tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Black Superwoman's Planet

A Black Superwoman's Planet


Theresa Simmons is the name. I'm a six-foot-tall, voluptuous and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young Black woman living in the city of Atlanta, down in Georgia. Although I look like an ordinary gal, if a bit Amazonian in stature, in most respects, I'm something else entirely. You see, I'm a shape-shifter. I can assume the form of any person or animal I touch. There are lots of others like me out there. Men and women born with the ability to change form at will. We're the Trickster-gods of many mythologies, folklores and legends. We've always been among you.

For as long as humanity has existed, the ability to shape-shift has existed. In ancient times, we were worshiped as gods and goddesses from Central Europe to Continental Africa. In places like Ancient America, Eurasia and Australia, the native people knew of my brothers and sisters. Many admired us. Some hate us to this day. In the twenty-first century, there aren't that many of us left. Worldwide, perhaps fifteen to twenty thousand. And we look just like you. We're male and female, Black and White, Straight and Gay. The only thing we all have in common, other than our powers, is the fact that we're a people on the move. Most of us don't like to stay in one place for long. It seems that some particularly sensitive people can sense that we're different. For this and many other reasons, Shape-shifters are a nomadic species. We live in close-knit clans made up mostly of families. And that's how we like it.

My parents, Theodore and Amelia Simmons, are both shape-shifters. Dad is a police officer in Boston. Mom teaches African-American Literature and Sociology at Saint Paul Academy in the town of Milton. My brother Jason attends Boston College Law School on an academic scholarship. On the surface, they led perfectly normal lives. But we can't escape what we are. Having the ability to shape-shift makes us unique. We can do things ordinary human beings can only dream of. However, this also causes us to be hated by the few people out there who know about us. There is an ancient cult known as the Destroyers. And they absolutely live up to their name. Their sole mission is to hunt down and destroy all shape-shifters. They track us down all over the planet. They find us and they kill us. That's what they're all about. My parents warned me about using my powers too much. That's a surefire way to attract the attention of the Destroyers.

I heeded my parents warning, but I didn't let it make me paranoid. A lot of shape-shifters are paranoid. My uncle Leander changes form more often than I change outfits. I've seen him become an Asian car saleswoman, an African-American professional basketball player, a middle-aged WASP and a Mexican restaurateur all in one day. Shape-shifting takes a lot out of us. We can't simply snap our fingers and make it happen. It takes a lot of concentration. The first time I shape-shifted, I turned into a squirrel and went roaming all over my backyard. My mother, disguised as an owl, watched over me while I experimented with my powers for the first time. It's easy to assume animal form. Assuming the form of another human being takes a lot of time. And focus. And afterwards, you feel drained. I've only assumed the form of one other person. This white chick named Abby who was my nemesis at Brockton Community High School. She's the Queen Bee type you've seen in movies like Mean Girls. I hated her guts with a fiery passion. So one day, I made myself look like her and went around destroying her reputation. It was fun. My parents didn't find it funny and grounded me for a month.

These days, I can't afford to use my powers so casually or recklessly anymore. I'm on my own, for one thing. My folks are pretty far away and can't be expected to step in every time to fix every mistake I make. I'm an adult now. A civil engineering major at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I moved to Atlanta after winning myself an academic scholarship to one of Atlanta's top schools. So far, I like Georgia Tech. There are lots of cute guys there. So many of the best-looking men on campus are these awesome Black studs. They are all over the place in the state of Georgia. Especially the city of Atlanta. This Boston-born sister has no complaints. At all.

Right now, I'm having some fun with my boyfriend Eric Dwight in his dorm. We're getting buck-wild on his king-sized bed. He's a big and tall ( six-foot-three by 250 pounds ) Black stud I ran into in my Business Ethics class last semester. He was mad cute and friendly, and single. I moved right in for the kill. Tall, good-looking Black men at America's top colleges and universities don't stay single for long. I wanted Eric the first time I laid eyes on him. He was all that and then some. I kind of wondered if we'd get along, though. He seemed like a nice, quiet church-going guy while I'm the wildest and kinkiest chick on a campus full of horny femmes. I took great pleasure in corrupting Eric Dwight.

Yeah, I turned this church-going do-gooder into a pussy-loving and pussy-chasing manly man. He'd never been with a woman before he met me. Prior to enrolling at Georgia Tech, he attended Saint James Academy, an all-male Catholic High School in the town of Atlanta. Most of his teachers were old men and women. Indeed, I doubt he ever saw a woman under fifty working at the academy. The poor guy. Guys at all-male schools benefit from single-sex education academically. Sexually, it makes them quite backwards. Luckily for the both of us, Eric was a quick study on all things carnal. As we'll demonstrate for you today.

I had to show him everything, and we had fun that way. Eric now loves getting his dick sucked by yours truly. I just love sucking dick. Wrapping my lips around a thick, juicy cock that's throbbing in my book. And it's got to be Black for it to feel right. Eric certainly had a big one. His dick was eight and a half inches long and quite thick. He was uncircumcised, too. I've never been with an uncut man before, but I didn't mind. The way I see it, what a guy does with his body is his business. I'm just using it for the duration. Still, I was curious. I've read somewhere that uncut guys were more sensitive down there, so I found some pleasurable ways to test that theory. I gently pulled back his foreskin and licked his dick while gently stroking his balls. It seemed to drive him wild even more than it usually does other guys. Wow. I guess I was right!

I worked my magic on Eric, sucking his cock and balls with gusto. And he came moments later. The cum came out of his erect cock like a geyser. I did something I wouldn't normally do for a guy and swallowed every last drop of Eric's cum. He screamed in sheer pleasure. I took his cock in hand and licked him dry, then gave him some time to recover. Moments later, he was springing back into action. This time, I spread my plump thighs for him, begging him to fuck my pussy. Eric didn't need to be told twice. The big and sexy Black stud pressed his cock against my pussy, and shoved it inside. I grinned as I felt his big dick stabbing my pussy. I love a good pussy pounding as much as the next gal, if not more. Wrapping my arms around Eric's torso, I urged him to fuck me harder. He gave me all the cock he had, and then some. The stud made me scream, folks. He fucked me like he wanted to brand my pussy. Like he was trying to write his initials inside of me with his cock. He fucked me till I was stunned. Hot damn! I lay there, dazed and amazed. Now that's what I call fucking!

Later that night, we did some other stuff. I got on all fours, spread my ass cheeks wide open and told Eric to lick my asshole. He'd always wanted to fuck me in the ass and now I was actually in the mood for it. However, I had some ground rules. If he couldn't lick my ass, then he couldn't stick his cock in it. My ass, my rules. Eric bent down, and began munching on my sweaty asshole as if it were the tastiest thing in the universe. He really got into it, too. Licked my asshole with that fat tongue of his, sank it real deep. Now that's what I like. A man who knows what to do in order to satisfy me. Look at him licking my asshole. Hot damn.

Eric lathered up my ass with his tongue. And when he was done, he got his big reward. I let him stick his cock in my ass. Slowly, he eased his member into my ass. I licked my lips as Eric placed his hands on my hips and began fucking me. I've only been fucked in the ass once or twice before and I must say that I absolutely relished the experience. I guided Eric through it. I was afraid that he'd take me like he'd seen guys taking women in those online porn movies. I don't know how some dames can take gigantic rods up the bum and still be smiling. Must be something special that they sell only to porn stars. I'm not a porn star. I'm a real woman. So I told Eric to be gentle and take his time, or else. My sexy lover heeded my instructions and very slowly, very patiently made love to my ass. He fucked me hard, and it was so good I couldn't stand it. His cock stretched my tight asshole, filling it up in the most wonderful of ways. I found myself backing up against him, craving more. It was so wonderful.

Morning found Eric and I entwined in each other's loving arms. I looked at Eric, and noticed how peaceful he looked as he slept. Sometimes, I wish I could tell him about myself. How would he react if he found out his loving girlfriend was secretly a member of a supernatural race that once ruled the planet Earth? He might think it's cool. Or he might freak out. I hope he'd take it well but I can't take the chance. Humans always fear what they don't understand. That's why the Destroyers are popping up all over the place, hunting us down simply for being different. That's my life. The life of a superhuman on twenty-first century planet Earth. And it's not about to change anytime soon.

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