tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 11

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 11

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 11 - Just Business


I come up with an excuse for us to be together, without raising too many eyebrows. The idea is discussed at Krista's while Donna is over to play.

This series starts with A Bit of Blackmail, then A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. They are numbered after that. I suggest they be read in order.


Thursday morning, once Abby was off to work, I didn't wait long before I headed over to Krista's place.

She met me at the back door, and was naked before I got her as far as the bedroom. I was pleased to see the red butt-plug was lodged firmly in place, as directed.

"I didn't know if you'd really go ahead with that," I told her as I gave the device a tap while I walked along behind her.

"Seems like a good idea. That wife of yours is gonna break me, and I better be prepared. I figure an hour or two each morning is about right."

Once in the bedroom, I enjoyed having her go down on me as I explained to her my new idea for tying together a few loose strings.

Of the four girlfriends, we had two distinct financial situations. Misty and Paul had a lot of money; Paul was a co-owner of a very successful software consulting business. Abby and I weren't doing bad either, but of course Abby was the only one of her four friends working, and that helped a lot. In our case my salary covered our bills pretty easily; her $46K a year was gravy, and the money I'd been making online for the last few years was approaching the $100K mark. This had been a big year, the previous year I'd only made about $42K; I'd more than doubled my online earnings in the last 9 months.

On the other hand Rich worked in real-estate, and lived a life of feast or famine. It had been famine for quite a while, and they were watching their pennies. Krista was even talking about taking up day care, as she had when they were younger. The last thing I wanted was to have to compete with a bunch of rug-rats for her time.

Dave, Donna's husband, made decent money, but they were one of those families that lived paycheck to paycheck, in spite of how much he earned. She had been vocal about her concerns of having to reel in the spending and live on a budget when they had kids. Dave was in middle management down at EDS, and didn't really have a big upside on his salary. The company had been in decline for the past few years, and he seemed to be hanging on by the skin of his teeth.

My idea was simple enough. My online business was pretty straightforward. I had a working model, and just duplicating my system slowly increased my income. It had taken me three years to get to this point, and countless late night hours, but it was finally paying off. If I could teach a couple of assistants to manage the existing sites, the advertising, and the return, which had to be monitored pretty carefully, I could create more sites, bringing in more income. Maybe I could even teach them the analysis and research required before I built a new site.

And who better to work for me than Krista and Donna? I could start them on a pretty low hourly wage, with a profit sharing plan. The little extra money would help, but the profit sharing could be a home run. This model reduced my risk to the noise level. And it provided the perfect excuse for me to be around them several hours a week. Hell, maybe several hours a day!

Krista was more than interested. Halfway into my explanation of how it might work, she had to stop her blow-job to get more info. Good girl that she is, she mounted me before getting too distracted by the idea.

She was rocking back and forth on my cock, hammering away with questions.

"Are you for real?" was her first question.

"Absolutely! Why not? I think you and Donna could make a few bucks, I could make more money, and we'd have a great excuse to see each other."

"But what would we do?"

I explained the process of managing the incoming traffic, dealing with advertising, making sure that the incoming money was greater than the advertising, and that nothing weird happened to create a sudden burst of expenses.

"It sounds complicated," she pouted, slowing the riding pace.

"Not really. At first it may be, but it's mostly just monitoring a few websites that report how we're doing. I'll give you some spreadsheets to fill in, and it will let us know how the business is going. If the results go out of the expected range, one way or the other, we'll change the process. Sometimes that means cutting back or shutting down, sometimes it means beefing up the spending. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours a day, once you've got it down."

"What about that other stuff?" She asked, her interest peaking again. Her actions matched her interest, speeding up her movement, getting those gorgeous tits moving around on their own. I was slow in responding; once again, I was reminded of just how pretty and sexy Krista was, and I was lucky enough to be laying in her bed, casually screwing her. Life was good.

"The research and marketing will be for later, once you've got the system down. Hell, we might even get you building the sites. I also could use a virtual assistant - to do research for me, make calls, line up some business relationships, anything I can think to offload that allows me to concentrate on bringing in the money. At the same time I may use your help dealing with issues from my real job, making appointments, sending out thank-you's, keeping my database up to date, there's so many places that I could simplify my life."

"So what are we talking here, realistically?" She asked, now leaning over and impaling herself deliciously on my stiff rod, with long deep strokes. The view was just too good, and I reached up to capture her dangling tits, slowly massaging them, feeling their weight in my hand, playing with her hard nipples.

"I'm thinking 3 hours a day each for you and Donna, at $10 an hour, to start. Then each month we'll see how much profit the sites made, after advertising, your salaries, and other expenses. I'll pay you each 5%. That would have been about $400 dollars last month. Sound fair?" I asked.

"What's that, about $150 a week, plus another $400? That's like a thousand dollars a month for working 3 hours a day. I'd say that's pretty good." She was smiling at me, no longer rocking. She was sitting more upright, and her hips were doing figure-eights on me. She had my steel shaft traveling all around inside of her. I liked it.

"Don't forget, the whole reason we're doing this is so we can build more sites and make more money. If it works out, we'll add a little more time to your schedule, and the profit sharing could go way up. It doubled in the last year, and I did that by myself. If it doubles again, well, your monthly bonus could be over a grand."

She had a worried look on her face. "You're not just paying us so you can fuck us whenever you want, are you?"

I laughed. "Seems like I can do that now." I got serious for a second holding her still. "I've been slacking, unable to find the extra time to put into my business, and my real goal is to make it a full time thing, getting rid of the brick and mortar job. Even that's been suffering a bit since I developed this new hobby of mine." I nudged her with my hips, pushing up into her, leaving her no doubt what that hobby was. "With you two helping, I think there's a good chance I can make some serious money. I made almost $100K online in the last year." I told her.

She looked shocked. "A hundred thousand dollars? On a part-time job? Holy shit!"

"It took me about 5 years of different ideas and failed launches to get here. Last year was the first time I really made a decent profit. But now that I've found a working system, it's just implementing and duplicating, until the market changes. This year has been great, but it's taking too much of my time to manage it, and not enough time building more income. A couple of distracting women, one in particular," I nudged her again with my cock, so she'd know EXACTLY who I was referring too, "have been a huge time drain as well. With you and Donna working for me on this, I think I can easily double the business this year, maybe more. If so, I could finally kick the old job."

"What will Abby think?"

A good question.

"She knows that I tried outsourcing this stuff twice now, once to India, and once to the Philippines. It was cheap but it didn't work out. At all. One month a single screw up cost me over $1500. The time zones difference was a pain, and it required a lot more of my time to manage than I wanted. She knows I need the help. She has no interest in doing it at all. And she hates the endless late hours I put into it. I can only imagine she'll love the idea of getting you involved." I explained, at the same time as I tried rationalizing the idea myself.

"And she won't think about alternative agendas?" My little tramp asked as she got back to some serious fucking.

"With you, of course, but I don't think that will be a problem. Donna? She probably will be happy to have Donna involved, hoping that will keep you and me under some kind of control."

"What does Donna think? Have you told her yet?" She certainly had a lot of questions.

It was getting a little hard to concentrate. Her actions were setting me off. "Some. Not all. You first." I grunted, then knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I grabbed her hips and thrust up into her as hard and fast as I could, finally cumming deep inside her. She lowered herself down to lie on top of me as I slowly caught my breath.

"I'd love to do it," she said softly, "if Abby's cool with it. Why don't you come over tomorrow morning, and I'll invite Donna over. We can go over the idea more then."

"Sounds like a plan," I told her. "In the meantime, whenever you get a chance, you might drop hints to Abby that times are hard, and you might be looking for a part-time job. Maybe we can even lead her to the idea on her own."


That night I headed upstairs to work on my projects earlier than usual, spending most of the time putting the documents and processes in place to bring on my two possible helpers. I hadn't create a new site in over a month, and my revenues were down about 10%. Shit. I stayed and worked extra late, not coming down until well after midnight. Abby called up to me around 11:00, saying she was going to bed, but I begged off, telling her I was getting behind.

As I slipped into the bed, the clock read 12:50. Abby woke up a bit as I crawled in beside her.

"If I didn't see the checks coming in, I'd be worried that you're just another one of those porn junkies up there so late," she teased.

"Like I need porn, with a wife like you and friends like yours. I live porn."

She giggled. "Yeah, but sometimes I hate that room up there. You just disappear for hours and hours."

"I know. I've got to figure out a way to offload the crap work," I told her. Hint. Hint.

"Just don't try that India shit again," she reminded me with a big yawn, before giving me a quick peck and rolling over.

I rubbed her back, and she purred. "I won't try that again. Next time it'll be someone who speaks English, and is in at least a similar timezone."

She just gave me an "Mmmhmm," and eased back to sleep.

First seeds sown, time to water them.


I had gone over the first glimmering of an idea with Donna early in the week, after her punishment, and before all the hot-tub action and the aftermath. I had not really gone into any details. She seemed to be of a mixed mind. The money was marginally interesting to her. I think the idea of being with me for legitimate reasons both excited and scared her. Good.

I arrived at Krista's early, and had her on her knees blowing me, while I watched for Donna to drive up. Damn, my hot MILF neighbor looked amazing with my dick in her mouth. If it wasn't the most beautiful sight in the world, I'm not sure what was. I didn't have to wait long, and when I saw my second girl coming up the walk, I sent Krista to let her in, and headed to the bedroom, my wet, stiff cock leading the way like a dowsing rod.

Krista guided her buxom friend into the room a minute later. Krista was still clad only in a t-shirt, that ended just past the bottom of her bare ass. Donna was wearing a light sun dress that looked cute and sexy. Bright yellow, with a muted flower pattern, the thin shoulder straps barely held up the halter-style top that was filled to overflowing with her huge tits. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. The hem only reached about half-way down her thighs. She looked amazing.

I opened my arms to her, and she came to me, easily, without hesitation. She gave me a warm kiss, while I reached under the bottom of her skirt and verified she was naked underneath the bright yellow outfit.

As my hands cupped her bare ass, I massaged her cheeks gently. "Good girl," I murmured. "They're not still sore are they?"

She seemed to hesitate just a moment. "No, not really."

I pulled away from her and sat at the edge of the bed, my legs open wide, my cock standing straight up. She got the message, and dropped to her knees immediately, licking my cock. I reached over and grabbed a pillow which I passed to her. She put it under her knees and went back to work. She was a good little cock-sucker when she put her mind to it.

Krista stood behind Donna, reached down, unzipped the back of the dress and pulled the thin straps out to the side, freeing Donna's bodacious ta-tas. The dress slid to the ground around her knees. I heard Krista gasp.

"Shit, Donna! What happened?"

My darling fellatrix had learned her lesson. My rod in her mouth, she looked up at me quizzically, still sliding my staff in and out of her warm lips. I nodded to her.

She stood, the dress spilling around her ankles, leaving her naked except for her strappy yellow shoes. Then she walked to the dresser and looked in the mirror sideways. I could see that her rear end was still badly bruised. The blues, yellows and red's seemed almost an abomination against her smooth skin.

"I was bad," she said, then rubbed her ass with both hands. "It looks worse than it feels."

"Come here Donna," I told her and she hurried over. "On the bed, on your knees, please."

She obediently climbed on the bed, her butt right at the edge. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked timorously.

"No dear," I told her, caressing her cute butt. "Not at all."

"Krista, can you do something to make those poor cheeks feel better." I asked, then I went around the bed and laid down in front of Donna so she could put her mouth to good use once more. As soon as I was in place, she lowered her face and proceeded to pleasure me again.

Krista returned from the bathroom with some lotion which she warmed in her hands, and then set about massaging it into Donna's abused rear. She took her time doing it, spending a little time working her way down the crease as well. I enjoyed watching her. "Take off your shirt, Krista."

She did, and went back to massaging Donna's butt, now naked. It was a great view.

"You know, Krista, Donna's still an anal virgin. I think it would be kind of you to make sure that when she loses that cherry, we make it easy on her. Can you do something for her? Break her in a bit?"

Krista knew the answer to that one, and retrieved her bright red butt-plug from her bedside drawer. With a little lube she was soon working that toy into Donna's butt, accompanied by the delicious Donna's groans and grunts, until it finally slid fully in. I heard Donna moan around my cock as it sank home.

I beckoned Krista over and pulled Donna's face out of my lap.

"I'm going to fuck your friend now, Donna, and then I'm going to take her ass. I want you to prepare her for me. Lube her tight little butthole for me. Do a good job for her, because when I take yours, she'll be the one doing the preparing."

I had Krista on her hands and knees, and I slid my cock home, into her delightful pussy. I started a slow screwing, while Donna retrieved the lube that Krista had left on the bed stand. Donna was cautious placing a few drops over Krista's little brown star.

"Talk to her, Krista, tell her what to do."

"You've got to get it in me, Donna," she explained. "Use one finger, then two, and finally three. If you don't loosen me up, he'll tear me open. Use lots of lube."

Donna still seemed nervous, but she but a few more drops on her finger and slowly started toying with Krista's back door. She started slowly, seeming cautious as her fingernail finally disappeared from view. Most of her fingertip was still in view.

"That doesn't hurt, does it?" Donna asked

"It's nice. More," was Krista's quiet response.

I watched, mesmerized by her slow moving finger as it slowly disappeared into the little brown star. Buried up to the second knuckle, Donna started to twist it around a bit, then put a couple of more drops of lube where her finger disappeared into Krista's ass. Finally she started sawing back and forth, until her finger was doing about as much as it could.

"Oh, that's good," Krista told her, "fuck my ass with your finger."

I screwed her slowly, giving her a tempo to match if she so desired.

Donna added another few drops, then slid her finger in and out faster, twisting on the 'in' stroke.

"Good, that's nice, now give me another."

The sight was exciting, and I was feeling it deep in my balls as I slowly fucked my hot little neighbor.

Donna worked two fingers into Krista's butt, opening her up more.

I reached out to Donna, grasping her by the hair and pulling her mouth to mine. I kissed her long and hard while my fat cock and Donna's slender fingers, both penetrated the amazing Krista.

"Can you feel that?" I whispered in Donna's ear. "She's loving it. She's getting off on your fingers in her slutty hot ass."

As if too confirm my words, Krista shivered. "That's sooo good, Donna, can you do three?" Krista moaned. She had dropped her head and shoulders to the bed, and her tempting little butt was even more exposed. She reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks wider.

"God Alex, I don't know," Donna wavered, her two fingers still sawing away at Krista's open butt, but noticeably slowing down.

I reached down and grabbed Donna's ass cheek and squeezed it hard. She cried out.

"I thought you were learning to be a good girl," I told her.

"I am, I am! I swear, I just don't want to hurt her," Donna whined.

"Don't act stupid. She's asking for it! Do it."

Donna added yet more lube, and the shininess all around Krista's crack was calling to me. Donna's three fingers drove into that tight little ass, all the way to the knuckles.

"God, that's it," Krista groaned, "open me for him."

Donna had finally given up any reticence and she reamed her good. I pulled her mouth to mine again, enjoying kissing her while fucking her friend. I pushed her face down, until she was just inches away from the action. She eventually adding her pinky to the mix, and I watched as most of her four fingers slid in and out of Krista's ass.

"Fuck me, Alex, fuck my ass now, please," Krista finally moaned.

Donna looked to me and I nodded. She pulled her hand away and I pulled out of Krista's pussy and switched holes. My cock slid halfway into her ass with very little resistance.

"You did good, Donna," I told her, easing my cock deeper into the wonderful Krista.

"Perfect," Krista murmured.

Donna watched, entranced, as my cock sank deeper and deeper into Krista.

"Just think, that will be you, some day soon, when you've earned it." I told her.

"Earned it?" Donna squeaked.

"Someday, I think. You are learning," I told her, grabbing Krista's hips I started to long stroke her incredibly tight asshole.

"Now if you'll just lay down in front of her, I'm sure Krista will thank you for taking care of her."

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