tagLoving WivesA Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

A Birthday Surprise Ch. 02


Various Sides Of The Story

I would like to thank, The Hip and Knee Doc for his extensive help in redoing this final chapter. I know a lot of readers were waiting on this chapter, and some may not like the way I ended it. So, if you do liked the ending great, if not, I guess you'll just have to slam me; I'm getting used to it; but at least I'm getting better.


"So that's what my wife has been doing with Lisa on Sunday afternoons," I thought while hitting the steering wheel, as I pulled onto my driveway and stormed into the house. Irene had mentioned that Lisa was starting up a new business, but I never paid much attention to it. Even when I agreed to take care of the kids, for a few Sunday afternoons, while she helped Lisa, I had never paid it any mind. That is, until I noticed the missing lingerie.

"No wonder Irene never wants to fool around anymore," I yelled, as I paced back and forth in the kitchen. "She was getting all she wanted on Sunday afternoons. Bloody hell," I said to myself as I now wondered how many times I had eaten someone else's cum out of her pussy. I almost didn't make it, as I ran to the toilet before throwing up. "The bitch," I said rinsing my mouth. I may not have been perfect, but at least I was trying to reconnect. I was unlike like her, who was pimping herself out.

Irene's Story

Lisa knew something was wrong when Irene started screaming. Her first thought was that one of the guys had gotten out of hand. However, when she got into the other room she caught just a glimpse of Jim walking out the door.

"Oh crap," was the only thing she could say. The guy who had won the bid was trying to talk to Irene as she openly sobbed while sitting on the floor. "Listen guys. We need a 10 minute break, and then we'll start up again," she told the crowd as she pulled Irene into the other room. "What the hell happened?" she asked Irene.

"Jim was out there, and saw me," Irene said between her continual sobs. "He must have followed us Lisa. He knows," she screamed as she fell on the bed crying. "He'll never understand or believe that nothing was going on. I know he's going to divorce me," she wailed.

Lisa now felt badly for getting Irene involved, and believed that it was partly her fault that this had happened. Lisa then tried to call Jim on his cell phone. She needed to try and explain that, it wasn't as bad as it looked, but her call just went to voice mail. Lisa told Dixie, the tall blonde, that she needed for her to take over. She then threw a robe on Irene, and shuffled her out to her car.

Irene then called Jim's parents. Through her sobs, she asked them, if they had seen Jim. When his mother said no, Irene told her that, if she did see him, to have Jim call her immediately.

Irene was a basket case by the time she and Lisa arrived home. She ran into the house, while half expecting Jim to be waiting for her. She called his name while running upstairs and then found to her horror, that his closet was now half-empty. She then slumped on the bed and thought to herself; "Damn, he's really left me."

Irene called Jim's parents again, and asked if they would watch the kids until Monday. They were concerned and asked what was going on, but all Irene would tell them, was that she and Jim were having a problem. Damn. It wasn't a problem any more. It had developed into a full-blown marital meltdown.

What could she have been thinking when she agreed to be a lingerie model at Lisa's parties? She and Jim had been in a real rut, for the last couple of months, but now she may have blown her entire marriage. Jim was a great father and provider, but they didn't have the spark between them that they had once had. She didn't feel desirable anymore and their lovemaking had become mundane at best. Jim always made sure she got off, but their lovemaking had become, how would you say? Just plain boring. She no longer looked forward to it anymore.

When Lisa told her about her new Lingerie party business, Irene thought Lisa was out of her mind, when she asked her if she wanted to be one of the models.

"Are you nuts?" she told Lisa. "I'm thirty seven going on forty and I don't have the body of a twenty-five year old anymore. Hell. I haven't worn anything even remotely sexy like this for the last ten years," she said while looking at some of the outfits Lisa was showing her. "Even if I did do this, Jim would go nuts if he found out."

"Look. You could wear some of the less revealing outfits, and only go as far as your comfortable. Hell, I've already lined up three more models, for each party, starting tomorrow," Lisa explained. "If my figures are right, each model should walk away with $300 easy, for a couple of hours work, and I know you could use the money," she told Irene.

During the first party, Irene just sat back and watched. The girls strutted their stuff, talked to the crowd in a suggestive manner, and watched the bidding rise. The winning bidder got the privilege of taking the garment off the girl and that was all. Each girl modeled two outfits, and the bids were never less than $350.00. Each model walked away with almost $400.00 that day. Two of the models, stayed over with a few of the guys after the party, but they were on their own, and Lisa didn't care what happened after she had left.

During the second party, Lisa talked Irene into modeling one of the more concealing pieces. Irene was sweating bullets as she went into the room with all the male bidders. She flicked her head back, told the guys that this outfit would make their wife's or girl friends feel like screwing them to death, and just stood there with her hands on her hips. The guys went wild, hooting and hollering, as the bidding escalated upward and ended at $410.00. Irene led the lucky bidder to the other room and just stood there petrified as the young man pealed the clothes off of her, and took a few liberties, before running back into the other room.

"What a rush," Irene thought to herself, as she just stood there, naked, after the guy left. She did not know exactly what to do next. Lisa came up, handed her a robe and asked her how she felt.

"That outfit was soaked by the time he took it off me, if you know what I mean," she beamed. "I've never felt so wanted and sexy in my entire life," Irene told Lisa as she started coming down from her sexual high. "When he took it off, and touched my breasts and pussy, I almost came right there. God. What a feeling. Do you have another outfit I can model in for the second round?" she asked while almost begging Lisa.

"Easy girl. Remember that you have a husband at home, and we don't want this to get out of hand now. Do we?" she warned. Irene, however, never heard a word that Lisa said, as she was already watching the next model working the crowd in the next room.

Irene's second outfit was a lot more revealing, and she worked the crowd like a carnival barker. She even gave them a little flash of her tits as the bidding skyrocketed. The second winner took a long time, as he removed her outfit. She let him go a lot further, than the first guy, by really letting him feel her pussy as he removed her thong.

Irene left with $400.00 cash, in her pocket, for two hours of work and headed home. God was she on a sexual high. They had bid on her outfits, but what they really wanted, was her body. Good looking, young men who would have paid almost anything to get into her panties.

"Damn. I still have it," she said proudly to herself. Her new problem was in calming down and getting back to normal before she went into her house. Her pussy was sopping wet and her nipples were still rock hard, as she walked into the kitchen.

"Have fun?" Jim asked her.

"Yes, I guess so. What do you guys want for supper tonight anyway?" she asked as she changed the subject. As she pulled out items to thaw, she told Jim that she was going upstairs to take a shower. His eyes lit up, as he asked her if she needed company. She told him no, but maybe later, as she started upstairs.

Jim wasn't surprised by her response. He had gotten used to it, and was getting tired of even asking anymore. If she wasn't going to try to meet him halfway, what was the point of even trying?

In the shower, Irene's fingers relieved the sexual tension that was about to burst. Leaning against the back wall, she worked her swollen clit with one hand, as she fingered herself with the other. Damn, it didn't take more than a few minutes before she erupted, while biting her lower lip so as not to make too much noise. "God I needed that" she said to herself as she caught her breath, already thinking about Lisa's next party.

After a few parties, Irene was pushing the envelope more and more each week. Even on Jim's birthday Saturday, all she could think of was Sunday's party. Jim had been in such a great mood all week; taking care of dinner, and helping with the kids, that she thought she had it all; a great husband and family.

She drank more wine, than she normally did, when they went out to dinner that Saturday night and was a little blitzed when they got home. After getting the kids to bed and cleaning up, she was almost about to fall asleep.

Irene knew that Jim would be looking for sex that night, but she really wasn't in the mood. She knew he would be pissed if they didn't have sex, so she made herself available. Like always, Jim was consistent, and got her off without too much trouble with his tongue. However, when he asked for a blowjob, she was a little taken aback.

Jim knew she didn't like to do that. "Why does he have to keep pestering me to do it?" she thought to herself. She made a lack luster attempt, and he got annoyed and just finished, without much fan fair. She didn't even have a clue, how really angry Jim was, because she was more concerned about herself and her plans for Sunday afternoon.

Sunday's party with Lisa was a huge success. They had set a new record, but the other girls started to offer additional sexual favors, for an extra fee, and Lisa was starting to get concerned.

"If you girls want to get a few extra tips, I don't mind, but in the future, you will need to get your own rooms," Lisa explained to them. "With my luck, we will get busted and end up in a world of deep trouble. So, from now on, any extras need to be done somewhere else, or at least you need to wait until after I leave," she explained. However, two of the girls did give blowjobs that week, but that was all.

When Jim turned from Jeckle to Hyde the following week, all she wanted to know was, "What's his problem now?" The kids seemed concerned, and she'd thought that the reason for his good mood, the previous week, was because he was finally getting out of his funk, and that they would be a close couple again. However, that wasn't going to happen.

It went down hill all week, and by Saturday, they were barely talking. Jim had drunk more than one too many beers, by the time they went to bed. When Irene offered herself to him, she was shocked when Jim slammed her and turned her down for sex.

"What the hell was a pity fuck anyway?" Irene said to herself. Even though she hadn't seen fireworks during their lovemaking sessions for a while, she still enjoyed making love with him; as long as he did most of the work, that is.

When Jim turned over to go to sleep, it finally hit Irene how bad their sex life had become. She knew she hadn't made much effort lately and when Jim tried to get something started, she guessed that she had turned him down, most of the time. For the first time, she thought that her actions gave Jim the impression that she didn't love him anymore; though that wasn't the case. "Oh God. What have I done?" she thought while sobbing quietly. "I'll talk to him tomorrow. I'll make sure he knows that I still love him."

Sunday was a flurry of events. Jim was taking the kids to his parent's house and wasn't ready to talk with Irene right then and there. "We'll talk later tonight," is all he told her. By that time, he was leaving and she was getting ready for Lisa's party.

The party was going great until she heard Jim shout out his bid, and walk out. Her perfect world crumbled and her persona along with it. With Irene sobbing and trying to get Jim on his cell, Lisa had her hands full.

Lisa drove Irene home to an empty house. "Lisa believed that Jim was beyond angry, but she didn't really believe it was quite as bad as it looked. Irene hadn't done anything too out-landish. Hell, she hadn't screwed any of the guys, but Jim didn't know that.

Lisa then called her husband, Ken, and told him what had happened. She asked him to drive around and see if he could find Jim. By 9:00, Ken returned to Irene's house without having any luck.

Ken ripped into Lisa and Irene. "I can't believe you talked Irene into being one of your models. What the hell were you thinking? Now you know why, I wouldn't let you be one of the models," Ken yelled at Lisa. "If I had walked into that motel room and saw what Jim probably saw, your ass would already be on the curb," he told her. That didn't make Irene feel any better, but by now, she was all cried out.

Irene tried to find Jim on Monday, but he had not gone to work. She saw Carol, who didn't know where he was, only that he was taking vacation days on Monday and Tuesday. Carol told her that Jim had found the lingerie in my closet and thought that Irene had bought it for him; that is, for his birthday. When she hadn't worn it that weekend, Jim had thought that she was fooling around on him. Well she had, but really hadn't, but he would never believe that now after what he had seen in the motel room. Irene told Carol to tell him that she needed to talk to him, but Carol made no promises.

By Tuesday night, the kids were asking about their father and all Irene could say was, "Daddy and I had an argument, but he'll be home soon." They started crying and asked if we were getting a divorce, and all Irene could do was cry herself. What a picture; the kids and their mother crying, hugging one another, and all because Irene had done something really stupid and gotten caught.

By Wednesday morning, Jim was back at work, or at least going through the motions of working. Carol asked him if he'd talked to Irene, and Jim told her, "he never wanted to talk to that slut ever again," and closed his office door. Irene tried to catch Jim at work but he had already informed Carol, that she was not to forward any calls from her. They were at a real impasse. Jim left at 5:30, went back to his motel room, and drank himself to sleep for the second straight night.

Thursday was a replay of Wednesday. Irene tried in vain to get Jim to at least talk to her, without any luck, and by 2:30, he left to meet with his attorney. Irene was able to talk to Carol briefly.

"Carol, how's Jim doing? Has he said anything about me, or the kids?" she asked.

"I don't know what to tell you Irene," Carol started. "I've never seen him in this frame of mind before," she continued. "You know that he's meeting with a divorce attorney this afternoon, don't you?" Carol didn't hear a response, so she said, "Irene, are you still there?" but all she could hear was her crying in the background. "You know, just because he's seeing someone, doesn't mean he's going to go through with it, you know. He's just probably seeing what his options are. That's all," she told Irene. "If he comes back this afternoon, I'll tell him you called and have him at least call the kids. It's not fair to them to be put in the middle."

"Thank you, Carol" was all Irene could get out as she hung up.

Carol did get a hold of Jim, and raked him over the coals about the kids. "I don't give a damn what Irene did to you, but your kids are hurting, and they think their partially to blame, so please call them tonight, preferably when you're sober," she chastised him. Jim said he would, and thanked her for caring. "Jim, get your head out of you ass. Put your pride and ego to the side, and at least talk to Irene. If you two can't resolve it, well then you can say at least you tried," she told him as she hung up.

Jim ended up at the local watering hole after work and was finishing his second beer when Ken came up behind him. "I knew I'd find you eventually," Ken told him as he sat down on the stool beside him. "For a while, I thought you dropped off the face of the earth," he said with a smile as he motioned the bartender over. "Give me a lite and another one for my friend."

"Friend?" Jim spat out. "Friends don't get friend's wife's to fuck around on their husbands," he said louder than he probably should have. "Friends don't pimp friends wife's out, do they now?" Jim asked him.

"I guess I deserve that, but I had no idea what the two of them were doing until all of this crap came down," Ken told him. "I ripped them both a new asshole and told Lisa that if I'd walked in and saw what you probably saw, I'd have kicked her to the curb like I guess you did to Irene," he said as he took a big swallow of his beer. "Just for the record, Irene wasn't screwing the guys or anything else if you're interested. I guess the only thing she was letting them do was to take the outfits off her, and maybe feel her up a bit. I don't blame you for being angry, but do you really want to throw away your marriage because of this?" he asked.

Jim was sitting there taking it all in, when Ken finally finished. "I hear what you are saying, but she did it all behind my back, and even lied about it. Irene's been cold towards me for the last eight months. Hell I'd almost forgotten what her pussy looks like up until last Sunday. You see, she saved it for the guys she was strutting her stuff in front of and letting them paw her," he almost yelled. "So it's not all about what she's been doing on Sunday afternoons; it goes a lot deeper than that. I just don't trust her anymore, and I think I'm just tired of playing her stupid games, and putting up with her mood swings," Jim told Ken.

Ken had always thought Irene and Jim had the perfect marriage. It was a shock to hear that he was ready to end it without even trying to salvage it. "Well buddy, don't go off half cocked and do something you'll regret later," he told Jim. "Hell Jim, no marriage is perfect. Lisa and I have both done a lot of stupid shit over the years, and if it wasn't for the fact that we loved each other, we would have been divorced a long time ago. Now, I've got to get home, before Lisa skins me alive. See you around and if you ever want to talk, you know my number," he told Jim as he walked away.

When Ken got home, he grabbed Lisa, told her not to say a word, and headed over to Irene's house. She was fixing the kid's dinner as they walked in. "Hi guys. How's it going?" Ken said to the kids as he walked into the kitchen. They looked up briefly and then went back to eating. "Boy, this is a somber group" he said to himself. "Irene, I need to talk to you in the living room, now," he told her, as Ken led Lisa into the next room.

A few minutes later Irene came in and sat down. "I found Jim," Ken started to say as he saw Irene's eyes open wide. "But, he's not coming back here, at least not for now," he continued as he watched Irene's eyes swell up as she began to cry.

"I don't get you women," he said loudly. "You have a husband who treats you like a queen, and you screw him over." Irene started to say something, but Ken stopped her. "You can talk when I'm done," he told her. "A man's ego is a very fragile thing and needs to be stroked every once in a while, or he starts to doubt himself."

"Is Jim good in bed?" he asked Irene point blank. "Does he get you off?" Irene nodded as Ken went on. "What do you do for him in bed? Do you caress him, talk sexy to him, or give him what he asks of you, like you expect of him?"

Irene thought about it for a minute, and then shook her head no. "I thought not," he told her. "When's the last time you tried to put a little spark back into your love making? When's the last time you initiated sex with him, or even flirted with him?" Ken continued. "The way Jim describes your sex life, it is like making love to a cold fish," which took Irene back. Holding up his hand to stop her; "his words not mine. How many times in the last 6 months has Jim asked to make love to you and you turned him down flat, and when you did it, how much effort did you put into it?"

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