tagBDSMA Bed of Dreams

A Bed of Dreams


I was asleep in your bed, naked of course.

I woke up because I felt very uncomfortable, not being fully awake I couldn't work out what was wrong with me? I remember feeling very frightened at that point, because I couldn't move my legs or arms?

I am now wide awake and find my arms stretched back fully, crossed at the wrists behind the top of my head, and tied tightly to the bed head. My legs too, were tightly tied together to the end of the bed.

I looked down and saw a thin sheet covering my body.

Looking around the room, I couldn't see anyone. I remember it was very quiet. I tried desperately to get free; I struggled for what seemed like ages. The more I struggled the more my arms hurt. The door was shut and the room was dimly lit - I looked over my shoulder at the closed door. Tears slowly moved down my checks, they tickled and I wiped them away as best I could by turning my head towards the top of my right arm.

I then heard footsteps, they moved up, what sounded like stairs – but they were very slow footsteps, who ever it was, they certainly weren't in a hurry. I wasn't scared and thought surely this person would untie me and then I would be free to go and find you...

I watched the door intently, but never said a thing. Never called for help, nothing! It seemed to take ages for him or her to get to the door. Finally I watched the door handle turn, the door opened ever so slowly and in walked…………………… An impressive figure, wearing a long sleeved deep purple black cloak, which skimmed gracefully atop the carpet as the person walked. A large Sphinx mask covered any trace of who it was hidden under the mask – I felt a cold shiver run through my body - no not fear, but an unexpected excitement!

"Don't say a word!" came a muffled husky voice from beneath the mask.

"Not one word, do you understand?" The figure did not turn and look at me as it spoke - but slowly walked across the room in front of the bed, and around to my left side. In both hands it held a silver plate or tray – I could just make out a few objects placed upon it. I could see bottles, a white cloth or hanky a carefully folded piece of black material and two candles.

I watched as the figure placed the tray on a small wooden table, which sat under the main window of the bedroom. It was then I caught sight of the hands of my captor, - it was MALE! Strong small hands, tidy short fingernails – he was European and I could just see a touch of dark hair showing from below the cuffs of his cloak.

I desperately needed to see what he was doing! I turned my head until it was hard against my arm, by closing my right eye it enabled my left eye more clarity and I watched as he opened 3 small bottles and poured liquid from each of them into a bowl. He lit the candles and carried the table to the edge of the bed and placed it opposite my left breast.

"Not a word" he quietly said again looking down upon me.

I coyly moved my eyes to meet the eyes of his mask – I was breathing deeply my lips parted, I was excited…..I think?

He sat on the bed next to me.

"Tonight you will be a good girl,……. you will not speak or cry out" he touched my face and ran his fingers gently around my lips.

" You will be mine to do what ever I wish"

He moved his fingers slowly down onto my neck then took hold of the sheet covering my body and very slowly pulled it back over my breasts, down across my stomach and stopped just above my lower thighs.

The feel of the soft sheet moving over my body was intoxicating. My nipples were hard, my breathing heavy and I was aroused and ashamedly so! I knew not of this man and hated him for tying me up in such a way, yet he was arousing me, exciting me! I hated him for taking away my control.

Even though I could not see his eyes I knew he was examining my helpless body - I hated him for that too…….

I wanted to tell him my shoulders were hurting and that my wrists were sore, but what would he do to me if I spoke? I wasn't ready to find out just yet so decided to keep quiet - for now anyway.

From the silver tray he removed a glass-stirring rod, it was approximately 10 cms in length; I had seen these in a fancy kitchen shop in Ponsonby and had always wanted one.

He started mixing together the liquids he had poured into the bowl earlier and while doing so, watched my face. I kept my eyes on his, well where I knew his were……what did he hope to see in my face I wondered?

"This is not going to hurt – but you will stay perfectly still and remember – not a word!"

I nodded in agreement

Carefully, he drizzled the cold oily liquid over my warm body. Starting at my neck, then down between my breasts and onto my stomach. I shut my eyes tightly as I got used to the coolness of the droplets on my skin.

He removed the sheet from my legs and I heard it land on the floor behind my feet. He was standing now, and was moving along the edge of the bed toward my arms.

I could feel his dark cloak just brush my check as he stood next to the bed head. It was silk and it must have felt wonderful against his body. I could smell him!

The glass rod was now teasing my fingers open – I obliged and opened both hands. The oil ran down my forearms and over my elbows.

Apart form my face, the entire front of my body was now lined with oil. The smell of sandalwood, lavender and orange blossom adorned my skin.

I so much wanted to move, and remove the cold and uncomfortably sticky oil from my body.

I watched him carry the small table back against the wall. He took the strip of black material and tied it tightly around his hips. He placed the two candles on the wooden posts at the foot of the bed and then stood still in front of me. – He unbutton his cloak, but only to the waist …..

I could see his chest, I wanted to see his chest, his shoulders and arms! Oh god I wanted to see him and he knew it. He slowly removed his arms from the cloak and let it fall behind him exposing his firm muscular chest. The candlelight enhanced all his beauty I took a deep breath………….

"You will not move" he repeated coldly as he moved from behind the foot of the bed.

"You will be good and not say a word"

I watched as he got onto the bed and straddled my body.

I was breathing heavily as I looked up at his mask, I could just make out his grey eyes – cold, controlling eyes, I hated him!

He placed both hands firmly around my neck, then moved them up my arms until they found my wrists, and fingers. He carefully rubbed the oil around every finger. His chest was centimetres away from my mouth; I wanted to lean my face into him. I knew he could feel my warm breath against his skin and I was sure he liked it.

He moved down my arms and onto my breasts, his fingers gently massaging the oil into my skin and around my nipples. He was teasing me, and he wasn't going to stop!

I shut my eyes and let him take control of my pleasure.

His fingers danced over my stomach and around my waist – firm but gentle – he had me on fire!

Across my hips he moved, down further still, then my thighs, along my legs, over my knees and finally to my feet! I am slippery and warm. I am wet and horny. I watch him look up at me from the bottom of the bed. I want more……….I imagine him smiling at me.

I'm breathing heavier now, I want to moan – I want to move, I want him to hear how much I enjoy his touch – but I don't dare speak!

At the bottom of the bed he stops, his hands held firmly around my tied ankles.

I look at him wildly with parted lips and laboured breathing, – you bastard, I want to yell!

He laughs at me!

He suddenly moves quickly up along my legs and stops abruptly at my thighs – he looks at me again. Very gently he moves my legs apart and starts rubbing the oil into my inner thighs, he moves his fingers further and further in between my legs. He can see I am wet, he can see what he has done, but he never touches me there – just teases me feverishly, until I can no longer stand it.

"Oh god" I yell with a sigh.

He stops what he is doing as abruptly as he started – I watch as he put the top half of the cloak back around his shoulders, does up the buttons and removes the black material from his hips.

"I told you, you weren't to talk, not a word I said" His voice had changed, he is angry.

He walks toward me – "you will be punished for disobeying me."

"I'm sorry," I plead " I'm sorry ……please?"

He places the black material across my mouth and ties it firmly behind my head.

"I hate you" I mumble.

"You will stay like that until I decide you have been punished. You will have plenty of time to think about your disobedience." He picks up the silver tray and leaves the room closing the door behind him………….

I'm lying on your bed and felling like a helpless captured animal! I feel humiliated, cold and scared, my thoughts are all over the place. I look down at my ankles, then up at my hands – they are tied ever so tightly with strips of brown leather. – He had obviously gone to a lot of trouble; even the knot is one I hadn't seen before!

I struggle hoping I may just loosen these strange knots - as before, my shoulders start to hurt….

I am his and it will stay that way until he is ready to let me go!

I sob uncontrollably as I look at the closed door, and mutter through the gag "I'm sorry, I won't do it again – I'm sorry!"

Time drags by and I watch the two candles at the foot of the bed. I watch as the wax dribbles down the stem and onto the wooden post leaving a tangled mass of wax in its wake!

The yellow flames flicker out of 'step' and produce strange shadows on the walls. Huge dark and menacing shadows, just like my captor. I hated looking at them and tried to concentrate on something else, but always my eyes were drawn back to the dark moving wall..

I imagine him towering over my body, his wonderful heavy chest – his hands all over me, his mouth on mine. Who was this man who could humiliate so? Then in the next breath give me such enduring and selfless pleasure?

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again – I'm sorry, please come back?"

Again tears welled in my eyes and then slid slowly down my checks…………

An hour passes, and I start to shiver with cold, my mouth is dry and the gag is cutting slightly into the corners of my mouth.

Suddenly I hear a noise outside the door – and I look quickly towards it, my eyes wide and my heart pounding.

I watched the door, it opened, and two blonde haired women walk slowly into the room – each wearing a short sleeveless see-through white blouse. Two small buttons high around the neckline keep the garment shut. I could clearly see their hard nipples pushing against the material. They were both wearing white lacy G-strings, which sat high on their hips enhancing their beautiful curvaceous bodies.

A thick black velvety tightly fitting facemask covered their eyes and their blonde hair was tied back in a long ponytail. Around their necks they wore a brown leather strap.

They were both very beautiful and I felt totally disgusted as I looked down at my body.

I too could look like that I thought? But look at me, I've been tied to a bed naked for hours, covered with greasy oil, and my mouth gagged – I must look terrible and I felt ashamed.

The two women stood side by side at the foot of the bed facing me. Their moist pink lips glistening in the candlelight; they did not speak and they did not move, they stood silently watching me………….

A voice came through the door as I lay admiring the two beautiful women standing in front of me.

" Have you been a good girl? " he inquired as he ran his hand roughly up the arm and around the neck of one of the girls. She did not move, and stood as still as she had done a few minutes before his arrival.

He turned and faced me, his large heavy mask now replaced with a fine black well fitted one. I could see his lips and mouth, the outline of his face and head; his eyes were clearly defined showing light brown eyelashes and eyebrows his eyes still as menacing and cold as before.

"I'm sure you have." He said calmly " You will now do as I say!"

He moved between the two women, and I watched as he placed his hands inside each of their blouses and firmly grasped their breasts. Again they did not move – not a sound, their lips showing no emotion, not so much as a quiver.

Slowly he unbuttoned each blouse and parted them carefully with both hands – he ran his hands carefully over their breasts and stomach. He then walked behind one of the woman and took hold of her hair and firmly pulled her head back.

"Look at her body – beautiful isn't it?" He said as he put his mouth against her neck. He did not take his eyes off me as he caressed her neck and shoulders.

" You will not move and you will not say one word"

He was enjoying this torture, his torture of me!

He took hold of the second woman's hair and pulled her head back just as he did with the first.

"Look at her breasts – small and beautiful, gorgeous nipples, just like yours wouldn't you say?"

Still holding her head back he moved to her side and placed his mouth over her breast, he stopped and looked over at me, then continued his torture. I could feel everything he was doing to her, his tongue firmly moving over her nipple, his teeth gently nipping her. I closed my eyes and let out a silent sigh of pleasure.

He moved away and let go of her hair, she lowered her head and stood as before.

My heart was pounding as I watched him stand behind each of the women and ever so carefully remove their blouses. He gently undid the brown leather straps from around their necks but left them where they were. . He never once took his eyes off me – "Stop, stop, stop I wanted to scream"

He slowly removed their underwear until both women were standing in front of me naked – white female flesh, beautiful sexy flesh, hard nipples, nicely shaven pubic hair – Were they there for me?

No I had decided! This was his game, I was just an unwilling participant in a game called… pleasure, a game called control maybe?

One at a time he caressed their bodies with his hands. I could see his hands deliberately move seductively over milky white breasts, hard pink nipples, then down onto firm flat stomachs. Into and around blonde pubic hair, between shapely legs and then back again… I was so hot, so wet – my breathing noticeably shallow, I was in pain and I hated him even more for how he was making me feel.

"You have been very good, not one word as come from your lips," he said to me as he undid their hair and let it fall around their shoulders.

He ran his fingers through one of the girls hair, grabbed a handful, pulled her head back and kissed her passionately on the lips.

No matter what he did they never moved…. I could just see through the mask around their eyes an occasional blink now and then.

Were they twins I wondered, same bodies and hair, even their lips and mouth appeared the same shape and size. I was puzzled and thought for a moment I could be drugged, god perhaps I was dreaming? If it was a dream did I want to wake?

"I will remove the gag from your mouth for your obedience" he smirked. He made his way over to the little wooden table below the window and picked up a small bottle and walked over to me.

"Not one word now!"

Lifting my head, he removed the black gag form my mouth, he waited and allowed me to move and stretch my mouth back into some normality.

He placed the bottle against my lips and carefully poured into my mouth a much needed drink of water.

" We are nearly ready"

Ready for what, oh please untie me, and please let me go. Let the game be over! I looked into his eyes; hoping he would understand me, hear me even…………

He went over to the little wooden table and placed the water bottle down.

He then walked over to the two naked beauties standing at the end of the bed and in turn, ran his hands across their buttocks, up their backs and stopped at the loose brown leather straps around their necks.

Carefully, the straps were skilfully tied into slipknots, and then placed over the bedposts where the slowly burning candles sat - still flickering out of step! Their ghostly dark companion on the wall behind bearing silent witness to what was unfolding on the large bed below.

The scene in front of me was like a dream!

I must be dreaming I had decided, this can't happen in real life can it? -

Two masked and beautiful naked women, candles casting menacing shadows, leather straps tied to the bed, and an intoxicating captor intent on torturing me with nothing but…… pleasure?

The excitement and desire so deftly wound inside my mind was scary - this man had managed to manipulate my whole being with his words and gestures. What was most clever about this moment was the uncertainty he had created! I hated him, but loved him for it!

I followed him with only my eyes as he moved around to where I lay tightly bound, his hands carefully unbuttoning his cloak as he walked. He picked the black gag up off the floor and again placed it around his hips and tied a knot. He removed the top half of the cloak and I looked upon his wonderful chest and arms…Oh god I thought trying to keep control of my speech and movement… oh god!

He sat high up on the bed next to me, and I watched as he placed his index finger into his mouth and gently and seductively rolled his tongue around it. I could just see the movement of his moist fleshy tongue, his lips were glistening with the moisture he produced while doing so.

He then placed the same finger slightly inside my mouth and moved it around the inside of my lips.

"Do not move! If you move I will gag you again." He kept his cold eyes fixed upon mine.

"Do not speak!" he calmly said. "If you speak, I will gag you again."

He continued teasing my lips – and every so often, returned his finger to his mouth and tongue, I greedily waited for its return.

He then moved his fingers down onto my nipples watching me as he did so. As before, a repeated performance followed.

Each nipple responded to every moment, every pinch, and every stroke of his wet finger. His stare had changed from cold and calm, to much amusement. For a split second, I was sure I saw a glint of pleasure come from his grey eyes.

Again the words "Do not move, do not speak!"

I was breathing heavily and enjoying my captors' torture – but I was ever so mindful of obeying him, I did not like the gag and did not want to feel the tightness of it around my mouth for a second time…

He moved down onto my stomach, not with his finger this time but with his tongue ..in and around my tummy button he probed, lightly kissing and nipping my flesh. I could feel the firmness of his teeth on my skin, - he looked up at me and I could see he was enjoying my pleasure even feeding off it!

I shut my eyes tightly, opened my mouth and allowed my heavy breath to flow from my mouth as quietly as possible –

I felt the leather strap loosen from around my ankles…I thought nothing of it...I didn't care!

I felt a warm hand take hold of each ankle...but I didn't care!

My captor had control of all my senses…..his tongue and lips now caressing my thighs…

I felt each leg slowly move apart....but I didn't care!

He was now between my legs, kissing, licking, probing...

I felt both ankles tighten as they were tied to the bed again...but I didn't care!

He was always very close to my wet and swollen lips, but never quite there.. never quite there... I thought I would come!

He seemed to know this and would move his mouth away... I took a deep breath, clenched both fists and opened my eyes.

My body was covered with beads of sweat, my mouth dry and my breathing fast and shallow, I felt as if I were drunk!

He had stopped, why?

I looked down, eyes searching wildly in the dimly lit room.

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