tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Big Side Effect Ch. 02

A Big Side Effect Ch. 02


You can probably figure this story out without reading Part One. But, in Part One Mina Hayes had a large side effect (its a dick!) from cancer medicine. She used it on her friend, some twins, and her doctor. Read it if you want more details. Here is a link: http://www.literotica.com/s/a-big-side-effect

Chapter 1: Cumming to the Convention

"Mina Hayes," I said as I set my bag down on the counter. I was still like totally sore and exhausted from the plane ride to Philadelphia. It was only noon, but it felt much later. I smelled like the taxi that had gotten me from the airport. The man behind the counter typed something into his computer. I looked around the hotel lobby, it seemed pretty nice.

"I am not seeing a Mina Hayes with a reservation," the man said in a very snooty voice. I looked up at saw a sign on the counter.

"There," I said, tapping the sign, "I have one of the block of suites that ConPharmaMax reserved for the convention." I explained. He looked down at the sign. It said, "ConPharmaMax National Convention for Phaliphax PHP Cancer Treatment Patients: A Conversation on Survival and Side-Effects." He looked at the sign and shrugged. It was good, six weeks out and still no one had heard of the "side effects." Not even the guy who worked at the hotel where we were having a convention. I appreciated the fact that it didn't say something like, "Convention for Chicks with Cocks." I mean the guy read the totally boring sounding convention title and had no idea.

"I take it you are a patient," he said typing into the computer.

"Why, don't I look like a doctor?" I said, smiling. Just trying to be in a better mood and all. He didn't smile back. I rolled my eyes when I typed.

"Much too young," he said.

"Maybe I am well endowed...with an excellent mind," I said. I heard someone giggle behind me, I turned and looked and saw a girl about my age. I knew instantly that she was a patient too and she knew what I was saying. I smiled a little, she was cute. And it was a little bit comforting to know that there were a bunch of girl's going through the same thing I was going through.

And my God was I going through a lot. It was six weeks since that morning I'd woken up with my little surprise between my legs. That first day had undeniably been the toughest. I guess I already told that story, at least up until the time that I...had sex with Dr. Marta. After that I'd left Dr. Marta's office and went home. I'd told my mom about the...side effect. She had been pretty upset and had talked a lot about suing the pharmaceutical company that had made the medicine. That was, until I reminded her that I'd be dead without them. She was still pretty upset though. I didn't tell her about the feelings that the medicine was giving me, I didn't tell her that it made me want to have sex with women or that my...sperm apparently had some sort of addictive quality that Dr. Marta didn't understand, and definitely didn't tell her I'd had various kinds of sex with my friend, the Otis twins, and my doctor. After a couple of days, I convinced her to just sit tight and wait for Dr. Marta to figure something out. After that, she sort of just pretended like everything was normal.

I, on the other hand, couldn't pretend that everything was normal. At school, I no longer found myself attracted to my boyfriend. I mean, he was a nice guy and everything but I just didn't feel anything anymore. So we broke up. Instead, I just found that more and more I was looking at the girls. I liked the way that their breasts moved when they walked, the way their laughs sounded, the way their butts looked squeezed into a pair of jeans. And it wasn't like these were just conscious thoughts. I'd stare at girls when they walked and dream about them. And I wanted badly to be with them. I mean, the girls on my cheerleading squad were just too irresistible.

The temptation was insane. I mean, that first day I had just allowed myself to indulge in it, because it was all so strange and new and uncontrollable. But when I got home that night, I realized that I had to keep control of myself. First of all, I didn't even understand these feelings I was having. What if I hurt someone or did something that I couldn't take back? What if the side effect went away and I felt ashamed about what I'd done? What if I couldn't live with it? Plus, I knew I could trust Dr. Marta, the twins, and Lucy, but if I did anything more, I knew that everyone would find out about me. And while I'd... yes I admit it, had fun with my cock that first day, I still didn't want anyone to know that I had it. So I'd decided to control myself until I found out what was going on.

But that is like, way easier said than done. After that day, I could tell by the way she looked at me that whatever affect my cum had had on Dr. Marta was still in effect. But she tried to be professional. I mean I could see her stare at my body, I knew that she was smelling my perfume when we were close, but she never acted on it. Lucy was a different story. Whenever she saw me alone, she would try to kiss me and reach between my legs. She would tell me that she loved me and ask me to stay over at her house at night. I was a flyer on the cheerleading squad, and anytime I was in the air, I could feel her eyes going up my skirt, trying to see my bulge (even though she knew that I taped my cock down, very hard, so that no one would ever notice). I always tried to be gentle; I didn't want to hurt her feelings. But I was always clear. Of course, I could never say it to Lucy, but it was the hardest thing I ever did, to push her away. Her body was so lovely, her smile was so dazzling, and her personality was so fun and bubbly. I wanted more than anything to be with her. I wanted her to hold me in her arms, I wanted her to kiss my breasts, and I wanted her to suck my dick. And that was how I knew that I had to resist, even though it took every ounce of self-control I had. How could I want someone to suck my dick? I didn't even really want that dick. Did I?

Speaking of my dick, it seemed that now at six weeks out, it had finally stopped growing. I hadn't noticed it at first, because it didn't change very much from day to day. But after the first week, I was peeing in the morning (I peed standing up because, I mean if you have the opportunity you might as well take it right?), and I noticed that it poked out of my hand a little bit more. And each week for the next few weeks it was just a little bit longer. But finally, just the week before I took this trip to Philadelphia, It seemed to have stopped. It was never going to be a big cock I guess, it was only about 4.25 inches now, and it was still relatively thin. I was just happy that it was done. My balls hadn't gotten any bigger, which was good, because they were already really tough to tape down.

Around the same time that my cock had stopped growing, I got a phone call from Dr. Marta. She told me that the high number of women who experienced the same side-effect as I had, convinced the pharmaceutical company that had made the treatment, ConPharmaMax, to organize a convention. It would bring together patients, pharmacists, doctors, and other interested parties together to talk about the condition in a confidential situation. It seemed that it was in everyone's best interest to keep this situation under wraps. And it was an opportunity to discuss the situation with other people who had the same experience.

I had wanted to go immediately. My mom originally wanted to go with me, and that I was like really sweet and everything, but I didn't want her to go. I mean, this was my problem and I was a woman now, 18 years-old. I wanted to handle this myself. I had fought a little with her about it, but in the end she couldn't get the time off of work anyway. So ConPharmaMax had bought me a ticket, reserved me a suite in the same hotel that the convention would be held, and even sent me some introductory information. And I guess that gets me to where I started, at the desk at the hotel.

"Alright Ms. Hayes, here are your keys," the clerk said and handed me two little credit card things. It was my first time in a hotel by myself and it felt very grown-up and everything to be given the keys and told I could go to my room. I walked over to the elevator and pushed the button. Then I looked around the lobby one last time. I saw young women my age texting on their phones, I saw young professional women typing on tablets, and I saw mother rummaging through their purses. I stepped into the elevator and wondered which of them was like me and what they were feeling.

My room was on the 12th floor, and I rode the elevator by myself. I got out on my floor and made my way to my room. I was in room 1213 and as I approached it I saw a women in early forties standing at the door next to mine. A younger woman, right about my age, was sitting on the floor next to her. The older woman kept putting her key into the door. I heard a little beeping sound and the older woman stamped her foot.

"God damn it!" she yelled.

"Jeez mom, relax," the younger woman said, standing. She then took the card, pushed into the slot, and then sighed when the little beeping sound occurred again. Finally, I was standing right next to them. I took out one of my keys and slid it into the door. It flashed green and then opened. I glanced over and saw the two women stare at me like I was a genie or something. I dropped my bags on the floor in my doorway and as the door swung shut, it propped it open. I looked over at the helpless mother-daughter pair and smiled.

"You need to push in quick, but pull out slow," I said, "I had a summer job at a hotel last year, I know how it goes." I took the key from the girl my age and effortlessly opened the door. They sort of laughed sheepishly the way people do when technology outsmarts them.

"Thank you so much," the mother said, throwing her bags into the room. She extended her hand and I shook it, "My name is Cassie and this is my daughter, Brittany." I reached over and shook Brittany's hand as well. Cassie was around 5'6 and around 120lbs, very slim for an older woman. Her hair was short and sort of chestnut colored and she had pretty brown eyes behind thick glasses. Her face was warm, her smile bright, and her skin relatively smooth and clear. Her body was very thin, with small, but perky breasts, and somewhat pointy joints. But she still had a feminine flair to her hips and a surprisingly big (but toned) bottom for a woman so thin.

"Nice to meet you," I said. I could tell just by looking that Brittany was Cassie's daughter. She was short, around 5'4 and had chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. She was also wearing glasses, but her hair was much longer than her mothers, I mean down to her ass. It was really beautiful, very thick and healthy. Like her mother she had small breasts, slim legs, and an oddly big (but again, toned) ass. Her skin was as clear as her mother's, but more pale, and she looked more reticent, less likely to smile than her mother. But like her mother, I found her sexy. I didn't want to think that, but I couldn't help it. My eyes wondered over their bodies, especially those big asses. I pictured my hands on their hips, my hard cock pushing into those soft asses... And then I had to consciously decide not to think those thoughts. God, this was so hard!

"Are you here for..." Cassie began and then suddenly she stopped. I realized what she was asking and she did not want to get asked any follow-up questions if I was not.

"The ConPharmaMax convention?" I finished for her and she nodded slowly, "I am." I replied. And she brightened a bit.

"A patient?" Brittany asked, her voice small and shy.

"Yes," I said and I knew I was blushing.

"Us too," Cassie said. And I was a bit surprised. I knew that the cancer that the drug in question combated had a genetic component (I mean the Otis twins both had it), but for some reason I had seen Cassie and Brittany and instantly assumed I was looking at a situation like I'd just managed to avoid: Mom taking care of daughter with medical condition. It was odd that both of them were here for the same reason.

"Well, hopefully we will get some answers," I said awkwardly. It was strange to know that we were three women standing in a hotel hallway, with dicks between our legs. They seemed to sense this too.

"Well," Cassie said, starting to inch into her room, "The first seminar is at 3:15, so we better get settled," she said. Brittany sort of gave me one last look and then slipped into the room after her mother. I let out a sigh, it was going to be an awkward three days, and then I walked into my room.

I was a little disappointed, to be honest with the room. The pharmaceutical company told me that I'd have a suite. I'd assumed that meant, you know, like a hotel suite. But it was just a normal room. A bathroom immediately on walking in to the left, a queen sized bed, a desk, a chair, and a flat screen television on the wall. It was nice, but nothing special. I noticed that on the wall that separated my room from Cassie and Brittany that there were two doors. I opened one and found a tiny closet with a safe inside of it. I opened the other door and found another door. Apparently, I had a room that adjoined Cassie and Brittany's roof. Hardly a suite. But I got over it. Because it was kind of like really nice college dorm room and I had a chance to think about what college would be like the next year. Assuming everything got fixed.

Finally, I threw my bag onto the desk and flopped down onto the bed. I thought back to my ride on the plane. I thought about the flight attendant who'd helped me put my bag in the overhead compartment. The way her perfume smelled when she leaned over to help, the way her calves looked poking out of her long skirt, and the way she'd smiled at me and tossed her hair. I thought about the girl I'd seen in line down at the register, I thought about Cassie and her daughter. My nipples were getting hard, pressing against my t-shirt. I could feel my cheeks getting warm. I was so horny.

I'd learned something in my six weeks with a cock. The only way, the absolute only way, that I could stand to be out in public with this unbelievable urges, was if I took a couple of times a day to... take care of myself. I was embarrassed about it at first, I didn't like that I did it. But it was either that or be completely unable to control myself around pretty girls. That's what had happened with the twins and me. It's what happened with Dr. Marta. So I did what I had to do. And if it felt good, what was the harm?

That day, I'd been up since 4 a.m. had I hadn't had a chance to ensure that I'd be alright to be around others. And now, in the privacy of my hotel room, I needed it. Bad. I could feel my little cock straining against the tape. I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, throwing them onto the floor. I lifted my t-shirt up over my head and unhooked my bra. In a moment, I was only wearing my panties. I slipped those down as well. I looked down at my crotch. When taped, I almost looked normal (except for the thick red stripe of tape that is). Smooth and perfect like I'd been before. But I grabbed onto the tape and I knew from experience that it was best to go quick. I tore the tape like a band and yelped a bit. Well, at least it was keeping me nice and hairless.

I looked down and watched as blood rapidly flowed into my little white cock. I had to admit, I was so horny now that I was happy to see my penis. It meant that I was going to get relief soon. And with the sexy thoughts that were running through my mind, in a matter of seconds, I was hard. I lay down flat on my hotel room bed and let the cool covers kiss my skin. I reached my hands up to my breasts, squeezing them lightly, pinching my own nipples. They became harder and more sensitive. And my cock ached a bit, I liked to tease it a bit, it made cumming so much better.

Next I craned my neck and grabbed one of my breasts with both hands. I don't have really big breasts, but they are big enough. I bent forward and stuck out my tongue. I felt the hot warmth of my tongue against my nipple, and then swirled my tongue around, lavishing more sensation onto it. I was whimpering now, and my hips couldn't keep still. My legs felt weak, like every ounce of energy was tied up in my cock, trying desperately to get a release.

I couldn't keep my cock waiting any longer. I kept one hand on my breast, keeping my nipple pressed as close to my lips as it would allow. My other hands slinked down my body. It was warm and I liked the way it felt when it rolled over my breast, down my ribs, over my belly, and against my cock. My whole body felt electric when my hand touched my dick. It sort of shook a little, like it would explode. But I kept my hand moving. In a moment, my fingers were grasping my balls. They felt hot, full, and soft. I played with them, gently rubbing my hands over them and enjoying the way it somehow made my nipples feel.

But my cock was so...insistent. It needed me. My fingers slid up over my scrotum and I felt my long fingernails play against my shaft. I moaned loudly, squeezing my breast as I did so. I admit it, I loved the way my cock felt in my hand. The skin was so smooth and soft, but it was so hard inside. Like a hot piece of metal wrapped in silk. I gently moved my fingers over my cock, swirling my palm around on the tip. I was breathing heavy now. I stopped licking my nipple and just sort of drooled on it.

I wrapped my hand around my cock now, and it felt alive in my hand. Only a little bit of my cock poked out of my palm and it looked sort of cute and girly in my hand. I started to stroke it, slowly at first. I just enjoyed the way it felt to have all of the gentle ridges and valleys in between my fingers slide up and down on my cock. I started to move my hand faster. I was moaning constantly now, and writhing around on the bed. My hand pumped up and down, slipping over the tip of my cock and pounding down hard into my scrotum.

It didn't take very long. I needed it so badly. I could feel it starting to build, peel the pressure in my testicles. I didn't even have the ability to think anymore, I was just acting. I dropped my breast and then rolled backwards on the bed. I flipped back so that my head was against the bed, my feet were past my head on the bed, my ass was straight up in the air, and my cock was looking at me right in the face. And I kept stroking my cock the whole time.

I rolled just in the nick of time. I heard myself moan loudly. And then my entire body felt like it was made of Jell-o, just weak and wiggly. And the most intense pleasure emanated out form my balls and then spread out, all over my body. It seemed to move in a giant wave, crashed up my stomach and down my legs, threw my breasts, and into my brain. It was indescribable. My entire body finally tensed, and then released.

And when it released, something else did as well. My eyes were open and I watched as thick, pearly white spurts of cum poured out of my little cock. It came out a couple of big globs at a time. When it came out, I could feel my balls seize and my anus tingled. It was so intense, that it hurt a little. Cum splashed against my face, hot and wet. I felt against my neck and on my breasts as well, and it seeped into my hair. I opened my mouth, catching a big drip of sperm. It splashed across my teeth and hit my tongue. It was warm, and salty, and kind of like a thin jelly in texture. The sensation was wonderful. I savored it before swallowing. It a moment, my cock stopped shooting cum, and I let my body flop back down on the bed. I scooped up cum with my fingers, let it drip all over my hands, and then licked it off. I ran my hair through my mother, sucking down stray drips of sperm. It tasted so good, and there was so much! I swished the cum around in my mouth, feeling it get thick and frothy, and then I swallowed it down. The taste was still heavy in my mouth when I finally stopped, panting on the bed.

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