"Oh! Hmmm! Yes! Yeeees!"

Tiffany climaxed before Rhugrayt could find the words in English to say he could get fired for this.

Rebecca and Cynthia slipped off their wraps and towels and stepped into the circular spa pool.

Somehow the bubble jets turned on and the water was the perfect temperature when they got in. The two giggled and stared at each other getting a little nervous and feeling a little awkward.

Cynthia, part Hispanic had light hazel eyes light brown very straight shiny hair. Her beautiful Latin body with olive skin and ample breasts and round rap video girl ass, a thing of envy for others but a constant reminder to her that she did not quite fit into the white rich girl world of art history at a major university.

Rebecca was from the country, her parents former share croppers now owners of their own patch cashing in on the bio fuel market. She had always been a tall girl, unsophisticated but in love with art and beauty and going to University a long held dream. Rebecca a little pale for a country girl with red brown long wavy hair and emerald green eyes.

The three University students... all clever and beautiful... but outsiders, minor victims of circumstance. Cynthia and Rebecca latching onto Tiffany who seemed to know what to do on the first day of Art classes. Tiffany, finding willing, like minded followers, was happy to accept them into her fold. Acceptance being what they all craved and the Trio became fast friends on that first day of University two years ago.

They had planned this, their first big trip together, for months with excitement and giddy anticipation.

Tiffany slid off her stead. Rhugrayt still very erect and near to finishing but frightened out of orgasm by the noisy young tourist art student.

Exiting the stall Tiffany noticed the five men in the restroom who quickly looked away and pretended not to be listening in. Tiffany washed her hands and slipped out. As the door closed behind her, a smattering of applause and then a cheer went up in the men's rooms for the mighty Rhugrayt.

Tiffany turned bright red and slunk back up to her room.

Rebecca slid off the low plastic seat and sunk down to her chin sitting on the floor of the spa pool. Cynthia did the same sinking to her eyeballs spluttering into laughter as she rose up to a squat to return Rebecca's devilish chin-at-water-level gaze.

Cynthia could see Rebecca looking pleased with something and looked down to see a jet of bubbles tickling her thighs. She slid her olive skinned leg over and redirected the bubble flow against Rebecca's crotch.

"No! Eee! Hehehehe!" Rebecca squealed but did not move away, her beautiful wet lips smiling wider.

Rebecca tried to do the same to Cynthia only pushed a little too far rubbing the front of Cynthia's bikini bottoms ever so softly with her big toe.

"H-oh! ...Lezzo!" Cynthia cried with a huge smile on her face.

"Slutty tease!" Rebecca retaliated with a brief snort laugh.

Neither one backing off. Rebecca made a sexy tongue action at Cynthia in jest.

Cynthia lifted the top of her bikini out of the bubbling water just a little and circled her nipple with her finger tip under the water.

The two girls fuzzy headed, a little over tired and over stimulated.

The joke side of this play edging toward the real more and more.

"Hmmm..." Rebecca said softly lifting her breast out of the water and making lick actions porn film style over her bikini top half joking.

Cynthia slipped her hand inside her own bikini top and screamed "Aye-a!"

Rebecca turned to see what she was looking at; Rhugrayt standing in the doorway with a mop and bucket frightened the two young women out of the pool in a splash and they ran off wet and dripping back to the elevator.

Calmly Rhugrayt picked up their wraps and towels and followed down the hall.

"Ladies." Rhugrayt said politely as he returned their belongings to them.

"Aye-a!" Cynthia replied again she had been looking at the floor in shame not noticed him approach and...

"Thank you" Rebecca said sheepishly but quickly. Rhugrayt pushed the down button for the cowering two and walked back to mop up the pool area.

Rhugrayt left a flier about dressing customs in Islamic counties after he let himself into Tiffany's room to return the TV remote she had left on his lap.

She was fast asleep and didn't notice him slip in and out. He smiled at her sleeping on top of the covers, sprawled on the bed as if she had fallen from a height.

On their first day in town they visited an early morning local bazaar in the cheap end of Kuala Lumpur the array of hand crafts and odd looking foods and spices was like a dream.

Venturing deeper into the maze like market they past by some cheap looking plaster statues, kitsch for the tourists mostly, but colourful and interesting none the less.

They had dressed as instructed, covering their skin with thin cloth wraps so as not to offend the Islamic majority, but heat and humidity had quickly taken their toll and the young women were sweating buckets, and had unconsciously opened up their coverings a little to expose their bikini topped torsos to the muggy air for some relief.

Despite their dress code efforts local men stared as if they had seen Elvis rise from the dead and the three women bounced between uncomfortably grossed out and wildly thrilled with the unyielding attention.

Each time they passed a larger group of men one or all of them would get a pinched ass. Shrieking and protesting at times... and if the men were cute ...laughing and hugging each other in delight. The three young women swimming in sensory overload.

The boisterous young women wonder ever deeper into the maze of market stalls looking over a thousand different idols and trinkets... overwhelmed by the choice, not really looking closely at anything. Periodically punctuated by ass pinching each other now as a running joke. One of the more established shops had an open workshop in the back making plaster effigies for the festival in next week.

Without a hint of irony the three snapped away dozens of pictures each with their smart phones and nattered ... "Ow!"ed and "Ar!"ed ... along with the occasional selfy and group shot... drinking in the unworldly variety of sights and smells unknown back home.

At the far back of the store sat three life sized sculptures of women in very suggestive poses... they were incredibly detailed and life like apart from the thin silver coating over the light brown clay like substance that could be seen through some chips and wear marks.

Each beautiful silver woman posed on a rock, nude and seemingly longing for their lover. All with the same look of pained exhilaration, all posed so life like you could expect them to get up any second and run off to hide their nakedness.

The Men already in the shop leered as the trio of light skinned women passed... but the men making the white plaster sculptures in the back worked silently and did not look up. The workers in the back making darting glances to check their work against the silvered females they were copying in plaster.

The three young women watched as the working men took great care in shaping the plaster forms of their goddesses. The practiced quick delicate swish of fingers along wet plaster thighs and breasts just about the sexiest thing these three women had ever seen.

None of the girls spoke Malaysian and quite a few charades hand actions were needed to find out the men they were talking to did not work in that stall, the owner would be back in a short time.

Waiting in the hot little stall shop the three became increasingly interested in the life sized silvered female figures and also became increasingly reluctant to continue wearing their head and shoulder coverings.

The growing group of men at the entrance to the stall were making quick nervous pointing actions... ...they mumbled comments to laughter of the others. The women knew they were being ogled but really didn't care as nothing the men said could be understood in the slightest. The humid air sapping energy and motivation to be indignant.

One in the group of men was young and quiet and looked a little shy, he did not speak and looked embarrassed to hear the comments, his sheepish gaze was turning the three on just a little. The three women all playing "who would I sleep with if I had to..?" in their minds... shooting looks of alternate interest and disgust as they looked around the crowded marketplace.

The old shop owner finally came in and spoke loudly to the gathering group of men and chased them out. In broken English he asked what the women wanted.

"We want this." Said Tiffany the self Appointed leader. "How much?"

The old man looked puzzled. "These mine."The old man replied.

"Yes. No, ummm $500?" Tiffany asked.

The old man continued to look puzzled.

"Capitalism seems to be lost on these people." Rebecca quipped in a more than a little racist way.

"We" Tiffany making big gestures with the palms of her hands almost touching the chests of the other two and then herself.

"Want" Making another less clear carry gesture and a money out of wallet action.

"These." Tiffany finishing the performance with a hugging action of the statues.

The old man looked at the women and at their bikini tops and said something derogatory under his breath.

"Can we buy, money , buy..." Cynthia started before the old man walked to the counter of the shop waving his hand dismissively.

He handed Tiffany two pieces of paper. "Bus." He said with the first one and "Boat." he said with the second.

There was what looked like just a single word written on each piece and Tiffany was now looking puzzled.

The old man ushered the three women out of his stall and repeated "Bus." Pointing to the exit to the Bazaar.

Every man in the Market stared at the three women as they walked along in Bikini tops.

Some women called to them and made "cover up" hand actions to them, but they were too hot and now a little too tired and confused to understand or care.

"So I guess we get the bus?" Tiffany said hoping to be overruled.

"OK, ummm there are buses over there." Cynthia pointed a little hot and confused.

The three women wandered around for a while before realising the likelihood of finding signs in English was too low to continue. They hailed a cab and made for the hotel for some mid morning refreshments. Asking the young taxi driver what the words meant he said.

"This one, 'offering' or... ...this one, ...I know this... is the boat to Pan ór from Lumut." And he chuckled. "You know it not real?"

The three women looked intrigued.

"What isn't real?" Asked Rebecca.

"Bimini. Magic fountain... forever child... not real. Just story for..." The taxi driver discovering the limits of his English.

"Pan ór is beauty, but no magic fountain." He said with a smile.

The three women were hooked, the thrill of the unknown and a magic fountain... this is what adventure is all about... ...they leaned forward pressing their boobs together filling the revision mirror in the noisy little taxi cab.

"How do we get to Pranger?" Rebecca asked.

"Pang ór" The driver corrected, getting an eyeful of college girl cleavage. "My friend, guide you, you want?"

Tiffany jumped in with "Yes, how much?" not really caring... justifying to herself the exchange rate being very good this week so it didn't count.

The driver pulled over and wrote a number on their paper with the symbol for Ringet on it.

Tiffany looked at it trying to look like she was considering the offer. It was either roughly $50 or $500 dollars in either case she had more than that in her wallet and was spellbound by the mystery.

Tiffany fanned the notes in her wallet and the driver almost crashed. He waved his the money out of his face and called his nephew on his well worn ten year old cell phone. He turned around and drove the women to the bus stop and took Tiffany's money.

Jumping out of the car the driver crossed the insanely busy road and started talking to a street vendor. He returned with four dragon fruit crushed ice treats and gave the three women one each.

"Wait now, just five minutes." The driver assured the women.

Fifteen minutes later in the hot cab the pink lipped and overheated young women were very glad to see a young teenage boy come racing up to them and open the door.

The driver spoke to him in a harsh tone and the three women followed the boy on to the bus.

On the bus Cynthia looked out the window and dreamed about living in Malaysia or on a farm or maybe on a bus... the heat prompting incoherent day dreams for all.

Tiffany had gotten uncomfortable in the front seat and had turned around to face her two friends. Their teen guide next to her quickly following suit. Spacey from the heat and noise of the bus the three did not share much of a conversation.

Tiffany quickly noticed two women sitting a row back in full body blue burqas.

The burquaed two bobbed and rocked along in sync with the bus ride, reminding Tiffany of two blue matching salt and pepper shakers.

For some reason Tiffany could not look away. Through the square mesh eye slots it seemed as if they were looking back too. Their eyes hard to make out but seemed to be smiling.

Tiffany continued to survey the scene. The two were sitting very close and had slipped their arms in each other's sleeves where they met in the middle.

It was hard to tell over the ride of the bus and the fluttering of cloth next to the open window but the two women were exploring each other's bodies under the blue cloth.

Tiffany's eyes widened and she leaned forward to press her boobs against the top of the bus seat spilling a little cleavage out for the two. The men in the seats beyond leaning in and mashing their heads together to see between the veiled women in front.

One of the burqa wearing women nodded in tiny movements to Tiffany and she got a little thrill. Tiffany pulled down on her bikini string and squeezed out a little more boob for the onlookers.

The motion of the bus jiggling and shuddering her white round flesh.

A flurry of movement under the blue cloth signaled the two women exploring more and more energetically. The heat and the excitement skinning Tiffany in a sheen of sparkly sweat.

The teenage boy next to her caught a glimpse of Tiffany's show and gasped.

Rebecca squeeked: "Tiffany!"

Rebecca half slapping half pushing Tiffany down off the boob resting ledge of the bus seat.

Tiffany red faced turned around in her seat and stared out the window thinking about the two blue mystery women.

At the next stop the two blue burqua women got off. As they walked past Tiffany a slender hand with intricate brown henna swirls of vines and flowers slipped out from the blue veil cloth.

Subtly and very seductively the veiled lady stroked Tiffany's shoulder and arm all the way to the tips of her fingers as the two Islamic women passed with a sexy giggle. Two hours later and the bus was just getting into Lumut. The boy had answered all questions with a big smile and a nod but hadn't actually said anything to them the whole way.

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