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A Black Teacher


I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, in a large metro area, near Lake Michigan. My sister and I went to a middle school and high school that was interracial. We knew that both black and white guys wanted to get our cherries and to date us before even getting to middle school. Some of our friends ended up doing just that and then bragged to us about the great sex that the black guys delivered. My sister and I would chat about it often and admit that we were both wet after our friends told us about their experiences. We looked forward to Mondays to get filled in. When I was having sex with a white guy, I substituted a black guy for him. My sister told me she did the same.

Sis is two years older than me. We both are knock outs according to the guys. We were turning down offers since the 5th grade. We both lost our cherries when we were in the last year of middle school. It seemed I needed to copy my sister making sure I stayed equal to her in everything we did. I never did have the urge to outdo her.

Sis went off to college a few hundred miles away and would come home on weekends. In her freshman year it was almost every weekend and toward the end of her first year about once a month.

To keep the expenses down for my folks, it was agreed that I would go to the same college and that sis and I would rent and share a two bedroom unit.

The first day in the apartment sis said, "Amy I will bring guys back after a date to stay the night. Feel free to do the same when you find a guy that turns you on. I don't want you acting surprised when you see a guy coming from my room. When you have your first, I might give you a wink but no lip. But we need to keep this between us."

"Okay sis; so how did you work it before having this place."

"The guys would have a friend that would let us stay at their place or at a frat house when we could get away with it."

"Wow this will be different than high school."

After we had gotten things put away, sis gave me a huge tour of the town and the hot spots after the folk had left from delivering our hand me down furniture.

I was homesick for awhile and headed home to be with friends on weekends. Sis had gotten a part-time job to help with school expenses so her opportunities to go home became even more limited.

I did stay one weekend and sis brought a guy back to stay over night. I was watching TV and after some time I heard sis's bed squeaking. I knew they were having fun. It made my nipples hard and pussy hot. I wished I was at home and it was my boyfriend doing it to me. I opened my robe, shoved a nipple to my mouth, reached into my panties, closed my eyes and made myself cum when I heard sis muffle her orgasm. Her date was more vocal.

I headed to my bedroom, closed the door, dropped my robe and panties and made myself feel good again by using a toy sis bought for me when I was still in high school. I'm sure sis and her date heard me moan. I heard them moan again about an hour after I did. I wondered if it was my moan that got them horny again or just natural.

Sis is five foot six with 36 D boobs, a 26 waist line and a 37 butt. I'm five foot seven, with 34 C boobs, a 24 inch waist and a 36 inch butt for those interested. We both are shaven.

The following morning I was warming food when they headed to the shower. Sis looked at me and winked. I winked back at her. They joined me for breakfast and then Gary left.

The next few months were normal. By that I mean she brought dates home and so did I when I was in the mood and not home on a weekend.

Towards the end of my freshmen year in college I returned late to the apartment with my date. We heard sis say, "Derrick that cock of yours has me addicted to it. I can not get enough of it. My pussy leaks all the time I visualize it. It is the most awesome cock that has ever fucked me."

"I'm glad you like it Brit. I get hard thinking of your tight pussy and ass hole and have to relieve the pressure with my hands. My lady pleaser wants a piece of your ass all the time since it has known and sampled you."

I motioned with my finger to Bill to be quite and we proceeded to my bedroom. Sis's room was across the hall from mine and her door was ajar a smidgen. The hallway was dark and her room was bright from the light. As we approached her door her moans of pleasure were more noticeable. I wanted to see my sister getting fucked.

When we were close enough I gently pushed the door open more so Bill and I could get a better look. My heart skipped a beat and I blushed seeing my sister in doggy, her boobs hanging and swinging and black hands on her hips. I did not make a move and just listened to sis moaning each time that it appeared the guy was doing a slow plow forward. It was getting to me. I undid my jeans, took Bill's right hand and placed it on my mound. He had a boner pressing into the crack of my butt. I took his left hand and placed it under my halter so he could massage a breast. Bill slipped his hands into my panties to get to bare skin.

I gently pushed the door open more and died nearly seeing a shiny black cock glistening with my sister's juices and it was a monster. The veins on it were so obvious, so filled with blood. She must have had him turned on good. He withdrew slow and pushed in slow. Bill's fingers and the sight had me place my hand over my mouth while I trembled in an orgasm while clenching my mouth tight. I felt Bill having an orgasm at the same time, messing his pants.

When we had settled we slowly made our way to my room. We did not even strip our clothes. I just lowered my jeans and panties and he did the same with his. Bill was still hard and as soon as my back hit the bed, his messy cock was plowing into me. God did he ever growl when he fired. Thank god I was on the pill and neither of us had the patience to have him put on a condom. Bill wanted to fuck all night and I let him. I think him seeing sis being fucked by a black guy was more of a turn on for him than me but I did visualize it all night. I think Bill stayed hard all night. We did manage to get stripped and get into a spooning position so he could enter me from the back and we could be on our sides, listening to sis and her date as well. It seemed we were feeding off each other's sounds knowing someone was cumming.

All I could picture was a glistening, huge thick cock making my sister happy and I wanted to try it. I was going to talk to sis about it and maybe her boy friend could hook me up with a buddy of his. I knew then the girls in middle school were not bragging. Black guys seem to be hung like a horse and if not a horse at least a pony.

I think Bill cum six times that night and I did more I think. We did not wake up until noon on Sunday. When we went to shower, sis and her date were gone. Bill and I had a bite to eat then back to bed for another fucking session with me in doggy like sis was when we saw her last and then Bill dressed and left.

When my sister returned later she said, "Wow you and your date could not get enough of each other could you?"

"I guess not sis since you seemed to be enjoying your date also. I think we were feeding off each other. Bill stayed hard I think most of the night and plugged in. He would wake, pump, shoot and then catch a few ZZZZZZ before repeating. For some reason I was extra horny myself."

"Could it have been because you saw a black cock doing me?"

I died and ran to my room. Sis followed and while I was buried under the covers she said, "It is okay sweetie. When we left we noticed we had not secured the door so you had to see us when you came in. The girls in middle school were right. We have been missing out on some good sex. These guys can go on and on. Derrick and I chatted about it and I went to meet a friend of his to check him out for you. He seemed nice and is hung also. I let him demonstrate his technique on me. He is as good as Derrick. It would be fun if we could double date and swap. Why not let me introduce you to him and then you sample him if you like him. We have always talked about them, remember. Now is your chance. What do you say? I am not pissed and on the contrary I am happy you saw us. Come out from under those covers and let me call Derrick so he can bring his friend Charles over so you two can get to know each other. We can order pizza in and if you get wet talking to Charles, just take him back to the bedroom and enjoy."

I had settled some after listening and came out from under the covers slowly and said, "Does it hurt the first time?"

Not for me sis. It surprised me. I was tense but god so wet it moved in and out with no problems. Derrick was a sweetie and took his time so I adjusted. I think Charles will do the same. The feelings are indescribable. You need to experience them. Can I call Derrick, sis?"

"Yes, and being that you will be here makes me more relaxed."

Sis picked up her cell and then I heard her say, "Derrick sweetie, Amy is game for Charles. Come over with him for pizza and let him and Amy get acquainted. See you in thirty minutes then, fantastic."

I was tensing up and excited at the same time to experience a black cock.

"Brit, please tell me what to expect."

"I won't do it Amy. I will let you experience it like I did with all the tension and then the horrendous release and wanting more and more."

"My guess is you will not be going home much anymore on weekends but spending them in the sack with black guys pleasuring you."

"Amy do you swallow guys cum or spit it out?"

I turned red and said, "I've never had a cock near my mouth even though guys beg and plead for me to suck them."

"I was that way until I lost a bet one night in a card game. Derrick taught me how. He was so kind and gentle. I love it now when his balls tighten up and he shots his warm nut juice down into my stomach. I save some and share it with him. God the sex afterwards is out of this world Amy. Both of you are so horny from the intimacy that you do things that you would not think of doing at other times."

"Like what Brit?"

"Well I will let you explore that with Charles and Derrick. They have shown me sexual pleasure I never dreamt existed. Better run and get ready for them and to make it easier on both you and Charles make sure you don't have a bra on and no panties. That way it will go smoother if you and he get it on later."

"Okay sis, god I'm scared and excited at the same time."

"Hurry now and I will order the pizza."

While I was in the shower I heard voices and assumed that Charles and Derrick had arrived. Because of the shower spray noise it was muffled voices so I did not get to eaves drop. I finished and dressed as Brit had suggested. I then blow dried my shoulder length bleach hair and put in some soft curls.

I did slip in a panty liner so as not to send a message via a wet spot if I did start to leak.

I used soft makeup to give me a natural look as well as innocent look.

I walked into the living room trembling a little and wondered who was Derrick and who was Charles? I did not get a good look at Derrick's face the night before; just his cock and butt.

They were just gorgeous looking with shaved heads, a fantastic smile with teeth in perfect alignment. Both were at 6 foot and over 200 pounds and pure muscle. It was obvious they worked out with the lean look.

I began to relax immediately. Brit then introduced them. They were dressed in black trousers and white tank top with some blue color. They just looked gorgeous.

Charles and Derrick both extended their hands for a hand shake. Charles uttered, "Pleasure meeting you Amy. I hope to get to know you better." He gave me a wink and a terrific smile which melted me and sent a twitch to my pussy.

The bell rang announcing pizza arrival. I helped sis get the sodas, napkins, paper plates and napkins. Derrick retrieved the pizza and paid for it. I caught the delivery guy looking at me and smiling. He was hot looking guy which I made a mental note of.

Sis said, "Sis you and Chuck can sit at the table and have a private chat. Derrick and I will sit on the floor in the living room and watch some TV."

Chuck and I chatted about our youth and growing up while eating. We soon ran out of the get to know you conversation and I began to tense not knowing how to lead the conversation further.

Charles must have sensed it and said, "Babe usually I hit on beautiful chicks like you at the mall. If she smiles and answers back I know they desire to have some fun. If we were at the mall I would hit on you and see where it would lead. I want you to relax because nothing is going to happen between us unless you want it to happen. Derrick and your sister told me of your interest after seeing Derrick and her having fun. If you think that you and Derrick might hit it off better the first time, I would understand because you need the chemistry to make the sparks and the explosion in your pussy."

"Chuck thanks for understanding and to be honest I ..."

"It's okay babe, I understand."

It dawned on me he thought I desired Derrick and not him. He did not let me finish what I wanted to say. I stood, walked to him, took his face in my hands and said, "You jumped to a conclusion. I wanted to say I'm scared and as far as the chemistry goes it was there when I first saw you."

"You are right. I did jump to a conclusion. I'm sorry babe."

Chuck scooted back in the chair from the table and said, "How about sitting here in my lap and relaxing?"

I did as he had asked. I leaned into his chest as he placed his left hand on my butt and his right hand on my bare knee.

His after shave was not over powering and he smelled manly.

We sat there for a few minutes with neither of us saying a word and then Chuck said, "What have you heard about us black guys since grade school? Try to relax babe you are tense. Your soft skin is cool."

"Well we heard in middle school that black guy's cock were bigger and longer than the white guys. The white guys compared them in the shower. The white guys were jealous.

Later in the last year of middle school and particularly in high school the girls would brag about the size and how good it made them feel. They would say that the cock stimulated and touched every nerve in their pussy and that you guys could go on for hours before cumming."

"Did you believe them?"

"We believed the guys but the girls we were not sure of but they had us curious. When we saw porn we knew you guys were huge but the girls were being paid to act so there you go we did not know for sure."

"I feel your skin warming up. Do you want to make out some or go to the bedroom where you can do a visual inspection and feel and play with it? What comfort level are you at?"

"You know Chuck going to the bedroom, Oh god I don't know what I want. God your lips are warm and soft Chuck."

"Mmmm your hair smells so nice Amy."

"Mmmm thanks Chuck. I love what you are doing with your lips and tongue. It is getting to me."

"Enjoy it babe. Why don't we lift your top and let my mouth give some TLC to your nice boobs. Spin around and face me so I can alternate between them and not have one jealous of the other."

I did as Chuck asked and sat in his lap facing him and heard, "Awesome babe just awesome." We stared each other down and slowly his face approached mine and I could feel the warm breath at my lips as he kissed them softly. The kissing became more urgent on both our parts as we opened our mouth to have a tongue duel. When the duel started, his soft hands encased the toys and I moaned as he massaged them softly. He then let the nipples slip between his fingers and did some soft pinching. I was getting excited and my breathing with the kissing came in snorts at times. He definitely was turning me on and the color of his skin disappeared. He was a hot lover.

I broke the kiss and went "Oh god, oh god I want more. Let's go to the bedroom."

"Soon babe soon; let me suckle those titties some before we do that."

His mouth went to the right one and it was if a jolt of electricity went to my pussy when he bit the nipple a little. I placed my hands on his head and indicated to do the other the same way.

"Oh god Chuck, you are so sweet. Is this normal for you or you just being nice to me."

"It's normal babe. I want you begging for my cock and when your pussy feels it you will go places you have never been."

Chuck was alternating between tongue whipping the hard nipples and sucking them and at times inhaled the whole breast to flick the nipple.

"I was moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmm all the time."

Then it hit me; the fem odors from my vagina. I looked at the crotch of my yellow shorts and there was a wet spot developing even with the liner there. I was embarrassed but it being natural and him having me strung tighter than a guitar string I no longer cared.

He broke the attention to the breasts and said, "Let's go play where it is comfortable."

I lowered myself to the floor. Chuck stood and then lifted me to carry me to the bedroom. I lowered my head to his shoulder and closed my eyes.

When we were near the bathroom I said, "Chuck I need to freshen up, please."

He said, "Freshen up or pee?"

I was shocked and mumbled, "Just to freshen."

"If you don't mind, let me freshen you with my tongue."


"But I love to freshen naughty girls that are turned on. Come on now unless you need to pee and if that is the case I will watch so you are not messing with me."

"God Chuck, I always freshen up for a guy."

"You won't for this guy or Derrick because we will freshen you."

"But that will make me messier."

"We know babe and we work harder then to take care of you."

"Oh god Chuck I'm leaking so much."

"I would hope so and let me drink your juices babe and get you to make more. That's what gives us our staying power. Lovely, delicious, freshly made pussy juice. Now come on and get your ass on the bed so I can treat you like a queen."

I was so horny. My pussy lips were pushing against the liner. I dropped them and lay back on the bed. Chuck lifted my legs without taking any of his clothes off, covered my mound with his mouth and dragged his tongue from my pussy hole to the clit which was hard as a rock and whipped it with the tip of his tongue.

I grabbed his head and held his face to my pussy and screamed, "Yes, Oh god, yes, yes, Chuck, oh my god, I'm going to Aaaaa, Ohoooooooo, Ohooooooooo."

My body went into violent shaking and its movements increased Chuck's tongue action which caused me to have another orgasm immediately.

I collapsed and was panting. Chuck hopped off the bed, took his tank top off and dropped his trouser. He did not have underwear on. He had a monster of a looking cock and I wanted it in me. "Please fuck me with that Chuck. My pussy needs to be filled up with something."

Chuck hopped on the bed and slipped two or more fingers into my sopping, wet, hot pussy and began to finger fuck me with his right hand, using his left hand thumb to massage the clit. Chuck looked directly into my eyes as if starring me down. My hands instinctively went for my breasts to massage them and pinch the nipples without any embarrassment. I lifted my hips to meet his finger thrusting best I could and I took off to another plain. I wanted to scream fuck me, fuck me but things were happening so fast my body succumbed to the orgasm taking charge. As my body went into a convulsion, Chuck quickly pulled the fingers out from my pussy, kept massaging the clit with his left hand thumb, then quickly lifted my legs at the knees pressing them next to my breast, leaned forward and place the head of his thick cock into my spasming pussy.

He lowered himself and placed his mouth over mine to begin a tongue duel. I was so turned on with the mouth action and knowing part of his cock was in me and needing to be fucked that I fucked him best I could to get all of the monster cock into me. The further he filled me and the walls of my vagina sensing it, the higher I was flying. I humped the best I could to a point where I knew nothing more was going in and his balls were resting on my butt cheeks.

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