tagIncest/TabooA Birthday Present From Daddy

A Birthday Present From Daddy


Nicole Mitchell was so excited. Today was her 18th birthday and her father had promised her a huge surprise of a present. She had no idea what he could possibly have in mind for her birthday. He had given her pretty much everything she ever asked for since she was six and her mother died of a sudden blood clot in her heart.

She knew it had been hard on her dad raising her all alone and she had tried her best to be a good daughter and not cause him too much trouble. She knew she didn't always succeed, but she did try. All she knew about her present was that he was taking her out to dinner then they were spending the rest of the evening just the two of them.

She hoped it was something really special. Every special age she had, her father had given her a special gift. On her thirteenth birthday he had given her a pony that she still rode almost daily. On her sixteenth birthday he had given her a new car to drive around town and show off to all her friends. Now that she was an adult, she knew what she wanted for her birthday, she just wasn't sure he would give it to her.

Ever since her mother passed away, it had been just the two of them and she knew her father refused to remarry because he didn't want her thinking he had forgotten her mother. She decided when she was 16 that when she grew up she would marry her daddy so he wouldn't be alone anymore.

As she got dressed in a peach summer dress she had bought just for today, she told herself again what she wanted most for her 18th birthday, she wanted her father to be the man who took her virginity. Nicole looked at herself in the mirror as she pulled her long, dishwater blonde hair back from her face and secured it with a barrette.

Nicole marveled at the way the dress molded to her body. She had always been proud of her body. Her father told her she had a swimmers body. At 5'9" and 140lbs, she agreed with him. She was always afraid she was going to be flat-chested, but in the last year or so she had gone from a training bra into a full-fledged 38C. She looked at the way the v-neck of her dress showed off her cleavage and smiled.

She heard the front door open and close and quickly moved away from the mirror. She was sitting on her bed slipping on her sandals when her father stepped into the doorway. For a man pushing 40, Nicole thought he was still the most handsome man she had ever seen. Jacob was 5'10, with a medium build, his once jet black hair was streaked with gray and hung down past his shoulders. His friends called him an old hippie, Nicole thought he looked great. She especially loved his goatee. She loved to tug on it and run her fingers through it when she was little. Since she became a teenager, she forced herself to control the urges, but they were still there. Nicole had no idea how big her father was, but if the bulge in his pants was any indication, she had a feeling he was hung like a horse. Tonight, she hoped to find out. "Hi daddy," she said with a smile as she looked at him.

Jacob was dressed simply in a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. He hadn't planned on a super fancy dinner for his little girl tonight. He was figuring they would go to Denny's or someplace like that. He would give her the rest of her gift when they got home. "Hey yourself princess." When she stood up and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek, he felt his cock harden in his jeans. "Down boy, that is for later." He thought to himself as he held her at arm's length. He couldn't believe how much she looked like her mother. Nicole was a perfect image of Darla at her age, he just wondered if she was as good in bed as her mother had been. "So are you ready for your birthday dinner?"

Nicole smiled at him with a twinkle in her eyes. "Sure, although I would much rather know what my present is."

Jacob shook his head as he felt his cock jerk once more. "Uh uh little girl, no present until after dinner." He swatted her gently on the ass making her purr. "Now get your jacket, it is a bit nippy outside."

They did end up going to dinner at Denny's and Nicole had to admit that it was fun. All her life she had grown up eating at fancy places like Red Lobster, or The Olive Garden, it was nice going to someplace she didn't have to dress up really fancy. As they went into the restaurant though and saw how the other customers were dressed, she did feel a bit overdressed. Her father regaled her with stories of her mother and how they had met in high school and married right after graduation. Nicole really didn't remember her mother that well, but what she did remember, she was a very special woman and she still missed her dearly.

By the time dinner was over and they were heading back to the house, Nicole was on pins and needles. All through dinner she had asked her father what her present was but he just smiled and told her to eat her dinner. Once they were back at the house she tried again. "What is my present daddy?" She asked as they pulled his truck up in front of the house.

Jacob just smiled at her and handed her a long box. "Just go upstairs, take a shower and put this on. Then meet me in my bedroom and I will tell you what your present is. No opening the box until after your shower." He said sternly as she went to open the box.

Nicole pouted, then gave him a kiss on the cheek and climbed out of the truck. She waited for him to unlock the door then ran upstairs to take a shower and see what her father had gotten her. Nicole showered quickly because she was so excited to find out what she had gotten. After her shower, she quickly dried her hair with a towel and wrapped another one around her before she sat down on the toilet and opened the box.

Once the box was open, her breath caught in her throat. Inside the box was a lavender baby doll teddy and crotchless underwear. There was also a see through robe that went with the set. "Oh my..." She said breathlessly as she looked at herself in the mirror after she had gotten dressed.

With trembling legs, Nicole left the bathroom and headed to her father's room. She had been in here many times over the years. When she had a nightmare, she would climb into bed with her dad and he would hold her until she fell asleep once more. This time though she knew would be different. She would be going into her father's room a virgin and coming out a woman. She knew he would never have bought her this kind of outfit if he didn't want her in his bed.

Nicole walked into room and gasped. The lights were turned off except for the lamp by the bed which had a red see-through scarf over it giving off a faint glow to the room. Her father was laying back on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Nicole let her eyes drift down over his chest, she had always been attracted to guy with a hairy chest and her father didn't disappoint in that department. His chest was hairy and there was a v that led down into his boxers. She let her eyes drift down to his boxers and gasped again as she saw his cock peeking out of one of the legs.

"Like what you see little girl?" He asked looking at her with a wolfish smile.

Nicole let her eyes drift back to his face as a blush covered her cheeks. She felt exposed standing in front of him dressed as she was but at the same time she felt hot. Her pussy was leaking like a faucet as she stared at him. "Oh yes daddy. I love what I see."

Jacob smiled at her as he let his eyes drift down over her body. He was sure the outfit would fit although he had guessed at her size. He was glad it fit her so well. Her breasts filled out the bodice of the teddy so well that his mouth watered as he looked at them. He let his eyes drift down between her legs and licked his lips as he saw a bit of hair peeking from the prize he knew she was hiding from him. He held out his hand to her as he sat up on the bed, he didn't bother to fix his cock and smiled as she gasped once more as more of it slipped out of the hole.

"Come here darling."

She stood there nervously for a minute. She had been waiting for this night for 18 years and now that it was here she was nervous about disappointing him. She loved her father more than life itself and the thought of disappointing him in any way make her heart break. "I... I'm scared daddy." She said not moving from her spot in the doorway.

He let his hand drop to his side and smiled at her. "There is nothing to be afraid of honey. I'm going to make you feel really good."

She smiled at him nervously. "It's not that daddy. I'm scared of disappointing you."

Jacob held his hand out to her once more. "Come here baby girl. You could never disappoint me."

Very slowly Nicole moved towards him. She shivered as she felt the material sliding across her body as she moved. Jacob watched her through half closed eyes and it took a lot of willpower not to pull her immediately into his arms and ravish her as she soon as she was close enough. "You look beautiful." He said breathlessly as she stood in front of him.

She blushed a pretty shade of red at his words. "Thank you daddy." She said softly.

Reaching up he cupped her breast through the material and heard her sharp intake of breath. He let his fingers gently caress it and heard her trying to control her breathing. When her nipple suddenly hardened against his fingers she gasped. "Daddy..." She sighed breathlessly.

"Shhhhhh..." He said calmly as he moved his hand up and pulled the material down exposing her breast to his gaze. "Its okay baby, you're going to love this." Then without another word he gently pulled her closer so she was barely a hairsbreadth away from him. He lifted his head up and gently took her breast between his lips sucking gently at the hard nipple as he let his hand graze over the other one.

"Oh...Oh daddy." She purred closing her eyes as she felt a pulling sensation against her nipple. When he ran his tongue over her nipple, wrapping his tongue around it she moaned and threw her head back.

Jacob took her nipple in his hand and gently squeezed it making her sigh with pleasure. "Like that do you?"

Nicole opened her eyes and looked at her father with a wistful expression. "Oh yes daddy. It feels so good."

He squeezed her nipple once more then let his hands drop to his side. She looked at him in surprise. "Is something wrong daddy?"

Jacob looked at her seriously as he tried to control his breathing. He was so hot for her it was killing him not to throw her on the bed and slide inside her. He knew he had to go slow; this was her first time after all. "No honey, nothing is wrong. I just need to remember that this is all new to you."

Reaching down she ran her hand lightly over his face. "Whatever you do I will enjoy daddy... I love you."

He took her hand in his and gently kissed her palm. Then he smiled up at her and pulled her tighter against him. "Climb onto the bed and lay back little one." He said huskily.

Nicole smiled at him and pulled out of his arms. She climbed onto the bed beside him and moved until she was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her head resting against the pillow. "Like this daddy?"

Jacob turned on the bed and looked down at her. "Yes sweetheart, just like that." He moved one finger over her breast that was out of the nighty and she moaned hotly when he took the nipple between his fingers and gently tugged on it.

Nicole closed her eyes as she felt his breath against her breast. "Daddy... oh daddy." When he took her nipple between his lips again, she pressed up against him.

He pulled his mouth away for a minute and looked down into her heat filled eyes. "Just lay there and let daddy love you." He leaned down and kissed her gently making her smile. Then he lowered his mouth back to her breast sucking deeply on the nipple.

He let his hand drift down over her body as he loved her nipple with his lips and tongue. Nicole started breathing a bit heavier as he pulled her other breast out of the nighty and moved his mouth to her other nipple. When his hand brushed against the hair on her pussy she jumped then relaxed. "Daddy?" She asked questioningly.

He lifted his head again and smiled at her. "It's okay sweetheart. Just lay back and enjoy it."

He pulled gently at her leg and she slowly let them fall open. She didn't know what he was planning on doing but what he did so far felt good so she was willing to see where it led from there.

Jacob took her nipple between his lips once more suckling hard on it as he let his finger drift down between her spread legs. Nicole closed her eyes as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. When Jacob's fingers brushed against her pussy lips she gasped and jumped. He just sucked harder at her nipple until she relaxed once more. "Daddy...?"

Jacob ignored her question; he was so hot for her that his cock was pushing tight against his boxers. He knew he had to have her and soon or he was going to cum without ever getting inside her. With trembling fingers he gently spread her pussy lips open and let his finger brush against her clit. He smiled against her nipple as he felt it coming out of her hood. He heard her sharp intake of breath and let his finger brush against it once more. When she moaned hotly, he pressed harder on it until she moaned once more. He played with her clit for another minute then slowly let his fingers drift further down. When he came to her slit, he moaned against her breast. She was soaked, he could feel the juices coating his fingers and he hadn't even entered her yet. He gently teased against the opening and heard her soft cry. "Daddy... oh daddy." She purred lifting her hips against his finger. When she lifted against him he let his fingertip slide inside and heard her soft cry of surprise.

He let his finger slide further inside her as he started kissing his way down her body. He left kisses against her stomach and further down until his face was even with her hot pussy. "Daddy, what are you doing?" Nicole asked looking at him through half closed eyes. At the first touch of his lips against her she cried out and shoved her hips up.

He pressed her gently back to the bed and dropped more kisses against her pussy lips before he slid his tongue between them. Nicole closed her eyes tight and held her body completely still. She had no idea what her father was doing but it felt so good that she wasn't going to argue. When he started slowly sawing his finger in and out of her she gasped and moaned... "Oh god daddy, what are you doing to me?"

Jacob lifted his head and smiled at her. "I'm making you feel good sweetheart. If you like that you are going to love this."

She watched him lower his head back down and started to ask what he meant when suddenly she screamed in pleasure as he locked his lips on her clit and started sucking like a madman. "Oh....ugh... oh my god. What are you doing to me?" She cried lifting her hips hard against his mouth and fingers.

Jacob sucked hard at her clit, loving it with his tongue as he slid a second finger inside her and started sawing it in and out. Nicole cringed a bit at the pressure in her pussy as she felt herself being stretched then relaxed as the pressure eased and was replaced by pleasure again. She felt a tightening in her belly and knew something had to give soon or she was going to explode.

"Daddy... oh god daddy... please." She begged as her breathing started coming out heavier.

Jacob lifted his head, but didn't stop sawing his fingers in and out of her. He could feel her juices coating his fingers and smiled. "What do you want baby girl?"

Nicole looked at him through half closed eyes. "I... I don't know daddy. I just know I need something or I'm going to explode."

Jacob slid a third finger inside her and heard her cry out in pleasure. "That's exactly what you want baby, you want to explode. Just let go, let it happen." He sawed his fingers in faster and harder as he locked his lips on her clit once more. He could hear her heavy breathing as he pushed her hard and fast towards release. "Cum for me baby." He panted against her clit as he gently bit down on the hard piece of flesh.

Nicole suddenly screamed as he body exploded. Jacob smiled against her flesh as she coated his fingers in her juices. He pulled his fingers free and licked them clean then slammed his mouth against her slit and drove his tongue deep inside her.

Nicole was trying to get her breath back after her world exploded and had almost succeeded when she felt her father shove his tongue inside her and her body heat up once more. When he started working it in and out she started panting and pressed up against him. "Oh daddy, oh god yes, make me explode again."

Jacob worked his tongue furiously in and out of her tight hole as he moved his hand up and grasped her clit pulling on it and making her squeal with pleasure. "Yes oh god yes." She humped her hips forcefully against his mouth as her breath came out in breathless pants. "Daddy, fuck yesssssssssssssssssssss..." She cried as she went over the edge once again. Jacob drank up her juices greedily then pulled his mouth away and smiled at her.

"Feel better little one?"

Nicole opened her eyes and looked at him. "Oh god yes, that was fantastic daddy."

Jacob chuckled as he sat up and slipped his boxers down over his hips. "It's not over yet little one."

Nicole opened her eyes wide. "You mean there's more?"

Jacob started laughing, he couldn't help it, her innocence was so surprising. "Oh yes sweetheart, a lot more."

She looked at him softly. "What else is there daddy?"

Jacob ran his hands lovingly over her legs. "Spread your legs wide for me baby girl."

Nicole spread her legs wide apart and Jacob rested between them. He held himself up on his arms as he looked down at her. "What are you going to do now daddy?" She asked looking up into his eyes.

He smiled and kissed her softly. "I'm going to make you a woman baby. It may hurt a little at first but I promise the pain will ease and it will feel amazing."

Nicole brought her arms up around his neck and pulled his lips to hers kissing him softly. "I trust you daddy."

Jacob kissed her lightly on the nose then reached down between them and grasped his cock in his hand. He rubbed it against her pussy soaking the head in her juices. Nicole moaned softly as she felt the head of his cock pressing against her clit. When she felt him push it down against her slit she inhaled roughly. "Daddy?"

"Relax baby girl. Everything is going to be okay." He positioned the head of his cock at her entrance and slowly pressed forward with his hips.

Nicole gasped as she felt him start to enter her. She dug her hands into his shoulder and held tightly to him as she felt her pussy being stretched. "D...daddy?"

"Shhhhhh... It's okay baby." He gritted his teeth as he forced himself to go slow. When he felt her barrier he stopped and looked down at her. "Hold onto me baby."

She tightened her hold on his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. "Now what dad.... Oh MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!" She screamed as he suddenly slammed forward with his hips burying himself completely inside her.

Jacob saw tears streaming down her cheeks as her nails dug into his shoulders. Leaning forward he licked away the tears then kissed her softly. "It's okay baby, the pain is gonna go away now." He held himself buried inside her giving her a chance to get used to him.

Nicole closed her eyes as she felt him buried inside her. It felt strange; it felt like she had a log lodged inside her body. "You're so big daddy?" She said softly.

Jacob just chuckled. "Well I have been told that sweetheart. Does it still hurt?" It was killing him to hold still but he wanted to wait until she was ready.

Nicole just shook her head as she tried moving a bit. "No but it feels strange."

Jacob moaned as he felt her small movements and it tugged on his cock. He knew he had to move soon or he wasn't going to be able to pleasure her. "Want me to make it feel good now?" He asked through gritted teeth.

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