tagInterracial LoveA Blood Donation

A Blood Donation


A Blood Donation

I arrived early for my appointment to give blood, but since I had nothing else to do that morning I figured I could just wait inside until they were ready for me. I opened the glass door and stepped into the office they had rearranged into a small clinic. I didn’t see anyone around, but did notice they had all the tables in place, the partitions were arranged and several chairs were lined up in the makeshift waiting area.

Prepared for a long wait, I sat down in one of the chairs and glanced at my watch. There was still a good 45 minutes before my appointment, and it didn’t look like they expected anyone to come in before me. Suddenly I heard a voice from behind one of the partitions, “Oh, you are very early, but if you like I can start the screening now.”

“Oh, okay,” I replied, standing up and looking for where the voice might have come from.

An attractive woman stepped out from behind the middle partition and motioned, “Over here, I’ve got the computer all set up.”

“I hope this is not a problem, me getting here so early.”

“No, it’s kind of nice, all the quiet. No one else will get here for at least thirty minutes. Here, have a seat,” she said, nodding to the seat beside her.

Looking at me with dark brown eyes, she tossed her long black hair over her large shoulder and smiled. Her lips were full, her chin was wide and very prominent, her face seemed unnaturally smooth, so smooth I was tempted to touch it. The thought of my light fingers touching her black skin sent a tingle through my stomach down into my cock.

She crossed her muscular legs and began typing, saying, “You look healthy to me and can I assume you weigh more than one hundred and twenty pounds.”

I smiled and nodded, it had been many, many years since I had weighed two hundred and twenty pounds. “You’re going to hurt me, aren’t you?”

“Sorry babe, I got to do it. But first things first,” she answered, wrapping a blood pressure cuff around my arm. Pumping up the cuff, she placed the cold stethoscope against my arm and then slowly leaked out the air. “Okay, one eighteen over seventy, not bad.”

She continued, taking my temperature and reading my pulse. She wrote the numbers down on a sheet of paper and entered them into the computer. Closing my eyes, I reached up my hand up and waited.

There was a sudden snap and jumped, feeling only a slight twinge in my fingertip. She took my hand and gently squeezed my finger, pumping the blood into a small bead, which she drew up into a tiny hollow glass tube. She then dabbed the blood with a gauze cloth, which I pinched between my thumb and finger. After dripping the blood into a small jar with blue liquid in it, she looked back to me and said, “Okay, now I need to ask you some questions. They are written here on this card, you can read along with me.”


“Are you feeling well today?” she started, asking each question and quickly typing my answers. Using my fingers on the page to keep up, we moved quickly through the questions without problem until she asked, “Have you been to the African Continent for any length of time since 1977?”

“No,” I replied.

“Have you had sex with anyone who has been to the African Continent since 1977?”


“Do you fanaticize about having sex with a black woman?”

“Yes,” I answered, looking over the list of questions for that last question.

“Would you like to have sex with a black woman right now?”

“Ah… I… I don’t see that question on the list here,” I stammered.

“Just answer the question?”


“If you’re worried about time, it will still be thirty minutes before anyone else gets here.”


“Do you see anyone else, I mean don’t you find me attractive?”

“You’re very attractive.”

“Am I sexy?”


“Well, here’s your chance to live out a fantasy. Call it an added bonus for giving blood today.”


She uncrossed her legs and then turned to face me, opening her legs and pulling up her white skirt. I looked between her legs and saw she was wearing no panties. Her dark triangle of hair pointed enticingly down to the only slightly lighter lips, where, the faintest hint of pink showed where she began to blossom.

I fell onto my knees and leaned in, brushing my face along the inside of her thigh. Her muscles seemed to ripple as she opened her legs further. I breathed her damp fragrance as my tongue gently worked between her dark chocolate lips. Slipping it inside her, I tasted her tart, earthy flavor as she opened to me.

Pressing deep inside her, she lifted up off the chair, pushing onto me. I moved my tongue up her dark cleft to find her clit, circling around the tiny bud. She began rhythmically thrusting her hips onto my face, so I alternated my tongue from her clit as she withdrew down to her cunt as she pressed forward. We continued as she intensified her movements, moving faster and faster until she through her legs over my shoulders and pulled me hard onto her wet pussy with her legs where she held me tight for the longest time.

Finally turning my head to gasp for air, we separated. I glanced at my watch and noticed we only had about fifteen minutes. She grabbed my hand and led me over to one of the tables, saying, “We’ve got plenty of time, come on.”

Dragged over to the table, I unfastened my pants, letting them and my underwear fall to my ankles. She climbed up onto the table, leaned back and opened her legs. I moved closer, letting her dark brown fingers wrap around the milky white skin of my cock as she guided me into her.

The wet warmth of her slowly enveloped me as I pushed deeper and deeper into her strong body. Mesmerized by the juxtaposition of our disparate skin tones, I stared as my white penetrated her dark opening. Feeling her softness caress the length of my shaft I moved faster, driving deep inside her, then slowly withdrawing and thrusting hard again.

She began moaning, and the thought of her coming again, excited me even more. I slammed myself into her, feeling my balls bounce against her ass. A surge ran through me and I exploded, splashing my white sticky cum inside her cunt. She grabbed me and ground her clit against me, moaning again.

Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her, feeling her full lips open to my tongue. I didn’t want to pull out of her, but we suddenly heard a noise at the door. I quickly pulled back and reached for my pants as she leapt off the table and adjusted her dress. The moment I fastened my pants, she pushed me onto the table.

I turned my head toward the door just as someone entered.

“Hey Jas, you got an early bird today.”

“Yeah, I got him all prepped and ready for you,” she said. She glanced down at me and winked saying, “He shouldn’t give you any problems.”

I looked at her nametag for the first time and whispered, “Jasmine.”

She smiled and nodded. “Now Mr. Andrews, I have your work phone number in case I need to reach you. You don’t mind if I call you.”

“Oh feel free to call me about anything.”


I nodded, whispering her name again.

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