tagBDSMA Birthday Treat for My Husband.

A Birthday Treat for My Husband.


The early evening sun shone as he stepped wearily out of the taxi at the familiar hotel. Dressed smartly, tall and well groomed, the man was greeted as a regular, completing the formalities and getting my room card. The girl on the desk smiled at him and handed him a large couriered envelope and smiled.

'Your wife rang earlier to check that this had arrived, so I guess it's important Sir! Have a Happy Birthday!' She smiled warmly.

He took the familiar path to a room on the second floor. Travelling regularly to this city, this hotel was a favourite haunt where he was well known. It was just his bad luck that he had to be there on his birthday but it went with the job. The package was a surprise, so he decided not to open it until he called Lucy later that evening. At least it would be something to share over the phone.

An hour or so later, showered, shaved and much refreshed Neil called home, lying on the bed with the evening sunshine streaming in. Lucy answered on the third ring and sang a delightful 'Happy Birthday'.

'It's too bad you have to be away again, but I know you got the package. A very sweet girl on the desk took the trouble to call me and say you had checked in. Said you were rather dishy actually. Did you open it yet?'

'I was saving it for now honey. I thought I could open it while we talked. You've gone to a lot of trouble to give me a surprise.'

'Open it then Neil... I can't stand the suspense much longer'

Opening the large outer padded envelope, then carefully unwrapping the package inside, his hands trembled as he discovered an album of photographs. Opening it he realised that these were new photographs of Lucyand that she must have had them professionally taken. They were pin sharp, beautifully composed and shot. Neil smiled, flicking through them admiringly.

'These are gorgeous honey... what a lovely idea! Now I have something really special to look at.'

As he turned the pages he could see a pattern developing. The first couple were in a slinky shot silk evening dress that she knew he loved, dark green, full length and dramatically lit. It had been bought for some business dinner he had taken her to a year or so before. Then there were a couple of close ups framing a glorious smile and well defined décolletage. And then the buttons were loosened and gradually the sensual tone of the shots developed. They were all sexy, but these were getting raunchy. Definitely raunchy. Lucy must have heard him exhale loudly.

'Do you like them Neil? Are they doing something for you?' she asked mischievously.

'You bet honey.... Who took them? They're something special'

Turning the pages he savoured their erotic quality as they slowly revealed more and more. The last few were separated by a few loose pages. He turned another page to see a beautifully lit image of Lucy in a short school gymslip and her hair tied back in a little pony tail. She knew this was one of his 'things' and had taken the trouble to set it all up for the shot! Neil wondered just who had taken them.

'Is that the schoolgirl one? Do you like it?' she purred 'I thought you'd like that one.'

She giggled a little.

'Do you remember my best friend Nikki from college? You always fancied her. Lovely redhead with a very curvy figure. She called a few weeks ago and we met up again. I haven't seen her for ages. She's a professional photographer now. She shot these for me and it was her who suggested something a bit more daring. I think you'll like the rest!'

He turned the pages again, this time confronted by Lucy bending over a stool, showing her panties. She was looking back over her shoulder with a mischievous grin. In the shot he could see a curvy redhead reflected in the mirror, dressed as a schoolteacher. He guessed this must have been Nikki who held a curved school cane in her hand, clearly promising to use it on his wife! By now he had developed the most incredible hard-on as he imagined the scene. The next photograph had Lucy bent right over with her panties down and Nikki arranging her skirt right up over her back. This was one of his all time fantasies, often related in bed, but never re-enacted. Lucy had always seemed a bit reluctant to play out his fantasies, but it seemed that on this occasion she had really gone for it.

'I know what you're thinking Neil. I've never gone for this before, but it was Nikki who pushed me into it. She asked me what you liked. I think she's probably really into this stuff and you have to admit she's a pretty cool photographer. My favourite shot is the last one -- it's just so erotic. I hope you like it.'

He turned the last page to see Lucy, her blonde hair trailing down, naked, knees drawn up under her and kneeling on a low wide stool. The sharp perspectives of the pose were so atmospheric as she lay partly in shadow. Her head was down on the stool, her haunches back, shadows running down between the smooth curves of her bottom. The school cane was laid diagonally across her back, promising more. She looked so submissive, so vulnerable, but so, so sexy.

When he set the book down he couldn't stop talking, asking questions. He wanted to know all about it, how she got the idea, how she set it up, exactly what happened. In the end he just had to sit back and listen as she told the tale. '

It's'the best' birthday present I'd ever had.' Said Neil, a little breathless.

'Do you remember the last time you were away? When I suggested that Nikki came round for a chat while you weren't here? I wasn't really avoiding you, but it was an opportunity to see her on her own. I'm really glad I did and it sounds like you are too!'

'It had been so long since we had been able to have a 'girl talk' evening that I was quite looking forward to it. Anyway, we listened to some music, started into the wine and generally relaxed a bit. After a while I asked whether she had any good ideas for your birthday present. We traded suggestions for a while and then she offered to do a portrait album for me. You know she's a professional photographer -- well she actually offered to do one for me. I thought it was a great idea. I guess during the evening she picked up a few clues about what you like. We exchanged each other's fantasies. That was pretty interesting too. I probably let slip a few things that make you hot -- and anyway I think she pretty much fancies me too! Don't laugh Neil. I think I could be cool with that. I like her a lot!'

'I went to her studio one evening after work. I know what she likes so I took some more wine and once all her staff had left we went through into a separate studio at the back. It took a long time while she set up her lighting and her cameras. Apparently she doesn't get enough time to do a lot of 'real' photography any more so she was delighted to have the opportunity to work with a co-operative model.'

'As you saw, I'd taken along a few clothes, some you saw and quite a lot of others that we've weeded out for now. Maybe if you're good I'll let you see some of the others...Nikki seemed to think you'd like the 'lingerie' shots too. I was surprised with how much trouble she took. She adjusted my makeup, combed through my hair I don't know how many times, kept adjusting the clothes. It's a good job I like her because she was very 'intimate'! She even wanted to shave my pubes a bit for some of the shot's with her lingerie collection, but I wouldn't let her. She was quite upset until I sort of promised we'd do that next time! It did start to make me wet though!'

'The first few shots were cool. She really worked with me, inspiring confidence, suggesting poses, helping me to relax. She took her time, letting me take a break between shots, massaging my neck when I felt tense. (She has really great fingers, very strong, but very gentle too.) We worked a lot on the close-ups -- maybe for half an hour or so before she was satisfied she had it right. Then she wanted to do some lingerie stuff, but I hadn't brought anything of mine. She brought out quite a few things to try and after some coaxing I let her choose a few. She spent a long time on these, stroking me, easing them into position, checking they were right. I think she noticed how wet I was, but she just smiled at me. That's when she told me my pubes were too long!'

'Anyway, after a while she suggested that we do something a bit more adventurous, just for your birthday. I was pretty much ready to follow her lead when she brought out the schoolgirl stuff. I knew she had hit the right button...that's the sort of image that gets you going. So I changed into that behind a screen. When I came out I had a real shock when I saw her with the teacher's gear and the cane, but I was pretty much wasted with the wine so I went along with it. I must say it worked pretty well. She really wanted to spank me properly, but I guess I chickened out. I did let her stroke my bottom for a while, while we were posing and she managed to squeeze in a few slaps. I was pretty turned on by then and she knew it. A few times her fingers strayed between my legs, teasing me and I giggled a bit. The final photograph was the clincher though. I could not have imagined how erotic it would look, but it really does something for me. I think Nikki realised that too when she brought the collection round for me to look at. I have to say I think I look great in that submissive pose.'

'Lucy -- I love you. You look fantastic! I wish I'd been there. What a scene! -- I think your friend Nikki deserves something special for making me so horny! It's too bad you're not here for me to fuck.'

'I miss you too Neil -- we'll make it up as soon as you get home. I can't wait either! And as far as Nikki goes I'll invite her round for supper sometime when you get back if you like. I think we have a little 'unfinished business' to take care of. I think you'll like her Neil'.

That last comment intrigued Neil. He was horny as hell looking at the photos and felt there was much more behind the photo session than he had heard so far. He wasn't so surprised that Lucy had gone and done that, but he was surprised at how much she had obviously enjoyed it, particularly the submissive element and even more surprisingly with Nikki. Her school friend was clearly a livewire and had already added a completely new dimension to their relationship. Neil had known Lucy for a few years and she had always been a bit flirty and sexually liberated, but he didn't know much about her previous boyfriends. Lucy often discussed women that she found attractive or men she had fantasised about, but as far as he knew she had never tried anything with anyone else since they were married. Maybe he was wrong. Nikki had obviously stirred something within her and he began to admit to himself how exciting that was.

A few days later when Neil got back they made up for lost time, fucking like rabbits throughout the day, just pausing to wash, eat, drink and get back to bed. It was just like when they first met. Neil began to experiment a little, being more assertive, making Lucy submit to a variety of challenges. What surprised him was not that she did so, but that she was so clearly turned on when for example he held her down and forced himself on her. She seemed to want him to take a more dominant role.

One evening as they lay resting after making love, sipping some wine Lucy lay back in his arms. They were talking about their fantasies. Neil admitted how much it turned him on to see her ready to be caned in the picture with Nikki. It gave him quite a charge to see someone else dominating her.

'I would never have thought it, but it really made me hot too. I didn't know I was going to react like that but I was trembling inside. I think Nikki could see how wet I was, but I didn't have the courage to go further. I wouldn't let her do it. I know she wanted to, but I just sort of hinted that maybe another time we might go further. I've never been really 'into' girls, but I'm sure she is and she sure had me turned on. If I ever did it with anyone it would be her. ......................................

'I'd love to watch her do you!' Neil held her tight as he said it.

'I bet you would! I think you'd like to watch me getting fucked by a guy too, wouldn't you?' She giggled again, pushing her bottom back against her husband, feeling his cock hardening again as it nestled between her cheeks.

'Perhaps I should go out and seduce someone so that I deserve a proper spanking? What would you do if I let someone fuck me while you're away Neil?' she teased.

'You can if you want Lucy. Just no secrets. And so long as you promise to tell me all about it.' He kissed her softly on the mouth. 'Actually I'd really like to see you one day -- you know, in action with someone else.'

'Well, if I did, and I'm not saying I would, surely that should deserve a whipping wouldn't it Neil?' She teased him, pushing back against him again, wiggling her bottom.

'Do you really think you'd do that honey?' He asked, his voice breaking a little.

'Would you want me to? Do you think you could handle it? Knowing I'd let someone undress me, let him touch me. Knowing I'd taken his cock in my mouth -- just like yours. Knowing I was caressing it, making it hard. Knowing I'd let him enter me, fuck me, make me cum until he sprayed his hot cum in me? Do you think I should do that?' She teased him wondering how far she dare push him.

The honest answer was he didn't know, but it sure was making them hot. They fucked again, almost immediately, probably each playing out the fantasy from a different viewpoint. When they finished Neil made a point of going down on her, tasting their juices, making her come again. She teased him again.

'Would you do that if I've been with someone else Neil? Would you? Would you really do that for me? Would you eat me out after I'd...you know....just been fucked? While I was full of his cum?' She was flushed and panting, clearly turned on like crazy by the idea.

'I don't know.' He hesitated, not sure quite what he would do. 'If you really wanted me to.'

'Oh I think I might like that. Eat me now Neil. Show me how you'd do it.'

'But then I'd really have to whip you, wouldn't I? In fact I might get someone else to do it while I watched. I think you'd like that too, wouldn't you honey? I think you got more turned on by Nikki than you're letting on. I think you want her to whip you one day, don't you? Like she was going to that day in her studio.'

'Maybe' she whispered, pulling his head down between her thighs. She felt his tongue probing inside her again, tasting his own cum. 'That feels good. Very good. Do it some more.' She sighed.

Both Neil and Lucy brought up the fantasy as they talked over the next few weeks, usually late at night in bed. The possibility of actually taking it further had clearly excited her, but she didn't really know what to do about it. Neil still didn't think she'd be up for it for real, but he knew they were both getting off on the fantasy.

'What about your other fantasies Lucy? I know you've you got a thing about black men. I've seen how you check out how hung they are. And I know why your favourite vibrator is that big black one I got you last year!' He pulled on her nipples making her wince a little.

She blushed, averting her eyes for a moment, hesitated quite a while and eventually said 'Well yes....I do fantasize about big men. Black men with big cocks.' She giggled,' In fact I've been thinking about them a lot lately. You probably think I'm awful Neil.'

He shook his head, pleased by her candour.

'I think what really started it was that porno movie you brought home last month. Do you remember? There was a lovely blonde who was being fucked rotten by a muscled guy with really coal black, shining skin and an enormous cock. It got me to thinking a bit and wondering what a really big cock would feel like. I love your cock Neil. I've had a few others before we were married, but I do wonder what a really big black boner would do for me!'

She teased, fondling his cock as it grew in her hand.

'Would you like that honey? Would you like to see a big, shiny black cock in my little blonde pussy? Would you be turned on by it? Would you like to see it stretch me wide down there? See him fill me with his thick white cum?' She purred, stroking her pussy as his eyes feasted on her and his cock throbbed in her hand.

She had slid forward onto his chest, rubbing her pussy lips over him, spreading her juices over his chest and reaching behind, grabbing his cock, which was rock hard . She eased up on her knees astride his chest, rubbing herself, letting him see how wet she was. Neil couldn't speak, but pulled her forward, making her straddle his face, her knees on either side of his head. They hadn't tried that before, but he found he could get his tongue right up inside her pussy, tasting her juices, teasing her clit. As she rocked back and forth he ran the tip of it around her anus, making her quiver with delight.

'Ohhh! Do that again honey! That was magic!'

She ground herself down so he could reach her little pink rosebud more easily, squirming as he teased her, sensing how sensitive she was. Up to now they hadn't tried anal. Lucy was a bit reluctant, so he hadn't pushed her, but he sensed that now might be the time. She came very quickly as he rimmed her, rubbing her own clit with her fingertips and sliding back and forth over his face which was slick with her juices. Her anus opened and closed reflexively as he cautiously tried to push the tip of his tongue in. Neil was a little hesitant, but she was clean and sweet tasting, with her cunt juices running down between her buttocks.

She stroked his throbbing cock, dismounting from his face to lie alongside him. Neil sensed it was now or never and pulled her over the edge of the bed with her bottom in the air, reaching for an old tube of K-Y in the bedside table. As she realised what he was doing and started to protest, he pushed her back down firmly, rubbing the lube onto his cock and pushing some into her bottom.

'Just let's try this Lucy -- you know I really want to give it a go.'

Taking his cock and covering the glans with lube, he pushed very gently against her sphincter, teasing her clit a little as he did. As she relaxed a bit he pushed a little harder, easing the tip in, but feeling her very tight. He slapped her bottom, harder than he meant to and she quivered.

'Oh! God. That was good. Do that again darling!' she gasped, 'Again. Harder'

Neil was stunned, but slapped harder, pushing his cock in as he did, feeling her push back against him. Somehow she wanted to submit to him. He pushed steadily, easing the head in, slapping each of her buttocks, leaving red blotchy handprints. Sensing her relax he stopped pushing, allowing her to adjust, feeling how hot and tight she was, taking his time. He slapped her again, first on one flank, then the other. She was trembling now as he took her and he watched her reach between her legs, masturbating as he slowly began to fuck her arse. She was so hot and tight that he couldn't last long. Having mounted her he thrust slowly inside her, feeling her sphincter sqeezing tightly around him, building rapidly towards a climax. He came deep inside her, harder than he could remember for a long time, feeling her tighten further around him as he did.

'Next time I'm going to tie you to the bedposts first.' Neil said.

'Promises, promises', she giggled nervously 'I've always wondered what that might be like. Nikki and I talked a bit about the submissive thing...She thought I ought to give it a try. And now I can tell her you've fucked me in the ass! ' She blushed. 'It's a pity you have to go away again so soon. Perhaps one day you'll take me with you on one of your trips. I could help you entertain your clients.'

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