tagBDSMA Birthday Epistle Ch. 1-2

A Birthday Epistle Ch. 1-2

byLady Suzy©

In this rewrite of the first chapter you will find many changes and additions from Lady Suzy as john tells how he felt when she accepted his challenge to provide a very special birthday present for him after she read his Epistle detailing his darkest fantasies. An unforgettable birthday present, but for whom? Read on, and enjoy what Suzy and john share, as they relate how it really was.

Remember? It is John's birthday and he has asked for a very specific present . . . but how many candles will it take? Be very careful what you ask for. . . .

Part One: Chapter 1

On a dull and grey afternoon when the temperature was soaring and the air was hanging heavily near the ground, John returned to his home. As he entered the hallway, Susannah blocked his way. As he looked, he could see that she held the sheaf of papers he had given her a couple of days ago. The papers detailed his innermost fantasies. For the life of him, he could not remember what had possessed him to share this intimate information with her other than somewhere, deep inside, he hoped she would have an urge to indulge him. He felt his mouth suddenly go dry; his heart a thudding captive deep within his chest. Deep and booming within the dark captivity of his soul like his darkest fantasy unfolded before this demure lady.

"Why are you dressed like that?" he heard his dry voice rasp.

"Like what? This coat and heels" My, but she was cool!

His heart beat louder. His captive heart! His captured dreams!

Susannah slowly smiled. His heart began to melt, and his blood turned to water as it always did when she smiled that oh so secretive and captivating smile.

"I guess you will see soon enough. Do you like the boots?"

John watched as she lifted the coat slightly and he saw her well-defined calves encased in tight leather. The boots continued up her leg deep into the fabric of the coat and he felt his erection rising. His heart beat louder and faster. His chest was becoming too small to hold it much longer! Could it be the temperature, or was it his own body heat that he felt soaring as he beheld her, and listened in awe to her teasing mellowed voice. A movement of her small hand caught his eye. He swallowed dryly as his gaze stopped at the papers within her grasp.

Tapping the sheaf of papers, which she had rolled together into a tight coil, Susannah asked,

"Are you certain this is what you want? " "You don't have to . . ." "Well, do you or do you not want me to do this?"

What could he say? Yes, the words were his. Yes, they were his secret thoughts. However, crossing the bridge from fantasy to reality was something altogether different. Glancing at her, he noticed she was tapping the papers on her opposite hand and looked at him more expectantly.

"Well . . ."

"Yy . . .es."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress?"

"That's better. Now, let us be perfectly clear. You have asked that I sexually dominate you and remove the need for you to have control during our teasing and play. Is that correct?"

The clock in the hallway banged off the seconds. John listened to it and thought it had never been so loud before. The tapping of the paper in Susannah's hand served as counterpoint to the clock and finally with a sigh and his tongue too large for his dry mouth he said,

"Yes, Mistress. I would like that."

"We shall see."

As he uttered the word 'Mistress' John noticed the gleam in Susannah's eyes and realised that she too felt a thrill rising. Walking over to John, she looked him straight in the eye saying,

"Very well!"

After looking at her watch, she told him,

"I note it is now 5:00 PM. If you wish to continue with your request, you will be my slave until 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. I will choose the games, make the rules, and determine everything for you including apparel, food, how and where you perform any function whatsoever and even when you may speak. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. You will want to hear the rules for your existence over the next few hours. They are as follows:

You may address me as 'My Lady' or as 'Mistress.' Your safe word is Mercy. Use it if sparingly and only if the going is too tough for you. Everything will cease immediately and I will release you to do as you wish.

Are you now ready to submit to me, John?

You may speak."

"Yes, My Lady."

"Then, kneel before me. The remainder of the Rules as follows:

You may not look me in the eye unless so instructed. Nor may you speak or make a sound until told to do so. In fact, it is quite simple: You may not do anything without permission: cough, defecate, eat, moan, scratch, twitch or mictrate."

She looked at him severely. His stomach somersaulted, not once but twice! He swallowed hard, and tried to control the tremor that he felt rising from deep within the very core of his being. He pulled his attention back because She was still speaking . . .

"I hope that you have seen to your personal needs already John, because now you belong to me. Do you understand, slave? Answer now!"

"Yes Mistress," john said quietly, almost reverently, as he lowered his head and eyes in subjugation.

"Good. I will describe the position I wish you to adopt at all times slave, unless I have you otherwise occupied. You will kneel at My feet in the position of adoration and supplication, thighs spread wide and your forehead on the floor at my feet with your hands clasped behind your neck and your ass high for inspection and use however I may permit. If you understand, assume this position now. You know you can trust me. I will honour your limitations, but may try to stretch your limits a little. We shall see what happens. And what I feel like."

This was said with a little edge in her voice, sending a complementary thrill to my now fast hardening penis.

Noticing the discomfort, which john was experiencing with his clothes in trying to retain the correct position Suzy said,

"Stop! Turn around and remain on all fours. Return to your quarters and strip, shower, shave, dry yourself, and return here naked! I can spare you 6 minutes to complete this your first task slave. If you keep me waiting you will be punished. Go now!"

With a look of satisfaction, Susannah watched as John crawled awkwardly away on all fours. When John reached the stairs, he climbed up like a child. Susannah laughed to herself and wondered if he will make it by the six-minute time limit. Glancing at a stopwatch, she watched the second hand circling quickly.


Part One, Chapter 2

When he reached the room, John scrambled to his feet and quickly got into the shower. His erection was complete and it made it difficult to wash effectively. Each touch sent spasms through his body. His penis throbbed as his heart throbbed and beat its own tattoo. But, he knew what he had written on that sheet and he tried to hurry. He knew that some of the punishments would be painful and he did not want to hasten the game.

After taking several swipes with his razor, he ran to the door, got back into position, and descended the stairway once again. Looking around, John could not find Susannah. The impulse to stand and look was strong but he fought it. Finally, he ventured from the hallway into the lounge. He saw her. The sight he beheld sent spasms through him.

The trench coat was gone. Instead of the demure lady he knew so well, she was dressed completely in black leather. The corset narrowed her slender waist and seductively held her breasts up and out, and John gulped as she rose and he became aware of that other part of himself as it too began its rise of salute. And his heart beat its own salute.

The noise of the leather creaking pierced the stagnant air; the click of the heels ominous in the silence. As she moved, a small gold chain with a key attached swung softly between her breasts. A riding crop appeared miraculously in her right hand and she snapped it against her thigh. The sound and movement were erotically perfect and once more John's body began its automatic response to the stimuli.

"Hurry and assume the position, slave! Did I give you permission to gawp at me? That is your first mistake! You will be punished for dumb insolence!"

John assumed the position in front of her with his forehead touching the floor, and his mouth quite dry. His buttocks were raised and he sighed loudly. Taking the crop, she snapped first one cheek and then the other. John moaned again and she repeated the action.

"I told you not to talk or make any noise." Her seductive whisper enfolded him.

Taking her cool fingers, she touched his ass where the crop had struck. The flesh was warm to the touch and she smiled as her pink tongue licked the welts. At the touch of her fingers he had trembled, but as she licked his welts, and her tongue flicked over his rosebud, a visible tremor rippled through him and then,

"How nicely you pink up slave."

Bending close to him, Susannah admired the four crop marks and smiled again. She thought to herself, 'perhaps a pattern would be nice? I think so.' Standing tall once more, she moved in front of him announcing,

"You are My sex slave. You are here to please Me. Your needs count for nothing. If you manage to please Me, I may grant you some pleasure, but I may not. Stay in your position but place these cuffs around your wrists and fasten them very tightly behind your head."

John rushed to comply. He worked feverishly trying to get the cuffs into position. He yearned to look at his Lady, but knew that was not permitted. So, he continued on. When the cuffs clicked into position, he knelt in front of her -- hands now securely chained behind his head and waited with head slightly bent down and eyes submissively lowered.

Retrieving a leather blindfold from a nearby table, she moved behind him, placed it securely over his eyes, and buckled it tightly. He was now blind as well as cuffed and altogether utterly defenceless, and a small shudder slithered through him. Without a chance to consider, a strong leather collar was placed around his neck and buckled tightly. While he could still breathe comfortably, the collar was tight enough to serve as a constant reminder that he was there to be used. Taking his cuffed wrists, she attached them to the back of the collar with a heavy padlock. In so doing her hard pointing nipples brushed his head, and once more he felt the rising within him. She stood back and considered what to do next.

"Head down slave!"

She asserted severely as the crop sang its song once more.

"You asked to be blindfolded. I hope you are satisfied. You may speak."

Mouth dry as his lips moved and his barely coherent vocie mumbled,

"Yes, My Lady."

His penis twitched, hardened and swollen . . . .

Listening closely in the oppressive stillness of the room, she noticed that his breathing was fast and shallow and a light sweat had appeared all over his body. Taking her hand, she caressed his buttocks lovingly, and then struck them once again. The pattern she had desired had started to form and john sensed, rather than saw, that she smiled happily to herself.

A thrill rippled through her body and she felt the moistness seep into her groin by the black lace, thong style panties. John was even more aroused as he could sniff her arousal as she subjugated him to his innermost fantasies. Her hardened nipples now pointed directly at john as he knelt in front of her. Blinded as he was by the blindfold he could not see this obvious show of brazen sexuality and simply awaited his next instruction. Taking a deep breath she said,

"Slave, you will need to have strong stomach muscles now to sit high on your knees. Do that now and do not fall or you will be punished most severely for carelessness. I do not appreciate anyone using my belongings carelessly!"

He could feel her watching him closely as he struggled to his knees into an upright position. He sensed rather than witnessed as a smile flitted across her ruby lips as she watched him struggle with this simple task. Taking her finger, she traced her lower lips dipping gently within their depths, gathered some of the accumulated moisture, and presented her fingers to his lips. He took them gratefully into his mouth, sucking as though they were a small penis, as he enjoyed the musky aroma assaulting his nostrils and the pungent taste enveloped his being.

Remaining silent, she looked at him, wondering at his erectness despite his obvious discomfort. Nevertheless, she knew that he wanted it this way, and because of her love for him, she was willing to oblige his fantasy. Besides, as she later confessed to him; it had its own possibilities . . . .

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