tagLoving WivesA Bit of Deception

A Bit of Deception


This is part one of a two part story of my wife's second lover and how it really started. The second part is how she finally convinced me to let her openly fuck him.


My wife like many other women, likes the attention she gets from other men. I had asked her not to get to close to my friend as he and I worked in the same office and I didn't want our secret sex life to be common knowledge. It's not that he wouldn't be discrete, I really didn't want too take that chance. Well that all would change.

My wife had been dating a soldier for little over a year, getting fucked several times a week or more. Well their relationship came to an end as his two year commitment was up and he left the service and returned home.

For the first few weeks she a bit depressed that he had left, finally one Saturday night after we had dinner and were sitting on the couch watching TV, she asked me if I wanted her to continue to date other men. I told her that if that's what she wanted, that it was fine with me. I asked her if she was ready to date other men, and she admitted to me that she missed fucking other men and was horny for someone else.

She asked me if that bothered me, her wanting to find someone else to fuck. I told her that I was not bothered by her desire, as it was something I wanted for her. So we talked about how in the beginning she was reluctant to date other men, but once she tried it, she liked being able to go out and have a good time. Being able to have sex with other men made her dates that much better. So I encouraged her to go out and have a good time, and if she got lucky, so be it.

She then asked if it would bother me if she went out that night. I agreed it sounded like a good idea, so she said OK and went to get ready to go out.

She went to take a bath and when she came out of the bath, I was waiting in the bedroom so I could watch her get ready. She looked at me as she was putting on her makeup and said, "You are a strange man."

I asked her what she meant by that comment, and she replied, "I think it's strange that my husband likes to watch me get ready to go out looking for a new lover."

I told her that it has always been very erotic to watch her to get ready for her dates, so what was different now?

She replied, "I guess it's just that it been a while since my last date and, I am just feeling a bit shy!"

She always dressed the same, as far as under wear, She knew that wearing black nylons, garters, and skimpy panties, was a huge turn on for most men, and once she even called it her whore's outfit. Tonight was no exception. She knew it turned me on to see her dressed this way too.

Well she slipped on a short one piece dress and a dab of Opium and she said she was ready to go.

I walked her to the door and kissed her goodbye and told her to have a good time.

It was a long night, waiting for her to come home, I was worried she would be safe, being she was going out on her own after having been in a relationship for over a year. But I finally fell asleep.

I was woke up to her playing with my cock, she was stroking it to life, whispering in my ear, "honey, wake up I'm home, I need you to fuck me!"

She had her left leg over mine and was rubbing her panty covered pussy on my leg, and stroking my cock.

She asked me if I could feel anything on my leg, and by now I was wide awake. I told her that it felt a bit wet.

She replied, "It should be, because I have been naughty, and my panties are filled with sperm!"

I turned her over and onto her back and began kissing her and rubbing my hands over her body, starting with sucking her nipples and working my way down to her panty covered pussy, eventually my hand went between her legs and began to caress her pussy. Her panties were very wet and I raised my hand to my nose and said, "I guess you were a naughty girl," my hand smelled of sex.

I sat up on the bed and pulled her panties down and looked at her pussy, the hairs were damp and matted, her pussy lips were closed so I asked her to open her pussy. She slide her hand down and spread the lips apart and I saw a little string of cum stretching from one lip to the other. Her hole was open and moist it had that just fucked look.

I looked her over from head to pussy and saw how her hair was a bit messed up an her mascara was a bit smudged. She smelled of cigarette smoke and sex. I remember thinking that she really looked so hot with that just fucked look.

I didn't waste any time and soon I was sliding into to her wet pussy. It felt wonderful, and I didn't last very long.

Well I don't want to get too carried away, with details , she told me she had gone to the club below the casino downtown and met a good looking German guy and one thing led to another and she had fucked him.

She did tell me it was kinda funny as he couldn't speak English and she couldn't speak enough German to really carry on a conversation, but she said the universal language of animal instinct prevailed and she got what she wanted.

Although she continued to go out, saying she was meeting different men, the truth was she was really dating my friend. She knew how I felt about her seeing him and didn't want to tell me she had been fucking him.

The real story was that she did really fuck this German guy, but the next weekend she went to the club she was dancing and felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see my friend standing there. He asked her to dance and she accepted. She danced a few dances with him and he invited her back to his table. His table was in a dark part of the club and quiet enough where they could talk.

She told him she was surprised to see him there, even though she knew he liked to fool around when his wife was out of town visiting family.

He told her that he never thought he would see her here without me, you see we had been there as a group in the past. She told him she wanted to dance, but I wasn't feeling up to it. He then told her he was glad I wasn't there, that he enjoyed her company.

Suddenly she told me that he remarked, "You know I can see through your dress? And I can see everything."

She replied, "Really, does that bother you?"

He went on to tell her that he was a bit confused that she would wear such revealing clothing, and never though of her as that type of woman being married and all.

She was a bit surprised by his remarks, but then told him that she liked to dress up sexy when she went out. He then asked if I knew how she is dressed, and she told him,"sure, he watched me get dressed."

It became clear to her at this point that he was flirting with her and decided to play along.

So she began to flirt back, teasing him about being out without his wife, telling him he was a bad boy for trying to pick up girls when she was out of town.

Well then he looked at her and said, "I saw you here last weekend."

She replied, "Why didn't you come to talk to me?"

He replied, "You were busy."

She asked him what he meant by being busy.

He replied, "I saw you with some guy, you and he were quite involved."

"What did you see?"

"You were slow dancing, kissing and he had his hands all over you. You looked like you really were enjoying it!"

"Then I saw you leave with him."

She knew the charade was up, as he had seen her with the German guy that she had fucked the weekend before.

Then he said, "I guess I am not the only bad one here tonight!"

She didn't quite know what was going to happen next, so she asked him to dance with her. They made their way to the dance floor and the DJ began playing a series of slow songs. She move right into his arms and got close. They danced for a moment, and then she asked him what he thought she did when she left with the guy.

He told her that if that had been him with her, he would have taken her home and fucked her.

She said, "Really, you think I did that?"

He asked, "Did you?"

She hesitated, thinking how this could be rather embarrassing to her, but then she could begin to feel his cock getting hard, and she knew it was turning him on, so she decided it could be fun to see where this could lead, So she said, "Yes."

He looked at her and she felt his cock surge against her, then he said, "I have always found you to be very sexy, but I never would have thought you fooled around!" He continued to say that he thought that she was not the type of girl to cheat on her husband, but that he had often wished she did, as he wanted to sleep with her for a long time.

She looked at him and said, " I have a confession to make to you, I don't cheat on my husband, because he knows I date other men!"

I think he must have been overwhelmed by what she just told him, because he said they should go sit down.

Once back at the table she told me he had a million questions to ask her and she decided to tell him the truth, she could tell that he wanted her, and she began to feel her pussy taking over.

Did my husband know she fucked other men? "Yes!"

How long had she been seeing other men? "About two years!"

Was that the reason she was at the club, dressed the way she was? "Yes!"

She told me he was dumbfounded and it excited her to see how he was reacting, so she told him, "No more questions," and leaned over and kissed him. Their kiss was very passionate and to further confirm how lucky he was going be that night, she reached over and began rubbing his crotch. As soon as she did he reciprocated by putting his hand up her dress and slide it up her leg until he reached her panty covered pussy. He rubbed the outside for a moment, then pulled it to the side and touched her bare pussy.

She drew back and just looked into his eyes and then began kissing him again. The next thing she knew he was putting his finger in her hole. That did it for her, she goes all goofy when she gets fingered and wants to fuck.

She pulled back and said, "Lets go!"

He asked, "Where?"

She relied, "Your place!"

She later told me that as soon as they got in his apartment, they began getting throwing off their clothes and nearly ran naked into the bedroom. They jumped into bed and began kissing and touching each other, until she pulled him on top of her.

She told me she was soaking wet, and as she guided his cock into her he began making moaning sounds and telling her how good her pussy felt, she asked him if it was as good as he imagined, he told no, it was much better.

She told me they ended up fucking three times that night, in the missionary position at first and her on top second then finally doggy style. She told me he was a very energetic fucker and she enjoyed her time with him.

During their breaks between fucks, she told him all about our arrangement and he was really surprised that I would agree that she could date other men. But she asked him if he was happy that he found out that her pussy was there if he wanted it. He said that he was glad she wanted to fuck him and hoped they could do it often.

They made plans to see each other when ever his wife was out of town, and that as long as she was gone, she would come to his bed. He asked, "Well, what if she was gone for a week or even two weeks?"

My wife told him as long as he could get it up, she could do it every day. He told her she was due back on Monday, so after she got dressed, she asked, "Want to see me tomorrow?"He told her that he would be there, just to call so he could be ready for her.

As it turns out, our work schedule gave us two hours for lunch and when I was off doing business for the day, even when his wife was home, he could come to the house and fuck her during his lunch break. I didn't know this at the time but I still got fucked nearly every day, and who was I to complain. He continued to fuck her during the day even after they were able to fuck without hiding it from me. You see, his apartment was only about 100 feet from ours in another building, so he could come over, get a quickie and still go home for lunch.

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