tagLoving WivesA Bill I Couldn't Pay

A Bill I Couldn't Pay

byEnglish Bob©

I sat at the kitchen table the letter from the IRS almost shaking in my hand. Cash had been very tight for Jenny and I recently anyway, and this seemed like the last straw. My wife sat opposite me. For a moment neither of us spoke, the hard reality of a demand for $10,000 slowly sinking in.

"Christ, Jenny. I don't know what we're going to do now," I said in a shaky whisper. "We're tapped out already. This is going to finish us off!"

"Surely it can't be that bad, Dave?" Replied Jenny, her usual warm smile noticeably absent. "How much is there in our savings account?"

I looked directly at her. No words needed to be spoken. My expression told the story of our lack of money.

"What, nothing?" she exclaimed.

I shook my head. "Not a bean, I'm afraid honey and work is so slow right now I just don't know how I can cover this!"

"How WE can cover this, you mean! There's two of us in this marriage remember!"

I smiled at Jenny and once again counted myself lucky for marrying such a wonderful woman.

"I don't think there's much you can do, honey." A hollow laugh escaped my lips. "To raise that sort of cash you'd probably have to sell your body!"

I laughed again expecting Jenny to do the same, but as I looked into her deep blue eyes I saw no hint of mirth. In fact she looked quite contemplative.

"Well, maybe you have a point there, Dave." she whispered.

I was still chuckling as she said it. "Oh, yeah, sure honey!.....what?....you can't be serious!"

"Well, why not? I'm a consenting adult and I adore sex. It would only be for a short time...until we raised the cash we need, and it wouldn't be like standing on a street corner flashing my boobs to passing cars, I could do it in the privacy of our own home. You could be here with me and it would be nice and safe!"

I could hardly believe what I was hearing; my wife, my own sweet Jenny, selling herself to pay off a tax bill? The thought should have been abhorrent to me and, to start with, it was. But the more I thought about it the more a strange, excited feeling came over me: My Jenny with another man, or even men! I was shocked to find that a solid erection was building beneath my jeans. And would it really be so bad? Jenny was the one who had suggested it, she had also said that she wanted me around while she "worked" and we really needed the cash. What harm could it do?, I wondered. The only question was how to find Jenny's first customer.

"What about Clive and Brad from the factory?" Jenny asked when I finally voiced the question. "They are both nice, sweet guys, both single and you're always saying how they want to get in my panties!"

I thought about my two co-workers for a moment. They were a good choice but I wasn't sure about Jenny taking two of them at the same time.

"There's a few things you don't know about me from before we were married," smiled Jenny. "Don't worry, I can handle them!"

So it was fixed. Things that morning had progressed at lightening speed and, as I approached the factory where I worked, I had to try and think of a way to broach the subject of fucking my wife to Bard and Clive. They were both a little younger than me and had been lusting after Jenny for years. They always made their comments about her large breasts and long, sexy legs as playful as they could, but I knew that it was far more than that. I was certain that I would have no problem in persuading them round to our little plan.

I was right. Brad and Clive, although a little surprised at first, were only too happy to part with some of their hard earned cash for a sex session with my lovely wife. I knew that every Thursday night after they got paid they would both troop off down to Pebble Road - a notorious red light district - and sample the dubious delights of some of the working girls there. But I also knew that they had regular health checks and that both of my colleagues were completely disease free.

So, the date was made and finally the big night arrived. I had decided to look at the whole situation philosophically and not to get jealous. Actually, jealousy was the last thing on my mind - I was really quite looking forward to seeing Jenny get herself well and truly fucked! We had both talked about what was to happen and, although I was not going to be involved physically, it was decided that I would direct the proceedings, so to speak. I had watched Jenny dress for the occasion suggesting a nice, light wrap-around dress and no underwear. As my wife often goes around without panties or bra (even out shopping sometimes!),this idea was highly acceptable to her. We both thought that it would hasten the evening along nicely.

Clive and Brad arrived exactly on time. As I poured them both a stiff drink and ushered them upstairs, I could see that they both sported big smiles and even bigger bulges in their pants. It looked like things were going to work out nicely, I thought. As the three of us entered the large back bedroom that we keep for guests, I heard a sharp intake of breath from my two friends. Jenny was sat on the large double bed in the thin dress with the sun pouring in from the window behind her. The light cascaded through the flimsy material highlighting her ample curves and made it obvious that she was wearing nothing else.

"I guess you'd both like to see a little more?" I asked with a grin as I settled myself into an armchair and left the two lads standing agog in front of the bed.

They both nodded dumbly, their heads bouncing up and down like excited teenagers. I motioned to Jenny and we all watched intently as she loosened the tie-belt on the dress and peeled it from her voluptuous body with a wicked smile. I guess she must have been thinking some fairly naughty thoughts while I was preparing the drinks, because as the dress slipped from her shoulders and revealed her nice, rounded breasts, we could all see that her nipples were already stiff and throbbing.

"You two look a little overdressed!" I said to Clive and Brad.

The two lads needed no second invitation and within a few seconds shirts, jeans and underwear lay strewn on the carpet. Both of my co-workers were blessed with ample equipment, and I saw and Jenny's eyes seem to light up as the two of them approached the bed with their hard erections slapping against their bellies. I decided to settle back and watch my wife in action. Brad wasted no time as he climbed onto the bed and immediately spread my wife's long legs. For a moment he looked at her pussy and licked his lips before diving his head straight between her stretched thighs. Jenny gasped as his lips connected with her clitoris. I watched her eyes close and her head loll back in an expression of unbridled lust as her new lover began to eat her with sloppy, slurping kisses.

Clive was also now on the bed and determined not to miss out on any of the fun. As his friend continued to lick and suck Jenny's hungry looking pussy, Clive knelt close to my wife and, taking her hand in his, spread her fingers and wrapped them around his large throbbing shaft. Jenny seemed to be in heaven as she slowly masturbated one lover whilst the other brought her closer and closer to an inevitable climax. She groaned and grunted, jacking Clive's cock harder and harder as the orgasm swept over her body. I watched her toes curl and her thighs tremble as Brad gobbled the liquid from between her legs. Clive moaned and began pulling her head towards his rigid member. It was obvious that he wanted a blow-job from her.

"Go ahead, honey." I said trying to sound as cool as I could but feeling the pressure of my own throbbing erection trying to burst it's way through my pants. "Go ahead, suck old Clive's cock for him!"

Now on her back and nicely spread, Jenny opened her pretty little mouth to accept Clive's throbbing, pulsating member as he nudged it urgently against her lips smearing the carefully applied lipstick she had put on earlier. Clive gasped as his cock entered her mouth and he leaned over her prone body as he sought the perfect angle to face-fuck his willing whore. Meanwhile, his oral task finished for a moment, Brad kept my wife's legs well spread and crept up between them. I watched as he positioned the head of his cock against the entrance to her vagina .... and lunged deeply. Everyone seemed to groan and gasp at the same time. Jenny's cries of ecstasy were severely muffled by Clive's monstrous appendage that he had now forced into her throat. Both men pumped viciously into her body as they began to fuck her end to end.

By this time my own erection was fit to burst. As I watched the action and made the odd useful comment about how Jenny should suck harder, or how Brad and Clive should keep fucking her brains out, I slowly unzipped my pants and hauled out my hard cock. I looked down at my member and felt a twinge of regret as I realised that it was in no way a match for either of my two friends' massive weapons, but as I gently squeezed the head and watched a blob of pre-cum emerge, I knew that I didn't really care; it was obvious that Jenny was enjoying herself as much as I was and we were getting paid into the bargain!

Clive was beginning to speed up his assault on Jenny's mouth and throat, groaning deeply every time his glans forced it's way into her tight, oral orifice and Brad was pistoning his penis faster and waster into her ever widening pussy.

"Mmmmm...you wife fucks like a pro, man!" cried Brad as he lunged time and time again between her legs. "She got a real tight cunt and she knows how to grip a cock with it!"

Jenny has always been turned on by dirty talk - the dirtier the better - and her gurgles of lust could be heard around Clive's continued throat-thrusting.

"Yeah, man. She like's to suck cock as well!" he moaned. "I don't think I'm gonna be able to hold out much longer!"

I thought it was time for some more direction. I was beginning to feel like my own cum would explode from my cock at any moment, and my two friends were looking the same way, I thought.

"Why don't you switch places." I gasped as I reluctantly took my hand away from my throbbing tool. "Take her from behind, she fucking loves that!"

Jenny's two young studs needed no second invitation. Quickly dragging my poor, exhausted wife - their whore - up and on to her knees, Clive knelt behind her and placed his hands on the back of her shoulders pushing her head down towards his friends groin. As before, Jenny's pouting lips parted willingly and immediately swallowed Brad's tool to the back of her throat where she proceeded to give the lad a deep-throated blow job that he was unlikely to forget in any hurry! I watched on with stiff resolve (if you follow my meaning) as Clive's hands slipped back along my wife's body and roughly parted her thighs again. I could see the throbbing shadow of his mighty weapon as he positioned it against her slick pussy lips and began to inch forward. A series of lewd grunts and groans followed from Clive and Jenny as the lad shoved his turgid penis deeper and deeper into my wife's vaginal cavity. Jenny mumbled around the cock in her throat as he finally hit bottom.

Then Clive began to fuck Jenny properly. With deep, lunging strokes he pistoned his big stick in and out of her abused pussy from behind. His hands never left her hips and as his thrusting became more urgent, I could see the whites of his knuckles as he gripped her harder and harder.

"Aaaaahhhhh...I'm gonna cum!!!" He cried as his head fell back and his eyes closed.

"Do it Clive, do it!" I replied as my fist pumped my own cock in solo, masturbatory pleasure.

With a deep, guttural groan, Clive buried himself in my wife's pussy up to the hilt. I could see his legs twitch and tremble as he unloaded his sperm into her body and I could hear Jenny's muffled moans as she seemed to orgasm once again.

"I'm cumming too!" Yelled Brad. "Quick, turn her over so I can cum on her face!"

In a flash, Jenny was on her back with Brad's tool twitching ominously above her face. It needed but a few quick pulls on the foreskin before Brad was shouting out his lust at the top of his voice and unceremoniously dumping a huge load of his seed over my wife's face. For her part, Jenny's fingers extended behind her and gently groped and squeezed the climaxing man's balls until she was certain that she had coaxed the last few drops of his cum from them. Watching my sweet wife's face covered in another man's thick, hot cum is a sight that I am unlikely to forget; with the viscous fluid running down her cheeks and dripping from her chin, I think it had to be one of the most erotic things I'd ever seen.

Brad and Clive each paid Jenny $500 for her services and the following day she practically ordered me into the IRS office as soon as they opened. I handed over the cash with a look of disdain (nobody enjoys paying those bastards!). They wanted to know when I would be making the next payment. I rubbed my chin and contemplated the question; There were many more single men in the factory and then of course there was the board room. I was sure that once word got about that there was a guy with a whore wife on the staff, I would be able to pay the balance in no time. Having said that, as I left the IRS office it occurred to me that I didn't really want to pay it off that quickly - why should I give them the satisfaction, I thought, and besides, I was quite keen to let this wonderful situation run for as long as possible!

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