tagMind ControlA Best Friend's Seduction

A Best Friend's Seduction


As we walked, we talked about the days we'd had at our school, and, as is the norm, the conversation turned to sex. She talked at length about her old boyfriend, a boy of the sixth form, with whom she had had a long and troubled relationship, punctuated by many break ups, rebounds and the like. She described in detail her various sexual encounters with the boy, she had very little in the way of sexual inhibitions, and I think it probable that she didn't see me as a sexual being... at least, not then.

Unfortunately her words, unbeknownst to her, were taking their toll, and my erection began to press noticeably against the thin, grey material of my school trousers. A large tent which, as quickly and subtly as I could, I adjusted into a more discreet position. Not subtly enough, however, as I caught, in the corner of my vision, her sight-line shift down a little, accompanied by a slight widening of her enthralling eyes.

We continued to walk, paused in our discussion, and I took this opportunity to take in her beauty once more. Lustrous, dark red hair, tapering to an intricate plait, which lay on her left shoulder. Deep, green eyes, framed by lashes, a fine touch of a little makeup highlighting her most captivating features. Her figure, also, was something to behold. A perfect apple bottom swung from side to side as she paced, leading up to her angular shoulders, perfectly sized, soft but firm breasts, and a face adorned with that confident, skeptical smile, and a touch of sexy mischievousness that I had come to know so well. At this point I knew that above all else, I had to have her.

And that, unfortunately, is always as far as I got, as far, and no further. I would walk home with the most beautiful girl in existence, and then, as our ways parted, say good-bye and head home. She was my friend, one of my best, having known each other for years on end, and I was horrified at the thought at our relationship being potentially destroyed because I just couldn't help myself. There must, I thought, be a solution... and now I had finally found one.

We continued walking our normal route, chatting away as if all was normal, all be it with a few more glances towards my crotch from her, until we finally came to a section of our journey that took us through a small, secluded park. The park contained only one bench, was surrounded and completely interlaced by bushes and trees, and, most importantly, was utterly deserted. Eventually, five meters from the bench, I made my move.

"Hang one", I called, as I bent down to tie a shoelace I had deliberately trodden on to undo, "give me a moment". She stopped, turned, and smiled. That smile was all the motivation I needed. It was time to use my newly acquired tools.

I stood up, quickly, reducing the distance from I to her to about half a meter. I brought up my hand and pressed a small patch, about the size of a band aid to her wrist. For a second she looked merely confused but the chemical in the patch was taking it's effect and she fell without a sound, in a faint. I moved fast, catching her as she fell, and moving and lowering her to the bench. I looked at her for what felt like an age, knowing that she would be out for half an hour at least. The chemical I had used was harmless, simply a catalyst for what was to come. I looked around fleetingly, for someone to enter the clearing now would be disastrous, but saw only the greens and browns of the park land, and heard only the low rustle of leaves.

I placed a tentative hand on her knee, and, seeing that this elicited no response, began to move it gently up he leg. I reached the hem of her skirt, and slowly pushed it upwards, till the apex of her tights was visible. The tights I then removed completely after her shoes, it was a warm day and she wouldn't need them anyway. I replaced her shoes with the addition of socks, and pocketed the tights. It was then that I received the shock of my life: she wasn't wearing any panties!

I closed my eyes to drown out the sheer ecstatic lust I was feeling, and managed to pull myself together for long enough to calm myself down, telling myself

"Later, that will come later". Next, I took the tiny bottle, which I had concealed in my breast pocket, already filled with my new serum, and slowly, inexorably, I moved my fingers up her exposed inner thigh, till I felt the beginnings of her smooth mound. I felt round and up, cupping her pussy on my palm, its silken skin feeling wonderful to my touch. Using my ring and index finger, I spread the lips of her pussy apart, and, with the center finger, stroked her pussy from bottom to top, the tip of my finger ending on her slightly engorged clitoris.

Using the other hand, I brought the lip of the bottle in to position just above her clit, and tipped it the smallest of amounts. A single drop of purple liquid fell down, on to her clit, quickly coating it and disappearing, absorbed in to the skin. Next, taking care not to use too much, I dipped my little finger into the tincture, bringing it out with another drop. I very gently inserted the tip into her pussy, curled it upwards, and stroked along her g-spot. There was a small, barely audible moan and I froze, unsure whether to take this rather ambiguous sound as that of pleasure or discomfort... eventually, however, she settled back down into her sleep and I relaxed.

Finally, I undid her top-most buttons, pulled her bra downwards, and, trying not to look too much (I was saving her breasts for later and was very aware that time was running out) applied a drop to each. Disposing of the bottle, I watched the result of my handiwork. At first nothing seemed to happen, and I cursed my luck, but then, after a few seconds, I saw it! Her clitoris began to engorge and redden, and her lovely, rose bud nipples stood erect.

I almost laughed with glee at this point, it had worked! The goddamn stuff had worked! I had known it would, of course, but seeing it happen before my very eyes was something else entirely. I considered sitting back and enjoying the view, but, conscious of time, I quickly redressed her (minus her tights) and neatened her clothing and sat on the bench with her. If all went as planned, she would have no recollection of the minute or so before she passed out, or of what happened while she was. Crucially though, she would also be exceptionally aroused and open to suggestion to whom ever emitted a specific chemical pheromone, a pheromone which I just happened to be wearing.

Mere minutes later, her eyelids began to flutter open, and I quickly assumed my 'pretend sleep' position and waited. A second later I heard a small yawn, followed by a confused murmur. Then, as she noticed me, I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking me 'awake'. I allowed my eyelids to open, and looked at her concerned face. "What the hell happened" she asked "all I can remember is walking in to the park and then... here!" I returned her look of concern as I quietly exalted inside, "Really? I remember us coming into the park and sitting down, I don't remember dozing off, but we must have..."

Yeah... Yes. Of course. That's what happened" she replied, the suggestive state of her mind accepting my explanation easily, slotting it into place as fact.

"Shall we?" I gestured in the general direction of home.

"Yeah... on we go I suppose" she smiled and we began to walk once more.

Now, I thought, for the next stage of my plan.

If I receive a positive reaction, I shall submit the sequel, which shall, I assure you all, contain a lot more explicit content.

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by Anonymous06/08/17

Hot - I want you to know how horned up this made me...

I've been fapping off nonstop to your stories. *PLEASE* please *PLEASE* post more. That would be terrific!

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