tagBDSMA Birthday Gift

A Birthday Gift


My boyfriend and I have always been very open in our relationship. We always talk about who we find attractive and joke about one of us running away with some random celebrity. We were friends years before we got together you see, our friends were going out in high school and we've been inseparable ever since. Because of this we've always been able to talk about everything, if something is wrong we sort it out and no-one ever gets hurt. It's something my friends have always been envious of; to them we live in our perfect little bubble.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm not happy, I love him more than anything, it's just that well, being friends first sometimes makes it difficult to talk about certain things. While I was growing up sex was just sex. You'd try the odd position and that would be it as far as experimenting was concerned. To me that's all there was too it. My friends on the other hand shared a very different view on sex. Whenever we get together they'll exchange stories and fantasies, talking about what they've been up to with their partners and what they want to do. They all seem so open about it, they know what they like and what the partners like. They can talk about it. I guess that's something I've always envied about them. Whenever they ask me about my sex life I'd go completely blank and try and divert their attention to someone else, it worked more often than not but I was always left wondering what I was missing out on.

Part of me has always been curious to know what guys fantasise about, lesbians are the obvious thing to turn to but there has to be more to it than that. The girls all talk about how great it is to share fantasies and to have them fulfilled and I've never had that and I'm pretty sure my boyfriend hasn't either. Next week is my boyfriend's birthday and I want to make it special for him. I'm going to bring his fantasy to life.

I could have just asked him what his fantasy was but I always seem to back out at that last minute, so here I am, sitting at his computer. I know I shouldn't go through my boyfriend's computer but this is for him. As I turn on the power I can feel my nerves building up, I realise how little I know about him, I have no idea what to expect, what if I can't do it? No, I have to focus. First things first, what's his password? I try his birthday, then my birthday. No luck. I look around the room for any clues, mother's maiden name? No. Got it! Loppy, his pet rabbit's name.

As the desktop loads I soon learn that I have no idea where to even look to find his porn, I know he watches it, but how do I find it. Having never had to look for it before, my first instinct is to check his internet history but it was clean. Ok, so I check the hard drive, but what do you search for when looking for porn? Scanning through his documents I find a suspicious looking folder, the only unnamed one I had come across. Feeling my heart pounding as I move the cursor over the folder I start imaging all the things that could be waiting for me in the next window. A small collection ambiguously named videos loaded on the screen. I couldn't make out much from the icons so I swallowed hard and opened them into a play list. Turning down the volume I sat back a watched.

At first I was confused. I knew these were bondage videos, but not what I had always expected from bondage. There was no dungeon furniture, no weird costumes, just kind of submission I guess. To my surprise I actually began to enjoy watching it. By the time I had reached the third video I had slid my hand up my skirt, running my fingers along the edge of my underwear. My other hand had worked its way to my bra, gently squeezing my boobs as my nipples grew harder.

As I watched the girls increasingly tease the man, who was now bound to a bed, I began touching my wet pussy, feeling myself getting more and more turned on. I could feel my body start to tense up as I began rubbing my clit, getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes, so close I can feel myself tipping over the edge.


That was the front door. What time is? He can't be home already. I snapped out of my trance and shook my head. 6pm. How long had I been watching those videos? I quickly shut down the computer and ran down stairs.

"You look rather flushed," laughed Patrick.

I tried to hide my embarrassment, "Yeah, I was...doing some exercise."

"Since when do you exercise?" he joked and walked up stairs for a shower, kissing me on the head as he walked by.

That night I couldn't get those videos out of my head. Why couldn't Patrick have been just a few minutes late to arrive home, just this once. Needless to say I didn't sleep too well, I wanted to finish what I had started earlier that evening right there, but how would I explain my sudden interest in myself to Patrick. No, if anything this anticipation was going to make Friday night even better.

The next day Patrick went to work and I hit the shops. I had never realised how fun shopping for underwear could be. Usually I buy it because I need it, but now, well this underwear had a purpose. I was going to give Patrick a night to remember and I wasn't going to be doing that wearing just anything. After browsing and trying on countless bras and basques I finally settled for a black and white number; a black corset with white lace running along the top drawing all attention to my cleavage. I found a pair of black frilly underwear with the similar white lace, this time starting on the top of my thighs and going across to the bottom of my ass. Combined with black stockings, top hat and a pair of the highest heels, I was ready to go.

I couldn't bring myself to buy any restraints and props in person so I went online to finish my days shopping spree. After ordering the essential restraints, I didn't want to go over top so I settled for an under bed restraint, I searched for props. Feathers, blindfolds and vibrator, just in case of course, and I was done. I didn't want to go too far, not on my try at least.

Friday was soon here and my new toys had just arrived. It was like Christmas morning, but I didn't have long to play, Patrick was finishing early tonight and was due home in less than an hour. I went up stairs to set up the bed restraints and hid the rest of my purchases in my draws. I didn't have much longer to get ready so I slipped into my new underwear and threw a dress on top of them so not to ruin the surprise. I'd get everything else ready while he was in the shower.

I saw Patricks car pull up in the drive way. This was it. I'd been waiting all week for this and I couldn't wait.

I greeted Patrick at the door and wished him a happy birthday. Quickly kissing him I ushered him up the stairs.

"What's the rush? I've just got in," he questioned.

"Oh you'll see," I giggled to myself.

Patrick turned to look at me; he had a confused and slightly anxious look on his face.

"It's a surprise," I laughed, "So go up stairs and have a shower and then you can find out what it is," I said hugging him.

As requested he went up stairs, perhaps more confused than before.

I waited by the stairs until I heard the water running. That was my signal that it was safe to go back upstairs.

Taking off my dress I put on my heels and top hat and lit the few candles that sat around the room. I turned off the rest of the lights and waited at the foot of the bed for Patrick to return to the bedroom.

Twenty minutes later the door opened.

"Why's it so dark in here..." Patrick trailed off.

I could see him catch a glimpse of me in the corner of his eyes as he shut the door behind him. Standing up from the bed I took a few steps towards him, urging him to walk closer.

"What's all this?" he asked.

"This, this is your surprise," I whispered into his ear, breath gently blowing against his neck.

I could feel Patrick's arms pull me closer against his body, still wet from the shower. I shook my head and took a step back. He looked slightly confused; he wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. Standing in the centre of the room I walked around him, tracing my finger along his shoulder and across his back, gently leaving a trail of kisses on his neck as I turned to face him, letting my hand fall down his bare chest.

It was already clear that he was enjoying this.

"You seem to be slightly over dressed Patrick. I'm afraid you're going to have to lose your towel if you want me to go any further."

Patrick did as he was told and dropped the towel, his cock already beginning to harden. Pulling me closer, Patrick starting kissing me along my neck and across my breasts, running his hands along my back as he tried to undo my corset. Again I pulled away.

"No touching," I said, shaking my head as I pushed him onto the bed.

Lying there I started leaving a trail of kissed up Patrick's legs, starting at his feet and working my way up to the top of his legs, letting out a gentle moan as I reached the inside of his thighs. Purposely avoiding his now hard cock, I continued kissing his chest and then neck. I was now mounting him and could feel his growing hard-on through my underwear. Gently rocking my hips back and forth against him I moved his arms above his head, feeling cock rub against my clit with each rock. Letting out another gentle moan I reached for the restraints and cuffed his arms into place. He didn't notice his now limited movement until I climbed off from on top of him. This time he did not question my actions, he simply lay there as I fastened his legs into place with the remaining restraints. I took a step for a moment admiring my work. How hot he looking lying on the bed, unable to move and already so hard.

I slowly walked towards him, his eyes fixed on me the whole time. I went to my draw and pulled out the blindfold, I could see Patrick desperately trying to focus on what it was I was holding as I played with it in my hands. I leant down in front of him, just enough for my cleavage to be on full show and right in front of his face. Pulling the blindfold over his eyes I slowed walked back to the foot of the bed.

"No peaking," I said as I walked away.

Running my hands up his thighs I felt him flinch under my touch. I had control over him. My fingers traced a circle across his hips and across his stomach, making their way along this over leg. I could feel him trying to move away from my touch, trying not to give in, but the restraints ensured he had to feel everything. My hands now on the inside of his thighs I gently ran my fingers over his balls, Patrick spreading his legs slightly as I do.

After letting out a moan I allow my fingers to tease his hard cock, starting at the base and slowly circling the head. Gently caressing his balls I reached for the feathers that now lied on the bedside Patrick's naked body that seemed to almost glow in the candle light.

Continuing to slowly trace my fingers up and down Patrick's now bursting erection, I ran the feathers along his legs, starting at his thighs and working my way down towards his feet. He shuddered under their touch, trying to avoid them tickling him. As the feathers reached his feet I heard him moan as I took the tip of his cock in my mouth, slowly licking the head. Again running the feathers along Patrick's legs and along the inside of his thighs I began to lick down the shaft of his cock, teasing his balls with the tips of the feathers.

"This is tortured," Patrick whispered.

"Then why are you smiling?" I said, leaving a trail of kisses across his chest.

"I just want to fuck you, right now," he moaned as I kissed his neck.

"But I'm not finished," I whispered in his ear.

"Besides, this is making me so hot; you wouldn't want me to stop would you?"

"Oh, you enjoy this do you? Teasing me, begging you to fuck me?"

I slowly lifted his blindfold, "You have no idea how much," I said smiling at him.

"Where are you going?" he questioned as a walked away from the bed and across the room, making my way to the chair on the opposite side of the room.

I faced him, spread my legs and smiled, "Watching you this turned on, this hard, it makes me very wet Patrick."

Leaning back into the chair I ran my hand over my chest and along my stomach. Reaching my underwear I let out a soft moan as my hand met my warm centre. I traced my fingers along the edge of my underwear, feeling Patrick's eyes staring at me the whole time. Stopping for a moment, I looked up and smiled at him, sliding off my panties as he smiled back. My fingers soon found my clit, teasing it as I brought myself slowly closer to the edge. I couldn't help but moan as I touched myself. Being watched by Patrick, knowing he had no control over what was happening seemed to make everything so much hot and so much more sensitive, without realising it I was already so close to cumming.

Closing my eyes and throwing back my head I reached for the vibrating bullet that was sitting beside me. Its sound alone sent shivers down my spine as a slowing ran it around the edges of my pussy, teasing my clit as I grew closer to my throbbing centre. I couldn't help but gasp when I finally gave in at let the bullet trace over my clit. Within seconds I felt my body start to tense up, this was it, I was so close, closer than I thought possible.

But I wasn't ready yet. With all the strength I had inside me I turned off the bullet and looked up at Patrick. By this point he seemed almost in a trance as I stood up and walked towards him, unfastening my corset and throwing it to the floor.

Still rock hard I started kissing him across his thigh and chest I as climbed on to the bed and mounted him. I could feel the tip of his cock teasing my clit, I was still of so close it was torture not to make myself cum right there. I looked down and smiled Patrick and I kissed him.

"I think you're ready," I smiled him, slowing letting him inside of me.

Even this slightest of movements caused us both to moan as I lowered myself and began to ride him. Rocking my hips I could feel his hard cock deep inside me as he thrusted his hips with mine. Building up a rhythm I began to pick up speed, feeling myself getting closer as I grabbed Patrick's chest. I threw back my head as his cock was forced deeper inside me, I couldn't hold it in anymore, I was so close.

My breath grew shorter and my body tense. I could hear Patrick moaning, his thrusts getting faster by the second. I closed my eyes as I seemed to lose all control over my body, my hands now desperately clasping my boobs as felt my body tighten. With one last thrust I was there. My body collapsed against Patrick's as I tried to catch my breath.

Laying motionless for a moment I could feel Patrick's heart pounding in his chest. Struggling to get my breath back I tilted my head up to look at him.

"Happy birthday gorgeous."

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