tagInterracial LoveA Blind Man Sees... Ch. 01

A Blind Man Sees... Ch. 01


I know that everyone starts the story with: This is my TRUE story. Well I'll just say that 99% of this story is true and the other 1%? Well it involves things I had wished I had done or said with Ronnie.

I am a middle aged white male living alone. I am also quite the computer nerd. And I am 100% blind. On the evenings that I do not go out with friends to socialize, I am up on the internet surfing and hanging in chat rooms for fun. Ever since I dated my first black woman at age 22, I have become quite afrocentric where it involves the women I love to be with. The curves, the wide hips, the large round breasts, and those fine plump asses. O yes, I am very sexually attracted to black women.

In the evenings I would put on some jazz music, fire up the computer and check my favorite chat rooms. These rooms were centered on the theme of black women dating white men. My favorite room was called "Because I like a little cream in my coffee..." On this particular day, the room was not open yet. I thought I would do a little cleaning up on my hard drive and thought I'll start with this chat program I am using now. I try to keep my buddy list small, but I was always adding new possible buddies to it. then forgetting who they were or where I met them.

I checked the Online Buddy list, and there was a single name in the box, Ronnie. Interesting. Was this a man or a woman? White or black? Being adventurous, I clicked the name and send a message.

myself: hello there

Ronnie: hello

myself: you have to excuse me. but I have your name in my buddy list and I have no idea who you r or where I ran across you?

Ronnie: tell me about yourself?

myself: well I am a middle aged blind guy. White. Did I meet you in an interracial room?

Ronnie: possible. I have been in several of them lately.

myself: well tell me a bit about yourself?

Ronnie: I am black, single and 18 years old

Well the alarms went off in my head. Uh Oh. Not quite jail bait but a bit too young to be chatting with. We were talking almost 30 years of age difference here. what could I have been thinking when I added Ronnie to my buddy list?

Ronnie: r u still there?

myself: yes, just trying to figure out how you wound up on my buddy list.

Ronnie: we probably bumped into each other in one of those black/white rooms.

myself: do u date white guys?

Ronnie: O yes. started about 1 year back and will probably continue till I die.

myself: so u date white men only?

Ronnie: yes, I like older white men!

More alarms going off in my mind. Was this the proverbial hootchie momma I always heard other men talk about?

myself: why do u date older men? and how much older?

Ronnie: I like men in the 40 to 50 age range.

myself: why?

Ronnie: because they treat me nice. They take me clubbing and out to nice restaurants.

myself: clubbing? don't u have to be 21 years old to go clubbing?

Ronnie: sure, but I look older than 18 and they never card me when we go to the clubs.

myself: interesting. You like to dance?

Ronnie: yes dance and drinking.

O crap there goes those alarms a third time. underage drinking. ok be smart. break the connection. Turn the computer off and go listen to some TV. This is bad news all the way around. That is what my brain was yelling. My penis was whispering "Go for it!"

myself: I live near valley forge, Pennsylvania. where r u at?

I thought this was the deal breaker. She probably lived down south, way out in California, or even out of the country.

Ronnie: I don't live all that far from you. maybe a 30 minute drive.

myself: really? most of the women I know from up here are very long distance.

myself: you are the first and only one I met so far close to me.

Ronnie: I just thought of something. if u r blind how can u be reading this?

myself: I have special software on my computer. It is called JAWS. it will read me any text on the screen.

Ronnie: nice nice

Ronnie: so do u date black women?

myself: sure I am fascinated with them.

Ronnie: how so u can't se them?

myself: I can feel them, taste them, smell them, hear them.

Ronnie: O really?

myself: yes and I'll try not to generalize here, but black women

myself: and this does not include all black women. but most of them.

myself: They have a voice that makes my toes curl. husky, sensual

Ronnie: you would not like my voice then, I don't sound black.

myself: really? and what do u sound like?

I took that first little step. Maybe I could get her to call me on the phone. Stop this damm typing and all.

Ronnie: everyone tells me I sound white.

Ronnie: u probably like the chicks with the ghetto sounding voices?

myself: um, not sure what ghetto sounding voices are.

Ronnie: Well I don't sound black. You would not like me much.

myself: well there is only one way to know. Give me a call.

myself: my number is 610-555-1212

Ronnie: I don't know. I don't really know u to be calling you.

myself: I really don't bite. I am friendly. u r not giving me your number. You r calling me.

Ronnie: I have a couple things to do first. Let me get them done and then I'll call you.

myself: sure. u get your work done and call when u have time.

She logged off. I sat wondering what I had started? About one hour later the phone rang. Not really thinking it was Ronnie, but rather my buddy Anthony, I asked "Yo Tony what is up? Silence on the line."hello I said."

A female voice, "Is this the blind guy I was talking with?" Mild surprise on my part, but also a bit of excitement. "Yes, hello Ronnie how are you doing?" She asked me again, " are you really blind?" Laughing slightly, "Yes, I've been blind for about 8 years now." Then I threw in, " You were right, you don't sound black. You sound like a valley girl." Laughing at her end of the line. "I told you so. Now you probably won't like me." I chuckled, " I like all women. The voice is an extra zing I like. But I am not going to kick a nice woman out of my bed just because of her voice." Ronnie told me, "Well my parents and I were from Panama." I went "Hmmmm? Wouldn't that make you Latin?" She said, "I may be Latin but I don't sound it or even sound black. But I do look black." "Well," I said, "you have a lovely voice, and I appreciate you calling me."

I tried to be objective here. Running her voice over in my mind? Could she be 18 years old? Was she even black?

We talked for almost 2 hours. I told her of my love for SciFi books, gardening, cooking, Jazz Music. Ronnie told me of her plans to attend college for multimedia and radio broadcasting. Big dreams for someone so young. She also told me she was a big girl. "How big?" I asked. She explained she was 5 foot 8 inches tall, and about 180 pounds. Not exactly a Tyra Banks look alike, but I was no drop dead handsome stud either.

"Okay so you have some meat on those bones. No big deal"

She surprised the shit out of me when she next asked" How big is your cock?"

"Well I don't think I ever measured it, but probably the regular size. Like 6 inches or a bit more." if she was going to be that bold, then so was I! "How big are your tits?"

"Men love my tits. they are 38 double D's," she said.

"I'm impressed and I haven't even seen them," I laughed.

I then asked, "Why did you call me? I might be a pervert or something!"

Now she was laughing. "You don't sound like a pervert. An I was curious. I never knew a blind person before. Is it hard being blind?"

"It can be at times. Like when I forget where I put something important, and have to find it quickly." "That is what I was just doing when you called. Looking for my Handicapped Parking Placard."

Curiosity on her part, "What do you need that for. You don't drive."

"No I don't drive, but my friends take me places, and it helps them and me to be able to park closer to the stores and all with this placard."

"So what are you doing?" she asked.

"I am crawling around on my hands and knees in my living room. Running my hands over the floor. I think I dropped the placard when I last came in from the grocery store."

Ronnie asked, "Do you need help?"

"I'm sure I will find it eventually, but sure help would be greatly appreciated!," I answered.

Ronnie told me she could drive to my place in about 30 minutes. And I gave her the final details she needed to find my house.

I thanked her for offering her help then rushed to the bathroom for a quick shave and shower. I wanted to be clean and smelling nice when she arrived, but did not wish to appear desperate.

I went out and sat on my porch. The minutes dragged by. It was close to one hour before I heard a car pull up and park across the street from my place. I heard Ronnie's voice, "sorry I am late, I am not very familiar with this area."

I reached out my hand to shake hers. She took my hand gently, and I cupped my second hand over hers. "I'm glad you trusted me enough to come."

She laughed, "Well you don't look all that dangerous up close."

We entered my house and I locked the front door behind myself. If this was some sort of con, a ruse to rob a blind guy. I was not going to make it too easy to rip me off.

Ronnie asked, "Um do you always keep all the lights off?" Now I was the one to be embarrassed.

"Well I told you I was blind, force of habit and all. I don't need the lights on to move about my place." I told Ronnie to stand still while I moved about the room turning lamps on.

As I brushed by her, her fragrance caught me by surprise. Cocoa Butter. While we were talking on the phone earlier, I had told her I loved that fragrance. Did she put this on for my benefit? Interesting.

"Thank you. That's alot better," she said.

I went back in front of her and did a little spin. "Well here I am. What do you think?"

She answered, "nice nice."

I asked shyly, "Can I see you now?"

She asked puzzled, "And how will you do that?"

I held out my hands fingers extended. I directed her, "Take my hands and rub them over your body starting at your head. I can get a good idea of your looks by touching you this way."

If I had just tried to touch her myself, I might have freaked her out if my touches got too personal. This way she was going to be in control. I would only touch what she guided me to touch.

She took my hands to her head first. Very short hair. Curly and with ribbons and beads mixed into the hair. She guided my hands down to her ears. Very soft, small delicate ears. With multiple earring sin each ear. When she moved my hands down to her neck I felt a very fine chain. I also found some very soft skin. I had to warn myself. Down boy! this is a simple visit. Not a sex party. Behave myself!

Ronnie then said, "Wait a second." She removed my hands and took off her coat. I heard her drop it on a nearby chair. She then put her pocketbook there also.

"Okay, now what?" I asked.

She took my hands again and continued the tour of her body. I was expecting the tour to pick up on her neck again and then down her arms. I was so fucking wrong! Ronnie ran my fingers down her cleavage. She had some sort of soft, thin shirt on with a very low V cut in it. My face clearly showed my surprise and Ronnie asked, "You like?"

Trying not to stutter I said "I really like."

After running my fingers down the cleavage, Ronnie took my hands and put my open palms directly on her tits. They were large and very soft. I don't know what sort of bra she had on, but it was not restraining her nipples. They were proudly sticking out and saying hello to my palms. I was flushed. I was embarrassed. My face must have been beet red. Ronnie asked, "Are you alright?"

I confessed, "Nobody, and I do mean nobody has ever let me see them like this before." I decided to turn the situation around. I took my hands and lightly squeezed her tits. And made the "Honk Honk" sound that all men think of when squeezing boobs. She started to laugh. She took my hands and moved them down further. She had on some sort of skirt. It felt like a Denim skirt? I could tell she was right. She had some meat on these bones. A belly but not too much of a belly. The hands moved lower.

Interesting. She had on a miniskirt! My hands now moved lower but she had taken her hands off mine after I passed her hips. I passed the fabric of the skirt and was on bare thighs . Ronnie said, "That really tickles" I put both of my hands on a single thigh. One on the inside and one on the outside.

I chuckled, "Ronnie you are a delightful big girl"

Ronnie replied, "I did not think you would like me as I am fat."

"Ronnie you are not fat. You are thick." My hands proceeded lower. My fingers brushed over her small ankle and onto some sort of open toe shoe. And then I really started laughing. I think I hurt her feelings.

She quickly asked angrily, "What is so funny?"

"Ronnie, please take one step backwards," I said. She did and then I told her to look down. She started to laugh now also. Ronnie had been standing on the very placard I had been searching for.

"Well now you don't need me anymore," she cooed

"I can't just send you home with no reward" I said. "Let me offer you a backrub for your hard work here tonight?"

She was still laughing. "A backrub huh?"

I told her," Honest Injun. A backrub for your hard work."

"Where at?" she inquired.

I considered the couch that was nearby, but risked it and said, "Upstairs on the bed. You will be more comfortable and I can really give you my best effort."

She asked me if it was safe to leave her pocketbook where she had put it? I told her I lived alone. The house was locked dup. It was more than safe there. We proceeded up the stairs. When we were halfway up Ronnie made a sudden stop. As I was right behind her we collided. There was no hiding my excitement. My bulging cock butted right up against that fine ass.

I couldn't think of anything to say besides "Yes?"

Ronnie reminded me again, "No lights. I can't see."

"Let me pass you and I'll go up and turn them on." As I side stepped her on the stairs, her large tits ran across my chest. I was fighting myself not to just grab them and start kissing them. I don't know if it was intentional or accident but Ronnie's hand ran across the front of my slacks and grazed my aching cock. I rushed up the rest of the stairs and flipped the light switch. I knew I was breathing heavy. Was it Ronnie, or was I just too old to be running up steps the way I had just done?

As Ronnie reached the top of the stairs, I swooped my one arm to my bedroom. "your backrub awaits My Lady."

She entered my bedroom and stood by my bed. "we have some very important things to do right now" I said.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Well first I have to convince myself you really are 18 years old"

She told me her birthday quickly and I told her yes that hinted she was 18 years old, but I needed more proof.

"Like what" she wanted to know.

"do you have your driver's license?"

"Um I do but it is back downstairs in my pocketbook. But how are you going to read it?"

I directed her to go get it and I would amaze her with all the neat stuff we blind folks have now-a-days.

Ronnie said, "Okay" and headed back towards the stairs. As she passed me again, her hand ran across the front of my pants again. This time the contact was longer and I heard her say "nice Nice." in a low voice. I felt like grabbing her right there and ripping her clothes off. As much as the head of my cock wanted me to get my freak on, my brain was yelling "Stop!" I tried to wait patiently as she went back down the steps.

She came back up the steps shortly and we entered my computer room. She passed me the license and I scanned it into my computer. My computer then read me all the info on the card. Ronnie So&So Collegeville, Pa. June 15, 1985 I did the math quickly in my head.

"Yep. You are 18 years old and 5 months." She took her license back and put it back into her pocketbook. "That's pretty neat how that talks to you. Can you change the voice?" I did a quick demo of the other voices that JAWS could talk to me in. She seemed interested. I thought I would mess around a bit and clicked on a text file I had created months back. The talking software started to read the text file to Ronnie, line by line.

"Hey there lady. Do you want to play with my joystick?" "If you play nice, I'll let you touch my hard drive"

Ronnie started to laugh.

She then turned serious and asked, "Are you always this suspicious of everyone that comes to visit you?"

"Only of the ones I give backrubs to," I laughed. "Okay," I chided. "Let's get to that backrub I promised you." We headed back to my bedroom.

Ronnie said, "you said we had important things, plural, to do. What else do we need to do?"

I told her she needed to decide if she wanted a plain backrub, a baby powder backrub, a skin cream backrub, or a baby oil backrub. After those two brushes of her hand across my groin, I was eager as hell to give her any sort of backrub that involved clothes coming off.

Ronnie asked me, "What sort of creams do you have?" I opened the door on the bottom of my bedside dresser. I pulled out several bottles and tubes of creams for massages. Ronnie inspected them closely. "Hmm Tropical fruit, Raspberry champagne, and Cocoa Butter." She chose the Cocoa Butter.

"This may get a bit messy. I don't wish to stain your shirt." Ronnie did not even hesitate for a second. She took her shirt off and handed it to me. "Okay you lay down and I'll hang this up for you." I took the shirt and hung it neatly on a hanger on the back of my bedroom door.

"Okay here we go." I took a small amount of cream and rubbed it into my palms. I then started on her shoulders and applied firm pressure.

Ronnie whispered, "That feels so nice" I concentrated on each shoulder for a few minutes each. I applied a small amount of cream to the center of her back and rubbed it in. "mmmm that is so fucking nice."

"I guess you don't get many backrubs?" I asked.

"No, I am kind of shy. I never liked any of the boys in my high school."

I proceeded lower on her back with the rubbing. I think I felt her shivering or maybe it was just my imagination? Ronnie was Ooohing and Aahhing on each stroke of my hands.

"I'm worried I might get this on your bra," I left the sentence unfinished. Without saying a word she lifted herself up to a kneeling position on the bed and removed her bra. She just threw it to the floor nearby. She lay back down again and changed the position of her hands. She had them laying up under her face like a pillow. I applied some more cream and worked on the middle of her back. Long hard strokes up to her neck and back down to just above her butt. Every third stroke I let my hands swoop to the sides of her body to massage gently. About 20 strokes later I brushed the side of her tits as I did my side rub. Ronnie was moaning quietly as I did my magic.

"That's it. Rub there," she commanded.

This was too fucking good. I was expecting the cops to break down my front door any second. Maybe roll over in my sleep and wake from this awesome dream? Was this some sort of con? Did she have someone else waiting outside to break in, knock my ass out and rob me? My brain was in overdrive. I was beyond caring. I was totally wrapped up in this ebony flesh beneath me.

I started to pay more attention to the sides of her tits. Ronnie's moaning became louder.

"Ronnie," I asked, "Why do you say you are shy. This is pretty brazen behavior you are doing right now?"

She answered, "Well you can't see me. You can't see my flaws. I have some scars on my tits from when I was young. I am very self conscious of them and think people are staring at them."

"did you have an accident?" I was expecting the worst.

"no, I had chicken pox."

"Um okay," was the only thing I could think of saying.

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