tagFetishA Beginner's Guide To Domination

A Beginner's Guide To Domination


How to Dominate Your Husband A Beginners Guide.

Your husband has fantasies about being dominated and you have no idea how to fulfill them. You're not alone. Most couples I would say have one member whose fantasies go beyond the comfort zone of the other and you can either ignore them or try to embrace them. Maybe you talk about his fantasies openly, or maybe he has only mentioned them in passing. He may feel more embarrassed talking about his fantasies than you feel hearing them. If he has ever mentioned them to you, understand how vulnerable he probably felt admitting to you, the love of his life, his dirtiest secret. Likely he planted the seed somehow to see if it would take root, and if it hasn't, he may be too embarrassed to mention it further. How do you think a guy would feel admitting to such things. He does after all still want you to see him as a strong man.

If you think you'd like to try to indulge him, first do a little bit of research. Go online and watch some domination videos but know that you don't have to start off as some crazy hardcore bitch right from off the hop. But it doesn't hurt to have that as an ambition ;). The most important thing to keep in mind, is to keep your mind open. You don't have to be on camera to be a porn star for your man. You don't need a tiny waist or silicone tits either. Your man loves you, he has chosen to give his entire life to you. You need to approach these things with confidence. Your man already thinks you're sexy, believe me. If he has fetishes like these than he is a sexual person. If he is a sexual person than he wouldn't commit to someone that doesn't turn him on. And if you turn him on as it is, imagine how hot he will find you when you show him that you are not only okay with his darkest desires but are willing to surprise him by bringing true something he probably thinks will never happen.

What's in it for me? You might ask. Well if fulfilling your lovers fantasies isn't enough than know that if he dreams of being dominated you may even be able to take it outside the bedroom a little bit and have him doing your chores. Ever wanted to lie like Cleopatra while your man slaves fulfill your every wish. Besides this you may find out that you enjoy it more than you might think and the newly sparked desire you spark in your mans eyes may be reward enough.

Also realize that domination doesn't have to rule your love making. Just because you start getting kinky from time to time doesn't mean every love making session you have has to lead to it. But be prepared for theses sessions to be hotter than before.

The following ideas may sound very depraved to the average mind but believe me they're more popular than you think. How many strapons do you think would have to be sold in a year to keep one producer of such items profitable? Now how many brands do you see on the shelves of your average 'toys store'? Not to mention the butt plugs, the ball gags and all the rest. There are even fetish communities in most cities. Groups that get together on occasion to provide support and ideas to one another, however there is no reason to feel pressured to talk to anyone else about your private lives.

Start off harmlessly with some mild pain and/or humiliation. Get him to taste his own cum. Most men have fantasized about doing this but never do mainly because they lose the desire to after they cum leaving them incapable of completing the task during masturbation. One way to approach this is the after blow job kiss. This works especially well when your man doesn't know that you're interested in learning more about domination. Make sure to get a good mouthful of cum for him before going up to kiss him and push it all into his mouth. This is a great surprise if he has ever fantasized about it but it's not for everyone. And if you're feeling very adventurous grab his balls and give them a little squeeze and let him know that he can either swallow or regret it. If he has ever expressed any kind of bi fantasy or strap on fantasy or anything of the sort though than you can feel perfectly comfortable trying this move on him. It is after all perfectly harmless and you may be surprised how much it turns the both of you on. Once you have got him comfortable eating cum you will have him in the palm of your hand.

Here's an idea that works best if you live somewhere with a little bit of privacy. Or at the very least you may want to close the blinds unless you feel really adventurous and have neighbors who are easy going. Get one of those costume French maids outfits that will fit him and convince him to wear it. Have him clean the windows, vacuum or whatever you like and when he misses a spot give him a slap in the face or a kick in the balls. Play your cards right and you end up with a very satisfied man and a very clean house. You may not feel comfortable with this at first thinking you are hurting him or something but trust me if he really doesn't like it he'll let you know. At this point, where you are going to start using some mild forms of pain you really should agree on a safe word so that you can feel comfortable pushing his boundaries knowing that you won't go too far and scare or really hurt him. Red, yellow, green works very well at first, Red being stop we're going to far, yellow meaning to turn it down a notch and green meaning "that all you got"?

Strap ons have always been a popular staple to any domme/sub relationship. Your man will definitely know who's in charge when he's looking up at you from his knees as your latex cock dangles menacingly before his face. Men have aggressively pursued blow jobs from the beginning of time. Look at this as an educational experience to teach him what it feels like to have a cock shoved down his throat. Or maybe you'd prefer to see him bent over in front of you, ass exposed like some kind of craven whore. Be a little more gentle with his ass, he may need to be stretched out a bit before he can accommodate your strapon.

All these ideas work great on their own, but even better when used together. And if you haven't lost interest by now then read on.

There may even come a time when you decide to dabble in public humiliation. This can be an amazing turn on but should be approached with some forethought. After all you don't want family, friends or co-workers catching onto your little game. If you decide to take it public this can be an amazing turn on for your man but you may perhaps want to try it in another city. This may be a weekend trip to Vegas or a quick trip down the highway to the nearest city. The options are endless when there's no threat of being caught be anyone you know. Dress up sexy and then dress him up sexy. Find a local 'alternative' or gay club and dress him up pretty for the night. Make him dance with you as your sexy 'girlfriend' all night. Maybe make him walk into convenience stores dressed up and buy something. Maybe even have him to buy his own outfit. Take him to a lingerie store and make him pick out a bra and panties that will fit him. Feel free to be naughty with it, what's the worst that can happen? Hold items up to him to check their size. The clerk will probably find it funny watching you control him. Bet she'll even have a laugh with her girlfriends later when she tells them that some guy is right now wearing the panties she sold him. Or if you're feeling adventurous, take him dressed up to get his ears pierced, or maybe his nipples.

However you decide to approach it, do it with confidence. You are the sexiest thing in his world and knowing that even the side he's most embarrassed about is okay with you will bring you closer together.

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My husband and i love to play like this! Our sex life has never been better!

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