tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Beautiful Wish Ch. 05

A Beautiful Wish Ch. 05


A very special thanks to Joe Brolly, Spacer X, MollyGRL, and Val for their excellent help and much needed encouragement. I wouldn't be able to write this without you.

Chapter 5: The Heart Remembers

The water streamed across George and Dawn's entwined bodies. It traced the lines of George's lean muscles and caressed Dawn's impossible curves. They kissed and embraced and joined over and over, enjoying a closeness that neither had felt in their short time together. George cleaned her first, starting with her golden brown hair, which looked and smelled just as intoxicating wet. He lathered up his hands and slowly ran his hands over her lithe and curvaceous form, like he was a sculptor rubbing out the rough edges, as if she had any. Her smooth back, her pert breasts, her taut stomach, her luscious ass, her bountiful hips, long thighs and calves, in between her cute little toes, the folds of her sex, nothing was forgotten in his mission to worship his goddess made flesh.

Dawn returned in kind, her lips led the way for her lathered hands as she kissed her way up his powerful legs, washboard abs, tight butt, broad chest, and his lips that trembled every time they kissed. Her soapy hands didn't forget his member, and expertly stroked him until she could no longer wait to have him inside her. George lifted her up even more easily than he had before, and took her against the slick marble wall. It was a long blissful build filled with Dawn's sweet words of encouragement, followed by her cries of joy and ecstasy. For George, all sense of self and time had ceased. His body hadn't grown tired, his mind wasn't elsewhere, and his soul was no longer pacing the sidelines in wistful envy. His only thoughts were of her, of them. The only time he spoke was to wish for more streams of hot water to flow over them like a waterfall from all directions. The steamy cascade cleansed, soothed, and rejuvenated them, as they lost themselves in the pleasures of the other.

While George had only dared to hope that Dawn would even be there that morning, he could never have imagined Sunday being any more spectacular than Saturday. But this day was already shaping up to be even better than the last. He had woken up to a stunning display of affection and flesh, she had given him the body he had always wanted, and then they had melted into each other through the hot steamy air. George was counting his blessings as often as he could. He wasn't going to mess this up, he swore.

By the time they finished toweling each other off from their soaking wet romp, (which threatened to start another) and headed back to George's room to get ready for Dawn's first venture into the outside world, it was already noon. George stopped short at the doorway when he noticed just how ridiculously messy his room was.

He entered by stepping over an old skateboard, a holdover from his days of trying to be cool, and began picking up piles of clothes and shoving them in his closet while simultaneously trying to hold his towel shut. Dawn entered behind him and helped by picking up his various action figures and collectibles and stashing them artistically around the room. She was careful to hold her towel close to her while she worked, but her repeated bending over was giving George the most delightful show of her toned legs and towel wrapped cleavage. She didn't seem to be trying to turn him on, it was just how she was, unconsciously sexy.

After it was clear that his closet was filled beyond what it was designed for, George was forced to reevaluate his plan of keeping everything out of sight. He needed a system, a seating chart for all his junk, something that would help him stay organized. But he didn't really feel like figuring all that out at the moment. Maybe this was a good time to use a wish. He had done it before, why not again? But why had the room returned to its hurricane like state after his wish?

"Hey Dawn, how come my wish for the room to fit the mood better wasn't permanent?"

"Because you wished it to fit the mood and that mood was not permanent. Once the mood changed, the room went back to its original state."

"OK then, I wish the room to change back to when it fit our mood perfectly."

Tingle. She pouted, "Sorry George, that wish is not sexual enough."

"Huh? Didn't you already grant that wish before?"

"No George, forgive me, at the time there was a very romantically charged mood in the air. Your wish for it to fit the mood was to facilitate us having sex, and so was quite sexual enough for the wish to go forward. However, your current desires are not related to sex, only the sense that the room is dirty and you want it cleaned."

"OK, then how do I word the wish so that it is sexual enough?

"Sorry George, I cannot help you with the formation of your wishes, as much as I would like too," she said apologetically.

George thought hard about how he could keep his room from looking like he was a shut-in. He had never cared up until he met Dawn, as there had never been a reason to. His mother was the only other person besides himself that ever dared venture into his room. But thanks to his new desire to take better care of himself and Dawn, he figured it was time to start living like normal human beings did, and not a rabid animal waiting for his cage to be cleaned. But he wasn't really sure how he wanted the room to look. Start small, he thought.

"OK, how about this Dawn, I wish my clothes to be clean and pressed, to make me look as good to other women as possible. And that they smell fresh, with just a hint of whatever turns on the woman who smells it."

Tingle, flash. "Done," said Dawn happily. The clothes he had tried to pile up in his closet had been folded and arranged into small stacks. The room began to smell better immediately.

"Hey, not bad," he nodded smugly. Maybe this wishing thing wasn't so hard after all.

He turned his attention to the action figures scattered around his room that Dawn had begun to arrange so elegantly. "Could I wish for my collectibles to be arranged in a way that would give me an air of sophistication, rather than childishness?"

Tingle, "Yes, but you would have to add some sex in there somewhere."

"Well, don't women prefer sophistication over childishness?"

"Some do, many do not. It depends on the woman."

"Ah. Well, you're a woman, what do you prefer?"

"Whatever you like."

"Oh shit, right," remembered George, "what if I wanted them arranged in a way that would make the greatest percentage of woman more attracted to me?"

Tingle, "That...could work."

"OK, let's try that."

Flash. Almost all of his toys were gone, with only a handful scattered around his desk in an interesting battle. A few had been converted to bookends. His video games were lined along the bottom of it, almost completely hidden from sight. All but the most rare of his comics had disappeared. Those that were left had been framed and hung tastefully around the room. George was a bit surprised, he had expected that everything would have a place somewhere in his room.

"As it turns out, most women don't prefer to see dork doodads all over the place, huh?"

Dawn shrugged, "Sorry George, if it were just me, I would let you place them wherever you pleased. I quite like them." She picked up a robotic looking figurine and made a gesture like she was shooting at him.

"I know, you're one of the good ones." He looked around, expecting his things to be piled up in a corner somewhere, but they were nowhere in sight. "So where is the rest of my childhood?"

"The rest of your collectibles are in your closet. The comics are wrapped in plastic with cardboard backings, and the action figures have been secured in bubble wrap inside a large plastic box."

"Nice, how did you know to do all that?"

"From you. I was unaware that people took such care of their toys."

"Well, you wouldn't know it from looking at the way I took care of them. But I'm only a casual collector, I'm not hardcore about it like some people."

He turned his attention to the bed. "This should be easy," he thought. He clapped his hands together in resolve. He was starting to get into the spirit of wishing.

"OK, I wish the bed to be big, comfortable, and sexy lookin, so that it's worthy of facilitating sex with THE hottest babe, I've ever laid eyes on!"

Tingle, flash. "And who might that be?" Dawn giggled as she caressed the closest post of the new bed. It was a four-post once again, made of dark wood, with exquisite carvings running along the posts and frame, not unlike the ivory carving on the tar from which Dawn had sprung two nights before. Covering the soft looking mattress was a set of beautiful white sheets, with patterns resembling smoke. There were far more pillows than George would ever use thrust up against the head of the bed, but he imagined Dawn would find a use for them. The bed reached all the way to the ceiling where the fan had been removed, and large diaphanous curtains swooped down along the sides to provide some semblance of privacy for the action that would surely be taking place soon. It dominated the majority of his room though, and while it did fit, moving around would require crawling over the bed to get to anything.

"You like?" hinted Dawn, as she crawled onto the bed to give him a fantastic view of her body, her blue eyes sparkling up at him.

"Almost. It's just a bit large." George ran his hand along his chin as he tried to figure out a way to keep the bed as it was, but there just wasn't enough space in his small bedroom. "Man, I wish the room was big enough to be a killer sex pad, but there just isn't enough space."

Tingle, flash. The room suddenly became much larger, easily the size of his mother's master bedroom. The enormous bed fit snuggly against one wall.

George's mouth hit the floor as he surveyed the changes wrought by his unintentional wish. Along with his towel, which he had forgotten to hold closed.

Dawn giggled again, "Man, I wish my Master was naked!"

George realized his sudden nudity and took great effort to suppress the urge to cover up. Instead, he leaped onto the bed on top of Dawn and began tickling her everywhere.

"N-No no, stop!" She squealed, though she made no attempt to stand in his way. George let up for just a moment to grab a pillow, and Dawn quickly scrambled to do the same. Soon they were across from each other on the bed, with pillows poised to strike.

For some reason, George felt unwilling to strike her. Even with a pillow and for fun, hitting her didn't feel right. He dropped his pillow slowly like a gunslinger in surrender. Dawn eyed it closely, and once his hands were off of it, she smacked him good upside his head, then tackled him in a barrage of pillow and towel and breasts. George could only laugh at the betrayal, and let Dawn have her way with him. She quickly lost interest in pummeling him however, and shifted her focus towards tickling him, and finally kissing him.

She straddled him, pinned his wrists to the bed, and bounced triumphantly. "I win!" she beamed.

George took the opportunity to ogle her unbelievable body, and the view of her cleavage created by her bent position over top of him. "Are you sure? he mused. He pushed her forward with his knee, and craned up with his neck to reach the edge of her towel with his teeth. He yanked it down, prompting a squeal from Dawn, who let go of his wrists to cover herself.

"Hey! No fair! You have fewer parts to worry about!"

"Call it a draw?"

She eyed him suspiciously, "For now. We will continue this later, buster." She rolled off of him and fixed her towel.

George looked around the room some more. He noticed that with it's new size, the room looked rather stark. "Hey Dawn, what else could we do to this place?"

"Well, if it were my room, I would want to make it a bit more cozy. Maybe add some candles, a larger window with some nice curtains, and there a few other adjustments I would make here and there."

"That sounds really nice actually. Would you say that having those things in here would get you more in the mood to do it?"

"Nope, I already want to 'do it' all the time. Some smelly candles and more natural light are not going to get me anymore willing. "

"Would it make other girls more willing?"


"I wish the room to fit your's, and those other girls you mentioned's, general idea of a love-nest so that if I ever do bring one home, they'll feel that much more ready to make hot, passionate, sticky love with me."

Tingle, and flash. The room transformed once more. It was still large enough to fit his new bed, but his bookcase, desk, dresser, and end tables were now made of the beautiful dark wood furniture to match. There was also a new large wooden trunk at the foot of his bed. He noticed that the knobby waist-high bookcase that had been hidden in his closet was now sitting underneath the window, which had nearly doubled in width and had been framed by long curtains to match those on the bed. George was impressed.

"Now this, I could get used to," he said as he walked around the room without having to step over a pile of clothes, a feat that impressed him all on its own.

"You like?" asked Dawn from her perch at the foot of the bed.

"Hell yeah I do! You got good taste babe." He picked up his towel and wrapped it around himself once more. Looking around some more, he found a chromed pole extending from floor to ceiling near the center of the room. "What's this thing for?"

Dawn didn't answer. Instead, she leaped from the bed and swung her body around the pole. She pulled off a few athletic and sexy moves before landing next it. She rubbed her whole body up and down like it was a giant phallus and smiled seductively at George.

"OK, that answers that question." George turned towards his new room and frowned.

"Is something wrong George? Is it not what you wished for?"

"Well...yes. It's great Dawn, really. I was just thinking about how I am going to explain this to my mom." He looked down at his new body, "All of this."

Dawn continued to playfully spin around the pole, like she was born on one, "If you prefer George, you do not have to explain anything."

"What do you mean?"

"When it comes to protecting our safety and our anonymity, my powers are no longer restrained. I can make it so that nobody will think it odd that you look different than before. Or if you prefer, I can make people believe you have always looked this way. As for you room, I can keep it looking this way when it is just you and me, but when anyone else comes in, it will look as it did before. Well, maybe not exactly like it did before."

"So not even my mom will notice the changes?"

"Correct, unless you want her too."

"What about the outside of the house? Won't she be a little curious to know why the second floor is suddenly larger than the first?"

"The house will look no different from outside, even in its current state."


She giggled, "In order for me to properly blend into my environment and avoid suspicion from your wishes, Genie servants are allowed to do almost anything. This was put into place long ago, to allow Masters to live their lives without fear of drawing unwelcome attention from those who would seek to disrupt our arrangement."

George had been watching her dance on the pole in a half-daze, wondering how her towel was staying on despite her movements, but his attention snapped back to their conversation at the mention of reprisals. "Disrupt our arrangement? Who would want to do that?" he asked.

"In my time there were all sorts of people who would murder entire nations to get their hands on a Genie servant. Not to mention, plenty of magical beings who would seek to use us for their own ends, or even attempt to steal me from you outright. If I am to be your ideal companion, then I must not attract attention from those who would do us, or the people you love, harm."

"You mean, there are other magical beings out there, besides Genies?"

Dawn pulled herself onto the pole and hung upside down for a second, "In my time, yes, but now I am not so sure. Magic of all kinds was a much more accepted notion than it is today. This could mean one of two things: either they have gone so far underground that their existence has faded into legend, or they have disappeared entirely."

George's mind raced with the possibilities. Dragons, and demons, and witches?! Could they all really exist out there somewhere? "Can you, like, detect them somehow?"

"No George, I am sorry," she said simply as she enveloped the pole between her towel encased globes. It had somehow morphed into strapless towel dress he had seen a woman wear on the beach once. "I could only do so if one of them intended you harm. At the moment we are quite safe. However, if I come across any, I would be able to detect that someone was hiding something magical, though I might not be able to determine how right away. If you like, I will keep you informed of anything odd, just in case."

"Um...OK," he said dumbly. She continued to dance despite the more serious nature of the conversation. George was becoming increasingly distracted as he watch her long graceful legs twist around the pole. She had never mentioned she could dance too.

He shook his head sharply in an effort to snap himself back into reality. "Hey, stop that! I'm trying to get us out the door!" he said in mock agitation.

She stopped and giggled. "Aww, are you sure you do not want to take advantage of some of the opportunities your new room offers?"

He approached her and kissed her gently on her full lips. "You have no idea how good that sounds to me. But I can't wish for food right?"

Tingle. "Not unless it is for a sexual purpose, or for your protection."

"Well, I can't figure out a way to use instant pudding for protection. As for the sexual...we'll get back to that," he grinned.

George started going through his clothes looking for something, anything, that would fit him. None of his clothes had shrunk with him and he was becoming a bit worried that he would have to send Dawn out alone in order to get him a change of clothes. After throwing a few sets of now ridiculously over-sized board shorts on the floor, Dawn suggested that he go in the buff. But he laughed her off.

"George, if I may, I noticed from the pictures that you are similar in size to your father. Perhaps there are still some of his clothes around that would fit you."

"Um...yeah...yeah, you're probably right. I'll go look." He marched off to his mother's closet.

Sure enough, in the back and wrapped in plastic, was a row of his father's old clothes. As George looked through them he found himself bombarded by memories. They came flooding into his mind in a wash of bittersweet associations. He could remember the time his father wore that t-shirt during one of his ball games, or the night he wore that tie as he walked through the front door and kissed George's mother like his life depended on it.

Eventually, he settled on a pair of black trousers made of some very thin material, and a white buttoned-up shirt. He could roll the sleeves up and leave it untucked. It would be passable in the heat until he could get some new clothes. Unfortunately, he would have to go without underwear, which wasn't something he was accustomed to doing. He looked at himself in a mirror and he realized that Dawn had been right. He did look amazingly like his father. His hair was slightly longer, and quite a bit more shaggy. He had inherited his mother's slightly narrower jawline and her large sensitive eyes. But the resemblance was still uncanny.

The one thing George felt he was missing was the calm confidence his Father always exuded. It wasn't the overbearing cockiness that some men put out, merely the self-assurance of a man who knew who he was and had nothing to prove. That confidence was something George had always tried to emulate, but after his Father's death he retreated further and further into his own little world and lost whatever budding self-assurance he might have had.

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