tagInterracial LoveA Better Life for Lauren

A Better Life for Lauren


Chapter one – This is a fictional account.

Lauren had her thumb out again. She hoped this ride would be better than several of the others and maybe more like the last. The first two had been truckers and they both had expected something for the ride. She was running from sex but sex seemed the only thing she knew and was good at. The first trucker that had picked her up out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi was a middle aged guy with a good sized beer gut. He had only driven her as far as the state line and left her at a truck stop because he was headed in a different direction than she was. He had demanded a blowjob for the ride and buying her lunch. She had sucked him off in the back of his cab. He had a small dick and Lauren had come to appreciate them bigger. She had finished him off in about three minutes. Her talented mouth had that soft little dick hard in twenty seconds and blowing her a load before three minutes was up. She had swallowed the salty treat down then exited the cab. He waved to her as he drove off.

The next guy was younger and thinner but the result was about the same. He had driven her to Baton Rouge where they stayed the night in his cab at another truck stop. Of course, she had no place to stay so she had to take his offer to sleep with him. She had sucked him off and then he fucked her before they went to sleep. His dick was a little over six inches so she didn't mind the fucking to bad. In the morning he bought her breakfast before they parted, so she blew him again. Probably because she had sucked him and fucked him the night before, the second blowjob had taken about six minutes before he popped his nuts into her mouth. Lauren had learned at an early age to suck cock and suck them good. It was kind of a game for her how fast she could make them cum. It almost never took her too long. Usually under five minutes.

The third guy was a nice older man. He had pulled up in his caddie to fill up and get a bite to eat. He was checking a map on the hood of his car when she had approached him. He was driving to Houston and wouldn't mind the company. They had talked about many things along the trip. He was sixty, a widower, and on his way to visit some friends in Houston. She was on her way to Galveston, so Houston was a good next stop for her.

They had made it to Beaumont and stopped for dinner. She did not have any money and the kind old guy had offered to buy her dinner. They both had a nice steak dinner and hit the road again. A couple hours more and the old guy was feeling tired as they got into Houston. He had a hotel for the first night after that he was staying with friends. He had asked her if she knew anyone in Houston but she did not. He asked where she planned to stay. She told him she had nowhere to go. He offered to get her a room too. She said if he would get a room with two double beds that would be fine, which he did. He was so nice to her in the morning when he was in the shower, she climbed in behind him. He was a little over weight but not bad. His cock was about four inches soft but she soon had it hard in her mouth. She sucked him off in the shower. He came in about four minutes. He told her that he had not had a blowjob in six years since before his wife died. He thanked her and bought her breakfast. When they parted in the hotel lobby, she asked if he wanted anything else. He kissed her cheek and said no. He doubted he could get it up again so soon but appreciated the offer. He offered to give her some money to help her get to Galveston but she declined saying he had been generous enough already.

Lauren was now back on the interstate with her thumb out trying to get the last ride to Galveston. She planned to get a waitress job there but only until she could get a better job as a dealer at one of the casinos. She had experience as a waitress in Hattiesburg which she thought would help. She left there to get away from her lousy family and make a new start. Lauren was tired of being everyone's sex slave.

It had all started a few moths earlier after her eighteenth birthday when her step dad caught her masturbating in the bathroom with one of his porn magazines. Her mom had married the bastard a year earlier. Her mom was a waitress too and a drunk. If she wasn't working she was drinking gin. She never seemed to notice what was going on in the house with her daughter. Her step dad had been drunk too the night he caught her. He had told her if she was such a slut to do that then she might as well do it for real. He had wiped out his dick and made her suck it while she was sitting on the toilet. She sucked it till he came and he held her head until she swallowed it. Almost every night since then he made her either suck him off or fuck him. He had broken her cherry too. Lauren might have been able to live with things if it was just him but it had evolved way beyond that.

Her step dad had two brothers in town. Together they ran the local junkyard. It was not exactly a booming business, so they never really had any money. It was also rumored there was chemical waste dumped somewhere on the property so even the land was not very valuable. Her mom did ok as a waitress but that never went very far either with three kids to feed. They lived in a run down old three bedroom house that had been her real dad's before he died. Her step dad often took to inviting his brothers over to drink when her mom was at work and they then took turns fucking Lauren and having her suck their cocks. Even her two older brothers got into the act after they had secretly watched the uncles and her step dad do her several times when home of spring break from college. Even when she got home tired from waitressing, many times she had to fuck or suck a couple of them before she could go to bed. She had even been woken up in the middle of the night by her drunken step dad to give him her money she made waitressing and then to suck him off. She had now graduated from high school and decided to leave for Galveston to find a better life for herself. She hadn't told any of them she was leaving because she knew they would not want to lose their precious sex slave.

Fucking her step dad, uncles, and brothers had not been the full extent of Lauren's sordid sex activities either. Since sex had been a big part of her life for the last several months, she was quick to fall back on it as a resource to be used. She had sucked off a math teacher to get a better grade to graduate and two police officers when they caught her behind the school one afternoon sucking off three football players. Lauren had made the cheerleading squad at high school not because she had a fantastic body though she was incredibly athletic and flexible, but because her childhood friend Sally was the prettiest girl in school. Sally also had nice tits which Lauren did not. She was embarrassed by her small tits. She had been not needed a bra until much after most girls her age. Even then her mom had gotten it for her only because her puffy nipples were protruding on her tight T-shirts and the school principal had called to complain. Lauren normally wore her strawberry red hair in pigtails. Her step dad liked them because he used them as handles to hold her head when she sucked him. At 5'2" and around 96 pounds, with pigtails, she always looked even younger than she was. Her step dad and uncles had even fucked her several times in her cheerleading uniform. They would have her do a cheer or two for them. Then they would fuck her one after the other with her over the arm of a stuffed chair. One would be on the chair in her mouth while the other parted her uniform bottoms and plowed into her tight pink pussy. She usually had a shirt on even when she was being fucked by her step dad or uncles. Her step dad said her tits were not even worth a look but several of the boys she had fucked at school had liked sucking on her puffy nipples.

Lauren had fucked and sucked most of the senior boys in her high school by the time she graduated. Sally was always invited to every party and insisted Lauren goes too. Usually that meant Lauren would end the evening in a back bedroom of a house or out in the woods somewhere. She would suck off anyone that wanted and fuck most anyone too. Lauren was blessed with what all the guys called blowjob lips. She was a pretty girl with her red hair and a few freckles on her nose. She never could afford make up so she always looked younger than her friends. Her face was cute but her best features were her bright blue eyes, red hair and her lips. They were puffy and meant for sucking her brothers said. They had nicknamed her "Lips". They had both been off at college on football scholarships but were home now for the summer and using her again.

Lauren chose Galveston because she had read somewhere that you could make good money as a dealer in one of the many casinos that had sprung up along the water. She had loved the gulf when her real dad took her there as a kid and so she wanted to be near the water too. Since her step dad always took all her money, she had been forced to hit the road with nothing but the few decent clothes she owned in a trash bag.

The sun was hot and the weather was steamy in Houston in July. She was use to the heat from home but the humidity was even worse here she thought. She could feel sweat breaking out on her pale body and knew if she didn't get a ride soon the shower she had taken with the old man would be wasted. Her luck was about to change, she hoped, as an old van pulled over for her. She ran to the passenger window. Two big black guys were inside.

"Where you going little lady?" the one in the passenger seat said.

"I am trying to get to Galveston." She said.

"Lucky you. That is exactly where we're headed." The driver said.

"Get in the back." The passenger said.

Lauren clamored into the back bench seat and moved to close the sliding door. The door was a little heavy for her and the passenger swiveled around in his captain's chair seat and helped her.

"I'm Earl." He said. "And this is my brother Bubba. We are shrimpers. We were just up here looking for some parts for the shrimp boat we own."

"My name is Lauren." She said. "I'm from Hattiesburg and heading to Galveston to get a job." She added.

"What kind of work you do Lauren?" Earl asked.

"I'm a waitress but I want to become a dealer at one of the casinos." Lauren said.

"Those jobs are hard to get." Bubba said. "Everybody around here wants to work there." He added.

"We might be able to help ya get a job at "Mira's Café if ya don't have nuthin lined up already." Earl said. "Mira is a friend of ours. She can always use another set of hands. That's if you don't mind serving black folks." He stated.

"Yeah, black folks is all that goes in Mira's Café." Bubba said.

"I don't mind." Lauren said. "I knew many black folks back in Hattiesburg." She said.

They drove in silence a while. Lauren was hot even with the windows open. The van did not have air conditioning, that worked anyway, and it was stifling in the Texas heat. The two big black guys were sweating through their shirts as Lauren looked at them. Earl had swung back around to face forward as they drove. They had country music playing on the radio. Lauren looked behind her seat and saw a bunch of rusty old engine parts back there. Lauren looked at the brothers again and thought they must be in their late thirties or early forties. She wondered why they weren't married or if they were. Neither had rings on their fingers.

After a while Earl swung around again. "Ya have a place to stay in Galveston Lauren?" he asked.

"No I don't." she answered.

"There is a hotel not to far from Mira's if ya want us to drop ya there?" he asked.

"I don't have no money." Lauren said.

"Ya travelin broke girl?" he asked.

"I reckon I am." Lauren said.

Earl looked at Bubba and Bubba frowned back. "Ya want to stay with us on the boat?" he asked. "It taint much but we have an extra bed. We goes out shrimpin ever day so you would either have to come or stay back. But you're welcome to it until ya get your own place." He stated.

Bubba grunted the whole time but seemed to go along with his younger brother. "That would be great mister. Is it ok with your brother?" she asked.

"Bubba is ok with it, ain't ya?" Earl asked smiling. "But call us Bubba and Earl, huh!"

"Yeah, ok." Bubba said. "But our boat is our business. No prissy lady stuff. We's got shrimp to catch." He added.

"I won't be no trouble I promise." Lauren said.

"Can you cook?" Earl asked.

"Yes, I'm a good cook and I will clean for ya too." Lauren said.

"Clean, that will be a change, huh brother?" Earl laughed.

"Yeah, I guess so." Bubba said finally crackin a smile.

They drove most of the rest of the way listening to the music. The brothers pointed out some of the sights as they entered Galveston. They told her they would take her by Mira's to see about the job as the day was blown for shrimpin anyway and they had work to do on the starboard engine. Her restaurant was not to far from the marina so she could walk there every morning.

When they got to Mira's they all went in and had lunch. The guys ordered gumbo for themselves and her and a basket of cornbread. While they ate they called Mira over.

"Mira." Earl said. "Lauren here is looking for a waitress job. You could use a hand around her from what I see. How's about hiring her?" Earl asked.

"You nuts Earl Jefferson! This place barely makes enough to feed me." Mira stated.

"Come on Mira. You're getting to old to keep up and ya know it." Earl said.

"Screw you Earl!" Mira said. "I'm not too old to slap your big black ass. Seems to me you come looking for some of this booty once in a while along with your bullheaded brother here." Mira continued.

"Mira, you're a fine woman, not doubt. That is why Bubba and I thought of you first." He said.

"Don't smooth talk me you liar." Mira said. She looked at Lauren, "What do ya know about restaurants anyway?" Mira asked.

"I've been a waitress for two years back in Hattiesburg." Lauren said.

"See Mira, she is exactly what ya need around this place." Bubba now chimed in.

"You hush too Bubba!" Mira said. "I couldn't pay ya much girl." Mira said.

"Anything would be fine." Lauren said. "But Mira, I need to tell ya, I aim to get me one of the dealin jobs at the casinos." Lauren added.

"Yeah, good luck girl. You and everyone else in these parts." Mira said. "Your name is Lauren?" she asked.

"Yes mame." Lauren said.

"Well, cut the mame stuff. Mira is fine. I may be older than these two jokers but I am not old enough to be their mammy." Mira joked looking at them. "Why don't ya come by tomorrow at 7:00am and we will see about putting ya to work." Mira said.

"Oh thanks mame...I mean Mira!" Lauren said.

"Yeah, thanks Mira." Earl added.

"You two are nuthin but trouble." Mira laughed and shook her head as she walked away.

The trio finished eating, said good bye to Mira and then drove down to the docks. Lauren's first look at their boat had her wondering if this was a good idea. It was an old forty foot fishing boat badly in need of paint and cleaning. The shrimp nets were hanging off the back, held up in the air by ropes and winches. They took her onboard and showed her around. It was a typical shrimp boat above decks, as Lauren would come to know, but below was actually quite nice. Bubba had the largest cabin in the bow, while Earl had one of the two aft cabins. There was a seating area and a small galley in the middle of the bottom deck. The sitting area had a TV and stereo. The floor was carpeted but badly in need of a cleaning. They showed her the other aft cabin. It was piled high with junk. Old clothes and boxes mostly.

"Lauren, as you can see it is fulla shit. I need to go help Bubba fix the engine. Do you think you can manage cleaning this place up for yourself?" Earl said.

"Sure but what do I do with this stuff?" Lauren asked.

"We haven't looked in there for anythin in a year or better. Probably nuthin good but if you find something your not sure of, just ask." Earl said. The garbage can go out on the dock for now."

Ok, I'll get to work." Lauren said.

She was a good worker and started right in. What she found was mostly old clothes and boxes of rags. She found a few old tools. Three old gas cans and a bunch of wire. She put everything she thought might have value in one pile on the dock and the junk in another. When she finally had the place empty and could get to the bed and built in dresser, she cleaned them off too. She asked Earl and he gave her cleaning products. She had plenty of rags from what she found. Lauren cleaned the whole room from top to bottom. It was very small so did not take long. She then moved to the main cabin to clean. An hour later Earl and Bubba came in and were amazed at her progress. Her clothes were all put away in the dresser and the bed was made from sheets she found in the main cabin. She had cleaned the head and most of the main cabin.

"Holy shee-it!" Bubba said. "This place hasn't looked this good in years. Thanks Lauren!"

"Yeah, wow Lauren! You are like the frickin white tornado." He laughed.

"Thanks guys. I was thinkin I might start on dinner? What should we have?" she asked.

The guys still stood shocked before her looking around the clean room and into her cabin.

"Oh...we can have some pork chops in the freezer." Bubba said. He showed Lauren where to find things as Earl went back out to work. Bubba joined him after Lauren was set with where things were.

About two hours later they had finished fixing the starboard engine when Lauren called them to dinner. It was still wicked hot outside even though night was starting to fall. The guys had stripped off their shirts when they got soaked through with sweat. They put them back on now before entering the cabin. Both were struck by the good smell of food cooking. The table was set and Lauren was ready for them. She dished them out huge plates of pork chops, fried potatoes, squash, and biscuits. They were starved and ate like they were having their last meal. Lauren joined them but ate about a quarter of what they consumed. They finished everything she had made without leftovers.

Lauren cleaned up the dishes while the guys showered. When she was done she was pretty sweaty too. She asked if she could clean up too when they were done. They showed her how to use the small shower and gave her some soap of her own. They had to conserve hot water as the tank was small but it was so hot out that a cool shower actually felt better anyway. When Lauren emerged from the small bathroom, the guys were lounging in chairs drinking a couple beers and watching the Astros on the tube. Lauren had forgotten to bring extra clothes into the head with her, so she emerged with just a short towel around her body. The towel barely covered her torso so her pale white legs were bare to the guys view nearly to her hips. They seemed to drink in the sight of her as she excused herself and hurried into her cabin. The cabins did not have doors only curtains to separate the rooms. Lauren put on a t-shirt and shorts. She did not bother with underwear. It was just to hot she thought. She combed her wet hair into pigtails as she normally did and used rubber bands to hold them. When she emerged from her cabin the guys looked up again. There was one smaller chair left and Lauren hurried to it and sat down. They all watched the game but no one spoke for a while.

Finally, Earl needed another beer. Bubba was ready too.

"Lauren, you want somethin to drink?" Earl asked.

"What do you have?" she asked?

"Well beer of course. We might have a soda somewhere or orange juice." He said.

"Orange juice or a soda would be fine." Lauren said. She hated beer.

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