tagIncest/TabooA Birthday Present Ch. 03

A Birthday Present Ch. 03


Leaving the unconscious Megan to the Doctor's staff in the lab, Jamie carried the equally oblivious Ella upstairs to the bedroom the two shared. He'd grown tired and jealous of seeing the woman he loved with other men. He was a devastatingly handsome man himself with intelligence and money, so, it wasn't as if he didn't have his share of women. But Ella was the only one who truly knew him, and vice versa. Of course, it wasn't as if he could make a public claim on her affections, though most in their circle knew of their relationship; Ella had even made a go at the normal life once, getting engaged for a short time to a suave investment banker. It lasted only until her fiancé cried in front of her for the first time because he felt Ella wouldn't open up to him. This show of emotion of course sickened Ella, and she broke the engagement off then and there, which led to more tears and an even more pissed off Ella. No, there was no man for her but Jamie.

Upon meeting Dr. Ruschen, Jamie had decided to take matters into his own hands. Ella had become increasingly temperamental and cruel, flaunting her affairs and conquests in front of her brother. That was over now, she'd show him the proper respect from here on out.

He laid her inert body on the massive antique four poster bed, and began to undress her. Next to the bed was a bottle of port wine and two glasses the butler had left for them. Jamie took out a gold pillbox from his pants pocket. Inside was one small white tablet, another design of Dr. Ruschen's. He dropped the small tablet into one of the glasses and watched it dissolve as the reddish gold liquid poured over it.

Jamie ran his hands over Ella's soft white flesh, her clothes in a pile by the bed. She was murmuring softly in her drugged state, her body responding to Jamie's slow caresses. He left her for a moment, opening the closet safe and retrieving a locked black case. He smiled at the contents as the case flipped open. Before him were four wrought gold cuffs, each depicting various scenes of depravity from Greek mythology, a favorite subject of Ella's. The cuffs locked into place around each wrist and ankle, there was no key, they weren't meant to come off. Special golden chains were in the works, but for the moment, blood red silk cords, to match the bed sheets, would do.

His work complete, Jamie took the time to step back and admire his work. Ella's skin looked an even more startling white against the red silk, her black hair framing her face; her peaceful countenance in stark contrast to her spread-eagled, bound form. Jamie was thinking how very much he was going to enjoy himself.

Ella was coming around now, the sedative Dr. Ruschen had given her in the lab, wearing off. Her eyes fluttered open, a lazy smile coming to her lips at the sight of Jamie standing before her. Her mind was still a bit hazy from the drugs, so it took her a few seconds to comprehend that she had somehow been transported from the lab to the bedroom where she was now nude and tied to the bed. No, not tied, she saw the silk cords, but these were connected to four golden cuffs she'd never seen before. The sight did little to disturb or surprise her: Ella had certainly woken up in more compromising positions than this.

"Well," she said, "These are new," and nodded to the cuffs.

"A gift," he said, smiling as he unbuttoned his white dress shirt; his body tan and lean beneath. "I had them made especially for you." His pants and underwear dropped next, leaving him standing before Ella like Michelangelo's David. Though, oddly, Ella noticed, still wearing his watch.

All thoughts of Megan and the lab had been forgotten by Ella as all she desired for the moment was Jamie. There'd be plenty of time later. "Here," he said and reached for the glass of sweet dessert wine, "open up." The bed creaked as he sat down on the edge.

Ella did as she was told, pushing up on her elbows, tilting her head back to receive the contents Jaime poured. One side of his mouth twisted up in mirth as he watched her swallow the liquid, then lick her lips. She was being so very obliging, he thought as he placed the empty glass back on the table. "Aren't you going to have any?" Ella asked.

"No, not at the moment," Jamie answered before straddling Ella. "There are some things that we need to discuss."

Ella let out an irritated breath, "Jamie, I don't really think this is the time to be talking, as you're always reminding me."

"My dear, this isn't your decision. In fact, nothing that we do will ever be your decision again."

A tendril of fear began to go through Ella. "What are you talking about?"

"You, you are a cold, fucking bitch and it is past time I took you in hand." Ella began to tug at her bonds, to no avail; clearly this had gone beyond simple play. "With the help of Dr. Ruschen, I've been planning this for months. When she knocked you out down in the lab, a microchip was implanted in your brain; one which I control. Play nice from now on, and I think you'll rather enjoy the effects. Though, she did warn me that you'll take a bit of breaking in."

"Jamie, you wouldn't, this is crazy, you love me."

"You're right, I do love you." He fiddled with his watch, the face sliding back to reveal one red button and one green. "You see, it's quite simple really, press the green and." Ella felt a wave of heat and electricity course through her body. She was brought almost instantly to the brink of orgasm, writhing beneath Jamie, grinding against his hips and hardening cock. He took hold of her waist and shoved her back down into the bed.

"Oh, god! Jamie!" She'd never known there could be such maddening ecstasy. How could this possibly be a punishment, she wondered. If she'd been free, she would have grabbed his cock and shoved it right up inside her. She couldn't understand why he wasn't making the move himself. "Just fuck me Jamie, please!" She could barely get the words out as she bucked under him, growing furious at his refusal to grant her release. He ran his hands up under her white breasts, squeezing them briefly, and then releasing them. Now was not the time.

"Sorry love, Samantha's waiting for me across the hall. A little celebration fuck in honor of our successful experiments."

"What! I'll fucking kill you! You can't leave me like this!" She was crying now, a fine sheen covered her body from her futile exertions. A dark stain was spreading on the sheets beneath her squirming thighs as her juices ran from her swollen cunt.

Jamie had climbed down off of the bed and was heading towards the door. "Just so you know, you won't be able to have an orgasm on your own anymore. The chip in your brain is blocking your release until I've decided you've had enough. Enjoy." And with that, he was out the door, shutting it firmly behind him.

Ella just stared at the heavy oak door in horror, moans and gasps coming to her unbidden. Surely a body wasn't meant to withstand such strain, nor a mind. Much more of this and she knew she'd go insane.

Across the hall, Dr. Samantha Ruschen, looked up from her notes as Jamie entered. "Well," Sam said with an appreciative tone as she took in the sight of the nude 6'2", broad shouldered, and erect, sight before her. The doctor had showered after leaving the lab and was now clad in a long white terry cloth robe. Not really an exotic enough tableau for Jamie's usual standards, but at the moment it didn't matter. Sam strode towards him, a smile on her pretty face. "You know, this house is amazingly quite, I was disappointed that I couldn't hear a thing going on across the way."

Jamie reached out and untied the robe, revealing a tan perfectly sculpted body; none of the softness he so loved in Ella. He cupped Sam's 38 C breasts, his thumbs brushing across the dusky nipples. "My mother made the house like that. Every room is virtually sound proof. She couldn't stand loud noises, nor did she want my father knowing what happened behind closed doors." Sam raised an eyebrow at this. "She simply enjoyed using the servants as she desired. Ella and I once happened upon her and our nanny. Poor Kate was naked, bound and gagged while our mother whipped her." Jamie pinched one of Sam's nipples, making her gasp, "So, you see, my sister and I come by our tastes quite naturally."

"You wish you were with her right now, Ella, I mean."

"Yes, it took all I had to leave her in that state."

"As I told you, it takes some time for the treatment to take full effect. It has to counteract the birth control as well as throw her cycle into a forced period of fertility. Though afterwards, it will be nigh on impossible not to get her pregnant." Sam glanced at Jamie's erect cock, "For the moment, I would be remiss not to give you some relief." She lowered herself to her knees and took Jaime's prick in her mouth, her tongue moving from the base to the head in a swirling motion. She licked at the throbbing head, tongue sucking at the opening. His hand tangled in her thick honey colored hair, his grip tightening, forcing her to take more of him in. She was using just the right amount of teeth, one hand massaging his balls while the other clung to his firm ass. It didn't take long for him to come. Sam could feel the pressure in Jamie building and swallowed the hot salty liquid as it shot into her mouth. She looked up at him, a dribble of the stuff on her lip. He wiped it with his thumb, and then offered it to her. Sam licked cooperatively, then kissed his thumb and stood, re-tying her robe.

"Why don't you go get some food or take a shower, or something, while I go check on her," Sam said. "I'll let you know when she's ready. It shouldn't be too much longer."

"Right," he said, and stalked off in search of a quick bite and a robe.

Sam smiled and shook her head, not quite sure what she had gotten herself into with this job. She'd met Jamie six months ago at a party in Prague when he'd approached her about her work in the field of nanotech. Once she had realized the exact nature of his interest, the two had become fast friends. She did her share of legit work, but the real money, and the real fun, came from her not so legal private jobs, such as this one. Now that she'd taken care of the lord of the manor, it was time to see to the lady. She dressed quickly, jeans and a t-shirt, brushed her teeth, ran a brush through her hair, and entered into the master bedroom.

It was quite a scene, the antique bed, the red silk sheets, the gorgeous woman moaning and struggling exhaustedly against her bonds. Sam was reminded of a painting by Chasseriau, of the princess Andromeda, naked and chained to a rock, awaiting the Kraken.

Ella, for her part could no longer think clearly, her sole desire and need was to reach the climax which was now beyond her. Sam knew the waves of arousal had not lessened, though Ella's movements had become sluggish, it was only that Ella's body in truth couldn't stand much more. Sam almost felt sorry for her; Ella looked so much younger now as she lay whimpering, the tears rolling down her cheeks, her already full lips puffed up from the crying. She looked almost like an innocent. Almost.

Sam approached the bed and leaned over Ella, "What's that? I'm afraid you're not making much sense."

There was no hint of the former haughtiness as she begged the doctor, "Please, please make it stop, I'll do anything."

"It seems I've heard that before somewhere." Sam knew the change in attitude wasn't permanent. Ella would revert almost to her former self eventually, but she'd always have the threat and memory of this night to keep her check. "I'm afraid Ella, that I can't do a thing for you, you'll have to wait for your brother." Sam had brought her small black doctor's bag with her, and she opened it now, bringing out a stethoscope and blood pressure monitor. She placed the earpieces into her ears then placed the cold metal against Ella's chest.

"Wh, what are you doing?" Ella managed to get out.

Sam continued to listen for a few more seconds, pleased with the results, nothing out of the ordinary. She then placed the cuff of the monitor around Ella's upper arm, the stethoscope at the hollow of her elbow. Sam pumped a few times, then released, again satisfied that everything was as it should be, despite Ella's current state.

"Why aren't you answering me?" Ella kept having flashes of Megan's terrified face as the girl realized a cow's udder was bursting forth from her belly. Jamie couldn't possibly be that mad, could he? No, surely he wouldn't ruin the beauty he helped so to cultivate.

"She's just making sure everything's in order," Jamie answered from the door. "You're going to be a mother."

Ella blanched and dry heaved. Jamie knew there was nothing Ella feared more than pregnancy. They'd both watched their mother almost die from a miscarriage when they were children. Perhaps it was that experience, or maybe she found something about the loss of control terrifying; either way, Ella had always sworn she'd never have children.

Sam looked at her watch and then to Jamie, "She's ready," Sam said and retreated to a chair in the corner of the room. Normally she would have given the two their privacy, however, due to Jamie's special request, her continued presence was required.

"Jamie, no, please you can't do this to me, not this! Please." But, even as she said it Ella knew there was no use. She was so tired from her struggles. A sob escaped her swollen lips as Jamie disrobed his prick ready to give her the release she so desperately desired. She knew she couldn't refuse him if it meant an end to this torment.

"Don't worry," he said, leaning down to kiss her and brush an errant curl from her face. "Everything's going to be fine. I love you. I'll never let anything happen to you." He was on top of her now, kissing her breasts, positioning himself to enter her sopping wet slit. He glanced at Sam, who nodded, then thrust hard and deep into Ella. She began to buck wildly beneath him, moaning and sobbing, she just kept saying, please, please.

Ella could no longer discern pleasure from pain; all were wrapped into one body racking sensation as Jamie continued driving into her. He stopped just long enough to push the red button on his watch. Ella could feel herself finally, blessedly tip over the edge of orgasm. Her body shuddered one last time, her thighs tightening, her muscles constricting, trying to pull even more of him into herself. And with a cry of ecstasy, Ella came harder than she'd ever imagined was possible. She tried to look at Jamie's face as plunged into her, but her vision was going black as a pain shot through her skull and everything went dark.

Jamie for his part, continued the pistoning motion, feeling himself ready to come. With one last push, he forced himself in up to the hilt and released a flood of seed into Ella's prone body. He collapsed on the bed next to her, laying still for a moment before noticing that Ella was out. "Sam! She's not moving!"

Sam advanced towards the bed. She looked Ella over for a second then slapped her hard across the face. This brought Ella to, "You bitch!" She yelled at Sam.

"Come now Ella," Jamie said, "You shouldn't speak to the good Doctor in such a way. Apologize."

Ella's glare burned through her brother, "Why exactly should I do that?"

Jamie tapped his watch, "Do we really need to go over this again?"

Ella swallowed the bile that had risen in the back of her throat. "No, I'm sorry, I..." At that moment she felt a gut wrenching pain flash through her breasts and belly. "What?" Her terrified eyes fixed on Jamie.

"Well," Sam said, "It looks as if she's conceived."

Ella's eyes darted back and forth between Jamie and Sam. "Oh," said Jamie, "I forgot to warn you that certain physical aspects of your pregnancy have been accelerated. Our child will grow at a normal rate, but you won't."

She felt a sickening pressure building within her body, but she was too exhausted to fight it or him. Whatever was happening to her was out of her hands. Of course, that didn't stop a fresh flood of tears from welling up. She wept silently, watching and feeling her body change. Her back arched as she her breasts began to grow, heat emanating from the expanding flesh. The silent tears became loud moans of rapture as her ass and heels were grinding into the mattress, struggling against the throbbing heat between her legs. The sensation might have been enough to make her wet, as she was now, but it didn't make the situation any less terrifying. Perhaps, even more so, as she couldn't help but writhe in ecstasy despite her growing body. Her breasts were now at least a very full D with blue veins clearly etched beneath the porcelain skin. She splayed her thighs wide open, thrusting her hips, undulating as her belly began to visibly swell. She was becoming so round. Her increased girth causing the bed to creak.

Jamie was watching from the foot of the bed, immensely pleased with himself. He was already hard again. Ella's breasts now looked like soft white melons with dark nipples, each with their first droplets of milk beginning to dribble out. Her belly had stretched itself to that of a woman nine months gone in pregnancy, even her bellybutton had popped out. Ella raised her head to look at Jamie over her new mounds of flesh. "Jamie?"

He sat on the bed beside her, running his hands over her smooth white skin, exploring every new hill and crevice, loving the firmness and weight of her milk filled breasts, knowing that soon they'd become so engorged that Ella would once again be in pain. His hand paused on her round belly, gently caressing it, knowing that their child was growing within. He'd never wanted her more in his life, she was exquisite in her gravid state, he'd have to keep her like this, have a dozen little bastards. Jamie reached behind Ella's head and pressed a button to the wall. He knew that in response, his sister's pretty red-headed maid, Lizzie, would appear. The twenty year old servant had already been given strict instructions by Jamie, and he could tell that she was going to enjoy her new position of dominance over her mistress.

For the present, Jamie would take a hot shower and fuck Sam till the sun came up. Ella's attitude still needed some improving, and he thought it best if she suffered through the night alone. Lizzie had been told to change the sheets, give Ella a sponge bath and some food, but under no circumstances were Ella's breasts to be touched. Jamie wanted Ella begging to be milked in the morning. Maybe he take Ella down to the lab to be milked, maybe he'd let Megan watch, or maybe he'd let Ella milk Megan and then vice versa. The possibilities were endless.

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