tagInterracial LoveA Black Knight Ch. 02

A Black Knight Ch. 02


All of these new revelations had gotten to the princess. All these people, having their primal urges satisfied lone for her and to some extent, Tepus. Tonight was to be the grand ball and all types of men would be there trying to woo the princess. Perhaps she would use this opportunity to even the score with Allan.

That night Maggie prepared and dressed without the aide of Eleanor. She sent her on some errand and told her to stay home. She didn't want to face her after watching her being satisfied by Tepus. She dressed herself in her best dress. She wanted to attract attention to herself that night. As if she needed any help.

* * * * *

The music played and people were dancing. However, almost everyman's eyes stopped to watch the young princess walk in. A perfect vision of loveliness. Her massive breasts and firm buttocks were accentuated by the dress. It was simple yet constructive in how it enhanced every shape and contour of her body. Maggie knew she looked good and intended to use this as she shunned Allan when he approached her. She immediately went to a handsome knight and began to dance with him. All night she would dance with anyman but Allan. She would feel their hardness pressed against her. Two or three had impressed her with their girth however, none really compared to Tepus. Still she would use their attention to get at Allan.

As the night wore on a bit Maggie excused herself from her current company. A prince from a far kingdom who had hoped to marry Maggie some time ago. As she walked towards the food a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

"Allan! What has gotten into you!" she said assertively.

"Me? what about you. You prance around in that dress and dance with all the men but me? Let me remind you that I am your fiancee. Not these men you are galavanting about with like some common slut!"

The fire in his eyes scared her. His words stung her more. Slut? her? Fiancee? He was the one cheating on her with the town whore. She had been faithful to him for those years he was gone. God knows how many women he had in that time. And he had the gaul to approach and reprimand her. The man she had once loved was really just a pig. All those years she had waited for his return. She was the princess who had her pick of any man and he looked at her like some filthy piece of garbage.

The emotions welled up inside her. Tears began to form around her round eyes, and still he stood there like a cold statue. It was too much for her too bear. She turned around and ran out a side door. Allan didn't want to make a scene and went back to the ball.

* * * * *

Maggie was now sobbing loudly as she walked about the outside of the castle. Everyone was asleep and in their huts at this time of night. She wandered abit trying to wipe her tears. Off in the nearby distance she could hear someone with a deep voice talking. However it seemed they were talking to no one, and poorly at that. Maggie feared it was some illiterate lunatic. Who would be out in the streets at this time of night? Besides herself of course. She looked around and saw Allan's barn. The light was on. Perhaps she could see if Tepus would protect her.

As she ran in she realized the voice she heard was Tepus'. He was sitting on some hay. It appeared he was trying to read a book, suddenly he looked up to see the radiant princess in her amazing gown.

"To what do I owe this amazing pleasure?" he asked quizzically.

"Oh I was at the ball, and was having a wretched time. Was that you I heard reading?" she said as she approached him.

He sat upright on the bale of hay and put the book in his lap. It was a book from Allan's study. "Ummm, That was me. Although I don't read well. I speak english but i have been trying to understand the written words. It seems most people here are illiterate and have been no help to me."

"Well I'd be glad to help you." Maggie said as her eyes were now drying.

"It is much appreciated, you sure you won't be into any trouble. It seems most people that can read wouldn't help me because of my skin. I wouldn't want to endanger you."

He was worried about her, however truth be told, should anyone have caught him with the princess in a barn he wouldn't live past 5 seconds of that moment.

"I'd be glad to help you Tepus. It seems I have nothing better to do." she said taking a seat next to him.

"let's see what you can read now" she asked as Tepus opened the book with his long fingers.

"This tiiiime, wus the bist" he stammered.

"Oh that is a difficult part why don't you try reading this to begin." Maggie said caringly as she grabbed his hand and pointed to a particular sentence.

She had grabbed his hand only to guide it to the word however their touch send a jolt of electricity through both of them. They both looked at each other wide eyed and feeling a bit guilty they looked back at the words on the page.

Tepus began to read...

"they weren't too ssssssuure...."

Maggie giggled a bit, "No Tepus, that word is sure. That must be pronounced like shhh at the beginning."

"sssss" he struggled to spit out. He couldn't quite form the prenounciation.

"no like this silly." she said as her two finger pinched his bottom lip.

"shhhhure. c'mon try it Tepus"


"c'mon shhhhhure."

as they both worked at his prenounciation Maggie was unknowingly pulling her face closer to his as she too exaggerated her bottom lip coming out.



"c'mon just a bit shhure"


"almost shure shure shure"


Just as he prenounced the word their lips met. Both of their eyes closed. Not thinking about who the other one was. His large lips almost enveloping hers as slowly their lips moved then their tongues began to dance on another's.

Maggie slowly moaned as her hand was no longer pinching his lips but carressing his masculine face. Her other hand on his leg. His one hand was supporting him as his other gently carressed her golden tresses from her face. then slowly his hand then touched her arms, sides, until it rested on her hip. Rubbing his hand up and down her firm thighs. Her hand was now on his hip as she was balancing herself.

They stopped suddenly, both breathing hard. Maggie's enormous orbs bobbed up and down as she breathed heavily. Looking into Tepus' eyes. Tepus looked at hers as he too caught his breath. He brought his hand from her hip and wiped his bottom lip. Their eye contact stayed constant.

Suddenly a noise came. Someone was shouting from the castle's towers. They no doubt were searching for Maggie. She looked at him wide eyed, a bit frightened, at being caught and what had just transpired.

"I must go." she said almost seeking his approval.

"Go, then. Don't wait here any longer." he said suredly. Most men would've tried to keep her there. He let her go and she returned to the ball. She explained to her father the King she had felt ill and all went well the rest of the night.

* * * * *

The next day Maggie awoke with a strange sensation. Although her experience with Allan was emotionally devastating she felt reenergized. The tought of Tepus and her experience last night gave her new sensations. She had been sweaty from her dreams that night and her actions the previous night. She just wanted to go to her brook to spend the day. She took her bar of soap which was rare to acquire as only few people could afford such a luxury and went to her brook.

She again tried to avoid Eleanor. She wondered if her and Tepus still met at night. How cold she have done that with her friend's lover? As Maggie made her way to the brook at almost the same time from a far end of the brook Tepus appeared. They waved too each other and and met near some of the large rocks.

"Good to see you, I hope no harm found you last night." he said to her looking at her eyes.

"No I was quite alright. I just came here to bathe, I brought my soap and thought I would use it this one time."

"Soap?" Tepus quizzically asked.

"Yes it froths with water on your skin to help clean. I awoke in such a sweat from last night I thought this might be a fine time to use it." She said looking at his rags which were soaked.

"Yes I too filthy with sweat. Allan found his book in the barn. He explained to me that such handwritten pieces cost quite alot. He had me working hard most of this morning. I thought the water here would refresh me a bit. However, seeing as you are here I'll come back some other time. I'm sure you'd want the privacy for yourself."

Maggie felt saddened that he was going to leave, "Wait, you don't have to leave. We can bathe at the same time. The brook isn't that small you know."

Tepus turned around, "Yes but i'm sure you wouldn't want to bathe in your fine garments and these rags are all i have i must keep them dry for now."

Maggie thought of that for a moment, she wouldn't mind seeing Tepus and his well defined body again. "Well then we can both bathe in the nude if wouldn't bother you."

Tepus was a bit surprised. "Are you sure, Maggie? I could come back some other time."

"Oh no it's no trouble, after all I've seen you once here before. Perhaps now it would only be fair for you to see me."

Maggie would've never offered such a thing to another man. Only Allan had seen her naked and been with her at this brook. However Tepus was different.

Tepus slowly pulled his top over his head reavealing his well developed stomach and chest.

Maggie then removed her corset and top revealing her massive breasts. Which only lowered a bit and still stood firm and proud from her slight stomach and ribs.

They smiled at each other the entire time.

Tepus then removed his shoes and pants his massive tool waving back and forth between his legs.

Maggie then lowered her skirt. With her behind to him her muscular buttocks were exposed and as she bent over her meaty pussy poked through between her legs. As she stook her strong legs showed her quads and she turned around smiling as Tepus casually glanced at her slighlty trimmed golden pussy hair.

Maggie then took the soap in her hand and gave it to Tepus.

"After you."

Tepus then walked into the water till he was waist high in it. Maggie did the same. Both of their impressive chests just visible. The difference in the brooks floor was enough to make both their waists at the same level.

"Now Tepus submerge yourself and get your self all wet. For the soap."

Tepus held his breath went down and came up. His head coming within inches of colliding with her proud breasts.

Maggie then too went down. As she went down she felt his massive tool floating in the water. She went down and felt it hit the bottom of her breasts and her rub across her angelic face. Then it even sat on her breasts a bit as she came up. She pulled her wet hair behind her.

Tepus then began to rub the bar on himself. It did little lathering.

"No, Silly. Here like this. Rub it in your hands once it lathers on your hands do this."

Maggies hand went on top of hers. She showed his fingers how to roll the bar until a nice lather appeared.

"Now apply it to your wet skin." she said as she guided his hand to his firm chest. The white suds contrasting against his skin as she guided his hand about his firm abs and pecs.

Their eyes met and that sexual tension began to mount again. "Is this right?" He asked as he made his motions faster with her hand still on top of his. "Perhaps you could lather my back then?" he asked. Maggie gladly obliged as he turned. She took her time to feel all his back muscles in her palm. She even looked at his bubble like butt which showed a bit at the water. She reached under the water to even lather those buns of his. They were different than most men. Most white men had such flat asses.

"Now you can do me." She said as she turned around grabbing her hair and pulling it in front of her over her right shoulder. Tepus took the soap from her hands and lathered up her smooth shoulders and arching back. He took his time rubbing small circles on her back. Maggie held onto her hair and closed her eyes as she moaned a bit. She moaned more as Tepus then Massaged her buttocks with lather underneath the water just as she did him. She would've said something but remembered it was only fair. She did the same.

His hands came up again this time on her sides. His large hands and long fingers almost encricling her trim waist. He moved his hands to her front a bit feeling her rigid stomach muscles. He then moved up a bit and his fingertips were just making contact with her breasts. She then moved her bent arms over his hands and pulled him a bit closer to herself as she continued moaning softly. She felt his large penis just nestling a bit between her tight butt cheeks. She loosened them to allow his penis a warmer place to rest.

"Is that enough lather?" Tepus asked, his mouth close to her ears as he spoke softly.

"No, you still need the front." she said turning around. Her breathing making her large breasts stand pround. Her firm nipples in the air farther than they ever were before. He broke the bar into two pieces and put one into each hand. He lathered it up. Maggie put her hands on his as they rotated the soap. She guided his hands to each breasts. Tepus gently applied the soap. Her nipples were so hard they hurt as he glided over them, around them, past them. She moaned more. Her right hand stopped his and took that piece of the bar from it as she then started to lather up his rippled front side. They gently carressed each other's fronts using their free hands to splash water upon each other.

They both didn't know how far this would carry and Tepus asked "How much lathering would be enough?" he asked this to determine whether or not this would carry on too the next level.

"Well, I'm sure our legs deserve as much attention." Maggie said. She grabbed his hand and guided him toward a rock which slanted slightly towards the water.

"Go ahead Tepus you first." she said watching him as he rose from the water. His triceps flexing as he hoisted his strong body onto the rock. He put one foot upon the rock and another still in the water. His long penis lying along side the leg still flaccid. It hadn't shrunk like most men's. His black skin shining in the sun. Maggie took the soap and carefully washed his calves and thighs. Her hands avoiding his penis. Until she grabbed the massive black cock in her hand. SHe squeezed it to get a grip and wondered at how soft it was and it's girth. She lifted it up to wash his leg underneath. Then she washed it carefully. Applying soap so its long length. Even pulling back on the foreskin exposing the massive head which made Tepus moan and brought her back to reality. She was so enthralled with his penis she forgot about the man attached to it. She then soaped his enormous testicles.

Not wanting to seem like a whore Maggie remembered the reason for this. "There you go Tepus. Now just slide into the water and you'll be nice and fresh."

"That did feel quite good. However I suppose it's fair you get a turn now." he said as he jumped into the water. The suds loafing about the top of the water. He then waded to Maggie nad picked her up and laid her about the rock. Her breasts gleaming and her trim golden pubic hair gleaming with beads of water. Maggie began to feel a moistness inside herself. As Tepus took his time and washed her feet. His long fingers sliding between her toes. Taking extra time so as to massage them yet not tickle them. She threw her head back as his fingers not only soaped up but massaged her tight calves and how his hands enveloped her thighs. He soaped up her hamstrings and quads and then as he reached her upper thigh his hand guided the soap about her small tuftof pubic hair. His palm touching her inner folds. This caused her to shudder as she looked down. His black skin contrasting against her white skin. Their muscular bodies shining with wetness. Tepus then began soaping her inner thighs with his one hand while his other hand slowly went over her pussy lips.

The sensation was near orgasmic. She had never felt anything like that. As Tepus moved in a bit and his face neared her slit. His hot breath was amazing as his fingers began to gently move about her mound. While her body was devoid of any fat her mound certainly was thick Tepus moved his hands about his hot breath almost breathing fire into her.

A woman's voice came from the woods, "Magdaline are you there?"

It was Eleanor! She couldn't see Maggie like this. Maggie immediately sat up and she was practially sitting on Tepus face and shoulders.

"Quickly into the water!" she said as her weight went upon him and he fell into the water. She was waist high into it when she felt his mouth on her privacy. She was about to die from the feeling. His tongue had begun working on her insides and her strong thighs clamped about his head.

Eleanor emerged from the woods, "Come quickly Maggie, Everyone's been looking for you!!!!!! Hurry!"

Maggie found her senses and quickly got out of the water, grabbed her clothes and began to follow the running Eleanor. Maggie looked back just to see Tepus arise from the water. His knees submerged and his penis hanging there as he waved to her. Maggie waved back and followed Eleanor.

* * * * *

"The county will soon be under attack my lord." an aide told the King. His daughter had just rushed in. "What is it father?" she intently asked.

The king said, "Our kingdom may come under attack within the next few days. We have word of renegade forces approaching. They currently are attack Galecia. I want you to stay within the castle for the time being. No more scurrying about. It is too dangerous."

Maggie was saddened and realized this house imprisonment might endanger her chances of being with Tepus again. Although she wasn't thinking of sexual escapades she longed to see him or share time with him. "but father....."

He quickly interrupted her, "That is final. Your all I have little flower. Since I lost your mother I cannot lose you. Please it's just for your own safety. Hopefully the renegades will pass us by and we can resume our lives."

Maggie knew he was simply being a father and she agreed. She went to her special room in the tower and looked upon the kingdom. She was worried for her father's safety and the kingdom's. She hoped no harm would come she also wondered when she would see Tepus again.

* * * * *

Maggie's whole day was spent in the tower. Allan tried to contact her and come to her room but she refused him access. Telling her guards to not let him even come to the stairway's entrance. Eleanor came by and the two talked into the wee hours of the night. As night came Eleanor had to leave and Maggie's mind had to wonder if she was off to a late night rendevous with Tepus. She was angry at Eleanor and realized that those two were having a relationship. Although it seemed purely sexual.

A bit after one of the guards knocked on Maggie's door.

"What is it?" she asked as she put her nightgown on for the evening.

The guard replied, "It's sir allen's slave......."

her ears perked up

"he says he has a message from him. since it's not Sir Allen should i allow him to deliver it? If he makes one wrong move I can kill the moor if you want."

Maggie tried to hide her excitement. "Let him in, he's no threat."

The guard led Tepus up the stairs and let him in the door. Tepus handed Maggie a note on some paper that seemed crudely written. Maggie looked at the guard, and said, "Some privacy please. I wish to convey a message back to Allan." The guard looked mad and puzzled at the same time. Leaving the princess alone with this savage not only endangered her but his job and life too. Nevertheless he obeyed her command.

As the door slammed shut Maggie put the note on her nightstand. The candlelight illuminating her voluptous figure underneath her almost sheer white nightgown.

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