tagInterracial LoveA Blond In Trouble

A Blond In Trouble


Traveling is my favorite thing. I've been all over the world without any problems, until Africa. I had rented a car to explore one of those exotic dictatorships of the dark continent and I was having a really great time. As a gorgeous, blond, single woman, I have come to enjoy men learing at me lustily, undressing me with their eyes. It was a blast, until I tried to leave the country...

Handcuffed behind my back I sat on a wooden chair next to a table in a room with no windows. I must have been there for an hour when a uniformed black man suddenly opened the door, walked in, and sat on the table 2 feet away from me.

"You know Miss, your in big trouble."

"What's this about? Why am I here?"

He looked at my breasts. My nipples were hard as rocks from the excitement.

"Drug smuggling is a serious crime."

"I'm not a smuggler. The drugs must have been planted."

He rolled his eyes upward in their sockets and stood up. He paced about the room and then crouched behind me.

"Miss, you're in big trouble and you'll cooperate if you know what's good for you."

"I'll do anything you say. Just let me go. I'm innocent."

He eyed my body from top to bottom one more time before leaving the room.

A few minutes later, I was blindfolded and led out to a car where I was driven to another part of the city. Two men led me into a building and sat me down on a bed in a dimly lit room. They took off the blindfold and handcuffs.

A few minutes later, a big fat black man walked into the room. He must have weighed 400 pounds. He said his name was Colonel Totuba and he was assigned to my case. He offered me a cigarette. I accepted it and gave him a friendly thank you. He lit it for me and I took a deep drag...

"Miss Smith, this is a serious matter, but I think that we can resolve the situation with your full cooperation."

"I'll do anything."

"That you will! Take off your clothes!"

"What? I don't understand!"



The colonel pushed a button on the side of the table and two armed black men entered the room. They strong armed me, held me so I couldn't move. The colonel walked up to me and with one powerful grab, ripped my pretty dress right off my body. It tore into strips in his powerful hands. Next, he pulled apart my bra and my 44D breasts came bouncing out.

They sat me down on the chair. All I had on was my panties, garter belt, stockings and high heels.

"Miss Smith, I don't think you realize the seriousness of your situation."

"Please! I'll cooperate. Just tell me what you want."

"That's better. With that attitude you'll be free in no time. Get on the bed!"

Quickly, I did what he ordered. He pulled a digital camera from his pocket.

"We need to take some photos of you. Kneel down and show off those beautiful breasts for me."

I did my best to pose like a model, jutting out my breasts with my arms clasped behind my head while he snapped some pictures.

"Lie down on your back and raise your legs in the air!" I readily did what he requested.

"Now Miss Smith, I want some beaver shots."

I took off my panties and spread my legs wide and willing for the Colonel. Wetting my lips with my tongue, I smiled for the camera sexily as he clicked off shots of me displaying my pussy, high heels pointed at the ceiling.

"Very good, Miss Smith! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated."

I thought it best to play along with the charade. They were holding all the cards and I had no idea what they were planning.

"The Colonel knows how to make me feel like a woman. I'll bet you have your way with all the girls."

I reached for the bulge in his pants and rubbed it lustily.

"Got a rocket in your pocket?"

I un-zipped his fly and out popped a huge plum-sized cock head.

"Oh Colonel! You're so big!"

He grimaced as I grasped the base of his turgid cock and I slowly pursed my lips about his gigantic penis. Kneeling before him, sucking and slurping on that massive member with increasing passion, I increased the tempo until my head bobbed wildly, fellating the hell out of him. When I made doe eyes up at him, he began to spurt his seeds into my mouth. I gobbled it all up voraciously while he moaned with pleasure. I managed to swallow all his cum in one gulp.

He threw me on the bed.


"Yes, I'm your whore! What's your pleasure?"

He pushed the button again and two armed men entered the room.

"Take her to the studio."

In a moment I was whisked away to what seemed like a well equipped television studio with cameras and lights etc.

They sat me down on a stool and gave me a cool drink. It must have been drugged because all I can remember was being hot and bothered, and black men having their way with me. One after another, naked black men came and pleasured themselves with my body.

The first one was the ugliest man I'd ever seen. His face had a surly expression as he pushed me down on to the mat and bluntly poked his bulbous cock head up my quivering vagina. I gasped as he penetrated me in one stroke, pinned to the floor, my legs propped high in the air by his muscular arms, he proceeded to fuck me hard. In the drug induced passion of the moment I French kissed him all the while, briskly scratching his naked back with my manicured nails till he creamed into my loins in spasms of ecstasy.

As soon as he rolled off, two more men took me onto a couch where they made me envelop the first black man's penis in my cunt. They positioned some video cameras while the second black man rubbed oil on his cock. While I fucked on top of the first black, he spread my cheeks and the other shoved his dick up my ass.

I moaned like a whore in heat. The cameras rolled. The men pumped and pistoned.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me" I begged at the top of my lungs.

In one gigantic climax, we all came at once, splurting, gushing and squirting; my cunt and ass oozing with black men's semen. The free for all went on like this for hours, until I passed out.

The next day I awoke in a convent. The nuns had found me in a ditch and brought me there to recuperate. With their help, I managed to escape the country.

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