tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blond Saved, From What?

A Blond Saved, From What?


The Claiming of The Mouse

“Survival is a primal urge, one not negotiated with” my friend said, exhaling smoke from her second cigarette. “I simply explained to her that I saved her ass from a beating and she owed me. Of course, I had maneuvered her into my garage and had shut the door, so she was a bit out of sorts.” A smile touched her lips as she remembered that afternoon in all its erotic glory:

“It was a cool afternoon and I was walking home from school seething about a math quiz or test or something. Anyway, I happened upon a group of girls and heard the sounds of a fight beginning. So I stopped to see what was going on. It was a girl in our class named Felicia doing all the talking . . . loud, so everyone could hear. There were books laying on the ground as if dropped there in a hurry. I saw the owner of the books, a mousy blond named Joni in a state of absolute fear. Felicia had caught a rather large handful of blond hair in her left hand was trying to pull Joni off her feet. Joni was holding her own, but at a great disadvantage - she could not reach Felicia’s hair. All the while, Felicia is yelling at her to be still - that it was her own fault she was in this mess.

Evidently Felicia felt that Joni was moving in on a boy that Felicia liked, and now Joni was going to pay! In a weak, but high pitched voice, Joni cried out ‘yes, yes, all right whatever you say, all right’. Satisfied with the answer, Felicia led Joni by the hair around behind the shrubs of the nearest house. Of course we all followed, not wanting to miss any of whatever it was that was unfolding. Once our little gaggle was out of sight, Felicia let go of Joni’s hair. Other than being a little tussled, she was unhurt. Felicia then said in a deliberate voice - ‘take off the dress’.

Stunned, Joni looked at her, then looked at the cluster of girls standing there. She stammered ‘wwhat? Why?’

‘’Cause I’m gonna punch those titties back inside you and I want you to feel it,’ Felicia said.

‘No, I won’t do it,’ Joni said in the most defiant tone she could muster. She let out a high-pitched gasp as Felicia darted up to her.

Grabbing Joni by the wrists Felicia pinned Joni to the old wooded fence. Now this may seem unremarkable, however it is not often that we see a girl held fast to a fence by a pair of tits! Yet, there it was happening. Joni struggled and we could hear her muffled cries, but Felicia held her tight.

I stepped up and put a stop to it. Felicia turned loose of Joni and the blond fell to the ground, air finally reentering her lungs. I helped Joni to her feet and told Felicia that if I ever heard of this happening again - she would be most unhappy. ‘What are you going to do?’ she said trying not to sound rattled. Wishing an example, I kindly obliged. Walking straight up to the chunky Felicia and taking a meaty breast in each of my hands I twisted them in opposite directions! Her wails were heard all over the neighborhood and I felt confident that there would be no more trouble with Felicia.

Now back in my garage, I was explaining that she would have to repay me. I mean after all, I didn’t have to stop what was happening. As a matter of fact quite a lot of the girls in the audience were wanting to see if titties really could be punched back inside. I coerced the nervous blond out of her shoes and socks, then out of her dress. Telling her that she didn’t have to undress for me that I knew where Felicia lived and I could very well make my apologies and offer her a blond, her bra and panties hit the cold cement floor.

She sat in a wooden chair and drew her feet up as I moved around behind her. I stroked her hair gently, pulling just enough to ease her head back. Sliding my left hand down, caressing her face as it moved toward her neck, I felt her swallow hard. My hand eased up under her chin and with my palm, I lifted her face up and back kissing her fully on the lips. Holding her this way, one hand under the chin, the other on her right shoulder, she could only lay back against me which increased my hold on her. When I felt she was no longer going to fight, when she gave up, I began caressing her right breast. Kneading it slowly, I continued to kiss her. Paying particular attention to the nipple which began swelling under my touch, I felt her sigh deeply through our kiss. She was kissing back now, without thinking; her eyes were closed.

I broke the kiss and stood up, still holding her hair in my hand. This caused her head to remain back and her face upturned. She was breathing deeply now which caused her ample chest to heave all the more, but her hands remained in her lap as I gathered more of her long hair into my hand. Playfully, I tugged on her hair and gauged her response, setting boundaries.

“Now that wasn’t all that bad, was it?” I asked, testing. In a breathless sigh she said “No, not . . . not bad at all.” Quickly, using her hair I snapped her head back and kissed her cruelly. As rough a kiss as I could think of, nipping at her lips with my teeth and sticking my tongue in her mouth. She gasped with surprise but her hands remained in her lap. Very soon she relaxed again, giving herself over once again to my wishes.

‘I think I would like you to wear your hair in a ponytail from now on,’ to which she agreed. I continued to knead her breasts and took notice of how soft and supple her skin was, paying particular attention to how her nipples. She simply sat there with her hands in her lap nervously awaiting my next move - it was magical!

By now I was nearly brimming - my panties were really wet, so I hauled her up and out of the chair by her hair. She was shaking now, and I drank her fear in like water. Releasing her, I ordered her to undress me. Pensively she reached out and took hold of my shirt with hands that trembled in spite of themselves. My shirt was raised over my head and then dropped silently to the floor. Then I felt her fingers, soft and warm, slip into my waistband and unsnap my shorts. Becoming very excited at having this level of control over another female, I was fairly relishing it! She went around me and I could feel her hands trembling as they fumbled with my bra. Finally the material slackened and cool air rushed in and caressed my breasts. I turned around to face Joni and waited for her to remove my panties. Reaching out, she eased them down and off.

I started toward her and she backed up whimpering. I kept moving toward her and she backed into the work bench and gasped as the rough wood scraped her soft skin. Pressing myself against her and holding her hands fast to the bench by her dainty wrists, I kissed her again.

She fought a little and this only fueled me on. Braking the kiss I pulled her wrists behind her back and turned her around. Pushing her down onto the bench, I bound her hands with a length of rope. With a hand pressed into the small of her back to keep her still, I ran my other hand down between her legs. Joni squealed as I touched her anus and her pussy and it was then that I discovered she was as wet as I was! Toying with Joni like this for several minutes and stroking her, she settled down and her pussy became a sopping mess.

With a stern warning, she was told to stand quietly and not to move. I went into the house confident that my pretty captive would remain right where I left her. Retrieving one of my favorite toys and returning to the garage, she was right where I left her - bent over the workbench. I took my time putting on a strap-on dildo, and padded over to Joni.

Easing her legs apart, she tensed when she felt the dildo rubbing against her pussy. Easing forward, I knew when the dildo entered Joni as she began to sob and her breathing was erratic. Thrusting forward, the dildo went all the way into her and Joni began squirming on the table, sobbing at the intrusion; I was getting wetter at every passing second she lay impaled by me! The power was intoxicating and I stood there with my hands firmly on Joni’s hips, reveling in her submission.

Having seen a fair share of pornos, I eased out a bit and thrust forward again. This caused a squeal and a gasp from Joni and I found I liked that sound, so I did it again! And again. And again. I set up a rough rhythm of thrusts and releases and Joni settled down a bit. I put my hands on her soft back and pressed down, again pinning her to the workbench. Increasing the power of my thrusts Joni’s breathing became shallow and my thrusts were being slowed somehow. Then Joni arched her back and began to moan loudly. I found that I was unable to thrust or remove the dildo as quickly as I had as Joni’s pussy clinched at it and refused to let go! She had her first orgasm, and it was given by another girl!

After a few minutes I was able to remove the dildo from the exhausted girl. Bending down I looked at her freshly fucked pussy - what a sight! It remained stretched open and it was dripping, and there were streams of pussy juice running down her legs! Unable to resist a taste I licked her and she squealed, pleading to be let go. Seeing the nub of her clitoris, I nipped at it relentlessly ignoring her pleas.

I stood up and untied her hands. Pulling her up and spinning her around, I kissed her full on the lips. I am sure she could not help but taste her own juices as my tongue played inside her mouth and she returned my kiss.”

“Whew,” I said “sounds like you had fun.”

With a gleam in her eye and a wry smile on her lips, my friend nodded imperceptibly saying “oh, there’s more, but that will have to wait for another day. I’m afraid I’m late for another appointment”

The end (for now)

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