A Beautiful Thing Ch. 03


"Oh god, I don't remember you being this big." Angie said arching her back and spreading her legs farther.

"My memories of this pussy can't compare to what I have around me now." Cal moaned as he had a little bit more to go. With a slow stoke back and forth coupled with her hips gyrating he finally connected with her fully. They both froze at their accomplishment and kissed each other.

They heard footsteps above them and realized that time must be up. All this time seemed like so much more. They looked around the darkness not knowing what to do. They separated and stood up, they kissed each other and held hands as they felt around for the door.

Cal led her out the door into the guest room. Across from the closet was the bathroom, Cal then walked to the room door and opened it slightly while they went to the bathroom and hid, Cal standing behind Angie as they peered through the crack.

The waitress walked in the open door looking confused. Cal rubbed his bulge along the crack of Angie's ass as his hand cupped her breast. Her hand grabbed his and she bit down on his thumb to keep herself from moaning. She said hello several times looking about the room and into the closet. Shrugging her shoulders she left the room.

"Were you trying to get me caught?" Angie said as she turned around giggling and kissing Cal. They walked into the room and towards the bed where they looked at each other in confidence silence. Cal began removing his tie and shirt exposing his muscular chest and ripped abs while Angie reached behind her neck and lowered her dress to the floor leaving her in her black heels. She sat back on the bed and spread her legs.

Cal could see her now in the light, "Amazing." He said as he eyed her athletic calves that led to perfectly muscled legs that expanded in the middle and became gradually thinner leading to a beautifully hooded clit and pussy that lay beneath a flat sea of stomach where glorious mounds topped her body. He let his pants drop and took of his socks, lowering his boxers he stood 5 feet from her stroking his cock.

"Gorgeous." Angie said as she sat up and awaited him. He walked closer to her as she brought him to her mouth. Her mouth drooled over his meat and his precum filled her mouth as she coated him and stoked his enormous cock. She stood up, and put the massive cock between her legs. She grinded them together as her hands caressed his head and kissed him again. It turned her on so that he would kiss her with his seed on her tongue.

"Calvin, please." She said looking into his eyes.

He lowered her gently to the bed as he bent over her like a jungle cat. His cock hung low as their tongues played with each other. His hand came to her large breasts, his thumb toying with her nipple. She spread her legs for him and he entered her again, this time when he reached the bottom they looked down at their union in the moonlight and looked at each other. They smiled and Angie angled her pussy upwards trying to take even more of his cock.

Calvin threw his head back, "Angie…." He hissed as she gyrated her velvet pussy on him.

He began to stroke into her, even though at first it was difficult. He had lodged himself inside of her but movement was till tight but it felt so good. Cal had never had a pussy like this. She gushed around him, providing him all he needed to glide into her more.

His strokes grew stronger and her legs went wider and wider to accommodate him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, brining him down occasionally to trade kisses and duel tongues. Finally they had a rhythym and Angie was screaming and wrapping her legs around Calvin. He stood off the bed and lifting her in the air by her ass began fucking into the tall piece of perfection he had with him. She put one leg down in the air as he held her other leg above his right arm. His left arm kept them close as these sexual animals fucked standing up.

So close to the bed the leaned onto it sideways. Their legs were straight along the bed as she hooked her other leg along his hip. He drew her close crushing her breasts against his rock hard chest. He pumped into her and she humped onto him. Their hips moving towards each other as if she wanted more and he wanted to go deeper, their kissing was fierce as their movements grew stronger and longer until Angie stopped kissing her body shaking and Cal's balls tightened and began to release again and again into her.

Their breathing was so heavy and their bodies shined in sweat atop the bed.

"Calvin…..Oh Calvin…." Angie moaned out of breath as they stared at one another. His large cock still within her ached as it began to harden. "Angie oh girlllllll!" He said as loud as he could provided he had no strength. "Names ok?" Cal asked. Angie laughed and grabbed his face kissing him. "Yes, I want to remember this. I want to know your name." Angie grinned.

They slowly began pumping each other as they spoke.

"I'll never forget yours." Cal said with an emphatic movement into her.

"Why's that, you like this pussy?" Angie said as she wiggled against him.

"What do you think?" Cal said as his hand reached down and played with her clit as he took a long stroke into her.

"I think you do,"

"You think?" Another long stroke.

"I know so." A greedy push onto his cock.

"How's that?" a small rub against her pussy. A moan.

"Cuz that big black cock is still hard, I think you want some more." Angie said as she rolled atop him.

"Is it just me that wants some more?" Cal smiled as he thrust upwards into her.

"I think I do too, my pussy get so wet for you, like on one else before." She moaned as she grabbed her breasts and began rocking back and forth atop her black lover.

"That pussy gets this wet just for me?" Cal said his hands running up and down her strong thighs.

"MmmmHmm, Cal this pussy likes you?"

Reaching up for her breasts and running his palms along her stomach as she slowly grinds on him, "likes?"


"My cock loves your pussy too. They go good together."

Throwing her head back and putting her hands on her heels as she continues riding his mast.

"Yesssssss….My whole life I never had a cock like this, never fucked liked this."

Sitting up to kiss her, her heavy breasts upon his shoulders his hands run along her ass and legs as they begin to bounce up and down, fucking each other harder.

"MMMmmmm I never wanted pussy like this."

They slowed down and Angie stood off his cock which stood in the air like a shiny spear. She turned around bent down exposing her pussy to him and slowly took him again into her softness. Riding again her strong legs did a rowing motion propelling her ass and pussy back and forth. Her ass rolling back and forth on his stomach.

"Is that all you ever wanted this badly?" Angie asked, her hands on his knees to steady herself and she worked back and forth. Her orgasm building up again, her other hand coming down to play with her clit.

"MMmmm I never wanted to touch your hair so badly." He said running his hands into her hair, "Never wanted someone with an ass like this so bad." He said playfully smacking and grabbing her ass. He put his hands back on the bed and tried to meet her strides as they began to fuck and Angie put her hand in her head of hair and began to cry and choke on all her emotion as she came all over his cock in a wet orgasm.

"I never wanted a cock like this, I never knew there was a man like this." Angie said as she leaned forward on her knees, "I want you to have everything you ever wanted……"

Cal smiled and got up on his knees as he guided his cock into her pussy, "Mmmmm first your hair….." Cal said as he gently ran his fingers into her silky red hair.

"Mmmmm, what's next Cal?" Angie asked knowing, hoping what he wanted next was coming.

"So amazing." Cal said shaking his head in disbelief as he took out his wet cock and placed against her asshole. She shook in fear at first but wanted to experience him everyway she could. It had been so long since their first meeting. How could she ever live again without this?

He slowly sank in the first couple inches. She licked her hands and reached back to try and lubricate his cock as he went deeper and deeper. "Mmm you like my white ass Cal?" Angie asked as half his cock was in her ass. They gently began to rock against each other each time getting more and more of him into.

"Baby there's no one with an ass and legs like you got….hair, breasts, your gorgeous face…." He whispered the last phrase into her ear as he bent over her and she turned to kiss him, tears forming in her ears. In a pleading voice she whispered, "Fuck me."

Calvin picked up his pace as began to really give it to her. His hand roamed every creamy inch of her body. Her back, shoulders, the round mounds of flesh that were her thick ass and he ran his hands on the inside of her strong gorgeous thighs. Brushing his hands against her pussy she stood up at the waist while he still assaulted her ass. Her hand reaching over her head brining his close to her so he could lick her ear while her other hand grabbed his and showed him hot to play with her clit.

"Cal, ugh, Cal your cock……Fuck, Fuck me," Angie said putting her face into the mattress and Cal began to go at her with all the might he had. "Angie fuck, fuck fuck fuck……"

"Calvin, give it to me, I love it all give me your big black cock, give it to your white bitch…." She couldn't believe she said it, but it was right.

"My bitch, Angie my bitch take it…."

"Yes Calvin fuck me, I'm yours fuck I Love you!"

"Ugh, shit I love you give me my white pussy!"

He pulled out of her ass and she turned around. They turned around and kissed in a flash. Her tongue in his mouth swirling around his tongue as he guided his cock into her. She held onto his shoulders for her life and he pounded into her slick pussy. He was so big, oh, she couldn't take it.

"Calvin please fill me, fill me up!"

"Give me this pussy, give it to me!"

"It's yours!"

"Take my black cock!"

"Give it to me, I love you"

"ugghhhhhhhhhhhhh" he moaned as he exploded into her, collapsing on top of her. His cock still twitching and spurting in her. "I love you too."

They laid there for an hour fighting the urge to sleep in the strange house. They found their spouses and left for the night.

The next day, with Mark and Shauna at work Calvin came home around noon from scouting offices. He was ready to put some things together and wanted to make himself a success again.

He walked into his house and saw Angie in the backyard, her tanned body in a small white bikini.

He walked outside, "hello neighbor."

"Hi there, come for a swim?"

"Maybe a swim." Cal said smiling as he entered their neighboring houses. Again the privacy of their two estates served them well. Angie walked to him as he undressed to full nakedness, his rippled body getting warmer from the sun. "I think we need some lotion." Angie said filling her hand with the lotion and handing it to Cal.

As she worked the lotion into his shoulders and thick chest he untied her top and bottom leaving her naked. The tall couple stood with his limp cock brushing against her shaved womanhood. He cupped both breasts, so soft and holding their shape as he massed lotion onto her body. She gently stoked his cock till it protruded straight form his body.

"Cal….. last night again, what we said……."

Cal interrupted her, "Angie, I don't' want any guilt that we belong together. Tell me we don't." He said this as he grabbed his cock and rubbed it along the softness between her legs.

"Would you let me finish?" she said stepping back. "Like we said last night, I think my pussy loves that black cock of yours."

They grinned and embraced in a sensual kiss, it was long and wet. Cal nibbled on her neck and ear as he squeezed her breasts. "mmm you like my big white tities."

"I like a lot of things." He said kissing her mouth. Walked to the steps to the pool and slowly walked in. Cal sat along the edge and watched the tall red- head swim to him. She stood in the water and took his cock into her mouth. Her pussy began to moisten with his fuckmeat in her mouth.

He lifted her from the water and he sank down so he could eat her delicious pussy. She moaned and moaned, "Fuck Cal, your killing me……" As he gazed upward at the pretty pussy framed by two shapely legs he thought to himself, "look who's talking."

Angie sank into the water and they found each other and slowly joined themselves. Slowly Angie used her long legs to bounce up and down upon his cock taking him into her, his lust grew stronger and stronger until he pinned her against the pool wall and began to drive into her, his waist splashing the water around. Their mouths engaged in a kiss and Angie threw her head back moaning.

"Angie fuuuuuckkkkkkkk"

"Fill me up Calvin, fill me fill me."

He let out a low groan and filled her as she tensed around him, her own body shaking from a subsiding orgasm.

"Your beautiful." He said to her,

"Mmm I love you." "I love you too." They exchanged as he grew harder and began to make love to his woman.

In the following weeks Cal learned of Shauna's affair. Even though he had a suspicion he validated it by coming upon her cum soaked panties. He had enough. They both created their careers for themselves and were going separate ways. He knew she was a bitch in the courtroom but he had her. Cal told Angie he was leaving Shauna and Angie felt so excited and guilty at the same time. Cal said that yes it was partly because of how he felt for her, this caused Angie to analyze her marriage and the fact that Mark had grown so cold.

Things were quickly put to an end when one day Mark drove up to the house and entered the house to the sounds of screaming. It was Angie. He ran upstairs and unnoticed he looked into his bedroom to Angie bent over, her lovely red hair in the hands of Calvin as her breasts bounced back and forward.

"Fuck my white pussy with that big black dick!"

"You love this nigger dick don't you?"

"Fuck me, you bastard!"

"You love this nigger dick don't you!"

Angie stood up and turned around sitting down on top of his cock. For a large man only a woman like Angie could boss him around.

"Think your so bad huh?" Angie said as she began to fuck his cock up and down her big breasts dangling in front of his face.

His face reached forward to bite her breasts but she drew them back.

"You like my big white titties don't you?" she said sitting still on his massive cock. Mark could see her pussy stretched tightly around his massive pole.

Calvin shook his head yes as she slowly picked her pace back. "And you love my white pussy?" again he shook his head yes pumping upwards into her.

"MMmmmmm good cuz I love this black cock in my little pussy." She said and now she had both her hands in her hair and was working him like a wild woman

"Oooh FUCKKKKKKKKK!" they both screamed as they came in an enormous orgasm. He filled her completely. And she drained him like no other had before. She fell on top of him, red hair around their faces and her tight pussy flexing and milking his cock. "mmmm my big nigger" she smiled. "my white bitch" he smiled as they gently kissed.

Mark chose to say nothing but that night Angie informed him that she was leaving. She didn't tell him why or with whom. She was the lady she had always been. Telling him that she didn't want any money just that he be happy for her. He wanted to care but he didn't really. He had Shauna and they had plans of their own that could work out. They shared a hug and Angie left out his door the final time. She walked out of the Culd-de-sac And into Cal's large SUV.

"Different circumstances?" Cal asked.

Angie smiled and kissed him, "Definitely."

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