tagLoving WivesA Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 01

A Birthday Present for Alan Ch. 01


This story is purely fictional and the product of my imagination. Please do not re-copy it with out attribution. It is not intended to be part of any pay sites and I would object to this story being used in that fashion. You can contact me at the address in my profile.



The doorbell rang as I walked down the stairs and I hurried to the door. I hadn't realized how nervous I was until that moment. The night was finally here! Jon looked fantastic, wearing a form fitting gray shirt with a Russian collar and dark slacks. I dropped to my knees and slowly kissed each of his feet. I was almost about to ask if we could skip dinner when I stopped myself. Jon had told me that the evening's events needed to play out in a certain way, and I trusted his judgment. He did seem to have better insight into this kink than I did. Smiling he took my hand and led me out to the car.

Jon opened the door for me, and I realized I hadn't been out on a 'date' like this for so long. As I slipped into the passenger seat Jon asked "Are you wearing panties?" I had been ordered to wear Alans favorite pair.

"Yes Master"

"Good. Do not call me Master yet Beth, not until I accept you tonight. You can call me Sir in private, or Jon in public..

"Yes Sir."

"Take off your panties for me and put them into your pussy. I want to see how wet they are when we get back." I slid my panties off as he came around to the drivers side. I then splayed my legs, crudely displaying my hairless cunt to him. I rubbed my clitty with my left hand as I slowly fed the satin panties into my cunt. Jon nodded and smiled as he watched me.

Jon took me to a nearby Italian place that had a romantic ambience, as well as secluded tables for intimate conversation. We finished a bottle of wine over a light dinner and small talk. I was glad I had been selective in the beginning. As dinner wound down the talk turned to this evenings plans.

"Beth, I've enjoyed your company quite a bit these last two months. I have told you from the start that you must consider the step you are about to take. Is this still something you are certain about?" I paused a moment and considered.

"I have gone over this again and again. This is something I want. It's something I need, and it's something Alan wants too, even if he's in the dark at the moment." I knew I was right on this.

"I was hoping you would say that. Before we go back to the house Beth, I have to make sure of some things." Jon said to me looking me in the eye.

"Of course." I said, leaning closer and exposing some more of my cleavage to him. Contemplating what was in store for me only made my pussy wetter. I was very aware of the panties stuffed into my cunt, and had been all evening.

"First, while the levels of pain will vary, you can expect me to use your body thoroughly. I enjoy punishing hot little sluts like you. I like to push limits when I play too, so you will sometimes be pushed to the edge. We discussed your safe words and you should know that there is no shame in using them. To some extent I will be pushing you to use them so I can get a clearer understanding of what your limits are. You will be trained to accommodate my cock in your cunt, ass and mouth."

"Be assured as well, that although I will not do anything to infringe on your relationship with Alan, I will control your sex life completely. To some degree this will impact Alan if he does not agree to be involved in this. But this rule will stand regardless. Do you understand this?"

"Yes Sir." My voice was low and my expression was one of complete sincerity. More than anything I wanted to feel controlled. I yearned to feel owned and serve a powerful Alpha Male. I maintained eye contact as I replied, "I want to serve you. I want you to train me. I want you to own this body." I couldn't believe how turned on I was despite my nervous jitters. I had to keep myself from slipping a hand between my legs beneath the table.

Jon gave me a friendly smile. "I have a history of playing with sub/sub and switch/sub couples. I enjoy the interplay between the husband and wife a great deal. You know from our extended conversations over the last two months that I enjoy the cerebral part of power exchange as much as I enjoy the physical benefits. There will be sessions where I will want to see you treat your husband a certain way, or punish him while I watch. These sessions often feed on the energy and interplay between the wife and the cuck. Do you think you can do this?"

"Yes Sir. I have often role played scenes like this with Alan. I can do this for you. It will excite me to do so. I need to have direction when I top Alan. If it excites you, then I want to do a good job of it. I want to serve you Sir."

"This will be a lot different than an intimate bedroom role play. But I know you will love it. Lastly, did you follow my instructions for the last week?"

"Yes Sir. I have teased Alan nightly but not let him come as you ordered. He is tied to the bed watching a little collection of his favorite cuck flicks. I have laid out all of my favorite floggers and toys. I have prepared my body exactly as you instructed.

"Are you ready to go home?" For a second I thought I had asked the question, since it was the foremost thing on my mind. Smiling at Jon with bedroom eyes I nodded slowly. He dropped a few bills on the table and moved around to my chair. In no time at all we were in the car on the way back to my place. "Put those lips around my cock head slut, and you better do a good job. I am thinking about tonight's initiation, so you don't want me irritated."

I knelt in the passenger seat in the position I knew he liked and unzipped him. As I said before his cock was over 8 inches in length. It was thick enough that my fingers wouldn't completely encircle it when I stroked the shaft up and down. As I pulled it out of his trousers I began to kiss and lick at the base, feeling it start to pulse and thicken. I unbuttoned his pants and gently pulled his balls out. His cock and balls were smooth shaven and I stroked the base of his shaft while I rolled one of his balls around in my mouth. I moaned loudly as I felt his cock pulse again.

I worked hard at taking him deeply. Unknown to anyone else, I had been practicing on a large dildo at home in anticipation of sucking his cock tonight and I was proud that I could take him much more deeply than the first time I sucked his cock.

"Roll your tongue around my cock head slut" Jon ordered. My nipples were so hard, rubbing against the center console. I mashed them down desperate to feel them pinch between the hard plastic and my push up bra. I moaned loudly at the pain and forced my mouth down his cock as far as I could, feeling it push against the back of my throat. "I can't wait to fuck your face slut. Your training begins tonight."

And then we were home. I was dismayed that I had to stop, but also glad to finally get to the main event. I didn't wait for Jon to open my car door. I hurried to the front door and let us in. Upstairs I could hear the cuck porn playing loudly. I had left the volume high so that Alan wouldn't hear us come in. At the foot of the stairs Jon told me to stop. He took my wrists behind my back and held them together with his right hand. With his left he cupped my left breast and began pinching my nipple, with increasing intensity.

"Clothes off slut, leave the heels on. Your panties stay in until I order them removed. Remember to tie him as I instructed. You will suck my cock a bit before you go up. I want you smelling like your Masters cock."

I peeled off my little black dress and removed the push up bra I was wearing. He pulled his cock out and I squatted down take him into my mouth again. I felt my pussy and marveled at how wet I was. I took him deep and stroked his cock trying to milk the pre-come into my greedy little mouth. After too short a time he pulled away from me and pointed up the stairs. Reluctantly I walked up the staircase making sure to lewdly show my wet pussy to Jon as I moved away. I took a deep breath and walked into the bedroom.

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