A Beautiful Wish Ch. 05


When he arrived back in his room, he was treated to the amazing sight of Dawn trying to decide what to wear. She switched magically between one ensemble to the next so quickly that George had trouble telling them apart. When Dawn noticed he was watching her she slowed down, and took the time to pose sexily for him so that he could give her the yay or nay.

After flipping between what seemed like dozens of outfits, some of which were more like costumes or lingerie, they settled on a tight sky blue tank top with a lacy white one underneath, and pair of very small and clingy cargo shorts that hugged her amazing ass in a firm grip. Her hair fell in a thick single braid down to the middle of her back with a light blue bow at the end. Her cute belly-button was left exposed. She had to pout heavily to leave the bra behind, but George allowed it as long as there wasn't too much cleavage. The result left her breasts swaying and jiggling freely with every bouncy step, so much so that George wondered what was sexier, her cleavage, or the promise of what lay beneath.

Before leaving, Dawn produced a purse to match her outfit and placed one of her books inside it. George didn't see which one, but was pleased that Dawn was already doing things on her own. He wasn't sure what she was capable of outside their magical bond but he was certain that he wanted her to have as much freedom as her nature would allow.

Dawn stepped into the hot muggy midday sun and stopped to absorb the sensations. She drew in a deep breath through her nose and savored it like she was on a cooking show. George watched as she slipped her sandals off and leaped barefoot into the grass of the front lawn and spun around. He imagined what it must be like for her, to feel the breeze, the sun, and the grass for the first time. She was so excited at the wealth of new experiences that she could barely contain herself and they hadn't even left the yard yet.

"How long have you wanted to do that babe?" he asked half laughing.

She stopped her spinning and stumbled just a bit as she caught her balance, "Since yesterday morning. I debated going outside while you slept, but I wanted you to be here for it."

"I'm glad you waited," he said softly. Her child-like delight in the simplest things made him look at the world around him in a whole new light. "It's like you were born yesterday."

"I feel like I've been born everyday," she said as she flashed him her dazzling smile.

They climbed into George's car, an old four-door sedan with the bumper falling off, and headed out into the world. Dawn was a blur of activity as she examined the entire contents of the car, including everything in the glove compartment, the center console, underneath her seat, and whatever she could find in the back seat, before turning her attention to the various buildings they passed as well as the other cars.

They passed a mini-mall with a large two-story shop on the end that looked awfully bizarre even to George, who had driven by it numerous times.

Dawn asked, "George, what is that place?"

"I'm not sure, I've never been in there. I guess they sell kinda obscure stuff, like antiques and old books and whatnot."

She bounced in her seat, "Wow, can we go there sometime George?"

George looked at her oddly. "Why would you want to go there?"

She shrugged, "Why would you not? It is not far from your home, why not explore?"

George was struck by the simplicity of her argument. Why hadn't he visited the strange shop? "I guess there wasn't anything in there I really needed."

"People rarely need such oddities, even in my time. I suppose I do not really need to go, but I have never seen such a place and I think it would be fun."

Dawn looked at him imploringly, he looked back with a raised eyebrow. Finally, she folded her fingers together and pleaded cutely, "Pulleeeeeeeeeees..."

"OK, OK!" He said laughing at her comical expression. "On our way back we'll go look at some weird shit."

"Yay!" she squealed.

She bounced up and down in her seat excitedly while her breasts jiggled underneath her shirts. George was mesmerized by the sight until he heard a car honk at him as he started drifting into another lane. He quickly righted the car.

"S-sorry bout that," said George embarrassed.

Dawn smirked and said, "George, were you staring at my boobs?"

George blushed, "Maybe, a little."

She leaned over to him and nuzzled his neck while she caressed his broad chest.

"W-what are you doing, Dawn?"

"Punishing you for staring when you should be touching," she whispered. She slid her hand down to his thigh while she licked his ear. George's cock sprang to attention and strained the thin material of his slacks.

George struggled to keep both hands on the wheel and his concentration on the road, but her proximity to his throbbing hard on was pulling his attention south. Her mouth on his ear and neck was driving him wild.

Once they were stopped at a busy intersection, George let himself enjoy her assault. Then, just as he thought she was about to reach for his member, she instead pointed to the car in front of them.

"Hey George, check out that license plate."

"Huh?" said George as he snapped back to reality. Directly in front of them was a jeep filled with several girls in bathing suits, obviously on their way to the beach. The plate read: U WISH.

It took him a second to understand what it meant beyond its initial wording. Dawn's hands had moved away from his crotch and wrapped around his neck. She giggled and kissed his temple before moving back to her seat.

George playfully pushed her. "You little punk," he said as he tickled her with one hand. She laughed and pleaded for relief, but she made no attempt at stopping him. "I am so getting back at you for that one."

"Promises, promises," mused Dawn.

"Did you actually change the license plate?"

She playfully gasped, "How dare you assume that I would use my powers in such a frivolous manner. A coincidence, I assure you."

"Yeah right," said George. "OK, seriously, we need to find a way to explain you to my mom. Any ideas?"

"Could we not just say that I am your new girlfriend?" Dawn's attention seemed to have reverted back to the outside world as they drove on, but toned down her enthusiasm for a moment, sensing that George wanted to have a serious conversation.

"We could. Actually, we will, but I was thinking more in terms of the fact that you have no home, no family, no friends, no job. I mean, if anyone asks how we met, how will we answer?"

"Hmm, well I can come up with most of my background on my own, as part of my power to blend in with my environment. I can't create people though, so my explanation will have to include my lack of family and friends. As for a job, well, I don't have one of those..."

"What about a driver's license and a birth certificate and all that?"

"I can provide myself with those as well, however, I will need a surname in order to form a complete picture."

"Hmm," thought George. "You can't come up with one of those on your own?"

"No, sorry George, that responsibility lies with you."

George thought hard as he ran through a number of names in his head. "We could always go with a normal sounding name like Smith or Anderson, or Johnsen. Like any of those?"

Dawn looked less than thrilled about them. "I will like any name you pick for me George, as long as you like it."

"No, no. It has to be something we both like. It's not everyday you get to pick your own name you know. Are there any names that you like?"

"Well, I haven't heard that many yet. I did like the name you gave me in the fantasy yesterday."

"What, Honeywell?" he laughed. "Babe, you aren't a Bond girl. Well, not yet anyway."

Tingle. "Oh my," she giggled. "Well, at least it is not Pussy Galore. But you are right, we should find something less...suggestive."

George tried hard to think of a name that would be interesting but not contrived, but nothing grabbed him as perfect. He conceded defeat as he pulled into the parking lot of the supermarket. He would have to think of one soon though. His mother was coming home on Monday.

"George, I like your name. Could I not be Dawn Everhart?" she smiled widely.

"We'd have to get married first, and you would have to put up with people calling you smellyfart," laughed George

"OK," she shrugged, and climbed out of the car.

George lingered for a moment as the meaning of what she had said sunk in. Marriage? Under normal circumstances he would have thought she was trying to make fun of him. But when it came to Dawn, he had a feeling she was completely serious.

He got out of the car slowly. Dawn met him at his door, and as the two strode towards the entrance she reached for his hand. George took it without hesitation. Though it was small, its gentle pressure made him feel confidant and strong. He walked very tall.

The cool rush of the air conditioning hit George pleasantly as he passed through the supermarket's sliding doors. He entered first, pushing the cart, with Dawn close behind. She was so enthralled by the mechanized doors however, that she just had to go back through them again. She giggled, and toyed with the doors some more.

Then, on her sixth go, the doors remained shut, and Dawn almost smacked into them. After asking nicely they opened again, and she joined George. She cast a weary glance back at the doors.

George enjoyed the show immensely, as did several passersby. Dawn blushed in mild embarrassment.

Being a Sunday, the supermarket was packed with people hunting for the week's groceries. The two found it difficult to maneuver through the traffic of frantic mothers with bored children, the half dressed teenage girls, and the agonizingly slow old ladies who used their carts as walkers. It was rare that he found a semi-private moment to chat with Dawn about their situation. This was exacerbated by the fact that people seemed to be paying more attention to them than normal. He rationalized it as Dawn's beauty getting the better of them.

For her part, Dawn's childlike exuberance was in full force. As they entered the fruits and veggies section she stopped to examine every piece of produce in the bins; picking them up and squeezing them, enjoying the different textures and shapes. She loved the earthy smells mixed with the cool air of the store. She was as vibrant as the cornucopia of colors on display. George found himself bewitched as she twirled around the cases of food, her bright smile and obvious joy ensured that George would never consider a trip through the produce aisle a chore ever again.

George noticed other men enchanted with her as well. He suddenly felt inadequate as several of them tried to move casually in her direction, resembling nothing other than sharks circling a particularly tasty bit of prey. But when they started to move in, Dawn would cuddle up to George and touch him affectionately as she showed him her latest discovery. Even George could see what she was doing. She was making it known that she belonged to him. George responded by resting his hands on her hips and stomach. He even dared to sneak a kiss in full view of several onlookers. She dropped the potato she had been admiring and kissed him back. When it was over, George couldn't help but notice the men around them looking deflated and more than a bit disappointed. With the gaggle of testosterone finally giving up, he felt like it was safe to talk to Dawn about more pressing topics.

"So, how did we meet?" asked George.

Dawn had gone back to her gleeful examinations of all the food, she was now on to peppers. "Well, you said you found my vessel at your work. I suppose that was when I first came into contact with you. Could we have met there?"

"Hmm, that's not bad. Only thing is, I work at a college's pool facility. The only way we could meet there is if you were a student or a faculty member."

"And that still leaves us with how I got there in the first place. Hmm..." thought Dawn. "Maybe we could start from the beginning and work our way to the present. That would help my life develop more organically."

"Sounds pretty smart to me."

Dawn blushed, "Thank you George. And thank you for liking smart girls, that wasn't something most men would have encouraged in my time."

"Believe me, it isn't something a lot of men care about in this time either."

The cart was quickly filling up with the bullet points of George's grocery list. With enough people out of earshot, George continued.

"So where would you like to be born? I would think somewhere in the U.S. would be the easiest."

"I was thinking that too," said Dawn as she sneaked a grape off of a bushel and quickly popped it in her mouth, her eyes closing in rapture as she bit into the sweet fruit . "Somewhere far from here would be best."

"Doesn't get much farther than the southwest. How about..." George went through all the states he could remember. Then he hit upon a city that seemed so perfect, he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. "I've got it babe, Phoenix, Arizona."

She lit up, "This is fun! Hey, I've got a whole theme going now, huh? George, am I your symbol of rebirth?"

George grinned. "So we have a place, now what?"

"We'll need a reason why I have no family. The easiest to explain would be that I was abandoned and raised in an orphanage."

"That should work. Though a little sad. But then, why are you here, and not still in Arizona?"

The two quieted as an old woman passed by them. When she was far enough away, Dawn answered. "In keeping with our theme of making things easy, perhaps I was bored with the desert and wanted a change of scenery."

"Thats good. How about that, and you are trying to find a good college program to get into."

"Hey! I like that! Could I have had really good grades in high school?" she bounced up and down some more, which drew some more attention from the various looky-loos.

Even though George was trying to stay inconspicuous, he couldn't help but be swept up in her excitement. He smiled brightly, "Hell, make it a perfect G.P.A. That will make it easier for us to find you a good school. Hey! Why not make that the reason you were at my work; you were checking out the school and felt like using the pool."

She clapped her hands together excitedly, "And you being the great guy that you are, let me have a quick dip!" She playfully flung herself at George in an enchanted pose and batted her eyes at him. "And the rest is history," she said in a dreamy voice.

George hugged her and kissed the top of her head, "Sounds good to me. What else are we missing?"

"That's all the important details I can think of for now. I can create the rest on my own. Unless you have anymore suggestions?"

"No, I think that covers the most important parts. We can flesh it out later if we need to. If you're happy, I'm happy babe. Let me know if you need any more help."

"Thank you, George," she sang happily.

With all the fruits and vegetables crossed off his list, George pushed the cart over to the deli section and grabbed a number. There was a considerable line, so the two had time to talk.

"So George, I know much about you thanks to, umm..." she looked around to make sure nobody was listening and then continued in a quiet voice, "thanks to what I know about me. But I would like to know more."

"Like what?"

"Just some background details. Like, where are you from? When were you born? What were you like as a child? What is your family like? Things like that."

"OK, those are fair questions. Typically those are the kind of things that are found out on the first date." George stood up straight in a sudden realization, "Hey, are we having our first date?"

Dawn giggled. "Do you have sex with all your girlfriends before the first date?"

A woman in front of them turned to be in a better listening position. George was slightly embarrassed and answered in a conspiratorial whisper, "Only the really hot ones."

Dawn hid her laughter behind her delicate hand and whispered back, "How about after?"

"How about during?"

Dawn smiled wickedly at him, "If Master wishes it." She pressed herself against him and reached down to caress his cock through his trousers. He had been nursing a semi-hard on since her teasing in the car. Now, her touch drew him to his full length easily and it strained the flimsy material.

"Hey, hey, hey!" he whispered. "I'm not wearing any underwear here. You are going to get me in trouble."

She looked up at him with a wounded puppy dog expression, "You mean, Master does not desire his lover's attentions?"

"I-I do, but, not here," he stammered.

Dawn immediately took her hands away from Georges turgid shaft. The bulge in his pants was almost comical. "Very well George. But please do not keep me waiting too long. It has been exactly 1 hour, 47 minutes, and 4 seconds since you last made me realize how lucky I am to be your Genie."

George's erection ached for attention. It was unlike any need he had ever encountered. He realized that since her emergence his libido had been indulged to the utmost, and he was already becoming addicted to her touch. The fact that she was still pressed against him and gazing at him hungrily was not helping.

"You aren't going to make this easy for me, are you?"

She reached around and pinched his behind. George jumped in response. "Not even a little bit," said Dawn with a gleam in her eye.

Finally, it was their turn to order. The man behind the counter took one look at Dawn and offered free samples of all the items George ordered. She accepted them gracefully and moaned appreciatively as she tasted the cuts of meat he offered. Though George only ordered a pound of each item, the packages felt a bit heavier than that.

They continued down the aisles of the store. Again, they found it difficult to talk openly without being overheard. Dawn engaged every person they passed, either by making a quick joke or sexy taunt. George couldn't help but feel a bit proud at the reactions Dawn was getting from others. Though Dawn seemed to be a shameless flirt and loved to ham it up for the crowd, she never looked at anyone the way she looked at George. Her flirtations, while somewhat over the top, were always directed in a way to excite him. The fact that others found her attractive didn't make him feel jealous at all. It only seemed to make him want her more.

Eventually, George gave up trying to be discreet. They talked freely as they moseyed down the cereal aisle. "I was born on February 14th. I'm nineteen years old. My mom's name is Jessica, my dad's name was Henry. I have two half-sisters, Hayley is 11 and Corina is 5. I was born here, and up until yesterday, was certain that I would die here."

"Why is that?" Dawn frowned.

"It's the nature of the place. It's comfortable. It's close to a few major cities that let you get your fill of the busy life, but it's far enough away from them that you can just not worry about it if you don't want too. Not too much crime, it's got a beach, it's temperate, it's just...easy."

"But now you do not think you will end up here?"

"Nah, it's a cool place, but I've always wanted to get out there and see something different. Ya know, see the world. I just never felt motivated enough to actually do it. Having you with me has kind of changed my whole outlook on things."

Dawn brightened, "You mean it? I have really done all that for you?"

George nodded.

She blushed, but couldn't hold back her glorious smile. "That is nicest thing you could have said to me." She walked with George silently for a few moments, her interest in the rest of the store suspended while she savored her thoughts.

Finally, she floated back to reality and added, "So, where should we go?"

"I haven't thought that far ahead yet. But I guess it really doesn't matter. As long as I'm with you, I think It would be the most fun I've ever had. Just going to the supermarket with you today is more fun then I have ever had in my entire life."

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