A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 18


For reptiles and birds when they mate, most species of males only hold their cloaca over that of the females to pass the sperm. In some types of reptiles, there are two hemipenes and they are used alternately, one mating after the other, but the males of some types have a penis, such as turtles, the crocodilians -- and the dragons, though they are neither reptiles nor cold-blooded.

And that, right there, was just another thing which made Yuan even more of a singular creature on the planet, though to her mind, 'singular' was just a better way to say 'freak'. Yuan had been born a human girl.

The little dragon egg, the only one which would fit without killing her, that one which had been set with such care against her tiny heart had been male.

As she'd matured, Yuan had kept much of what she'd learned fairly private, since it was her way anyway to do that. She could be a human girl, and she was lovely that way. The only outward differences which one might notice were the eyes from very close up for the color of the irises and the subtle shape of her corneas.

Between her legs there was no pubic hair. Something else had grown there. Her body then was covered in human skin, all except for that one area. Yuan's outer lips were covered in tiny scales, every bit as soft as the skin of any woman, and if one was given the chance -- and no one ever had -- to look closely, those scales were not all the same color. The large dragon form wore a pattern on its back and front. The scales matched that pattern in miniature.

In human form, Yuan was a woman. She had all the right equipment, other than the scales in one place. But she was partly a magical being and that allowed her to make changes as she saw fit, now and then.

The large shape was male, having a cloaca, and under the right stimulation, a penis could and did emerge.

But it was the smaller flying shape which made Yuan a little proud in a quiet way to have developed. Like that, she could change a few things and her face then bore some of her human features, if one knew her, though none did. That shape had an anus, and a vagina, though the shared functions of it were not quite what had always been in the evolution of creatures here. Her anus was for waste elimination, and her urethra handled the urinary functions, though in two ways if desired. She had a vagina, just as she did when she was a human, but under the right mental, emotional and physical stimulation, a penis could and did emerge.

It had been an afterthought, though a long and careful one when it came to her, and it wasn't so much for what one might have thought at all. It actually had little to do with reproduction in this shape, though it could be used that way. Really, it had been the way that Yuan had created this form so that the ability of both dragon shapes could be brought forward to her human shape. It had been a quite selfish thought, but Yuan didn't care.

She only knew that sometimes her male side desired pleasure, and in the large shape it was a difficult and not very satisfying thing to do if one was alone, as she knew that she would be one day. Her hands could just barely reach her penis then. It felt wonderful to her if she managed to bring herself off in that large shape, because it was a ton of hard work to get there.

Because of that little feature in the smaller shape though, Yuan had another way to play when she was alone. It allowed her male side to be pleasured if she wanted that, and she didn't even have to change herself. She just needed to want it that way and aside from the practicality of it, she'd been careful in its creation to make herself a beautiful as she could, which was a silly thing to think of, but anyone would want to look their best if they could. But this was something very special and marked Yuan's private and very personal hope that one day she might find that one person. When she knew that she'd found them, or the other way around, then Yuan would reveal the third way that she could appear.

It had also been quite a lot of fun for her to use her male organ on the blindfolded humans, she remembered with a soft smile to herself as she lay holding the demon girl in the darkness. She didn't know about this, and she had serious doubts, since she would have to travel on farther and she knew that her friend couldn't fly as high as she could to catch the jet stream, and to fly lower would leave her pretty much out of gas when she got to wherever she had to go, energy-wise. Yuan knew that to arrive somewhere barely able to hold herself up was just asking for disaster -- and that's if she could even make it without soaring.

The next night was something of a repeat of the first. Yuan thought it was a little funny, the way that the demon girl struggled with their language issue, talking Yuan into the ground as she tried to suggest to her that it might be time to sleep, and wasn't she tired -- all done to the crazy pantomime that they'd developed.

But Yuan did finally agree, and she pretended to toy with herself a little in her 'sleep' again for her friend's benefit, but she grew bored with it after a while. On a whim, she did it in a slightly different way, and before long, her clitoris began its change, to emerge more and more from its hood.

The demon stared and crawled closer, until she was in a little danger of having her jaw or nose knocked by Yuan's hand while she worked herself languidly as she feigned sleep.

Finally, the demon girl sat back on her heels and thought. She still liked the strange female there with her who'd share anything that she had with her if she could be made to understand. She'd grown to like her a lot, even though they couldn't really converse, other than in a comedic fashion with a lot of hopeful chattering on both sides of it and quite a bit of arm flapping and hand waving. That didn't matter, they liked to listen to each other and one day, she hoped to be able to actually talk with her.

But this, she thought as she stared at what now looked much more like a male organ in the strangest place, this had some promise in a naughty way. She still wanted to do something for her friend, and though she thought that she was lovely, she was still having at least some trouble trying think of a way to bring it up.

Now this was something, she smiled. She even had an idea of what to do with one of these. She just hoped that her overture would be accepted as she crawled forward slowly once more.

With only a little push within herself, she reached out and stopped Yuan's hand.

Yuan opened her eyes and stared a little as the demon smiled and pushed her hand away so that she could do this for her instead. Yuan heard the demon speak quietly and she heard a bit of hopefulness in her voice -- and of course, she didn't know what was said, exactly, but it wasn't hard to grab a clue.

"I wish that I knew your name, at least," the demon said, "I want to do something good for you, but there is nothing that you aren't already able to do far better than me. This little wonder right here that you have by some mystery well, this is one thing that I know that I can help you with -- if you would only let me try."

She moved forward on her knees and began to stroke what she's seen standing there. Yuan closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

Afterward, Yuan pointed to the leather strap around the girl's leg, and the demon pointed to the leather, and then at her own neck, before she bowed her head to Yuan again, but Yuan didn't want this. She just sat up to hug her friend for a while, and then they went to sleep.


When the storm finally abated, they spent a day just washing the blankets and Yuan's clothes in a stream and laying them out on some rocks to dry. Yuan wanted them to lose the musty smell from the cave. They hunted up a few semi-dry bits of wood and helped the drying process a little so that they had a way to cook the last of the mutton for a proper meal. That done, they stretched out on the grass naked and daydreamed the rest of the day away.

At one point, Yuan felt the urge again and looking around -- as though she'd really needed to -- she turned herself into the larger male form right in front of her friend. Resting on the stable platform of her feet and the 'elbows' formed by the first joints of her wings, she reached her hands back and teased herself until the penis came forth. Her breath hissed in and out of her long mouth as she worked it once it had grown long enough to just barely wrap her hands around.

At first the demon stared and then she grinned, and finally, she laughed as she got up and came closer. "I wish that you would have done this for me before," she smiled as she stood looking up at Yuan's long face with her hands on her hips. Yuan lowered her head and the girl hugged it and kissed her snout, "Please, let me help."

She crouched a little and reached to move Yuan's hands away from this quite large thing which hung there in the air and bobbed in time with the dragon's pulse. The demon lost herself in it a moment later, stroking and sucking what she could get for several minutes before she called up so that Yuan would bend her long neck to look underneath herself.

Her eyes opened wide in disbelief as she saw the way that her friend lay on her back and using her thighs and hands, she worked very hard to help move this along for Yuan.

When she couldn't hold back any longer, Yuan raised her head to the sky and called out loud and long as she came so hard that it amazed her. Even as she gushed, she grew worried for her friend.

She knew after a second that she needn't have worried at all. The demon was laughing and sputtering, and most of all, trying to get as much as she could into her mouth. From that objective, it was a failure, but she didn't care at all. She was so happy to have been able to do this and she reveled in the quantity of what Yuan could deliver. It was all over her, and she looked as though she'd nearly been drowned in semen.

Yuan scuttled backward until she was over her small friend and she lowered her head to lick what she could away. She rolled onto her back carefully as she changed to become a beautiful female human whose fingers worked in and out of herself as she tried for another orgasm the other way. She sighed happily to herself.

If she played this the right way, she could go for hours.

Yuan didn't think that there would ever be someone for her. She was just thankful that she had the slight compensation of having so many ways to find pleasure. But the demon was on her then, still soaked with her semen and now without any inhibitions at all, and they laughed and played for hours in the sunshine since they were both in the mood and it was a lot of fun. Yuan was both male and female, depending. The demon could adjust to that and didn't mind a little fun, but Yuan got the sense fairly quickly that actual coitus with her male side was out of the question.

The wild mountain girl wasn't all that big on females -- but she adored Yuan for many things and reasons, and they were alone here and laughing. What did anything matter? They still couldn't understand a word that the other one said, but that didn't matter either, since they laughed until they cried anyway.

She tried to remember, but gave it up in the end, wondering how long it had been since she'd laughed and had a friend.

But after that, later in the evening, they had trouble. It took Yuan a lot of time and hand waving, but she got it across that she'd be leaving. The demon made it clear that she'd go along, and then there was a lot of flapping and gesticulations as Yuan demonstrated that it wasn't possible.

She pointed to the demon and hooking her thumbs together, she flapped her fingers, and the demon nodded. Yuan held her hands near her waist while motioning and showed that she could raise her hands no higher, though she looked as though she was struggling to. Then she pointed at herself and made the same motions, but far over her head.

The demon nodded and looked down, sinking to a seating position, and then Yuan saw that she understood, since she was looking upset. They actually pantomimed an argument, but Yuan made it clear that it was cold where she flew, and there was little to breathe.

Her friend looked angry and determined. Yuan began to demonstrate the problem again, but the girl only pushed her hands away and made it clear that if Yuan few away, she would follow, and Yuan couldn't allow this. Finally, she had a desperate idea.

She seized the demon by the ankle and pulled her so that she fell onto her back and looked up. Yuan ignored the protests since she had no idea what was being said. She pulled one leg up and began to unfasten the leather strap. When she had it off the leg, the demon slowly stood up in surprise.

Yuan pointed downward viciously, and the demon girl dropped to her knees. Seeing Yuan shake the strap, she bowed her head and moved her hair. Yuan fumbled for a moment, but she got the strap under the girl's chin and fastened what she now knew was a collar. When she took her hands away, the girl looked up and then stood to fling her arms around Yuan's neck.

A few moments later, Yuan walked away, motioning her friend to follow her and she walked to the cave where her pack lay. She pointed to the girl and then at the pack and the demon got it at once and was happy. Yuan was worried beyond belief, doubting that her idea would work at all.

She packed up in the evening and when she awoke, they ate the last of the roast and taking everything out into the morning sunshine, the girl got into the large pack, wrapping herself as best she could with Yuan's blankets and after what Yuan knew was a very brave hug, the girl sat down and waited for the pack to be closed.

Yuan looked at the huge knapsack and gave serious thought to just flying away quietly. This wouldn't work at all and she'd be carrying an extra hundred pounds or so, and for what? She was fairly confident of what she'd find at the end of her flight, a dead and frozen solid demon who'd had the foolishness to want to trust her friend.

She slowly put her arms through the straps -- easy enough for a human-sized woman to do, and then she began her change as slowly as she could so that she could adjust things at least a little. But it went so easily that Yuan was now even more convinced that this wouldn't work.

Finally, she raised herself and waited, feeling the bundle inside trying to get positioned. She shook her head. She was about to murder her first real friend.

A lean forward with her wings spread and Yuan took off low down the mountainside gathering speed. Satisfied with the speed in hand, she pulled up a little to give herself some room and began to beat her long wings, climbing in spirals for an hour until she found the flow of the jet stream once more at almost twenty-one thousand, eight hundred feet and then she turned east again and rested, letting the hundred knot tailwind push her and only beating her wings enough to maintain her forward motion in the air-mass relative to the wind.

Yuan felt miserable. The only thing that she didn't do was cry. Half-frozen tears would only cause her more troubles and she knew that she'd have plenty of time to weep later.

She wanted to go as fast as she could, but she didn't know how far it was.

She'd felt no motion from the pack long before she'd reached her cruising altitude. The morning turned to the afternoon and then to the evening and still Yuan soared onward heading ever eastward into the darkening night.

It was almost 2500 miles to the coast near Lozenjellis, a nearly dead city whose miles of ruins caught Yuan's eye from almost five miles up as she began her gentle descent. It had taken her almost a full twenty-four hour day to glide from Maui to the coast. She only knew that she was looking for a feeling in the mountains. There had been no motions against her back the whole way.

She thought to land, but she was already certain about what she'd find anyway, and thought about just digging a grave wherever she landed, so from that point of view, she thought to carry on and not waste the energy of a landing and then another climb. She was descending gradually anyway.

Her mother the dragon had said that the rest would come from her heart.

Well, her heart hurt her now. The girl was exactly the sort of friend and companion that she wanted, she just knew it. They could even make love in their awkward and hilarious way if they wanted that. This was just having to make the best impossible choice out of a range of no real other options. Yuan had to go, that was all, and her friend, ... well, her friend understood, always nodding no matter how Yuan had tried to tell her that she would die like this.

Yuan adjusted her course a little farther northward and settled in. Though she was still dozing, she noticed the snow as the elevation of the ground increased. Yuan had never seen snow before. It caused her to think about finding a place for shelter to live as she carried on the search.

Seven and a half hours after crossing the coast, she caught sight of something which attracted her instantly, reminding her more than a little bit of the place that she'd left behind. She turned then and began to lose altitude faster.

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