tagLoving WivesA Bitch is Made

A Bitch is Made


This story has light bondage and domination, but it's not a BDSM story.

I never dreamed that my marriage would turn out this way. I'm not sure that it's better or worse than I imagined; it's just different.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I'd been married to Robert for about three years at the time. He had a nice government position in Washington DC, and I was working as a typist in a local office. Our life had turned into a dull routine, including our sex life.

Robert would come home from work, and want to relax on the computer for a couple of hours. Every time I walked by, he'd be playing EverQuest. I didn't care for the game, but I understood how it was different enough from his office routine and that it relaxed him. He usually went to bed about an hour before I did, because he had to get up so early in the morning to commute to work.

I enjoyed straightening up the townhouse when Robert was playing and reading after he went to bed. There wasn't much to straighten since we both worked. I would use the computer in the morning, after he left for work and before I had to get ready for work. I read bulletin boards and got to know a few people well, in the sense of reading several hundred of their postings. I felt I could sense some of their personality through so much of their writing, and I suppose others could sense my personality through my postings.

You're probably wondering when we had time for intimacy, never mind sex. Not during the week, that's for sure. Sure, sometimes Robert would surprise me and pull me to bed early, but we mostly had sex on Saturday evenings. While I understood the reasons for our highly scheduled sex, it took me a couple of years to emotionally adjust. A part of me wanted spontaneity, but I didn't know what to do or how to get it.

After a time, I found myself losing the once a week sex. Instead of lying around in bed on Saturday evening, Robert found other things to do. Sure, the grass needed cutting and the town home repairs needed to be done, but I found myself missing sex more and more. Instead of reading for pleasure, I found myself masturbating for relief and reading books on how to save my marriage.

Sure, I tried I few things, like doing housework in just panties. While Robert appreciated seeing me like that, he didn't pull me into the bedroom. Don't get me wrong, he was still attentive to me and we did things together, but it seemed to me like he didn't need sex anymore. I was starting to wonder if he was having an affair, when I decided one morning to check the Internet history on the computer.

I don't know if I was hoping or dreading to find out how much Internet porn Robert was looking at. I pulled up the history for the last couple of days, and was surprised to find no porn sites at all. Curious, I pulled up the history for the last week. Nothing, except for a couple of EverQuest guide sites. I was about to give up when a little voice told me to pull up the entire history, almost a month.

I called the office and told them I wasn't feeling well. Which was true. If I didn't find some evidence of Robert having a sexual interest I was going to be sick. It took a couple of hours of searching the history, but I finally found a web site I didn't recognize, Indecisive Captions.

After thinking, huh, what kind of site is this, I clicked on the link. I saw a picture of a naked woman with her back to the camera and a welcome message. After reading the welcome message I realized that the site was about tease and denial, but I wasn't sure what they meant. Oh, I understood sexual denial well enough, but wondered why anyone would want to be teased about it? I know I'd feel crushed and humiliated if Robert teased me about us not having sex.

I clicked on the tour link. I saw several pictures of pretty, sexily dressed women. The pictures were captioned. Some of the captions made the women sound like spoiled bitches, but a couple mentioned a cock cage. I brought up another browser page and used Google to see what they were talking about. I was amazed to see several different leather, metal, and plastic devices for locking up a man's cock. I felt envious and angry that these women were getting so much sex that they had to keep their husband's cock locked up.

I got up and composed myself long enough to pour a cup of coffee. I couldn't understand why Robert thought spoiled bitches and cock cages were interesting? I wondered if I was too bitchy with Robert? Thinking about the past few months, I couldn't recall anything bitchy I said or did. I was almost finished with the coffee before I thought; maybe I'm not bitchy enough for Robert?

After I took a few deep breaths, I sat down at the computer again and returned to the front page of the Indecisive Captions website. I clicked on the member's link, wondering if Robert had joined? The id and password screen came up, thoughtfully filled out by Explorer. I exhaled before I clicked on the Ok button and found myself in the member's area. I clicked the links and looked at dozens of pictures of pretty naked women saying the most bitchy, awful things to their husbands. A few of the women were so shameless that they had boyfriends and husbands, and had no trouble talking about their boyfriends with their husbands.

I closed the browser windows, got up, and walked away from the computer. I made it as far as the sofa before I collapsed. I could not understand what was interesting about tease and denial to Robert. The men in the pictures would do anything to have sex with their wives, and their wives teased and humiliated them. I ached for my husband and he didn't want to have anything to do with me, sexually. I lay down on the sofa and cried.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember was Robert standing over me.

"Honey, are you all right?"

It took me a minute to wake up. "Robert, you're home already?"

Robert chuckled. "It's 6:30. How long have you been sleeping?"

"Um, I'm not sure. The last thing I remember was drinking a cup of coffee." I sat up on the sofa. "I'm sorry honey, I didn't have a chance to make dinner."

Robert was already sitting at the computer. "That's ok sweetie. Could you just make me a sandwich?

I got up and went into the kitchen. By the time I brought the sandwich to the computer, Robert was deep in EverQuest. I wanted to smack him. I wanted to talk to him. But I didn't want him to know that I knew about his website. Cheer up, I told myself, it's not like he's looking at it every day. I straightened up around the town house, and after Robert went to bed, stayed up rather late researching tease and denial.

Over the next few days, after Robert went to bed, I found and read several web sites that discussed tease and denial. I confirmed my original thoughts that the men basically wanted sex with their wives so much that they gave their wives sexual control. While the appeal of controlling Robert's sexuality was growing on me, I couldn't see myself acting that bitchy, and I couldn't see Robert wanting sex with me so much that I'd have the chance to act bitchy.

The next few times I masturbated, I imagined myself acting like a spoiled bitch and Robert indulging me. I was beginning to enjoy the fantasy, but I still wasn't sure about the reality.

Some time passed before I decided I wanted to find out how Robert would react to a bitch. One evening, I waited until he finished his EverQuest and was heading up to bed. I followed him up the stairs, which surprised him.

Robert turned around at the top of the stairs, smiling. "Are you coming to bed, sweetie?"

I decided it was now or never. I exhaled and slowly said, "No, I'm going upstairs to have an orgasm, and you're going to make it happen." I could see that I startled him. Good.

"Um, honey I'm too tired for sex."

I grabbed Robert's arm and pulled him into the bedroom. "Who said anything about sex? I'm taking my clothes off and lying down on the bed. You're going to use your hand to masturbate me to an orgasm. Understood?"

Robert was silent. He stared at me while I undressed.

I looked at him and snarled, "I don't care if you're naked or not. When my ass hits the bed, you better start petting the kitty." I winced. I should have said something more direct and nasty like rubbing my pussy. Oh well.

Robert tore his clothes off and jumped into bed with me. When he put his hand on my breast I could tell he still wasn't taking me seriously.

I took his hand off my breast and put it on my pussy. "Get busy. I want an orgasm from you."

Robert took his hand off my pussy and moved it towards my breast.

I grabbed Robert's hand and dug my fingernails into the back of his hand until I saw him wince in pain. "I told you, rub my pussy." I put his hand on my pussy and held it there until I felt his fingers rubbing my clit.

Robert was a bit rough at first, but slowed down and rubbed my clit the way he knew I liked it. I grabbed my breasts with my hands and squeezed, playing with my nipples a little. I looked up at his face, and I saw he was looking at my pussy. Smiling, I knew he wasn't going to stop playing with me until I came.

Yes, it would have felt better if my hand was in my pussy and Robert's hand was rubbing my nipples, but I didn't care. I enjoyed being in charge and telling Robert what to do. I wanted to watch Robert, but I wanted an orgasm too, so I relaxed and let his fingers massage my clit. A few minutes later, I had a nice orgasm.

I pulled Robert's hand away from my pussy. I kissed him and said, "Thanks darling, that felt nice." I rolled over and got under the sheet.

When I felt Robert's hand reaching over my shoulder, I grabbed it and threw it back. I heard him complain, "What about me?"

I smiled inwardly, and then tried to sound stern. "What do you mean, what about you? If I remember correctly, you said you're too tired for sex. Turn off the light and go to sleep."

Surprisingly, Robert didn't argue. I was silently giggling as I heard him turn out the light and get under the sheet. I felt proud of myself for acting like a bitch. I reflected on how powerful it felt to demand sex without giving anything in return as I fell asleep.

I thought about Robert's reaction to my bitch act for the rest of the week. I wasn't sure how he felt, but I know it was fun for me.

Saturday evening, Robert wasn't too busy for sex anymore. I found out how he felt about my bitch act as we spent a nice evening in bed cuddling and having fun. It was the nicest evening we'd spent together in months, and I made sure to let him know how much I appreciated the extra sexual attention.

I decided that I would try to act bitchy whenever I noted the frequency of our sex slipping. One night when I thought Robert was taking our sex life for granted, I pulled him upstairs and made him play with my pussy again. This time, there was no backtalk or playfulness. He masturbated me to an orgasm and we both went to sleep.

I realized that I was going to have to try a different bitch act. One, I didn't want Robert to get bored; and two, I wanted to see how he would react to a different situation. I had a couple of ideas from the Internet; it was just a matter of seeing how I could fit one of them in to our life without Robert getting too suspicious.

I decided one Saturday that I would demand Robert orally satisfy me. While he was watching college football on TV I hid a few lengths of cotton rope in the end table by the bed. Later, when I was sitting on the sofa reading and he wanted to go upstairs, I told him, "No."

Robert was surprised. I don't think I'd ever told him no before, so he knew something was up. "What's wrong?"

I looked up from my book. "Nothing, I want to do something different this evening, that's all."

Robert's interest perked up. "Like what?"

"You'll find out when I'm ready to tell you."

Robert sat down next to me. "Ooh, a surprise. I like when you surprise me."

Something about Robert's tone of voice made me snap. I slowly put the book down and counted to ten before I spoke. "If you hope to do anything sexual with me this evening, you will kneel down on the floor in front of me and tell me you're sorry."

Robert had a confused look on his face. "Sorry for what?"

I sat silently and pointed at the floor. After Robert realized that I wasn't going to say another word, he stood up and knelt down on the floor in front of me.

"That's better. Now tell me you're sorry for taking sex with me for granted."

"Oh. Is that what I did?"

I just reacted. I slapped Robert's face with the back of my hand. I could see the red mark I made on his cheek. "Is that how you apologize?"

Robert's hand went up to his cheek. He felt his check for a moment before he replied, "I'm sorry that I've been taking you for granted."

I smiled. "That's better. Are you willing to make up for your thoughtlessness?"

Robert looked down at my feet. "Yes dear, I am."

"Good. You will obey me for the rest of the evening. Understood?"

"Yes dear."

I could see Robert's cock getting hard under his pants. "Good. Now we're ready to go upstairs. Follow me."

Robert followed me into the bedroom.

I turned around and commanded, "Strip."

Robert took of his clothes while I watched. As soon as his briefs came off, I knew I was doing well. He had a nice erection. Too bad he wasn't going to do anything with it. I found myself enjoying thinking about what I was about to do.

"Lay down on the bed," I ordered.

Robert sat down on the bed, and lay down. His eyes widened as he saw the ropes I pulled out of the end table, but he calmly let me tie his ankles together and his wrists together to the headboard. I was glad I'd practiced tying knots earlier in the day.

Once Robert was securely bound, I undressed. I took my time, but I wasn't doing a striptease for his benefit. I know he watched me as I put my clothes away, picked up the erotic book I wanted to read, and straddled his thighs.

I could see Robert's cock perking up. I had to keep myself from stroking it. No, I reminded myself. This isn't for him; it's for me.

I held the book up for Robert to see. "In a minute, I'm going to lay down on top of you in a 69 position. I'm going to read this whole book lying on top of you. If you're good, you may get the opportunity to eat my pussy. You may get several opportunities, as this is an erotic novel." Impishly, I slapped his cock with the book. It swung to the side and back again. "But if you're not good, then no pussy for you."

It took me a minute to get comfortable on top of Robert's chest. I put a pillow on his abdomen so that my elbows wouldn't dig in. Once I was comfortable, I found myself wishing I could prop my book on his cock. I decided to hold the book on his legs behind his cock. It was easier to read and seeing his hard cock reminded me of what I was doing to him. I felt so evil as I started chapter one of the book.

I silently read the first three chapters before I thought about poor Robert again. Amazing, since his still stiff cock was right there in front of me. I decided to take a reading break, and slid back several inches until my pussy was over his mouth.

Robert must have been miffed, as I didn't feel his tongue. I gave him a few moments before my hand found his balls and gave them a hard squeeze. Needless to say, after that he had no trouble licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. While his tongue felt nice, thinking about my using him as a sex toy turned me on and made me wet. After a few minutes, I had a pleasant orgasm. I slid forward and rested for a few minutes before I picked up the book again.

The book got interesting, and I finished another four chapters before I thought of Robert again. I put the book down and slid back on his mouth. His tongue started licking my pussy, and I loved how warm and wet I felt. I was amazed at how easily I was using him, and more importantly, at how much he seemed to enjoy the abuse. I was beginning to understand how a woman could get accustomed to this kind of attention. I had a really nice, deep orgasm. I had no idea his tongue could probe so deep.

I took one more oral break before I finished the book. I decided that Robert had been a good sport, so instead of having him eat me one more time I got up off his chest. I saw how red his face was, and I realized that he'd been supporting some of my weight for a while. A while? A look at the clock showed I'd been lying on his chest for almost three hours. I saw a white film on his face, and I realized that was from me.

Feeling a little bit guilty, I hurried and untied Robert from the bed. His arms felt a little cold to the touch, and he had trouble moving them, so I gently massaged his muscles for a while. Afterwards, we took a long shower together and went downstairs to make a couple of sandwiches.

Robert was unusually quiet while we were eating. I was beginning to wonder if he was mad at me, when he finally asked me, "How did you get that idea?"

After I finished chewing, I replied, "What idea?"

Robert grinned. "The idea to tie me up and tease me for hours with your pussy."

Oh, is that what I did? "From one of my books."

Robert smiled. "I had a great time. Thanks for being such a tease."

An image from the Indecisive Captions website flashed into my mind. "Why dear, being teased is all you deserve."

Robert laughed and we finished eating.

The next Saturday, Robert let me know just how much he appreciated my teasing. He attacked me with a passion I hadn't seen in a couple of years. It was some of the most physical sex I'd ever had, and my pussy was feeling a little sore when he finally collapsed on the bed.

A few weeks passed before I tried teasing Robert again. I started out the same way, by lying on his chest in a 69 position reading and occasionally letting him eat my pussy. This book was a little longer, so it took me about four hours to finish the book. This time, I had no problem with making him eat me to one last orgasm before I got up off his chest.

I thought about untying him, but I thought, why not ask him first? "Honey, do you want me to untie you, or do you want me to play with your cock?" I was pretty sure I knew what his choice would be.

Robert's voice cracked a little as he answered. "I want you to play with my cock, dear."

I giggled inwardly. I got a towel and a bottle of baby oil from the dresser, and got back on the bed, straddling his legs. I put some baby oil on my right palm, and rubbed it on his cock. He was so horny that it shouldn't have taken too long to make him cum, but I had other ideas.

The first time he was about to come, I stopped and made a show of stretching my hand. I could see the disappointment in his face, but I waited until his cock softened before I started stroking again.

The second time he was about to come, I got up and got myself a glass of water. I stood by the bed and sipped it in front of him, knowing how thirsty he was, before I picked up his head and gave him a few sips.

The third time he was about to come, I stopped and stretched my hand again. I let him ejaculate the fourth time, and he shot so hard the cum hit my chest. I was pleased with how horny my bitchiness made Robert.

I untied Robert and massaged his arms and legs. When he could walk again, we took a shower together, and went downstairs to get something to eat.

The next Saturday, we had another passionate sexual evening. Robert showed me how much he appreciated my teasing, and I made sure to tell him how much I appreciated his sexual attention.

I'm pretty sure you can see where we were heading. As time passed, I needed to spend more and more time in the bedroom being bitchy and demanding to get a reaction from my husband. As a result, we spent less and less time with the lovemaking that I wanted. I became the bedroom bitch that my husband needed, but I lost the husband that I needed.

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