tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Beautiful Wish Ch. 04

A Beautiful Wish Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Frog Prince

The early summer morning light fell across George's back and warmed him to the point of being uncomfortable. George was awake, but he couldn't bear to move, or breath, or open his eyes, for fear of joining the day without Dawn by his side. Before she had told him, very naturally, that she loved him again the night before, she had promised that she would be there when he awoke. But George was fully prepared to find that all had been a wonderful dream and his normal crappy life would resume. He had been laying on his side facing Dawn's direction with his eyes closed for at least fifteen minutes before he thought he heard a stir from the other side of the bed. "No," he thought, "it was probably just the ceiling fan creaking." But the damage had been done. George was now intensely curious as to the origin of the disturbance and could no longer contend with the anticipation of the inevitable. Taking a deep breath to brace himself for the disappointment, he slowly opened one eye...

And there she was. As beautiful as ever in her light blue cotton pajamas, Dawn breathed slowly and serenely as she slept. Her long, silky, feathered, golden-brown hair hung gracefully across her pillow. Her skin seemed to glow in the day's new light. The top of her pajamas was pushed up so that the bottoms of her breasts were clearly visible. He followed the lovely feminine curves of her waist and hips down to her long, toned, shapely legs. She had been facing him, and her gorgeous, almond shaped, dawn colored eyes were shut tight, her light pink lips curved in a dreamy smile. That was it then. She was real. She had promised him she would be there, and she was. George was overcome with relief.

George carefully slid closer to Dawn and wrapped his arm around her ever so lightly in an effort not to wake her. Instinctively, she curled herself up until she was completely sheltered within his gentle embrace. Her sweet tea scent filled his nostrils. The sun on his back felt suddenly non-existent.

Then it hit him. She was real. Now what was he going to do? What was he going to tell his mother? The truth he supposed, but she wouldn't believe him, unless Dawn used her powers. But then it would have to be a sexual wish anyway, and George was not prepared to receive sexual favors in front of his mother. Where would she stay? He hoped with him, she would if he asked her too, but again his mom would never go for that. Even though he was 19, and his mother encouraged him to go out and meet girls, she had a standing rule of no girls sleeping over and no hanky-panky in the house. It had never been a problem before then, as no woman he had ever asked out agreed, let alone gone back to his place. But Dawn had no other home to go back to. She would have to stay with him. There was a spare bedroom and his mom had flirted with the idea renting it out. But Dawn didn't have any money or a job. She didn't even have a last name, or anything that would prove she was a citizen of the United States. That alone was going to be a hurdle he had no idea how to go about solving.

Suddenly, George felt Dawn stir below him. She moaned groggily and her whole body shivered as she shook out her morning cramps. George forgot his worries as he watched her open her eyes in awe. It was like watching the sun rise.

She met his gaze and smiled a happy, sleepy smile, "Good morning George." She moved in even closer to him and entwined her legs with his. She buried her face in his chest and scrunched her arms up between them. "Mmmm, this is the best way to wake up ever," she said, her voice was a bit froggy as it worked out the night's cobwebs.

George had trouble responding. He had never imagined that waking up with someone would be so heavenly, and her display had left him a bit tongue tied. "I, uh, can't think of anything better."

"You will George. I am a sexual Genie servant after all, the possibilities are...numerous," she chuckled.

The implications of what she said began to flood George's mind with ideas, one more lurid than the next. He suddenly became painfully aware of his morning wood lodged between them.

Dawn must have felt him twitch, because she gave him an amused laugh. "See?" she said.

"Well, can you blame me? I mean, you are my perfect woman. I like how you give me little 'subtle' hints though. It's fun.

"You say the sweetest things. What else do you like about me?" she said with just a touch of pride.

He thought for a moment, but all he could come up with was a fairly noncommittal, "Well, everything."

"Hmm mmm, no fair. I want specifics mister."

"Whoa whoa. Look who is all uppity this morning? Are we forgetting who is who's master."

She reached down into his pants and began to rub the sensitive underside of his fully awake cock, "You like it when I'm uppity."

George was ready to blow at any second and was willing to let her keep going, but she stopped. "Uh uh, not until you tell me what you like about me," she said pouting. "But if you are especially nice, I could make this one really, REALLY special." Her eyes narrowed and her smile suddenly turned irresistible.

The thought occurred to George that he could just order her to continue, but that was a line he felt was unfair to cross. And besides, he knew she wouldn't leave him hanging.

"Ok, where to start? I love your hair."

"Why?" she asked innocently as she began to lightly stroke his cock again.

He reached out and ran his thick fingers through it, letting it cascade across his hand, "Um, because it's long and thick and luxurious..."

"Oh, luxurious is a good word," she wrapped her hands around his shaft and gripped him a little tighter.

"...and it's, um, feathery and bright. It's funny how it starts out straight and then turns, like it suddenly had better things to do. I, uh, like the way it catches the light no matter where you are. It makes you look like an angel sometimes."

She kept stroking him. A few drops of his precum slithered out, and she smeared it all around his throbbing head. "Keep going," she whispered.

Her top was lifting more and more with every stroke and her large perky orbs had come into full view. Her dark pink nipples were already hard. "I love your tits," he said simply.

She laughed divinely and gave him a playful look, "Oh really? I don't believe you. If you really loved them, then you would be feeling me up already."

"The thought crossed my mind, believe me. But I have a feeling that if I get too involved in those babies, I'm not gonna be able to get out of bed today."

Dawn pouted, "Aww, just a little squeeze," she squeezed his cock sharply, then batted her eyes at him, "for me?"

George laughed, "Man, these uppity Genies nowadays. Ok, one quick grab."

Of course that quick grab turned into more than a few minutes of intense fondling. She loved every second of it, cooing and whimpering as she tugged on his shaft. "Why do you...like them?" she managed.

"Just the size and the weight of them is, well, mesmerizing. They are big, but they don't look strange or out of place on your body. I can't explain it, something about them just calls out to me that I should touch them. It's...soothing."

"Like you said before George, they are yours, I am just holding them for you. You can touch them whenever, and wherever, you like. I love the way you touch them."

With one hand still massaging a perfect breast, he moved his other hand down the curve of her back and rested it on her jutting hip. "I love your waist and your hips..."

Dawn had both her hands wrapped tightly around just the head of his cock and was slowly twisting them around in tight circles, "You like my hips do you? I bet I know why." She stopped her stroking, much to George's relief, he was dangerously close. She slid out of her pajama pants and threw one of her long legs over him so that his cock lined up with her dripping pussy. She took hold of his hands and placed them around her waist, "You like my hips, because you can use them to force me up and down your amazing cock." She had the tip of his cock kissing her outer lips and looked at him expectantly. George caught her drift and pushed her down the length of his shaft slowly.

Dawn gasped as he entered her, her face contorted in ecstasy as her whole body quivered. George raised her up until he was almost out of her, then he lowered her down again. She was so light compared to him; with her legs helping him, it was like lifting nothing at all.

"Wha-what else do you like George?" she moaned as she bit her lip. She kept her eyes glued to his face. "Let it out, I know you want to tell me. I can see it in the way you look at me. You are afraid that I will think you stupid or weird, but I will not. I will accept it. I will..."

He dropped his hands to her smooth legs and traced the tight muscles and supple skin of her thighs, "I...," he gulped, "I love your long legs. They are like a dancer's legs, like...like a ballerina's. I-I like the way you always...pose for me."

Then he reached around and took hold of her firm ass, he slid her up and down his shaft a bit faster, "And I love your tight booty. I think the guys at work would call it, juicy."

Suddenly, Dawn's vagina clenched and she let out a loud lusty moan. "Oh my! I have only been awake for ten minutes, and I'm already cumming!" she cried.

George could feel his own orgasm approaching, but he was having too much fun to have to stop then, "D-Dawn, I wish to hold off my orgasm until...until I finish telling you what I like about you."

The tingle returned, as did the flash from her eyes, "Oh yes Master!" She leaned down and almost attacked his lips. Both of them immediately caught their first whiffs of the other's morning breath and backed away in momentary disgust. They both laughed hysterically.

"Ok, um, I wish that our breath always be fresh so that we can always enjoy each other's kiss," declared George in as steady a voice as he could muster at the moment.

Tingle, flash. She attacked him again even more vigorously and the morning breath was gone. It was replaced with a mild minty sensation that was refreshing without being overpowering. Her kiss was lustful, and it spurned him on to work his cock in and out of her faster. This time, though, he could feel himself constantly approaching an apex that he could never reach. He felt himself turn the corner, only to find another corner. But Dawn was not bound by such restrictions. While she could feel the pleasure she was giving him, she could also feel the pleasure he was giving her. She came again mid-kiss, she nibbled and sucked on his lower lip in response.

"Tha...that is number two on the day. I love your wishes George. Th-thank you so much for including me in them," she said breathlessly in between kisses. "Please keep talking, just hearing you speak makes me cum."

"Your voice," he said, "I love your voice. It's so...girlish...and soft...but it can be powerful when you need it to be...like when you were singing those love songs."

"I was singing to you," she blurted out as she bounced up and down faster, her tits flew in tight concentric circles in her useless tank top. She shucked it off and placed George's hands on them, making him knead them roughly. She squealed as her body quaked with a third orgasm.

George was getting delirious. The build towards his explosion was making his head foggy and he was having trouble remembering what else he liked about her. He liked everything, he was serious about that, but she wanted specifics. It was a challenge to think straight, let alone come up with coherent compliments.

As she came down from her euphoria to begin building towards it anew, Dawn gave George her heavenly look, the one that made him melt, and he remembered. "I love your eyes most. The way you look at me...I never thought...anyone would...look at me like that."

That did it. George came so suddenly that he didn't even have a chance to warn Dawn. She gasped sharply and threw her hair back as George pumped her hungry pussy full of his seed. George felt himself passing out as the pleasure overloaded his system.

He awoke to find Dawn collapsed on top of him, breathing her ragged breaths and shaking periodically. His cock was still buried inside her. "B-babe?" he whispered.

"H-hold-on. S-still c-cumming," Dawn said as her body shook a little more. He felt her vagina tremble as she spoke.

Eventually, she came under control. She sighed heavily and contently, "Alright, I rescind my earlier observation. That is now the best way to wake up ever."

George laughed and nuzzled her neck as he hugged her. She giggled sweetly in response. "So how long was I out?" asked George.

Tingle, "Oh, I am sorry, I did not even realize you passed out. It must not have been for very long. Though, I was slightly preoccupied at the time."

"Heh, I bet," he chuckled.

"George?" said Dawn hesitantly.

"Yeah babe?"

"Do you really like all those things about me?" George loved her modesty too. She was easily the most amazing creature to walk the earth in his mind, yet she was still bashful at his praise.

"I like even more things. I'm kinda surprised the wish let me off that easy."

"I can't grant any wishes that would cause you harm. If you had gone on like that much longer, you may have developed a mental condition. But forget that! You like me that much?"

George laughed amused, "Well, yeah, I mean you're my perfect woman, if I can't like all of your qualities, then that would make you less then perfect. Wouldn't it?"

Her face scrunched up like she was thinking hard about something.

"What? You don't believe me?" asked George.

"Oh I do George! Please don't take my confusion as an insult. I am still trying to come to grips with the idea that you do not want me to be your servant. Your notions of reverence for significant female others was not a widely accepted practice in my time. It is at odds with my built in sense of subservience. You have noticed it already, there is the Genie side of me that wants to follow your every command, then there is the Dawn side that wants to be independent and strong only to be swept off her feet."

"Hence the uppity?"

She giggled, "Partly, my make-up suggests that you like your women playful and willing. But the Dawn part of me is so overcome with all this affection that she would be playful and willing even if she was not bound to you. When you put the two together, however, I am having trouble reconciling them."

George shrugged, "You'll get used to it. But, um, thanks for making me say all that stuff. This may sound, I don't know, lame, but it's been a fantasy of mine for a long time to be able compliment a woman without them getting all offended."

"You are welcome George. But I am confused. Do women of this time like not to be flattered?"

"Oh they do, I think, just not by me usually. It's strange, they only seem to want compliments from guys they like. If it comes from somebody they aren't attracted to then the nice ones blow you off. The mean ones might just slap you, or if they are really cruel, use you for whatever reason."

"Well, as your new girlfriend, let me say that anytime you would like to compliment me or my," she gave a small cough, "attributes, you may do so. The only reaction you will get from me is likely to involve an orgasm or two, or three. You would not even need to wish for that."

"Sounds good to me." They kissed again. He realized he had left that out when he was listing off the things he liked about her. He liked kissing her a great deal. Her lips were smooth and wet, not like his, which were cracked and dry. They were so addictive and inviting, that he just wanted to make out with her constantly. He supposed that everyone was entitled to at least one good kiss in their life. He felt very lucky that he was destined to kiss her.

After a blissful hour involving lots of unnecessary rolling around his bed, generous amounts of rubbing, and a couple of wish inspired orgasms, George was starting to get hungry. Then he remembered that there was no food in the house. Then he remembered his mother's assignment to go food shopping. Remembering his mother reminded George of the real world and the unpleasant realities he would have to deal with again. Accepting that he could not prolong heaven any longer without suffering the consequences, George ended their play.

He kissed Dawn on the forehead, "What say we get ready for the day. I promised my mom that I'd go food shopping this weekend. And unless you want to sleep in the car, we had better come up with a way of explaining you to the family. One that doesn't include two-thousand year old musical instruments."

"Phooey, I guess that means we have to get out of bed, huh?" she pouted.

"Yep, sorry babe, real life rears its ugly head," said George as he made to leave the comforting confines of her tight hug.

She reached for a sheet and rolled herself and George up in it as best she could, "No, George, come back! Please! I'll do that thing you like." She giggled and jokingly made herself more innocent looking than they both knew she wasn't.

George was sorely tempted to just lounge in bed all day, but until he could think of a way to wish his mother's chores away, he was going to need to have more willpower than Dawn seemed to. For her part, she was content on planting more sweet kisses on his neck and chest.

"Ok, you asked for it," announced George.

She gasped as he hoisted her naked body up over his shoulder. She struggled for a few seconds, but stopped when she realized it was useless. She cradle her chin in her hand, blew a strand of hair out of her face in resignation, and smiled.


George was eager to find out if love-making in the shower was as wonderful as he imagined it would be. But when he reached his bathroom, and took note of the cramped tub-shower combination, he thought about how tight a fit it was just for him alone. Then he remembered his mother's master bathroom and its large walk-in shower. He passed his bathroom and continued down the hall.

"George? Where are you taking me?" asked Dawn giggling.

"To the master bathroom," said George.

"But I thought we just passed it?" she said cheekily.

"Very funny," he gave her a loud, playful, smack on her butt. She yelped in response.

When they entered the large marble-tiled bathroom, George set Dawn on her feet. She immediately began stripping off his clothes as she sneaked playful grabs at his equipment. Once he was suitably naked, she bounded off for the shower, which was easily big enough to accommodate five people, and began the process of figuring out how the thing worked.

But she stopped when she realized George wasn't with her. He was on the other side of the bathroom, examining his image in the full length mirror on the wall. He looked sullen and deflated.

"George? Are you alright?" asked Dawn.

"Uh...yeah...yeah I'm fine," he sighed heavily, then made his way towards the shower to join her.

As he was about to enter, Dawn opened the door and slid past him. She strode purposely to the spot were George had been standing. "Master, could you come here please?" she asked quietly.

Whenever she called him Master, George took notice. Though it was supposed to be an honorific, a mark of her willing subservience, it had the same effect on George as his mother calling him by his full name when he was in trouble. He looked over at her somberly.

"Please Master?" she pleaded softly. Her pure, loving look returned.

George took a deep breath and walked over to her.

"Stand here Master," she directed him to her spot on the floor. "Now, look into the mirror," she whispered serenely, "Look at yourself. What do you see?" her voice was slow and peaceful. It echoed through his body.

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