tagLetters & TranscriptsA Better Job Next Time

A Better Job Next Time


HIM: Taking advantage of the fact that you probably will not read this.

HIM: I have been thinking about licking anf fucking you in the ass again. Would love to make yoou scream with pleasure....last time I think I was too gentle.....

HIM: I think I'd make you strip off all of your clothes and squat down in front of me and have you lick my balls and asshole.......a finger there would be welcome too

HIM: this would make me rock hard and ready for you to suck me off

HIM: i would want you to play with my cockhead with your lips, mouth and tongue.....pulling the foreskin back and forth driving me crazy

HIM: You'd of course be getting super wet seeing me thrusting my hips and fucking your mouth......groaning with pleasure...

HIM: Finally I'd as you to take your hand and grip the shaft tightly........ after you've tried to take it completely down your throat (this would make you gag and lots of lubrication would make my cock shine and glisten and be all lubed up

HIM: I'd guide you hand to stroke my cock all the way down and back very fast until you watch my cockhead...(already deep red and swollen) swell even more and spurt cum out over your face....i am so turned on that I squirt more than usual...up over your face and even into your hair

HIM: you are so aroused by now because as you stroked and sucked me you were sliding a little finger against my tight asshole........as you saw my cockhead swelling and about to explode you pressed your finger against me asshole and you felt it open and clench with my orgasm......you are able to slide your finger almost all the way in.......this is part of the reason why I squirt so forcefully.....you must have pressed on my prostate.......source of semenal fluid

HIM: Any way with your finger up my asshole I am so aroused , my cock doesn't get soft.......you keep sliding your finger in and out of my asshole......I am feeling your tongue licking my balls and then teasing my cockhead again....

HIM: you are so aroused that your have begun fingering your pussy.....when you feel how wet you are you begin to moan around my cochead in your mouth

HIM: You take two wet fingers and start rubbing your clit ....fast and furious and begin thrusting your hips into your rapidly moving fingers

HIM: The feeling of my asshole clenching onto your finger and your fingers on your clit....and your wetness seeping out......is realling getting you going

HIM: I pull my cock out of your mouth and positing myself underneath you.....

HIM: no condoms this time

HIM: I first take some of your pussy nectar and rub it around your asshole.........then I pull my foreskin down all the way so the head is totally covered......and push my covered cockhead against your slick assshole

HIM: My foreskin meets your asshole and makes a seal against your tight puckered hole......when you feel me touching your asshole you start to cum...hard.......thrusting up.....then back against my cock hard....plop the slippery cockhead slides in easily no friction as my forekin is there to keep it smooth........then you start to impale your asshole on my cock.....you feel the ridge of my cockhead and you want to be filled even more....

HIM: Your fingers are rubbing even harder and faster on your clit now and you are fucking me with your tight ass

HIM: It isn't long before I feel you jerk and convulsing on my cock....your asshole is so tight and then opening even more......it is an intense feeling and vision...

HIM: The only reason I don't explode is because I've already cum in your mouth

HIM: and over your face

HIM: As you come down from your orgasm....my hard cock still deep in your ass......I reach around and start curling my two fingers into your pussy.....avoiding your now overly sensitive clit

HIM: I have figured out an interesting thing about women's orgasms since I last was with you

HIM: The front wall of you pussy has some little rough ridges...just about 3/4 -1 inch inside.....that if rubbed gently but firmly.....(avoiding the clit) and patiently will feel awesome......though it makes you want to cum bad!

HIM: If you are patient and don't give in to touching your clit and hurrying the orgasm.........eventually these little rough ridges smoothen out......as they begin to smoothen I start to press my fingers harder into them rubing in and out pressing against the front wall.....this drives you crazy and you start to fuck my cock with your asshole again.........after a while you start convulsing again and a copious amount of clear watery fluid starts to flow out of your pussy......soaking my fingers and my balls........you are whimpering with pleasure....

HIM: how is that for a wild encounter??

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