A Blessing


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I've been broken.

Eyes I thought could see my soul
went blind
and my unsuspecting heart
was dropped
by hands I'd come to trust.

It was then, unstrung by the cold shrill fear
                  of abandonment
I tasted all the bitter fruits of hurt and anger;
I was shaken to my core.

I was broken.

But, in choosing to draw together
the scattered pieces of my self,
I began an anguished exploration.
I sought to make some kind of meaning
out of the painful knowledge of love professed
and then that love forsaken.

Entering a formless Solitude
I examined and reexamined
                   what had been said and done
until those things became transparent
and unveiled the peaceful waters
                    feeding my resilience.
Finally, I learned to accept and forgive
my own and another's fallible humanity;
only then could I begin to slowly reintegrate
the scattered pieces of my self.

Yes, I have been broken.
                  But I know now
that I was blessed....

by brokeness.

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